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  1. I'm still baffled as to why all these players join Raiola, obviously there is something to it but he justs seems a massive scumbag. De Ligt doesn't need need Raiola, he'd easily be getting these offers with me as his agent.
  2. Chaaay AFC

    Yannick Carrasco - Returning to Europe?

    Indeed my only big worry is if we offer him stupid wages, we can't really afford to have another player who is immovable due to wages. I've read he only went their because Atletico have a partnership with the Chinese club he went to and it was done for money purposes. Again I understand your point, but Dortmund got a very successful deal out of Witsel and he came from China. For me it's all about the financials we can't overpay here.
  3. Chaaay AFC

    Yannick Carrasco - Returning to Europe?

    Yeah I've heard this about him. Although he would be a massive improvement over what we currently have. If we do end up signing him he is just hitting prime age and maybe he could push on a level. It's going to be very hard for us getting top tier talent, ultimately we're going to have to take risks on some players.
  4. Chaaay AFC

    Yannick Carrasco - Returning to Europe?

    Lots of rumours about us being back in for Carrasco this summer recently. Apparently he has said he has an offer on the table and that he would love to play in the Premier League. Reported figure is around €30m.
  5. Been a lot of traction on this rumour over the past few weeks, apparently we bid €42m for the pair recently but Sampdoria rejected. We are now coming in with a €50m bid, which is looking likely to be accepted according to SampNews24 who I've heard are extremely reliable. Not seen either of them but I like their profiles, between the ages of 22-25 and players with a lot left to prove. Seems as though Sampdoria are becoming our Southampton...
  6. Chaaay AFC

    Alexis Claude-Maurice - Arsenal bid rejected?

    Seems to be picking up this rumour, apparently West Ham are also bidding. Not sure if we can really go that high for a player with only experience in Ligue 2 and with our budgets not so hot after missing out on CL.
  7. Massive respect to LFC, thoroughly deserved. You just have to admire what they have created, Edwards and Klopp have been the business. Goes to show if you're smart in the market you can do great things. Congrats to all the Pool fans on here, all top posters you must be buzzing.
  8. Exactly sell Lacazette and get in a top winger, could easily bring in a striker for decent value to replace him as our back-up to Aubameyang. I think that would improve us immensely. Bit disrespectful to Wiltord, at least he was versatile and could get in the French team.
  9. Massively overrated by the fan base, no doubting he is a good player but he is not elite. I actually think Giroud was superior and we spent more on fees and wages on Lacazette. His partnership with Aubameyang doesn't really work for me and it creates an imbalance in our team. We could easily replicate his goals with a decent winger and it would mean Aubameyang can consistently play as the 9. Anything over £50m would be a massive win for us.
  10. Chaaay AFC

    Sarri to Leave Chelsea

    Think it's smart from Sarri, can see Chelsea falling off a cliff without Hazard next season and if the transfer ban does maintain. He's done the minimum there and hasn't truly affected his reputation, plus Juve are in such a better position.
  11. Please, please be true. Hopefully we can con Barca out like Liverpool did with Coutinho.
  12. Chaaay AFC

    José Antonio Reyes Dies Aged 35

    Absolute heart-breaking to hear this. RIP Jose so, so sad.
  13. Absolutely spot on this! @SirBalon @Panna King Can you ever remember an Arsenal team as unathletic and so physically inferior in your lifetime? No pace, precense or power in this team, an issue which seriously needs looking in to this summer.
  14. 100% no one should be safe this summer, I can truly say not one player in indespensible to this club which is shocking to say. Honestly if we get decent offers for any of our players we should be looking to take it. It's all about smarts now we have to be brave as well. We know we are not going anywhere with this team so just blow it all up. Maybe so but we was very interested and he was available for an incredible price.
  15. Could've had Vardy and Kante for £40m that summer, instead we end up with Xhaka and Perez for £55m. Just goes to show really. I'm pretty sure the summer they signed Pedro was actually the same one where we only brought Cech and Leicester won the title...