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  1. It's weird how football turns out. At the start of the season, if someone said to Arsenal fans that they would (probably) finish fifth, you wouldn't have gotten a lot of negativity about that and it would be a result. After their first three games, even more so. Having fourth place totally in their hands and barring a freak result on Sunday, completely blowing it to your North London rivals, it's now doom. That's football, I guess.
  2. A clear out might be too strong a term but some players will need to go and some will need to come in, yes. Conte has bought well in the Jan window but most of the success is that due to his quality of manager, he's been getting the absolute most out of the players he has which Nuno and Mourinho couldn't do. I think Doherty has earned a reprieve (although he needs competition) and Davies is a brilliant professional for the club but around four of five may need to be moved on. We don't get top four without Conte, basically, he's extracted everything that team has and a lot more to do it. Kulusevski and Romero will sign for us (they have been on loan) and we will probably end up with around four more. A lot of made of the money we spend but the biggest problem is who we spend it on. Romero and the two in the Jan window have worked out but a lot of players we sign for a big fees, we're looking to move on a year or so later and that is a terrible way to run a club. It's not good just haphazardly throwing things at a wall and hoping they stick, our signings have to be planned out. I think they will be this time. The CL (providing no ridiculous result on Sunday) is a massive, massive thing just in terms of this.
  3. I am reasonably close to a free speech absolutist and am laughing at the right-wingers who scream that free speech must be protected at all costs being just as bad as the ones they're condemning by demanding action on Liverpool fans because they booed one guy and one song. Brilliant.
  4. Haha, very good but neither. Arteta is a cheat. He deliberately tried to fix a match by calling a phony Covid outbreak when he could have fielded a team had he actually installed some discipline in his players and not sent two out on loan. He is a cheat and deserves to be called a cheat. Then when it backfired on him, he had his little cry at the referee on Thursday for two correct decisions. He's a cheat. I'm never going to like Wenger but you would never see him or Emery stoop to their levels of Arteta. So I'll say it again. Arteta is a cheat.
  5. Come on Newcastle, make their cheating little turd of a so-called "manager" cry.
  6. Southampton and Brentford aren't quite out yet, they need one victory to avoid an unlikely sleepwalking disaster with Burnley on form, Leeds looking like a tougher nut to crack under Marsch (City aside) and Everton being good at home and having Watford away.
  7. Yes, although I can see his logic with the players he did pick. Although a Spurs fan, I grew up with United (my dad was a season ticket holder at United and Man U TV was always on!) so knowing their Prem history almost as well as my own club, I would have gone (assuming it has to be 4-4-2): Schmeichel G Neville Stam Ferdinand Irwin Ronaldo Keane Scholes Giggs Cantona Van Niestelrooy It's difficult and can see Keane's logic though. I would just argue that Ferdinand and Stam are a much better balanced partnership (although hard to leave out Vidic), as brilliant as Beckham was, I would have to stick prime Ronaldo on the right because of how stacked it is up front, Keane and Scholes would be in because they were both simply better than Ince and as amazing as Robson was, he was coming to the end when the Premier League era hit and it's also hard to leave out Rooney but for utter impact in a short amount of time and literally ensuring victory in big matches so many times you cannot beat Cantona and Van Niestelrooy was a goal machine whose record was unparalleled in the time he played and him in a partnership with Cantona would be eye watering. But Keane disagrees, he played with these players (Beckham putting in crosses for Ronaldo would get you over 30 goals a season in itself), fair enough. But that would be my United team in the Prem era.
  8. If you're going to do it, can you do it against Arsenal please? It would really help a lot. Thanks. But seriously, I think there are many twists and turns to come. On paper, Leeds go down but football is not played on paper.
  9. For the league overall, probably Diego Forlan. Brilliant, brilliant player. World-class. It was just a combination of rare Ferguson mismanagement, Forlan's struggle to settle and other strikers that it just didn't go right and didn't happen for him there. For us, I can't see further than Ndombele at the moment. Record signing and has looked unfit, disinterested and unmotivated most of the time.
