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  1. Apologies miss read your original post, thought you said Chamberlain but I was Liverpool.
  2. He's never played 50 games, in the two seasons he has been fit. He's played around 2200 minutes which is works out to 25 games in total. He is by no means a bad player just don't believe he is anything special and nothing more than a utility/squad player for a decent team. I was just wondering if Liverpool fans thought more of him because I was never a big fan. Comparing him to a 20 year old who plays a completely different role has nothing to do with this or if he starts for Arsenal.
  3. Surely if Thiago comes in it'll limit him further. I reckon he'd be a nice back-up to Trent, I think he played his best football at fullback for us.
  4. What do Pool fans think of Ox? I haven't seen a lot of him since he left us, but he looked the exact same player who I was happy to see the back of today. I know injuries have rocked his Liverpool career a bit, but he was one of the better sales we've made.
  5. Yeah I think the 1st goal will be massive, since going 3 at the back we haven't conceded first in any game so we've been able to set ourselves up to be more cautious. Even though you have lacked form, Vardy is especially dangerous and has an outstanding record against us, not to mention Kelechi has hit some form. Our defenders will always have a mistake in them as well so I see us conceding. Confidence is high though so we should be looking for a good result here.
  6. I honestly was so confused to see Jack Rodwell coming on for Sheffield United, how the fuck has he got signed there?
  7. A lot probably won't agree, but fair play to them both for doing what they believe is right.
  8. Interesting to see how we cope with Leicester, Arteta is going to stick with 3 at the back I assume but Leicester will definitely be the best attacking team we have faced with it. I do think we should be going into this expecting to win.
  9. Emi Martinez has been outstanding since Leno went down injured. Actually think he could be the better goalkeeper. Obviously early days, but from this small sample size he seems to be a lot more well rounded than Leno. I know Arsenal fans love Leno but I think he thrived in a shite team and considering he is a superb shot stopper it made him look a lot better than he is.
  10. Well I'm not totally sold, especially after the Brighton game, felt he had quite a bit of luck and didn't really impress me. Obviously time will be given but we can't sit on our hands if he isn't what we expected. He is learning on the job still, as it is his first managerial role and I do think the club will support him. Jury is still out but I do think he'll be given every opportunity. Hopefully we can have a pretty good squad revamp this upcoming window.
  11. Hopefully Lacazette has a good run of form toward the end of the season. Could do with some mugs paying some money for him in the window.
  12. Superb win today, glad Arteta committed to 3 at the back its really paid dividends and we have now won 4 on the bounce. Arteta is surprisingly defensive, interesting to see if that's due to personnel or how he likes to set up his teams. Either way he has turned things round very well since Brighton.
  13. Chaaay AFC

    Jamie Vardy

    101 goals in 206 apps is an absolutely unreal return. What a player, still gutted he didn't plunge and join us in 2016. Always enjoyed Vardy, superb career and will go down as a PL great.
  14. There you go, sensational second from Vardy. Leicester desparately needed this, especially with some difficult fixtures to come.
  15. 3 at the back again, good to see. Saka returns but Pepe is completely out as his wife is in labour. I suppose we are matching Wolves' 3-5-2. I don't see Auba or Nketiah playing wide right.