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  1. There's also 2-3 decent strikers with relatively low release clauses this summer.
  2. No Olise or Gusto? They'd terrorise that right hand side.
  3. I think he is PSG bound, and I reckon Premier League clubs will be more wary this summer with PSR. Transfer fees and wages. Instead of Gyrokeres and Osimhen, I can see both Arsenal and Chelsea target Guirassy, Sesko, or Dovbyk. Strikers with relatively low release clauses.
  4. Mental. Back in March I thought Europa League football was a pipedream.
  5. And how's that working for PSG? Took Chelsea 8 years to win the European Cup and City 14 years. Past 20 years those clubs have only won it 3 times compared to the other 17 that have historical pedigree in the competition. It's still a very prestigious and difficult competition to win despite being bankrolled.
  6. Think Pep is the biggest issue. There's a phrase that it's difficult to motivate people who all they eat is caviar, that caviar is still good. There's no better manager than him in terms of sustainability. Think he's also revolutionised football for the better and for the worst. He should follow Klopp and fuck off.
  7. Based on evidence, surely its Wenger? Even considering today's ridiculous inflation, majority of these players are vastly superior than the players going for much more today. Imagine Bergkamp being available today for only £80m. Sol Campbell = Free Kolo Touré (£100,000) = £700,000 today. Freddie Ljungberg (£3m) = £30m today. Gilberto Silva (£5m) = £31m today. Robert Pirès (£6m) = £46m today. Patrick Vieira (£4m) = £47m today. Laurén (£7m) = £50m today. Marc Overmars (£6m) = £80m today. Dennis Bergkamp (£7.5m) = £80m today. José Antonio Reyes (£14m) = £95m today. Thierry Henry (£11m) = £104m today. https://www.skysports.com/football/news/11661/12950536/premier-league-transfers-andriy-shevchenko-and-rio-ferdinand-top-all-time-inflation-adjusted-fees
  8. The last of that golden era of CBs. Such a class player, and glad his Chelsea career is an end of a chapter rather the end of the book. Would love to see him back in some capacity as he's hinted. In hindsight, replacing him with Carvalho in 2010 would've been an incredible move.
  9. Wouldn't this in turn encourage more owners taking money out of clubs and likely increase the number of foreign ownership? If there are clubs generating 150-200m of 'spare cash' every year, there would be a stampede of billionaires looking to invest billions on clubs that are guaranteeing an 8% return every year.
  10. Serie A being broke benefiting the competitiveness of the league. That is 4 different winners in 5 years.
  11. Not even arsed. The injuries have ravaged this season to the point where all interest is gone. Only interest is seeing how this lot does when Palmer isn't bailing them out. Manager included.
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