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  1. 3 at the back once again, can sort of see the reasoning as we are without Özil and Ramsey. Pretty happy with that team though and good to have Auba at least an option off the bench if things get iffy. Hopefully I nice comfortable evening for us.
  2. This isn't really hard to understand though, without a fee more can go into the wages. Ramsey is a £60-70m player in this market. So if they were to pay a fee of that sort he'd probably be on around 200k. With PSG, Barcelona and Madrid after his services though, I imagine that's why the deal got pushed so high. How often do you get an elite midfielder still in his prime for a free, no brainer of a deal for Juve.
  3. No way Ronaldo is on 30m+ a year at Juve.
  4. Fucking fair play to the boy what a deal. Juventus have got an absolute top player and I hope he flourishes there. I really hope to keep track of him, one of my absolute favourites.
  5. Disappointing second half, honestly a major clear-out is needed this summer. So many poor players especially in defence. Leno another poor defensive purchase for me, Kolasinac, Maitland Niles and Mustafi can't defend. Koscielny, Monreal and Sokratis all old it's just a mess back there. Bellerin and Holding are both very good but both have had terrible injuries this season. Massively worrying and just goes to show how shite we have been in the market. Finally if Elneny is here next season I'm going Turin with Rambo.
  6. I was never a big fan of Iwobi, but he has had a very good season under Emery. He has got a lot of undeserved flack recently when I think he has been one of our better performers lately. Mkhitaryan also playing well, I do think he is a good squad player but it's just the wages he's on which is the issue just not worth it. It's only Huddersfield but we do look a lot better with wingers, need to be looking at one or two in the summer.
  7. Özil, Auba, Xhaka and Ramsey out... 3 at the back for Huddersfield away is silly no need for it. Think Huddersfield have got a chance today, we look short on the bench as well no impact players. Özil "ill" again, he has to be moved on this summer, no point wasting time now.
  8. Not really especially a back up striker even teams like Madrid have struggled to keep back up strikers happy. I think we need a versatile back up who can play both out wide and cover up top. Like Salah, Son, Rashford etc. I agree as well as Lacazette is more valuable in terms of age and wages. Bare in mind we will need to be looking at renewing Lacazette by next summer.
  9. Not viable to have 2 strikers who are on that much money and neither are particularly versatile positionally. I don't think either one would like to be a back-up either. We have other areas which require major surgery and having two very good strikers isn't smart.
  10. Not particularly, I don't think we are defensively strong enough to play it. I just don't think we can afford to have one of those players sitting on the bench every week. Cash in and bring in some quality in other areas.
  11. The way this squad has been built is the biggest issue, zero quality out wide and a very ageing front and backline. It's going to take a few seasons to reverse the damage of our last few transfer windows. Getting rid of Wenger was the right move and Gazidis leaving was another positive for this club but we have to be smart from now on. More signings like Torreira and Guendouzi are the type of player we need to be looking at. We also need to be looking at selling one of Auba or Lacazette or get rid of Emery and bring in a manager capable of implementing a 4-4-2. Emery clearly doesn't like 2 up top formations and in all honesty having both is more of a nice to have then a need to have in our current situation.
  12. Easy win for City for me, how Ramsey isn't starting is baffling would've dropped on of the strikers as well.
  13. Watched the last 20 absolutely shocking from Chelsea, although Bournemouth's third was a great goal. Kante looks dreadful under Sarri, never seen him look so out of sorts. Sarri massively underperforming for me, Chelsea have invested in Jorginho, Kepa and Higuain. Two of those 100% Sarri players and they aren't cheap. It's all well and good saying the players aren't performing but neither is he.
  14. He's class, has it all. If he keeps this rate of progression he will be one of the top midfielders in Europe.