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  1. Always felt that they focused primarily on tourism and hospitality way more over football. When I went there it was Baseball that was the big thing.
  2. Hearing map is twice the size as V. They did those PS4 and Xbox One noobs a solid by giving them a year to buy next Gen.
  3. She wanted Morrison to lead the midfield and both Keane brother's to start at ST and CB.
  4. How could we forget that FIFA tournament that we never finished. Spanked Chris properly and lost to hoof to Falcao Fusion.
  5. He was probably a more mature player 2015 onwards but the best footballer I've ever witnessed with my eyes was 2010-12 Messi. 2018 Messi doesn't make the entire Real Madrid defence, a defence containing Pepe, Carvalho, and Ramos. look like Sunday league players that 2011 Messi did.
  6. It's so nailed on I am contemplating even watching. My daughter's swim competition as well and I don't want to go there in a bad mood.
  7. Stan changing the word Phil's bald head
  8. That SirBalon meltdown where he went MIA for 2 years.
  9. That was a speciously good performance from Inter to beat Napoli.
  10. Swifty thinking the Big Show was Deadslineman irl
  11. Another match at Old Trafford against a United team we should be beating. 2-0 United.
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