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  1. Toinho

    Work/Jobs Thread

    edit: bit long. Summary: Left second job in 6 months. New job = good. Never updated this interesting year. As previously mentioned in the thread I gave up a permanent (basically lifetime gig) position at end of last year due to outright bullying and nepotism, to move to a 12 month contract at another school. Which started well… was given literacy (lol) leadership opportunities through a range of amazing professional learning. However as the weeks ticked along, the more and more shambolic the place is. It’s in a huge transition and they have a lot of high end behaviours. Easily the toughest school behaviour wise I’ve seen. My particular class was chaotic. So many issues. So sad, and so underfunded. Honestly out of the 24 students I had identified at least half with a difficulty or learning disability. The behaviours were intense, I was told to lock out students, a student was hitting teachers (never me but had a lot thrown at me) and these poor kids are only…6. Anyway, having tried to raise points about certain dynamics in the class the support system was quite shitty tbh. Parents in their droves complained to the principal about behaviours (I urged them to talk to leadership), and eventually they found an education assistant to help most days. Didn’t help, I ended up trying so many things. It was seriously draining. Realising this was a pattern across the school I applied elsewhere. I managed to win an interview and subsequently a position in the private sector at an incredibly high performing school. I told my school at the time of this news and they said that’s great etc etc and then 3 hours later made the decision to pull me from my class. I ended up taking a week stress leave as this was quite a fucked thing to do. I was then the “relief” and was in one of the other most challenging classes for a couple of days a week for the last 4 weeks of the term. The teacher that took over my initial class is now already leaving. She’s more experienced and has been at the tough school for years… The behaviour support for this year four class? A tick chart and lollies and chocolates if these students stay in the room, don’t fight etc. fucking stupid systems. Anyway, loving the new job. Long hours and on the other side of the city, and with after school expectations. Very different. But sometimes you’ve got to move and take risks!
  2. Met him and Coote once at a pub in Kyoto… Tierney seemed arrogant then and was only refereeing lower leagues. Coote seemed nice. Anyway no surprises with how Tierney has generally gone.
  3. Wait why is there 2 for other? Wtf Me? C section apparently.
  4. Never got rid of it all. Too worried I’d cut myself somewhere haha. I honestly do not care about pubic hair too much I think Japan changed me there
  5. Toinho


    Emergency c section for us. So a different experience there. I was comforting the missus, as that’s full on!
  6. Toinho


    Do people not go to the birth? Huh?
  7. Toinho


    Amazing! I ended up going out later after I found out and got so drunk.haha I was incredibly happy but still in a bit of shock because we were so fortunate that we literally only just started trying (I thought it could take us a while). My initial reaction was “are you sure?” And to double check
  8. Toinho


    Oh my days! Congrats mate xxx
  9. What’s a stick deodorant? Going to have to google that. I use spray. Have used roll ons too though.
  10. From 3-4 minutes to 6-7minutes. 1 or 2 songs on Spotify. Could make it shorter to save money and water too…
  11. I transitioned to non alcoholic beer during my longest steak (only 3 months) and found that helped. Recently, I just have a mineral water or water if I’m thirsty. Had a couple of beers since the last stretch. But have found having a replacement drink lined up helps in social situations.
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