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  1. I highly doubt it. Why would he? Obviously, as a Spurs fan I will be biased but if you were a neutral, why would you want to leave a club massively on the up, just won a major trophy, about to qualify for the CL for a rebuilding job with a chairman notorious for being tight? We certainly can get back in the top 4 and win something with the right manager, signings etc but Leicester are the fare more attractive club right now. Rafa allegedly wants the role and Levy has been interested before. I expect it will be him unless someone out of the blue appears.
  2. I have great respect for Rashford's off-field work but Neville has put him in his team because of that which is ridiculous. It's meant to be about what happens on the pitch and putting Maguire in is a joke. Martinez Walker Dias Stones Shaw Mount Gundogan Fernandes Calvert-Lewin Kane Son Manager: Tuchel if he wins the FA Cup and CL, Guardiola if he doesn't. Moyes is the only other candidate. Foden is amazing but didn't play enough games and De Bruyne gets in on general quality for most people rather than this specific season.
  3. It is quite funny to see Large Samuel relegated but if they keep The Portly Chap on, he could probably get them straight back up.
  4. Cheers! Yes, Vertonghen leaving exposed gaps. I love Toby and he still has a part to play but he's in the winter of his career. Rodon is a brilliant prospect but still very young and inexperienced and learning the game. Sanchez is a squad player at best, far too erratic. We have full backs that can play there but they are square pegs in round holes. If we do not sign a centre back, we will achieve nothing. Right back - I'd like to see us persist with Doherty for another season. An obvious good player is in there (as shown with Wolves) but he's struggled for various reasons this season. Aurier, again, should be a squad player and struggles against strong teams. He can show good signs going forward but his decision making in defense is appalling, he panics far too often and Reguilon isn't doing much better on the other side right now. Hojbjerg is a good player but he was completely carrying the midfield for the first half of the season. As soon as his form dropped, there was no-one to replace him or help him and Lo Celso has not been the same since he returned from injury. He looks slow and ponderous whenever he is on the ball. I think Kane will probably stay (no-one's going to spend what Levy wants for him, he's 28 in July and slightly injury prone) but yeah, the new manager and what he gets in the transfer market is vital. I would still keep Bale (he was poor today but class is permanent) for another season but we need at least four in. I would definitely take Bielsa but can't see him leaving Leeds so think you'll be fine!
  5. I thought Aguero lost his head, actually. He should have scored City's first goal but his terrible touch caused Sterling to take it, which was absolutely right on Sterling's part. Sterling made a joke after and Aguero was clearly not seeing the funny side. I think he tried to make a point with the penalty, to do it in style because he was annoyed at losing the attention of scoring and just utterly made a hash of it.
  6. Leeds deserved to win. The co-comm said it best. Leeds play as an excellent team, we play as a collection of individuals, looking for moments of individual brilliance. If just one of our front four is off (today being Bale), we are fairly easy to nullify as we have nothing behind them. We need, even if we keep Bale and Kane (which I think we will), around four quality players to drop straight into the first team. NDombele literally coming on off the bench puffing and blowing like he's run a marathon is not good. Not good at all. Dier is absolutely useless on the pitch. His interview recently where he got salty about people picking up on his mistakes just makes him look foolish. You see better defending in under 12's for the second goal today. He has no awareness whatsoever of what is going on around him. He stands there, waiting for the ball to arrive to him, with no perception of anyone else near him and looks vaguely surprised when he sees that the other team does indeed have strikers. Centre back is our biggest priority next season and a proper creative midfielder to replace Eriksen. I get so annoyed because we were linked with Ruben Dias in the summer, he thought he was coming to us and was happy to. Levy decided to dick about with the fee and City came in. Two summers ago, we could have had Bruno Fernandes who was reportedly happy so sign for us - Levy decided to dick about with the fee and United got him in January. We could have signed Jack Grealish when nobody else was him for 30 million. Levy decided to...well, you get the picture. We have a regressing Lo Celso, a barely fit NDombele and Eric Dier as centre back and that man has the utter arrogance, the sheer bare-faced cheek to sign us up for this European Super League as though we haven't completed regressed under his watch after he lucked in to having a squad competing for titles. He wants to take note of Leeds today, that's how you play as a team. Graham Potter? We need Harry Potter for this one.
  7. Obviously, anybody who got violent in the protests should be dealt with to the full extent of the law. Throwing flares at bottles of people is outright scummy and warrants no sympathy. The disruption though? In the context of this protest, there had to be disruption. It would have been completely ignored had they just stood outside waving flags. The Glazers have shown over the years that they do not care a jot for what United fans or the people of Manchester think I don't think this will get them out of the club but it might have made them sit up a bit - I know the game will be replayed but getting the biggest domestic match of the season called off with the "future fans", sponsors and affiliates eyes all on it with the Glazers presented as crooks and parasites (accurate) even by ex players will be massively embarrassing for them. It's an absolute PR nightmare. You have to hit the Glazers where it hurts and that's not by appealing to their better nature because they don't have one. I totally understand United and Liverpool fans that just wanted to watch the game but I hope the point of the protests isn't lost.
  8. I know Sheff Utd are currently the worst team in the league but I'm pleased with how happy and free from pressure the players look. Except Kane. Which is less good.
  9. West Ham - player kicks the ball and gets sent off. Sheffield United - player stamps on another player's head. Nothing. That sniveling coward Fleck knew exactly what he was doing. Prick.
  10. I don't think Carragher and Neville will leave - they aren't going to get as much of a platform anywhere else and Sky are highly unlikely to sack them. Watching Sky trying to force them to give the corporate answer was hilarious.
  11. I suspect Sky Sports are very, very upset. For all their virtue signalling about supporting the fans, Sky are a total commercial business who are all about "The Product". The bigwigs would be incredibly upset at an embarrassing afternoon like this for Sky. I suspect Dave Jones is under enormous pressure to tow the company line and to ensure that the focus is hammered home on people doing stupid shit to try and bury the outrage against the ESL to return to business as usual. Sky want this kicked into the long grass and forgotten. Carragher and Neville don't tow that line because they are, whatever their faults, utterly connected to their clubs and to the game. Jones desperately trying to get them to tow the Sky line was embarrassing. Obviously, whoever threw the flare at the Sky box deserves to face the full force of the law and is an utter twat.
  12. Souness is an ultra Tory, free market capitalist at all costs. Money is God to him, no matter what. I expected nothing less than him embarrassing himself. I get that Carragher, Neville, Keane and Richards are wealthy too but none of them hold quite the philosophy of Souness. He's always been out of touch with everything really.
  13. These United fans have pulled a blinder here. If there is anything the fans can do that will get to the Glazers (and I'm not sure there is), ensuring the biggest game of the season (in the domestic calendar) is called off will certainly get some attention. Sky Sports are in a difficult position. After all the virtue signalling of hating the Super League, they look and sound furious and embarrassed now it affects their schedule. Richards is an absolute moron. That he's going on about "champagne on ice" in the current climate and that he can't stay professional when at work (Neville and Carragher are biased by their own admission but professional) just says it all about the guy.
  14. Tar-Mairon

