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  1. You could have made it so much better. My impersonation this summer of "hen doiii, I'm Arry, my bruvva make me play wiv Pep" was much better than Elliott's and that was better because I was mocking more the stupidity and not the speech impediment It's only when we've truly grown up, we reel in them all.
  2. Grow up and stop being an embarrassment to Spurs fans.
  3. I thought it was a yellow. He did get the ball but it was a clumsily executed lunge of a man who's panicking and desperate to retrieve the ball. I didn't see anything highly reckless about it, I thought it was at the "clumsy" end of the scale. It just looked awkward, even the way the ball spun away from him after. Hope Elliott has a speedy recovery, thoughts with him, a horrific injury to suffer.
  4. We weren't really capable of dictating the play with the team we played yesterday. That's not Hojberg, Skipp and Winks's game. Hojberg is the best of the three and we had that same problem, when he's off it, we don't play well. Winks is negative, risk adverse and generally anonymous and Skipp is a defensive mid still getting used to higher level. There are mitigating circumstances. The South America debacle left us without several players, due to injury and ill discipline, we had a totally patched up defence by the end and injuries occurred too. The game needed Ndombele or Gill but the manager obviously doesn't trust them yet. We had no-one capable of keeping and carrying the ball forward and for all Ndombele's faults, he provides that. Going forward, Alli is a box poacher, he's not very quick and Kane just didn't look interested. We seriously missed Son and Stevie B but without him, giving Gill his chance was probably the way to go. It was a bad day for us, Palace thoroughly deserved to win and the team has to look at itself. Nuno's comments of "we controlled the game in the first half" (we didn't, as you saw) didn't help but it is what it is - a bad day with some mitigating circumstances. We've had a pretty good start to the season, we beat the Champions and ground out two good results. The Spurs fans calling for his head already or are carrying on like he's De Boer are being ridiculous. I mean, if we've not improved and/or regressed by the end of the season, fair enough, but no wonder people think our fans are fickle and entitled sometimes which is not a dig at anyone on here, just the fanbase in general because it's been Armageddon on some Spurs groups I'm on.
  5. It's a clear penalty and, therefore, a red. It's not that the ball bounced up onto his arm, it's his action after that. He pushes his arm into the ball and eases it away to stop it going in. Taylor did lose control of the players, despite making the right decision. It's amazing - he can control a life-threatening situation to contribute in saving a player's life but he can't control a couple of strops.
  6. Xhaka is the most brain-dead moron I have seen play the game. Why this sad excuse for a footballer is persisted with is both funny (as a Spurs fan) and sad (if I'm putting an objective hat on). He seems to think getting sent off all the time, letting his club down and being a complete failure of a professional is showing "passion". 3-0. I actually feel for their young players because their so-called "seasoned professionals" are a disgrace to their profession and Arteta is so woefully out of his depth, it's unreal.
  7. I'm going with Levy here as while he is not the owner, he is the power behind Spurs. Joe Lewis doesn't even deserve my time. He's done a lot of bad. Our flirtation with the ESL, letting the team stagnate, no trophy in 13 years his obsession with Mourinho, the shambolic way we conducted getting to the right decision (Nuno), penny pinching on a few million when it comes to improving to the squad so we missed out on Grealish, Fernandes, Diaz and others. He is, however, exactly the owner you want when it comes to dealing with situations like the Kane one where he has played a blinder, he's got Paritici in, given us one of the best stadiums in the world, managed the business side of the club well. He is, shall we say, a double edged sword.
  8. 1) Man City 2) Man Utd 3) Chelsea 4) Spurs 5) Liverpool 6) Leicester 7) Arsenal Leeds 9) West Ham 10) Everton 11) Aston Villa 12) Brighton 13) Southampton 14) Wolves 15) Crystal Palace 16) Brentford 17) Burnley 18) Newcastle 19) Norwich 20) Watford I have to back my own team for Top 4 but Liverpool are obviously favourites to get in and maybe even challenge for the league. They are the only ones of the last season's top 4 I see with an air of vulnerability though now the fear factor is gone. I'm still not convinced by Solskjaer but United look so strong, I can't see them not challenging or having bad collapses like last year. I would love ANYONE other than City to win it but sadly, I can't see it. Falling out of love with football because of this so hopefully someone else does win it. Top Scorer: Harry Kane Most Assists: Kevin De Bruyne Clean Sheets: Dean Henderson
  9. Firstly, it was a penalty. Look at it from the angle behind Sterling: The player's knee makes clear contact with the back of his leg (he had a swipe but tried to pull back) and the other player knocks into him with his hip. Secondly, Denmark's free-kick should not have been given, should not have stood and Kane should have had a penalty second half. The pearl clutching in Europe has been ridiculous.
