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  1. Cazza

    Australians Only Thread

    Not sure where to start, been given a link to this thread as an ex pat Australian so.... Hi I'm Cazza mad Weagle and Warriors fan (so obviously from Perth). Hope you're all having a great day. Hope that's okay?
  2. Have to agree, this is a cup a team like Newcastle should be wining.
  3. Cazza

    saying G'day

    No clue about anywhere south moved away in 2007. Do you follow Peth Glory, Warriors and which WAFL team is any?
  4. Can't begin to figure out how we stayed up let alone the others. But Wigan being docked points would be a big factor.
  5. During the league one campaign Barnsley were a good side and we developed a weird soft spot for them and still do. Glad they stayed up but an insane run in all the same.
  6. being honest it was a miracle we stayed up, Cornicks goal surprised us as he would normally put it wide or way over.... Coming of age?
  7. Cazza

    EFL Transfers & Rumours

    Not totally gifted but a decent player with at the right price. He scored against us for Portsmouth in a very snowy game where we had to win. I don't think Holloway will part with his wage bill that easy, possibly another loan move if he is a bit inconsistent.
  8. Cazza

    2019 QAM sign up!

    I'm new so count me in.
  9. Cazza

    EFL Transfers & Rumours

    Decent lower league player.
  10. Cazza

    EFL Transfers & Rumours

    Yep and a good reason, he is not bad and worth more.
  11. Cazza

    EFL Transfers & Rumours

    Looks like the three signings made by Luton this season have been great ones. Jordan Clarke (from Accrington) Tom Lockyer (Charlton) James Bree (Aston Villa) Season Loan. Rhys Norrington-Davies (Sheff Utd).
  12. Cazza

    saying G'day

    I lived in Wanneroo (Taywood drive). I also lived in Armadale.... You sure you're not talking Kelmscot? I'll have a word with my Dad.
  13. Cazza

    saying G'day

    One of these days I'll venture out.
  14. Cazza

    saying G'day

    You and me are going to get along fine.
  15. Cazza

    saying G'day

    MY Dad was a general manager and I worked here in London in PR.