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  1. Blame the squad all you want, I don't particularly like many of them but if you take a look at our first XI today only 3 players are here not to Arteta's doing. Leno he chose over Martinez. Mari, Partey and Odegaard he signed, gave new contracts to Holding, Saka and Aubameyang and promoted Smith-Rowe. Not to mention he signed Gabriel, Willian, Runnarsson and Ryan. Convinced Xhaka to stay at the club, brought Elneny back into the team. Sent Guendouzi, Saliba and Torreira packing. I'm not disputing all of these decisions, but to absolve Arteta because of the squad he inherited doesn't cut it for me. Could he have been backed more absolutely, but he has done nothing to suggest he deserves that.
  2. Happy for him, he wasnt the right man for the job and was rightly let go but the way Arsenal fans took the piss and abused him left a bitter taste for me. Just because someone wasn't good enough doesn't justify the was some fans acted towards him. He is clearly a very good coach, this is his perfect level and another amazing Europa run.
  3. Exactly both Arteta and Lampard were clearly out of their depth, spot on decision again by Chelsea. I'd take anyone decent at this point. He is extremely arrogant, you can tell there is chemistry issues with the players and him. Had so much smoke blown up his arse for doing nothing. The two FA Cup games last season has been the only decent part of his reign.
  4. Coquelin masterclass, Arteta has to be finished now. Embarrassing season, and an embarrassing manager.
  5. Yeah, did very well to get on the end of that very unlucky. Can't believe Arteta subbed him off after...
  6. We have been absolutely dreadful in this knockout run bar that away performance against Slavia. Still reckon we'll nick it here, Arteta just seems to always get out of trouble. Aubameyang missing a sitter as I type this.
  7. Don't think Thomas rates Arteta, absolute stinker from him today. Absolutely shocking performance overall so far, big last half an hour needed.
  8. Really enjoyed him over the 2 legs so far, such a technician and a very intelligent player.
  9. Chris Smalling did United a solid, absolute shocking on 3 of the goals. Fair play to United on that second half, should see them through to the final.
  10. To be fair may have been a bit harsh on him, maybe he is just trying to save us from Arteta.
  11. Absolutely terrible by Arteta, bailed out big time by Saka winning that penalty. Emery and Villarreal thankfully bottled that 2nd half especially with the man advantage. Interesting 2nd leg to come at least, credit to Leno for the save on Moreno at 2-0. Ceballos is an absolute idiot as well, should never play for us again.
  12. Maybe not 2-0 Villarreal now, Albiol with a tap in from a corner.
  13. Arteta trying a false 9 in a European semi final... Not working so far, still a long way to go though. This will be an interesting tie, do think we will have to get Auba on sooner rather than later.
  14. Missed this one, what a shame. I must've missed at least 70% of our games this season, I haven't been so disinterested in football for such a very long time. This whole Arteta experiment has sucked the life out the club, Edu and Vinai are absolute disasters to. I'm not one to blame everything bad about the club on the Kroenke's, but they have failed to appoint the right people time and time again. It's clear they put serious trust in the wrong people and it's one of the many reasons for this downfall. It's no wonder they clung on to Wenger for so long, his coaching left a lot to be desired towards the end but he did know how to run a club. If they don't sell which I don't think they will, their first port of call is to target the best CEO's around, who would be willing and have a proper track record.
  15. Chaaay AFC

    Champions League Changes Set to be Confirmed from 2024

    The fans won apparently, when in reality these shoddy corrupt organisations have really won. One great thing about the ESL has shown is how shameless these corporations are. Sky streaming Gary Neville and Carragher ranting for free on YouTube and making all their videos available to other regions all of a sudden on Twitter. I hope big changes do happen but I don't believe they will.