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  1. Pepe by far our best player, he is unreal no way he flops. Just too much to his game.
  2. I tell you what I've never been his biggest fan and do not think he is quite what he once was, but I would've taken Mourinho at Arsenal. Never a long term appointment, but our club needs a serious culture change and you can't deny he doesn't do that. Fully expect Spurs to get top 4 now.
  3. Fucking how hard is it Freddie? Put an actual winger on and bring some balance and we start dominating.
  4. Anyone want a massive French bum who plays upfront? I'll take anything for him. Bloke is a fraud.
  5. Why is he playing all these shit cunts who do nothing but let us down. Bin off Xhaka, Lacazette and Sokratis ffs.
  6. Honestly, I really don't blame Emery now. Selection is absolutely shit but these cunts all need shipping out.
  7. Would be nice if we actually played him, him and someone else either side of Aubameyang and we might actually start getting somewhere.
  8. Lacazette has 7 goals in 35 games away from home. The most overrated player in Arsenal history, a yes from me. Needs to be flogged for a proper winger.
  9. Haven't seen the game today, but from Twitter and the line-up Freddie just making the same mistakes Emery was. Shoehorning Lacazette and Aubameyang in together and playing a tonne of central midfielders. It never worked under Emery and won't with our personnel.
  10. Turns out Freddie does have his Pro License so can coach us for the foreseeable future. If he does well he might have the gig till the end of the season.
  11. That Monaco team got 95 points ffs, PSG have only beaten that points total once since they were taken over. I understand why people give him stick, but that Monaco team was superb that season. Yeah Allegri, Ancelotti and Poch being mentioned. Who knows though hopefully we get it right this time, much better selection of coaches this time round.
  12. Exactly that mate, it didn't work out it happens in football. We now move on and try again, getting the right coach isn't easy and replacing one who was here over 2 decades was always likely to be tough.
  13. All being said, feel quite sorry for Emery. He is clearly a very good coach with a more than adequate CV, but ultimately he was the wrong coach for us. I just don't think his style is suited to clubs with high ambitions. He will get another job most definitely, I'd imagine somewhere in Spain where he does his best work. I also think the language barrier was an issue as well. Fair play to the man he tried his absolute best and never shyed away from interviews, but it must've been very difficult for him to get his point across. Wish him the best wherever he goes.
  14. Ljungberg only has an UEFA A License not Pro so can only manage us for 12 weeks and cannot take charge of European games. So I fully expect a new first team coach to be appointed shortly. Poch rumours swirling, I cant see it though maybe Arteta this time although that does worry me. Solskjaer out living everyone here somehow. Only Marco Silva to beat now.
  15. Ljungberg to take charge for the time being, all his team seem to be going as well.