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  1. He's an awful referee, completely out of his depth and it's come to something when two clubs have almost begged the league not to put him on their games because he's that bad. Had he forgotten he'd blown the whistle, that's ridiculous. Had he not given up because West Brom weren't ready, that's ridiculous. The advantage is on the attacking team and the onus is on West Brom to get themselves organized and pay attention. Mason allowed the quick free kick. I don't think it's VAR's fault, they were put in an impossible position by an idiot.
  2. I mean, that football is a non emotional sport. Owners do not usually do sentiment. If they do not finish in the top 4 and start next season badly, the question will be raised. This is obviously dependent on that actually happening. They're more than a good enough team to get it together and go on a run.
  3. Condolences to Jurgen Klopp on his loss. Football is notoriously brutal and I suspect the writing may be on the wall if they don't finish in the top 4 which is very possible now. Their injuries obviously haven't helped but it appears to be deeper than that.
  4. Ooh, tough one. My dad is a Man Utd fan and although I'm a Spurs fan, I grew up around United being on all the time so the 99 team was a part of my teenage years and I watched the 2009 team a lot too. The early 1990's team, before the real emergence of the Class of 92 also has a case too. But a mixture of 99 and 2009? Tough. Schmeichel or Van Der Sar? Both great but Schmeichel edges it for me. Gary Neville or Wes Brown? It has to be Neville. Jaap Stam or Rio Ferdinand? Both brilliant, brilliant defenders and you could have either as they were big parts of their team but Ferdinand was the better player overrall. Ronny Johnsen or Nemanja Vidic? Johnsen was underrated but it has to be Vidic. Denis Irwin v Patrice Evra? Denis Irwin, easily. In the top three in terms of best left backs the league has ever had. Evra was a little overrated to me. David Beckham v Cristiano Ronaldo? Beckham was obviously a brilliant player but can't compete with Ronaldo. Roy Keane v Michael Carrick? Keane. Carrick was a good player but Keane was something else. Paul Scholes v Owen Hargreaves? I know that Scholes played in both teams and Hargreaves was utterly brilliant in United's CL run, that season he gave before his knees gave out was sensational but it has to be Scholes, it can't not be. Ryan Giggs v Carlos Tevez? - again, brilliant players but it has to be Giggs who was unplayable at that time. Andy Cole v Wayne Rooney? Both great, again, but has to be Rooney. Dwight Yorke v Dimitar Berbatov? I would give it to Berbatov. Squad? In attack in 1999, United had the most enviable strike force in the league's history with four players who would walk into any team but the 2009 squad was, overall, stronger. In terms of the team, 1999 shades it but in terms of squad, 2009. As much as it pains me to say it, the Chelsea teams of Mourinho's original stint and Wenger's Invincibles team were incredible sides who you'd almost lost to before you'd stepped out on the pitch and, of course, the City team of two years ago.
  5. At the moment, I pronounce it "dickhead" but each to their own.
  6. Liverpool didn't look the same side after the restart. The title was, of course, already won by then and they thoroughly deserved it but they just didn't look quite the same to me.
  7. Yeah, it was really bad. The Champions League run, which was amazing but fortunate in places, papered over some massive cracks. We were terrible for nearly a year before Poch was sacked. I wasn't a fan of some of what he was doing (hinting he'd leave if we won the CL), but that squad had come to a natural end and we did need to rebuild. No-one can say Levy hasn't funded it. He bought in most of the positions we needed to buy in (I still don't think we have adequately replaced Eriksen as much as I love Ndombele and Lo Celso) and, with the greatest respect to Rodon who is a bright talent, a real top-class centre back would have been nice but he really did push the boat out. Mourinho has no excuse. The problem is him and I knew he'd tediously drop the blame on Kane's injury or use Bale as target practice to mask his own inadequacies.
  8. I also can't believe Mourinho blaming the defeat on the players being "sad" because Kane is out. As though he's popped his clogs, or something like that. Before the game, he said he didn't want to go on about Kane but does nothing but rattle on about him being irreplaceable, hardly a confidence booster to the other attackers. He blamed the players performance on Kane being injured - Jesus Christ, I know he's world-class and I love the guy but he's ONE player and if an injury to him means everyone else gives up before a ball is kicked, the manager is either doing a pathetic job in motivating them or the players do not have the mentality to succeed. I believe very much the former. Imagine if Klopp went, "sod it, Virgil's injured, we're too sad to play well". Does he want people to feel sorry for us? Guardiola may have had a point when he called us "the Harry Kane team".
  9. Well done to Brighton, a deserved victory. As for us, well, I liked Vinicius because he looked awake and vaguely aware that there was a game of football going on around him when he came on. I know the predictable issues will be raised. No Kane and Bale will be made the scapegoat for something that wasn't his fault. It's wrong though. The problem is Mourinho. We aren't good enough defensively to rely on the "hard to beat, nick a win style" he wants and we're too good attacking wise to not use those players, drive all expression out of them and completely blunt them. His idea is to wait for Kane and/or Son to produce some magic completely on their own. Since the West Ham draw, he feels vindicated in this and doing what he's always wanted to do. Ever since Arsenal, who we beat due to their own inadequacies at the time (play them now, we'll get a totally different game), the problems that were under the surface then have now risen to the top. We are not good at all. I can't see us beating City in the cup final, nor can I see CL qualification. Should that happen, serious questions have to be asked of the manager. Levy can hardly be accused of not backing the manager this time so he has no excuses. I would not be shocked if he was gone by the start of next season.