    Jose Mourinho Sacked

    Very amusing! Two different reports yesterday, one suggesting that Hansi Flick was interested in the role and the other saying he had little to no interest in it. Were the former true, we should batter his door down to get him but it probably isn't. I think he's taking the national team job. Ralf Rangnick and Rafa Benitez appear to be favourites. I'll be happy with either and think either of them would take it. I don't think either of them will get a better Premier League job. Ridiculous links with Scott Parker and some of our fans on our Facebook group wanting it. This is why managerial appointments these days are so ridiculous. I don't give a crap if a manager played for us or not, if a manager isn't good enough then he isn't good enough and Parker hasn't proven a thing. Come on, Steve Bruce has been better than him this season! Says it all. Graham Potter is another link. Would much prefer him to Parker but risky, very risky.
  15. Tar-Mairon

    Jose Mourinho Sacked

    I think Ten Hag is being seriously looked at. I would be excited, I think he's a good manager who plays entertaining football but whether he can step into a better league outside the Ajax set up remains to be seen. Oliver Glasner is supposedly in contention. The hope would be that he is just one of those that fits perfectly if he comes. A lot of compensation would be involved though. We have to be looking at Allegri as he is free and apparently wants to come to England. Sarri, I agree would be a better fit for us than Chelsea in that the fans would give him more time but we'd have to commit to how he wants to play and that means spending quite a bit of money, which we'll have to do anyway but even more so to fit his specifics. I think Rafa should be considered too. Free, a proven Premier League manager who has competed at the top, won trophies, is a big name. I would definitely take him. Regarding English managers, I am absolutely against Parker or Southgate getting the job. One has proven nothing in management and the other is suited for international management. Potter would be better than those two but a pretty big risk at the moment, one I'm not sure we can afford to take. If we went English, I'd like to see us really go for Gerrard. I'd be interested to see what he'd do with us. I don't know if he'd want to come though or would use us as a stepping stone to get to Liverpool in the end. He'd be my first English choice, though.