  10. The new manager will get swallowed up if he upsets the little darlings and doesn't do exactly what they want, the marketing managers running the football side will panic that players who might improve the club won't trend on Twitter to attract the Fans of The Future and like all before him, he will go. They need several seasons outside the Champions League with no trophies before they even begin to react.
  11. They're three points off of fourth as well and us and Arsenal have stumbled and have defeats in both of us. We've got Liverpool away and United have got Arsenal to play. Who do these players think they are? Do they think they're actually too good for a fight for a Champions League place? I'm not even a United fan and it infuriates me. My dad is a United fan and I think he's so disgusted that he's beyond caring. Why should fans actually go and watch United when their attitude is like this? Full of utter entitlement and, with the exception of Hannibal Lecter or whatever his name is, no fight. Whatever the shortcomings of Spurs or Arsenal, I don't think you would ever see any current player on either team suggest that either side have nothing to play for at this stage. We were pretty recently challenging for the title too and Arsenal's fall from footballing grace was pretty close to the level of United's although it started earlier. Although United not doing well is good for the rest of us, a good part of me does want to see Ten Hag brutally and viciously tell these cretins that they aren't as good as they think are and cut the lot of them. But player power will probably in. They'll whine to their agents and that will be it, United will probably go through another manager.
  12. United are paying the price for hiring a bunch of marketing managers whose metrics when it comes to new signings are how much they trend on Twitter and people like Darren Fletcher who get jobs they aren't qualified to do because they used to play for the club. Their only hope is that the Ten Hag interview was as brutal as being suggested, perhaps even more so if he told them the real truth that the club are becoming a total laughing stock which won't be good for the...what was it?..."fans of the future" these smiley glad-hands who want to turn football into their own private back slapping, arse licking, money exchanging playground want. Even with all that said, the players having a complete and utter lack of fight was pathetic. It's no shame being outclassed by a team as brilliant as Liverpool but if you're not even up for the fight in a derby with your professional reputations on the line, it's humiliating. I'm not sure what it will take to show most of these players that they aren't as good as they think they are and it's not someone else's fault, it's theirs.
  13. His career at the top level looks to be over regardless of what happens in regards to criminal proceedings. If it was just an accusation, he might be OK. But the video recording of him is going to damn him and turn him into an even more reviled David Goodwillie if he escapes criminal charges. United aren't going to let him taint their brand and there would be an uproar at any other British club who tried to sign him. It's abroad or a new career.
  14. It's going to be one of those ones where if they manage to survive, it all looks great but if they don't, a gigantic fail as I don't see them coming back up. Either way, Dyche absolutely deserves to be hailed as a legend there. I think the day of the "firefighter" manager is over. Allardyce going down last season, Hodgson looking highly unlikely to be able to save Watford, a manager like Eddie Howe who was never seen as a pragmatic, safety first, keep you up coach doing it at Newcastle. Football has gone beyond that. Managers who have never managed in a relegation battle have never done so because they win more games than they lose. It's as simple as that so a Rafa or a Nuno may not be a bad call but I doubt they'd take it and get a possible relegation on their CV, they'll probably wait until the summer to make their next move. It all looks very short-sighted.
  15. Spurs and Liverpool have the best front three in the league, I would say, although obviously Liverpool are better than us in other areas of the pitch right now. It's positive because it's the first time in a long time that our new signings (along with Romero) have come in and hit the ground running. Our transfers have been too haphazard, we've missed out on players bickering over a few quid (Dias, Mane, Grealish, Fernandes although I'm not that upset about the last one) and the ones we have signed have veered from disaster to mediocrity. It gives me confidence that Conte is very much involved in the process and knows what he's doing - that and massively improving players who were underachieving has left us in a much better place. Top 4 is definitely ours to lose now and couldn't have said that even two weeks ago. The goal difference swing could be massive. We were behind Arsenal on that front two games ago and now we're about ten ahead. Re Gerrard, I will give him that Villa played well in the first half and had us on the ropes. However, his tactics appear to be put better opposition off by kicking them in the air and he'll need to do a lot better than that going forward if he wants to succeed. His over aggressive tactics has just put one of our players out for the season.
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