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  1. They need to get the license for the CONCACAF Champions League. Then MLS Career Modes would really be interesting...planning on doing a South American Career Mode after Man United now they've got the Libertadores in
  2. In previous FIFA's the AI teams in career mode dropped way too many points throughout the season, making it ridiculously easy for you to win the league. EA needed to fix it but they've gone from one extreme to the next, the team that wins the league always, every season, without fail, finishes with over 100 points...sometimes they don't even lose a match. I've even seen instances where they win all 38 matches Ah well, better make it exceedingly difficult than too easy I suppose
  3. I didn't know it was possible for a player to get to 99 Wow, awesome team you've assembled! At the moment I'm doing a Manchester United career mode, trying to restore them to their former glory. I'll take a picture of my team next time I go on, but, in my second season I've got De Gea in goal, Wan-Bissaka, Koulibaly, Maguire, Ben Chilwell at the back with Grealish, Zakaria, Bruno Fernandes in midfield and Dan James, Rashford and Sancho upfront. Didn't manage to win a trophy in Season 1, but I did finish 3rd in the league and got to the Europa League final only to lose 4-3 after extra time to Arsenal It was quite some game though, I equalized to make it 2-2 in the 90th minute and then there was a flurry of goals in the first half of ET to make it 4-3 to them. Halfway through my second season, I'm locked in a 4 way battle for the league along with Liverpool, City and Tottenham and I'm set to play RB Leipzig in the last 16 of the Champions League, after topping my group. Really hoping to win some trophies in this second season, I’ll update you guys on how that goes. Edit: This is the team. And here’s the current league table. Bets on who’s going to win?
  4. Recently decided to start watching Narcos and I’ve got no idea why it’s taken me so long, it’s great! They took a lot of liberties with regards to the true story of Pablo Escobar, but I suppose it was never meant to be a 1:1 retelling, so I can let that slide. Just about to start Season 3. I can’t lie, I’m a bit sad that Pablo isn’t going to be the villain anymore, Wagner Moura played the role so brilliantly...but the Cali cartlel do look very interesting.
  5. Updated PSN is nfb_10 Mainly play FIFA but I’m also up for some GTAV or Red Dead Redemption 2 Online if anyone wants.
  6. Hope you guys are all staying safe! Is there a PS4 TF365 Pro Clubs team? Now that we’ve all got so much time on our hands with being quarantined and all, it shouldn’t be too hard to pull off…if anyone would be interested. Would quite like to try Pro Clubs, but not with random people as I can imagine that’d be really frustrating haha
  7. I agree it is fucked up, but that is and has always been the rule in Spain. Suarez is out for the majority of the remainder of the season, Dembele is out for the entirety of the remainder of the season, and Barça only have three fit forwards. In dire situations like this ( a dire situation which, aside from pure misfortune, was definitely partly Barcelona's own doing anyway, to be fair, as they let go of both Abel Ruiz and Carles Perez in January ), the RFEF does allow clubs to sign a domestic replacement. I don't think the rule itself is a bad thing, but I do disagree that the selling club ( or, the club the player is leaving, as Leganes aren't really selling him, his release clause is just being paid ) are not allowed to sign a replacement. So in effect, Leganes, who are currently locked in a relegation battle, are losing their best goalscorer without being able to sign a replacement and although they may have gone down anyway, they're probably definitely going down now. That is very unfair to them, and aside from me not rating Braithwaite very highly at all ( I would have much preferred Ángel Rodriguez, despite his age ), this is another reason I was against his signing.
  8. Does anyone play Volta? It feels like such a massive wasted opportunity. Leading up to launch I was expecting to play a lot of it, but it hasn't panned out that way. You can't even play it online for some reason haha, which feels like such a basic feature that should be available without a second thought in 2020. Played it once when I first got the game and haven't touched it since.
  9. Most seem to have written off Neymar as having wasted his chance to end up winning a Ballon D'Or, but barring injury I think he'll win it in 2021.
  10. My current team on FUT. Once I have the coins I’m planning on upgrading Anderson to Sterling’s UCL Team of the Group Stage card and Fabinho with James Maddison’s Headliners version.
  11. Really gutted about that It also means that Barça's only fit senior forwards for the remainder of the season are Messi, Griezmann and Ansu. I think they should have the option to make an emergency signing outside the window, but I'd rather they bet on the B team lads...Alex Collado should get more minutes from here on out, which is a positive, looking forward to hopefully seeing more of him with the first team
  12. I know there aren't as much people on here nowadays as there used to be, but it would be cool if we could still pull off a tournament
  13. It pisses me off that there seems to be no really big changes made to Career Mode again this year, but at least we'll have the Champions League and Europa League fully licensed which will keep things very exciting for a while, and of course as @Cicero said we'll now have Ultimate difficulty added. That'll hopefully make things a bit more challenging, because right now unless you mess with sliders ( which I refuse to do ) even on Legendary it's just so easy that it becomes boring very quickly.
  14. Yes, the board's transfer business this summer was really, really well done for me. For once we actually got rid of every single player that I think needed to go, and we did well in bringing in young, promising players to add quality depth that we haven't had for a good while, plus the experienced Arturo Vidal as well, and all for great prices. The transfer window we had honestly surprised me with just how good it was. The squad looks really strong and hopefully the new signings integrate well so we can make a strong push for both La Liga and the Champions League. I think our strongest eleven has been the strongest team on paper in the world for a while now, even while Real Madrid were busy winning three UCL's in a row, our team has been better. But one of the biggest issues we've had has been depth, which we have this year and I hope Valverde uses it wisely so our 'Gala XI' can arrive at the business end of the season fresh, especially Messi, Busquets and Rakitic.
