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  1. Deco

    The Bookmakers

    I’m more than aware of its nature, but trying to delve deeper now churns up a plethora of ‘fixed matches’ pages. The only money I owe is to the University. 😂
  2. Deco

    The Bookmakers

    I must ask if any of you have encountered this. What I presume must be phishing scams targeting my parents about ‘bookmaker debt’s. My parents don’t bet and never have done, I’m the only person who does in our house but I’m in zero debt whatsoever. Has anyone else encountered this?
  3. Deco

    Off Topic

    To be honest I haven’t been told any. My dad is talking to me but my mother is being her usual snappy and condescending self. I’ve actually sat down and made myself a plan. I reckon, if I make some big sacrifices, I could have a few thousand saved after paying for and completing my Masters. After that I should have something lined up and, instead of getting my first car like all of my mates did, I’ll be moving out. It’s a shame but in that way I’m less fortunate. Meanwhile, my sisters are promised they’ll get a wad of money from the late grandad’s will to ‘spend on whatever they like’. Me? Not even a penny. Story of my life with them. Luckily I’m one of these fierce independent types and always make things work for me and then some. My savings went to them in the form of ‘rent’ - the remainder will pay for my Masters degree. I’ll have finished saving for that tomorrow as one of my best mates owes me that money for a multitude of favours and small lends. I’ve set myself a new savings plan up to start tomorrow, starting with a poxy £5-odd as that’s all I have for now. Keeping track of everything that comes in and goes out, I’ll be monitoring every little fold. By my 22nd birthday next June I should be well on the way to leaving them in the dust. I won’t likely come back unless I have to. At the end of the day I can relocate and do my PhD in History and the world will become my oyster. It should be good. Fingers crossed mate!
  4. Deco

    Off Topic

    So - an update. @nudge @Stan I went out for a very long walk this afternoon. I ended up going farther than I’d anticipated and had to find a trail back. I text my mother saying I’ll be home soon and then get lost with no signal. Get in and it’s the kitchen sink - apparently if I don’t abide by the ‘new rules’ then I’m going to be homeless. I then have every insult under the sun thrown at me before being told to find somewhere else to live. I send her a text and get the same response. So - it’s not looking good. One thing I do know is I’m getting closer to cutting them off when I do manage to afford my own place.
  5. https://www.sportbible.com/football/news-robben-comes-out-of-retirement-to-re-sign-for-fc-gronigen-20200627 I don't know how to properly imbed links but either way this is exciting news. Although he's hardly in his prime still, Robben was absolutely legendary during his days at Chelsea and Bayern. Will be very interesting to see how he does.
  6. Werder have been excellent. I knew they could make the escape!!! Just a shame I didn't have anything on it. Dortmund have well and truly screwed up my acca being 4-0 down. I was only saying yesterday to my mates that Kramaric was a classy striker and they laughed at me. Who's laughing now??? Not my acca that's for sure, I'd backed the draw!!!
  7. As a long-time Everton ‘supporter’ - my cousins supported Liverpool avidly so it stems from a rivalry - I’m happy for Liverpool. They strongly deserve it and have easily been the best overall team in the Prem this season. Congrats to all.
  8. Deco

    Off Topic

    I do! I work behind a bar, and I get a fair few shifts in. I’ve been saving my money for ages and had intended to use it for a car but things change. With what they supposedly want from me at this time I’d probably end up with a hundred to myself each month from that, plus whatever else I could whittle up. They’re strange. I can guarantee that tomorrow they’ll fully brush this aside if it doesn’t come up in conversation. Either way this is becoming such a regular occurrence and one I’m tired of. Will let you know what’s gone on in the morning.
  9. Deco

    Off Topic

    Unfortunately there’s not. The ones I could try would have me on a sofa or they still live with their parents. Joys of being 21! I’m the eldest: for some reason this is apparently a show of jurisdiction. Damn, I got a first in my dissertation and that was dismissed as nothing, whereas a near fail in her A-Levels was met with applause. The problem is that I could but it would mean taking on a large student debt to cover my back on my Masters. Otherwise I’d have gone sooner!
  10. Deco

    Off Topic

    So - I need a bit of advice. I don't get on with my parents. I've always had a very shaky relationship with my mother and am at a stage of breaking point with her. My younger sister has never had to pay rent, even when she had a job. As soon as I hit 16, I was expected to provide money for rent and did, even if it meant I had nothing for myself. I reckon that, having just turned 21, I've given them just shy of £10K give or take a little. That's a fucking tonne in my eyes, especially when I factor in that I have to buy my own food and things 95% of the time. This is despite using home as little more as a place to sleep and a place to keep my things. Suddenly, as the pandemic draws to a close, I find myself being actively threatened to cough up £60 a week rent as well as pay for everything else. I'm set to embark on my Masters degree and have my savings in place to pay it off. Yet, no matter how I push this, they now want to milk me of nearly double this. I have nowhere else to go but I refuse to put my education down for their show of greed and lack of understanding. As almost a way of making me pay, they keep turning off the wi-fi whenever I'm doing prep research for September. What do you reckon I should say to them? It's so childish.
  11. Deco

    Off Topic

    Thanks! @Stan @Pyfish @CaaC (John) @nudge I studied History, and I'm not entirely sure what my Masters is in yet. I've got to choose between History, International Relations and Terrorism, International Crime and Global Security. I'm probably going to choose the latter as I'll get to work with my dissertation supervisor again plus it's a unique Masters.
  12. Deco

    Off Topic

    I know I haven't been a member of the forum for long nor have I really engaged too much. But yesterday was a very happy day for me as I received my final grades for my degree. I've got a place on a Masters degree with a scholarship too, plus I got a solid first in my dissertation. Absolutely buzzing!
  13. Deco

    First Goal

    14th minute please.
  14. Deco

    First Goal

    21 for both please @Stan, seeing as it’s my birthday and I’m half awake.
  15. Deco

    Ben Chilwell - Chelsea

    I feel this would be a great move. Chilwell would be an excellent addition to Chelsea's defence and I could see him bouncing off of Tomori and James. As for Leicester, they'll be certain to find a strong replacement. They have a great presence in the league at the moment and have drawn in some world-class young talent. I feel that Grimaldo would suit them well.