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  1. Excellent signing, absolutely made up with it. Proven winner with a pedigree of the highest level for less than £30m. Michael Edwards has pulled it off again. If we can now go and sign another wide player, that'll wrap up our summer beautifully.
  2. I'm still not convinced on it. I've always thought he'll have one more year at Dortmund before a move becomes inevitable after the Euros next year. Prior to Grealish signing his contract, I'd presume United would just grossly overpay for him to compensate, but after this news, I think the chances of them just giving Dortmund whatever they want becomes more likely. Have to wonder what they're stalling for over the price.
  3. Sorry for my non-participation week one - been completely inactive on here for a bit. Saturday 19th September, 2020 Shonan 2-1 Shimizu, 10.30 Sturm Graz 2-0 Rapid Vienna, 16.00 Fiorentina 1-0 Torino, 17.00 Rennes 1-1 Monaco, 20.00 Porto 2-1 Braga, 21.00 Sunday 20th September, 2020 Hibernian 2-3 Rangers, 12.00 Feyenoord 2-1 Twente, 13.30 Istanbul Basaksehir 1-0 Galatasaray, 17.00 Gremio 2-0 Palmeiras , 20.00 Real Sociedad 0-2 Real Madrid, 20.00
  4. His reactions are so fucking slow though, do you not think? He looks like he's trying to wade through shit to try and reach the ball.
  5. Was saying beforehand that he'll end up being sold for over £60m or so within the next few years. Has every attribute you want to see in a modern-day defender in abundance. Very much impressed by Brighton so far. Lamptey looks like he's going to be a real player. Put in a cross for Maupay in the first half that was excellent.
  6. Not pessimistic as such in a footballing sense, as I'm sure on the pitch everything will go just fine for us, but more concerned and uninspired by the way it's all being carried out. The behind closed door stuff, all the protocol required for games to be taking place, the risk of any one player picking up the virus. I know it's all needed in order for the games to go on, and I understand that for many it's a sacrifice worth making in order to have football back regularly, but it does make it a lot more difficult to become invested in, personally. Last season I wasn't as concerned, because we had the league wrapped up, but something just feels a bit off about the beginning of this one.
  7. Tepmz

    Unpopular Football Opinions

    True. I still think they'd 100% do it if they were completely going to shit, but maybe I'm speaking optimistically about him because I think Chelsea will have a really solid season. Although it's probably a curse to suggest a Chelsea manager will be given time, I think with Lampard he's a bit of an exception to the normal rule.
  8. Tepmz

    Unpopular Football Opinions

    Oh I agree they can be ruthless, but I think in the case of Lampard they could wind up being more lenient in terms of expectations for the opening half of the campaign at least. He's not an experienced manager, and has a lot of new players to manage and tinker with. Even though I think Chelsea would've splurged anyway after their transfer ban, but to back Lampard as they have done in the market shows me that they do have trust in him. Also worth keeping in mind these are his players to sign underneath his playing style for the upcoming season, and should they decide to blow it all up and get somebody else in to try and clean up the damage, that could also backfire spectacularly.
  9. Tepmz

    Unpopular Football Opinions

    I'd disagree with this one. Even though he's spent an absolute fortune, you'd hope that the Chelsea board appreciate that it could take a while for his new players to gel together, especially with a lack of proper pre-season and the fact they might have to completely shuffle around their system to try and accommodate everyone to get the best out of them. I think Lampard has built some solid goodwill from the Chelsea fans so far, securing them top four and his inclusion of younger players into the squad - I think he's continued that by giving them arguably their most exciting Summer in years, so I think he'll get at least another season to try and establish Chelsea as proper contenders.
  10. Tepmz


    Really interesting opening quarter between the Clippers and the Mavericks taking place on Sky at the moment. Reggie Jackson is so hilariously unequipped to be defending Luka it's almost unfair.
  11. Think some of the reactions regarding our performance have been a little overstated (not just on here mind, Twitter is a nightmare for it as well) - although we didn't look great I think I'll properly reserve judgement for when the season properly gets up and running. We don't tend to look great in pre-season regardless, and whenever we return from an absence of some length (thinking back to the warm weather camps we'd get on during the season) we don't look particularly fresh either. I don't think either side looked incredibly sharp but I'll only be concerned if it begins translating into performances when we're playing competitive football. Oh, and how much better did Minamino look playing off the striker? Suits him a whole lot better than trying to mould him into the Firmino role.
  12. We lost the Community Shield on penalties last year following a 1-1 draw and that ended up working out quite decently for us. Pieces are in place, another Klopp masterclass is en route! Oh, and Keita has to be starting games whenever possible. It's a non-negotiable at this point for the upcoming season.
  13. Poor from Williams there. Gave Aubameyang far too much room and space to get a shot off, practically inviting him to have a go. Midfield three isn't exactly looking inspiring either so far.
  14. Tepmz

    World Starting XI - 2020

    Yeah, it was one of those where on paper the system didn't look too coherent but Messi is occupying the #10 role for me so I'd just let KDB hold a little deeper and spread the ball around from deep. In an actual game scenario, it would probably switch to a 3 at the back type system, with Kimmich dropping in between VVD/Ramos and my two fullbacks pushing higher up the pitch. I won't pretend I've seen all that much of Davies over the course of the season, and he looked very good going forward in the Champions League, but there were a fair few occasions where he was all over the show in a positional sense. I know he's got the pace to cover for it in most circumstances, but I think if City had come up against Bayern, De Bruyne could've had a field day exploiting the gaps being left on the counter attack.