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  1. He's been dogshit since he joined us, scraping the barrel bad. He was pitched out of the team last season, Doherty started playing well, got injured and never recovered it at the start of the season with neither of them holding it down. Now, suddenly, we've signed a 45 million player, he's had a couple of decent-ish games and now he's trying to shithouse for us. The trouble is he's not very good at it. Sprinting halfway across the pitch to barge a player in a situation you have nothing to do with is just idiotic. I had no complaints that it was rescinded.
  2. Thought it was really harsh when the commentators were implying Karius was at fault for the goal. He'd correctly anticipated Rashford shooting low and moved his body weight to deal with it when it took a freak deflection which left him really stranded. I had a feeling they were trying to push a goalkeeper "error" because it's Karius and had the same thing happened to De Gea, nothing would have been made of it at all. Had it not deflected and gone in, he'd have "not got down quick enough". I thought he actually played well, he gives a shit (unlike some) and is one of the few players whose career seems to be utterly defined by one horror of a game, even if it was a final. United deserved to win overall, Newcastle had a lot of huff and puff but United managed it brilliantly. As a Spurs fan, in regards to Ten Hag, I feel like that character in the Avril Lavigne song, Sk8er Boi. We tag along, stand in the crowd and look up at the man we turned down...
  3. Great win for us but yeah, Chelsea look in full blown crisis. This isn't just a blip, it's relegation form. Obviously, they won't go down unless something ridiculous happens and the personal abuse Potter has taken is disgusting but it's so absolutely clear that he's not the right manager for Chelsea. He finished 15th and 16th in his first two seasons with Brighton, which seemed more impressive than Chris Hughton because he did it prettier. He did well to finish 9th last season but he does seem very much a streaky manager who has very heavy losing streaks. He'd shown nothing to actually show he was ready to manage a big club yet some have been fooled. We were interested in him, Chelsea got him and he's been found out.
  4. The guy seemed genuinely unhinged in his press conferences as though he thinks he's Jurgen Klopp or Alex Ferguson and that his own failures are due to trying to please people. His ranting is utterly bizarre. I have never seen someone who has never managed in the top league behave like him. Poor appointment, right call.
  5. Seemed like a nice guy but even aside from how they were doing on the pitch, he sounded like was making a constant marketing pitch with no actual connection to what was actually happening. He'd be great if you want him to make a presentation to sell your product, he's eloquent and well spoken but hearing his interviews, he just sounded out of touch. Stating that they weren't in a relegation battle was just utterly bizarre. Seems like they've either been rejected by their main targets or had their clubs reject them. Be interesting to see where they go.
  6. I do not think he can come back although obviously, if she refuses to give evidence and goes along with this bullshit of it being consensual roleplay and the injuries caused by other things, what can they actually do? They'd have to get external proof as the burden of proof lies with the prosecution to prove him guilty, not the defence to prove his innocence. Come back for United, no. I don't think United can be this tone-deaf. The PR disaster would be monumental. From what is going around, Greenwood was able to get in contact with his alleged victim during his bail and is now back with her. The girl's father made her delete all the evidence and say she was hacked as he senses a pay-day off of her being with Greenwood. Should any of that be true, United need to do the right thing here. Personally, I think it is true, the guy is an utter scumbag and should never play professional football again. Unfortunately, he will likely still do the latter but hopefully not at any kind of high level.
  7. I am not sold on Tuchel but Conte is absolutely not working and I'm getting quite fed up of him trying to dodge blame for it. Yes, the board have made mistakes, that much is obvious. He is demanding full backing from the club long-term while not giving the same respect back - it's like you're getting married and you're being pressured to pay for the venue and the entire day and everything but your partner says they might still leave you. Getting the players he demands and the next manager being lumbered with "Conte players" wouldn't be good. We spent more on Bissouma and Richarlison than Arsenal did on Jesus and Zinchenko and although Bissouma and Richarlison are good players, there isn't a single person who can say they are better signings at this moment in time. Arsenal, thanks to their business, are now doing what people thought would be impossible and breaking up the City/Liverpool monopoly. Bissouma, one of the best players in the league last season, looks like he's never seen a football pitch before. Conte has made him worse and he supposedly pushed for them. We are so easy to work out and play against yet he will not change it. As soon as you stop us feeding the wingbacks, we are stopped. It should be a sign to change it but he doesn't unless we go 2-0 down and we have to so it's not a case of we can't play proactively or attacking, it's that we don't. All at the altar of his "hump aimless crosses into the box" and sit passively, hoping the opponent won't rip us apart too badly. He has been out-thought, out-foxed and out-manouvered by every manager in the league this season. This is on him entirely and I'm getting quite sick of his attitude that he's far too good for this and none of it is his fault. We are doing it his way and his way doesn't work. However, I think he and Mourinho maybe a side effect of trying to keep Kane. Levy wanted to pacify Kane by giving him "winners now" managers without regard for if those managers are still at their best or whether they fit the club. The closest we've come to major trophies was with a "project" manager (Poch) so we need to go back to that. We ballsed up the chance to do it before the disasterous Nuno appointment. Should that mean Kane wants to go this summer, or next, then maybe it's time. An amazing player but getting into his thirties and if he really wants out, maybe we should do it.
