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  1. Is It true a single Tottenham striker has scored more goals than the entire Arsenal team.
  2. Cazza

    How did you find us?

    Looking for a soccer forum to help me learn about this game, I know a lot but not up to speed.
  3. Cazza

    Blackburn Rovers discussion

    Hi Blackburn fans just wanted your angle on yesterdays game? Was there a hand ball.
  4. Cazza

    Random Quiz

    Kenny Rodgers was a decent pitcher for the New York Yankees.
  5. Cazza

    EFL Transfers & Rumours

    Understatement of the season... Luton need a striker, or more to the point a proven striker.... Not cheap!
  6. Cazza

    Australians Only Thread

    Yeah.... England is classic too, Go figure.
  7. Cazza

    Off Topic

  8. Cazza

    Off Topic

    Probably all cheap massed manufactured rubbish.
  9. Cazza

    Off Topic

    What're the prizes?
  10. Cazza

    First Goal - Season Two

    Can you stop tagging me please.
  11. Cazza

    Question a Member: Storts

    Sounds like a great guy.
  12. Cazza

    Question a Member: Storts

    I can promise you it's not.... He can either answer them or not entirely a choice but he asked to do the AMA so it's down to him, the point of an AMA is to answer questions.... I couldn't care less either way.
  13. Cazza

    Question a Member: Storts

    Men can have some Good advice, not based on personal experience but experience all the same.... Some kind of survival game?
  14. Cazza

    Question a Member: Storts

    It's the fun factor, there is a choice to not answer those that don't apply.