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2019 MLS Playoffs [Round One]

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5 minutes ago, Smiley Culture said:

The defending here is non-league level but sometimes, when you get knockout games that are 3-3, that’s a good thing. It’s certainly a good thing here. 

The whole league is that way. The best defender in the league might be Atlanta's Miles Robinson, so while he is good, it's further proof that the backline talent in this league is non-existent. 

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Acosta...again....makes an incredibly dumb move by shooting too far away from the box. He's done it 3-4 times and none of them have been close. 

Surely Seattle has won this one. 

What. A. Game. 

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So. DC scores in extra time to make it 1-1 and send the game into extra time. 

Currently it's the 116th minute, and the score is Toronto 5, DC 1. 

Not even really sure what the hell happened, but DC has collapsed. 

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