  8. I would love any manager that one day just knocks him out on the touchline. Howe too nice, unfortunately.
  9. So if we're going to start throwing out insults, what is your issue with what I have said? You can argue that Messi is the greatest player ever, certainly. What I take issue with is: A) The complete lack of balance to something incredibly subjective. B) The concept that if you don't just bow down to him as the greatest God the game has ever seen, you're an idiot. So many things go into it. If George Best had been Brazilian, it might have been him. Had Duncan Edwards not died, it might have been him. Had Maradona not been coked off his tits most of his career, he could have scarily been even better than he was. If Brazilian Ronaldo hadn't been decimated by injury, maybe him. Add your own in there. Messi has also been very, very lucky and I don't begrudge him that. I just think the wankathon "GOAT, no more argument, end of debate" has been pathetic.
  10. The next England manager needs to be English (in fact, nations should be barred from having foreign coaches) so what rules Tuchel out is the fact that he is German. Should Tuchel want to get into national management, he needs to keep an eye on the Germany job. Having Southgate stay on is fine with me when you look at what he's done. The anti Southgate hysteria is utterly pathetic.
  11. Why are people calling this the "greatest game ever?". The hyperbole is moronic. It wasn't even the best game of the tournament. It was absolutely shocking for 80 minutes. Hardly an action or chances, Argentina barely had to move out of second gear and France didn't turn up. Apart from a two minute period of the match, it was an absolute shocker. Extra time then got fairly exciting towards the end. Then it was a standard penalty shootout. As for Messi, yeah, he makes the top 8 of all time clearly. Maradona, Pele, Best, Duncan Edwards, Messi, C Ronaldo, Brazil Ronaldo, Zidane. One of those played for Northern Ireland and one of those died aged 21 so calling it is tricky but then I suppose in the group wank and the incoming surgery to remove Lineker's tongue from up his arse, it won't get any balance.
  12. No, it wouldn't. It would be following the rules of the game rather than bending everything so the wankathon over the little rat can continue so he gets "his" trophy.
  13. The England manager should be English. The only reason this idiotic debate has exploded is due to the hypocritical buffoon Richard Keys, who has spent the last several years attacking any club outside the Top 6 for daring to appoint a non British manager, screaming about the death of the game and British coaching, no opportunities anymore, young English lads done out of their birthright and them over there coming over here not understanding our game and taking our jobs. Now his mate Wenger, who has reinvented himself as Infantino's lick-spittle and Qatari boot licker much to RK's approval, may be interested in the job, Keys is now laughably calling anyone who would rule Wenger out "racist". It's laughable. Carragher is right. The England players are English. The manager should be English. This is international football.
  14. re the whole Messi thing, yes, obviously he is an amazing player and in the conversation when you talk of best players of all time. I just find the love-in ludicrious. Firstly, football is subjective and I'm just getting really flummoxed with the way everyone has lost their shit about him. You have pundits stating that the "debate is over" and he's the greatest ever as though that's absolutely it, objective fact, you're an absolute idiot if you dare to think anything else or put a different viewpoint forward and some ridiculous revisionism and condescension regarding anyone who doesn't think he is a literal God. He hasn't even won the World Cup yet and still might not! I mean, look at F365's article today calling him the best ever for various reasons. Half the accolades they have put in there are team/longevity accolades, in a few they have admitted there are players with better records than him and in many, there are genuine achievements and arguments for why he can be considered the greatest. Pele, Maradonna, the two Ronaldos and Zidane are very much in there. That makes Ronaldo better than him in CL goals scored and assists doesn't it so cannot be used as an argument for why he is the greatest ever? Messi for me is not the greatest Argentinian player ever, that goes for Maradona who did it when players had far less protection, on worse pitches and did it when coked off his tits for most of his career. The ludicrous revisionism going on on Ronaldo is ridiculous too. Yes, he's a twat, yes he's embarrassed himself hugely with his tantrums lately and yes, Father Time has caught up with him in the footballing sense (remembering he is two years younger than Ronaldo and Ronaldo was pretty sensational up until his return to United) but the way he's almost being sneeringly portrayed as always in Messi's shadow, a mere pretender who should never have been in the league with the Great Man is a joke. Cristiano Ronaldo is obviously one of the greatest players of all time and in my view, in terms of heyday, slightly had the edge over Messi for me. Amazing in the air, better with both feet, physically stronger which developed at United. You can respect Messi is an incredible player (obviously) and that he's in the discussion about the greatest (obviously) but this smug, condescending, pseudo intellectual (saying "GOAT" does not make you clever), jerk-off-everytime-he-falls-over-he's-so-amazing act that no other footballer is worthy, greatest ever, debate over, you're a moron if you disagree is embarrassing.
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