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  1. We need a serious midfield upgrade, everyone always bemoans our defence but our midfield has been bottom half standard for about a year now. Ever since Ramsey's departure and Ozil's absolute nose dive. We need at least 2 massive signings there before the end of the window. I think other issues is how long certain players have lasted here. Elneny is going into his 6th year at the club, Mustafi his 5th, Kolasinac and Lacazette their 4th, Chambers his 7th. Not to mention Sokratis is still lurking and for some reason we've added Cedric and Mari who have done very little to improve us. We need to start really pushing people out the door even if the money we get is low.
  2. Missed the game due to work, seems as though its the same old. Don't really know what you can expect when the team finished 8th and there has been no drastic improvement to important areas. Midfield needs serious reinforcements before the end of the window at the minimum, and I'd still love to swap Lacazette out for another forward. Suppose you can't complain about 6 points to start but we have just played 2 of the worst teams in the league. Work to be done.
  3. I was so surprised no one took a punt on Mitrovic when they went down last time and he actually signed a new deal at Fulham. If they go again someone surely takes a chance on him. He'll get over 10+ league goals again quite comfortably I reckon and he is top half quality for me.
  4. I'm quite impressed with DCL's rise in the last couple of seasons, didn't really seem anything special but has really come on a lot. I think the way Everton completely transformed their midfield was very intelligent, its definitely the most important area if you're going to be any good.
  5. Barca have fallen off big time, a loan deal with no obligation to buy. Why the hell would Norwich agree to that?
  6. Superb business here by Liverpool once again. Surprised it took so long to get over the line, £25m for someone with his quality is an absolute no brainer even when you consider his age and contract situation. They were in need of some reinforcements, you can't rest on your laurels. You have to always keep improving even when you're at the top.
  7. Amazing news, I think he has at least 2 more top seasons in him and re-signing Aubameyang was probably our most important business of the season.
  8. I have to say I was really impressed by Willian's technical security something we have lacked for a few seasons. He really holds on to the ball well and is incredibly intelligent. As long as Pepe or Lacazette if he stays can help Aubameyang with goals, Willian will be a huge asset for us.
  9. Fulham and West Brom look doomed from their opening displays. I really can't see anything to suggest West Brom will be staying up with their squad.
  10. I actually prefer Martinez to Leno but if the club has had to make that decision I can see why they have chosen Leno. £20m is a pretty decent fee all in, apparently we are after Alex Runarsson from Dijon although Raya didn't feature for Brentford yesterday. Hopefully we don't waste too much on a new back-up and it goes towards a midfielder. We do desparately need to get rid of players, if we buy a non-homegrown GK we will have 20 in the squad and the most you can have is 17. So at least 4 or 5 have to go to get new players in.
  11. He is rubbish, we can't even get £5m for him. Solid start to the season, Fulham were pretty shocking. They should be very concerned with that performance. Willian was very good, probably MOTM. Very worried if the squad doesn't change much, I think we got away with it a bit today but massive improvements are needed in midfield if we are going to challenge for top 4. We will be 6th at best with our current team.
  12. Mohamed Elneny in 2020, this club hates us.
  13. I do love how this thread went from Brian trying to make an average Peruvian player relevant to Australian and Argentinian climates. At least the latter made the thread much more interesting.
  14. £35m for Wilson, Lewis and Fraser is a pretty nice haul for Newcastle.
  15. Chaaay AFC

    2020/2021 Kits

    The full kit is absolutely horrendous, can't imagine they'll want to use it.