  15. The Camp Nou is like Heaven on earth, to be honest. It's so majestic.
  16. I'm really happy with the Arthur signing. I've never seen him play before but from what I've read about him and from the short clips I've seen of his playing style, he's going to fit in like a glove once we get past the initial settling in period, both in terms of settling into Barcelona and into European football. It even took Neymar a season to fully find his feet, so we'll need to be patient with Arthur, but I'm hoping that the patience pays off! Lenglet is also a solid signing that'll be great backup for Umtiti this year, but I just hope we don't let go of Yerry Mina, because besides the fact he deserves to stay, if we let go of him then we'll have only one RCB and three LCB's....I don't get the board's thinking behind that unbalance. I'd personally keep both Mina and Vermaelen, the Belgian as a very reliable ( when fit ) 5th choice as over the course of a long season and competing on three fronts, that 5th choice may very well come in quite handy. But I'm happy with Lenglet!
  17. I'm 17 points ahead of them in December already. For me the difficulty on FIFA 18 just seems to be way too easy, I've won every single match so far, that's the first time that's ever happened after 17 matches and 6 in the UCL
  18. I’ve been really busy the past couple months, so didn’t have much time to come on here and share my views much But I can’t say I’m not pleased with how Barcelona’s season is going thus far. At the beginning of the season we weren’t playing anywhere near our best but were still getting the results, but over the last 2 games you could see the beautiful performances starting to come in, though both ended in draws due to refereeing decisions and wastefulness. And I think the best is yet to come, as when Dembele comes back that’s going to add that spark we’ve missed in attack thus far, and will relieve some of the creative burden off Messi too. The only negative would be Umtiti’s injury. Based on current form he’s the best CB in the world for me and it’s definitely a major blow. But personally I don’t think Vermaelen’s been too bad and we’re due to have Masche back in time for Deportivo and El Clasico, and we all know he’s no pushover. Hopefully we can get by until Umtiti comes back I also need to praise Ter Stegen for what’s been an EXCEPTIONAL start to the season. How good is he? The kinds of saves he makes is just unbelievable! To try and end this long post quickly haha, I want to also recognise our young players. Jose Arnaiz, Alena and Oriol Busquets have all been very impressive when given a chance. I’d actually probably prefer to have Arnaiz rather than Deulofeu with how the latter is playing right now lol. And our younger Busi plays an identical style to our older Busi, in a couple years it could be Busquets replacing Busquets.
  19. nfb_10

    Off Topic

    Guys, does anyone on here know how good the University of Salford is with their Law programme? Or any uni’s in England you all know of that has an excellent Law programme?
  20. Either way all four of Messi, Suarez, Dembele and most likely Deulofeu will start, which is why most likely Valverde will play his favoured 4-2-3-1 formation to utilize the double pivot. I also see no problem with dropping Alba for Digne seeing as Digne is excellent defensively and could be like our Abidal, since we already have Semedo on the right who, while great defensively, is excellent going forward.
  21. My ideal base lineup for this season. Obviously it changes to suit throughout the game, but from the get go this is what I feel Valverde will work with. Messi playing in a false 9 position with Suarez ahead of him ( like Paco in the game against Betis ), Deulofeu or Coutinho if we somehow get him on the left and Dembele on the right.
  22. Loved the tribute to the city of Barcelona in the match yesterday. Tots Som Barcelona. The performance of the team in the match was also promising, Nelson Semedo looks the real deal! Thank you to Arsenal for refusing to sell us Hector Bellerin, because Semedo is a real talent. Hopefully he can continue on this trend and improve even more. I must say though, I had forgotten what it felt like to have an actual Right Back...it feels great Sergi Roberto and Deulofeu were good as well, Denis looked really up for it when he came on and I think against Alaves on Saturday it should be him and Deulofeu starting on the wings. Messi, of course, put in a top notch display yet again but was incredibly unlucky to hit the woodwork three times. Better luck on Saturday, Leo. It was fantastic to see the pressing and midfield dominance back in effect after it suddenly went missing against Madrid Special mention to Mascherano for that last ditch tackle that prevented 1-1 and which 2-0 directly materialized from!
  23. Well technically he did come through La Masia before being at Madrid, but I suppose you're right, he did spend more time there.
  24. 7 players in the expected XI against Madrid tonight are homegrown from La Masia; Aleix Vidal, Pique, Alba, Busquets, Iniesta, Messi and Deulofeu. Come on Barça, let's go and get a positive result tonight! VISCA EL BARÇA!!!
  25. At this point I mightn't even be that angry if we don't buy anyone....the likes of Samper, Alena and Deulofeu ( who showed promising signs but now has to continue like that ) from La Masia can get a chance to play a bigger role and really come into their own and the board will definitely be out if we buy no one, which can only be great for the club in the long term. And besides, with Valverde looking great tactically and the squad more motivated and hungry this year, why can't we have a successful season with what we've already got at the club? This would certainly be much better than the board panic buying players who are either bang average or don't suit our style of play just so they can say "Hey, we signed someone". It's either sign the right players and for fees that aren't that exorbitant ( if we can, but that'd be incredibly difficult in this situation ) or just roll with what we have. Valverde is accustomed in getting the most of what he has at his disposal.
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