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  1. Maddison had to bag there, been all Leicester this second half.
  2. It's amazing to me how often this pops up on the forum, I honestly can't believe people even worry about this nonsense.
  3. I thought it was going to be Chelsea's attack which would be their biggest issue this season, but their defence looked all sorts of bad today. With Rudiger back it should improve things but some major concerns have been highlighted. I have to say though that attack is arguably near on midtable. Decent amount of talent but I don't know where goals are coming from. They're going to need Abraham to really turn up this season.
  4. I'm very happy with all things considered clean sheet and we looked very comfortable defensively for a first time in a while. We will start getting key players back and we should continue with this 4-2-3-1 it's our best formation. Very happy with our academy boys today Willock, Nelson and AMN were all very good. I wasn't impressed when Willock broke through a couple of seasons ago but he looks a real talent and is a proper athlete. Very excited for this season only negative was Mkhitaryan, he looked awful especially in the first half. Hopefully we won't see him too much this season from now on.
  5. Agree with that mate, maybe VAR is just something we are going to have to get use to but reviews add a better dimension for me. Just think football is to fast paced for everything being checked.
  6. I think VAR has a place and I don't really have a problem with it, but maybe a review system like cricket or tennis may be better. Means every decision won't be reviewed and puts the onus on the players.
  7. Sterling POTY season incoming, absolutely just all fallen in to place for him. World Class for me now.
  8. Fair enough read that it will be only retaken for encroachment if there is a miss which is a bit silly.
  9. Honestly that is a bit over the top, him being slightly off his line. Can't remember the last time a keeper hasn't slightly moved forward.
  10. Oh Stan Sterling is sensational, what a fucking player he has become. In my Fantasy team as well which is even better.
  11. Bit late as he has been off a while but it was sad to see Wilshere out there today. Looked absolutely dreadful and was rightfully dragged. I hope he can get some level of fitness, but it looks like he doesn't have much if anything left.
  12. Horrendous there how is that not a goal, shocking decision.
  13. Haller looks superb, proper target man think he could have a tremdous season.
  14. Chaaay AFC

    Zlatan Ibrahimović

    I think he has a point, just don't think a play-off style system work in football. Especially when you get into the later rounds where you're not really at an advantage with your seeding as you're playing home and away. I get why they do it as its used in all of their other major sports.
  15. Playing us at the perfect time, you should be looking to get a result here.