  10. Tar-Mairon

    Frank Lampard Sacked by Chelsea

    I can understand Chelsea fans being upset/having mixed feelings on this because it's never nice when it goes wrong for a club legend. I read the Atlantic article and if that is accurate, I feel for him in some ways and not so much in others. I feel for him in the Kepa/Declan Rice situations. Kepa is nowhere close to good enough for a team that wants to challenge for big honours, no matter how much of an arm is put around him, and Lampard obviously felt Rice would be a massive improvement on what he had and it sounds like with those two, he's carried the can for the mistakes of others and that the board are negatively affecting what happens on the pitch as they don't want to look stupid. However, if it's true that he was a poor man-manager who has been distant, aloof and stand-offish with many of his players, this is where the sympathy would really end. He knows more than anyone what it's like when a manager loses, alienates or causes cliques in the Chelsea dressing room and you'd think that would be the first thing he's try and avoid as manager. His quote on AVB are also coming back to haunt him, when the same is true for him. I don't blame him for taking it but it was probably way too soon for him, they used him to get them through the period they need him for and then they chucked him. That's life. I don't think he'll go to Celtic and I can't really see him getting a Premier League job next season. Should Hasenhuttl or Nuno leave Southampton or Wolves, I can't see them going in for him. Palace if Hodgson retires? I can't really see that either. Newcastle will persist with Bruce until it's too late (if they stay up and no takeover, I expect he'll be there next season) and he doesn't want to touch that one, anyway. Perhaps if Newcastle go down, it's an option but I expect either the Championship or abroad is the next step for him. He's an intelligent guy so can see him settling abroad better than some might as a manager. Tuchel appears to be a good appointment, he's under immediate pressure though. No bedding in, they'll be looking at Top 4 and possibly a trophy this season.
  11. Well, if the Newcastle takeover does end up happening, Rafa has now made himself available. Call me Old Mr. Cynic but that could mean something. Should that happen though, we should all check on Tim Sherwood, Richard Keys, Jamie Redknapp and Robbie Savage. Is it possible to have a collective aneurysm? Regarding others, I don't think Lampard is as close to the sack as many think but he is under pressure and if he wants to see in next season, there would need to be notable improvement. Arteta has made himself reasonably safe for now and I'm still not convinced Solskjaer is the man to win things with United but he's made himself as safe as safe can be for the moment. I don't think Nuno will be sacked but I wonder if he want another challenge some time soon. Ditto Dyche. Should a "big" team lose their manager, Southampton may have to fend off the circling sharks. I think Wilder has enough credit in the bank to be given a go at getting them back up, however, if that doesn't look doable getting into the winter period of next season, I can see him going. I expect Hodgson and Palace to go their separate ways at the end of the season. Parker should be fine with Fulham.
  12. Bruce appears to be behaving like the world's youngest 60 year old at the moment. Saw some interview he did where he was just banging on about Benitez non stop with sarcastic "the mighty Rafa" comments. If he spent more time working on his management abilities and less time trying to make the likes of Richard Keys guffaw, Newcastle might be in a better situation. Benitez says he left the job in China due to Covid issues. I guess we'll see what his next move is.
  13. Newcastle appear to be in the unfortunate quadruple. 1) Non ambitious owner who is not interested in what's occurring on the pitch. No ambition means he is unlikely to do anything until it is far too late. No pressure to well and truly motivate the manager. 2) Fans not allowed in the stadium, probably until next season (even if restrictions end in March/April which I think they will) moves fan protests online where they can be more easily ignored. Were the stadium full, the pressure would be a lot more severe. 3) A sycophantic media of ex-pros, many of whom are putting their personal friendships with the manager ahead of any objective criticism. They cannot criticize "Brucey" so a lot of them engage in some petty, unprofessional, disrespectful and disgraceful trolling of Newcastle fans, mis-characterizing them as never satisfied unless they're winning the Champions League without possibility of a proper response from those they are criticizing. Conversely, they have an inexplicable personal loathing of the former manager that causes them to run him down at all times eighteen months or so after he has left. 4) Players who have neither the ambition or strength of character to actually challenge the manager, probably because it's a relaxed and easy life so he will never lose the dressing room. The takeover will have to go through or they will have to go down to get rid of Bruce. I hope it's the former. I think the league is richer for having Newcastle in it and competitive.
  14. We will quite possibly win a trophy this season. It will be painful but when we do this, the marriage of convenience we entered with him will have worked. He will have proved he can still win things and we'll have the "no trophy" monkey off our back. Possibly, both parties will go their separate ways at this stage although if we quality for the Champions League, that might complicate it. I don't think he knows any other way and it either works brilliantly (City/Arsenal) or totally fails (Fulham).
  15. The West Ham board have obviously decided to reset and are eating some serious humble pie in doing so or they're seeing something in Moyes now that they didn't then which is hard to believe considering he hasn't managed since he left there. It could also be options other than the usual firefighters aren't exactly huge. They aren't going to get Benitez out of China this side of the summer although I suspect they'd dearly love to. Pochettino will wait for one of the big clubs in Europe and will have no interest. Emery wants a break and will be tainted by his failures at Arsenal. I can't see Silva managing in England again for a long time, if ever. Dyche would cost serious compensation and that's even if he might be interested. Ditto Howe although his stock is now falling. A Championship manager is, usually, seen as too risky by most sides so that leaves a Moyes, an Allardyce or a Pulis. It remains to be seen whether Moyes can ever regain what he had at the beginning and middle of his Everton career. I don't think the last stint he had at West Ham, where Arnautovic's genius was there to bail them out a lot, gave any kind of conclusion as to whether that is the case. The board certainly didn't think so and it did seem that his experience at United broke Moyes. It could end badly or it could end in mediocrity.