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  1. I once asked my mum if she was going to watch the eclipse. She replied with "does it not damage your eyes?" I replied with only "if you stare at it before the moon fully covers the sun". She replied with "ok, so where do I look?" I almost facepalmed my head off my shoulders that day.
  2. I almost stole one by I decided to ask them if I could have it and they said 2 euro which I was happy to part with
  3. Hey @CaaC (John), Thank you. Can you let Stan know that it has been done and that the member's profile has been updated.
  4. Legend, thanks Josh.
  5. Nice one John, yer some man
  6. This thread is the reason I started using forums.
  7. Another piracy age is upon us. aXXo returns
  8. Legend, thank you
  9. Legend, thanks Stan.
  10. Hey everyone, Any help towards this March goal would be appreciated. March is when the majority of the yearly subscriptions renew which helps beef up the account for the hosting costs over the course of the year. Don't feel like you need to do it as everyone has their own financial budgets. If you can it'll be appreciated. Thanks, Rab.
  11. All good now. The SSL certificate expired which I usually get an email about,.
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