  10. So, here's how the situation has unfolded. We sack Poch. The club are unanimous we go all out for Nagelsmann, who may have been interested at that point. Levy decides he knows better, he's always been in love with Jose and sacked Poch knowing he was available, so he goes for him. He's told it will be excruciating football and he'll fall out with most people but hey ho, he'll get us to a final and maybe a trophy which is what matters. The football is excruciating. He does fall out withe most people. He gets us to a final. Rather than pull the trigger earlier so we can maybe get a real plan in or give him to the end of the season, we fire him on the week of the final. Welcome to the fires of hell, Ryan Mason. New manager search? Levy finally metaphorically wiggles his backside at Naglesmann. Nope, too late. He's going to Bayern. Oh well, never mind, Brendan Rodgers will come won't he? Nope. He'll stay at Leicester, the team that actually won something this season rather than the mighty European Super League Spurs. We do the equivalent of Tinder messaging Ten Hag, only going back to what Levy thinks is a 6/10 when the nines turn him down. He then decides to return to the manager we initially sacked, deciding that he fits the bill despite deciding he didn't 18 months before. Feelgood hit of the summer? Nope, because we waited until he got locked into another club. We then see Conte is available and make a public plea for him, leaking all the negotiations to the media, insisting that we're close to a deal and that he's taking over before...erm...he doesn't because Conte is asking for the thing he's asked for in every single job thus far which is seemingly a surprise to Levy. The club look utterly stupid and Conte pretty much flat out tells the media that his ambition was too strong for what Levy was offering. The egg on that man's face had egg on its face. The new DOF comes in, identifies his first target. We then fall upon Paulo Fonseca. Some of our fans are skeptical but some seem to think Guardiola, Klopp and Simeone are falling over themselves to manage us so hey ho. Fonseca fits exactly what we set out in the initial search. Forward thinking, attack minded, possession based, works on a budget, man management skills, happy to play youth, eager to be at the club. Talks are done and we're finally about to put pen to paper, the new manager search is over, a guy is arriving who is a genuinely decent man and we're going to give him a chance, let's look at ins and outs, Kane situation, get excited about how he's going to play, it's all over. Fonseca is in the midst of moving to London, is excited for the challenge, his wife has posted her goodbye message, all good. We then decide to basically publicly humiliate him, dump him as though he's not good enough for us and leave him completely stunned and disappointed by ghosting him and chasing after Gennaro sodding Gattuso, a man with a bad history with our club, a violent psychotic, a man who has made misogynistic, homophobic and racially dismissive remarks that are against everything the club stands for, who plays defensive football and makes outrageous transfer demands that caused him to walk out on his last job in three weeks...and then pull very quickly out of that because these things only become apparent after you've done all this. This club is an absolute embarrassment, deserves every bit of mockery it gets and I just don't care about the new season as it stands. This is the first time I have felt like this about Spurs even when we were consistently mid-table.
  11. Italy 3 Wales 1 Switzerland 1 Turkey 0 Finland 1 Belgium 4 Russia 1 Denmark 2 North Macedonia 0 Netherlands 3 Ukraine 0 Austria 1 Croatia 2 Scotland 1 Czech Republic 1 England 3 Slovakia 1 Spain 2 Sweden 1 Poland 1 Germany 2 Hungary 1 Portugal 2 France 2
  12. Turkey 1 Italy 1 Wales 2 Switzerland 0 Denmark 3 Finland 1 Belgium 3 Russia 0 Austria 4 North Macedonia 1 Netherlands 2 Ukraine 0 England 2 Croatia 2 Scotland 0 Czech Republic 0 Poland 3 Slovakia 2 Spain 2 Sweden 1 Hungary 1 Portugal 4 France 3 Germany 2
  13. He's a joke. He still lives in the noughties where Mourinho is still the world's greatest and where he thinks he's exceptionally clever by letting deals go all the way to deadline day where he can bully money off the other team to get a player "on the cheap" with no idea that this is not how football actually works now, nobody is intimidated by him and you actually get what you pay for. We actually could have had Ruben Diaz, Bruno Fernandes and Jack Grealish if he hadn't had this attitude. The first two of these players are playing a big role in why the two Manchester clubs have overtaken and moved about a thousand miles ahead of us in the last three or four years. The entire Conte thing is a joke. I would have loved to have seen him manage Spurs but is anyone seriously telling me that one of the so-called biggest clubs in the world, that thinks it's entitled to be part of the European elite, failed to do any kind of due diligence whatsoever on a manager? He's one of the most well-known managers in the world and everyone knows that he demands money to buy established players to win things now. Even winning things now often isn't enough for him if it's not carried on either, see how he acted at Chelsea and Inter. The club actually went in, tipped off the media, tipped off Spurs following journalists that it was basically done and they're acting shocked, surprised and embarrassed that he's demanded what he's demanded from every club in his career? They are either stupid or dishonest and neither is a good look. Ali Gold saying that insiders at the club wanted Nagelsmann after Poch was sacked but were overruled due to Levy's obsession with Jose is just the icing on the cake. A complete shambles. We don't deserve fans.
  14. Granted, I have not read what I am signing up for yet but go on!
  15. it sounds really classless and disrespectful to me, considering nobody forced him to take the Everton job (he has enough clout in the game not to be desperate for work and throw himself into anything, if he feels that way) and he has been talking in the last year about long-term projects, the feeling of the club, being there for the new stadium, the wonderful fans etc. I get that sometimes things happen in life that we don't expect but after all that, it looks like he's just treating them with sneering condescension, didn't-mean-any-of-that, you're-lucky-I-lowered-myself. I can't think of many managers currently in the league, whatever their faults, being like this to their club. It's not like he pulled up trees this season. Might be a blessing in disguise for them, depending on who they get next, if this is how he feels.
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