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  1. Absolutely farcical starting XI by Arteta, fortunately missing this one due to work. I know we was in Greece on Thursday, but we don't play a game midweek. Surely he could've gone a bit stronger against a very tough opponent away from home? We'll be lucky to get anything from this.
  2. We came into it at the end of the half but City took their foot off the gas. They could've easily had a couple more if they were a bit more ruthless. Our only hope is our left side, we need the next goal otherwise I don't see us coming back.
  3. I can see both sides to this, obviously you run the risk of an injury crisis in defence if your second and third choice CB's have a pretty shoddy injury record, but finding a quality player to fill in and do a job for a decent price is incredibly difficult. Also the fact the player will be knowing he will be a 4th choice means your only options are really an experienced CB or a youngster, which probably doesn't actually improve the squad when Fabinho is your 4th choice.
  4. Think he'd do well at any of the top clubs in the league although I can't see where he'd go after signing that extension. I think he has priced himself out of a move like Zaha did, but Villa have shown to be willing to spend and it is his boyhood club so maybe he is just happy to stay.
  5. Who knows with this club. A lot of it will depend on if Arteta survives the season and considering he didn't get sacked after losing 8 in 10 he probably will be manager at the beginning of the next one. Not expecting 15 to leave I'm sure some will stick on or just go out temporarily on loan. I think the only dead certs to stay are Leno, Tierney, Gabriel, Thomas, Saka, Martinelli, Smith-Rowe and Aubameyang. Then you have guys like Xhaka, Holding and Bellerin who are 100% staying if Arteta is here. I just hope for some vision and a clear plan, something we have lacked in the market for well over a decade.
  6. To be fair barring that run towards the end of last season post lock down, Ceballos has been nothing but average for us. Although you could say that is the only consistent run of games he has had. I would rather much see him come in for Partey if he is out for a extended period than see Elneny and Xhaka together. He did have the little scuffle with Nketiah earlier in the season and he is a bit hot-headed and we know Arteta doesn't like certain personalities.
  7. Didn't see the game but have seen the two incidents and I totally agree with your assessment. Saka one could've gone either way for me, but as you said I think it was difficult to adjudge that being a clear goal-scoring opportunity. The penalty incident was never going to be given, goalkeepers are far to protected and Lacazette was pushing in to Martinez. Harsh to give a foul on Lacazette but I wouldn't say it was a penalty. I do think after midweek Arsenal fans are getting to focused on this referee conspiracy against us. If that Emi/Lacazette incident goes the other way we'd be going ballistic.
  8. Ends up at WBA, don't think that is a great move for him considering how crap they are. Interested to see where Big Sam uses him, no reason why he shouldn't play every game. Interesting to see the club didnt want to loan him out to a club who saw him as a midfielder. Why not see how he does there? I honestly think he could be something in that position he is very talented. I would've kept him around but Arteta doesn't seem to like him for some reason and never plays him.
  9. Mustafi, Özil and Sokratis was £100m worth of player and probably another £100m in wages and we get absolutely nothing for them. Just goes to show how shoddily this club has been run. At least they're out the door now, still a lot to get rid of this summer.
  10. Having a talent as elite as Bukayo Saka come through the academy is so good to see. Arguably the best youngster in the Premier league, he has been outstanding since moving to the right. Arteta has really come back from the dead, he was very lucky to keep his job and I felt he should've been given the boot. Obviously still have to see how the season plays out but at least we are trending upwards again.
  11. Chaaay AFC

    Frank Lampard Sacked by Chelsea

    Always been a big fan of Frank, it's a shame for him it didn't work out. Think he has had a pretty decent start to his managerial career and clear to see he has potential. Obviously Chelsea is one of the toughest jobs to get right and most don't last even with success. Obviously it was too sson for him but he had to take the opportunity. I can see him getting another decent job, be interesting what he goes for next. Tuchel seems a weird choice though, I don't see this lasting longer than the end of next season.
  12. Pretty happy with this gives us at least another option to ESR. Hopefully there will be potential for a permanent move if he does well.
  13. Chaaay AFC

    FA Cup 2020/21 - Fourth Round Matches

    Think I'm out on Pepe now, just don't think he'll ever really produce here, we should see if there is any sort of market for him this summer unless there is a dramatic change in form. We're going to make a big loss, but it's better to cut ties early than try and salvage it. Too many time we have kept underperformers on in hope and it has never worked out. Only started playing in the last 20 mins, but didn't create anything substantial. Saints deserved to go through in the end. So many players still to move on from. Elneny has been so shit recently, he has to go this summer. I think Nketiah would be a good sale as well. I do believe he needs to drop down a level, really think he could do well at a bottom half club and we could fetch a decent price considering he is young and English.
  14. Honestly Newcastle have been absolutely dreadful, so easy and a very comfortable win. All 3 goals were so badly defended.
  15. Chaaay AFC

    Mesut Ozil to Fenerbache

    Best thing for everybody, shame the way it ended especially as I really enjoyed his first 5 years here. I always defended him and didn't get a much credit as he deserved at times. The last 2 and a half years have tainted a lot of it for me. Özil has been nothing more than a hindrance since Wenger left. You can say what you like about Emery, but the way Mesut just flat out disrespected and undermined him was so disappointing. After that whole debacle I couldn't wait to see the back of him. Obviously there have been issues with Arteta and even Ljungberg had issues with him. The club hasn't been faultless in all of this and it has been a massive shambles all around, but at least we can move on from this stupid saga now.