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  1. Unless he sustains a serious injury, he will absolutely beat that record. Think he goes till the 2022 World Cup which should see him over the line.
  2. Horrendous performance again, absolutely shit in the second half. Just don't have anything about us, time wasting and holding on to a 1-0 at home to Bournemouth is just embarrassing. Emery needs to start doing better here, results have been good enough but we are looking lost out there. Really concerning performance.
  3. Maybe, player did win the ball at first but it looked clumsy.
  4. Okay first half, should be more up here though as Bournemouth have been shite. Hopefully we step up in the second and finish this off.
  5. Quite hilarious how bad Spurs have become. Obviously something is seriously not right, genuinely thought they had a pretty decent summer as well apart from not replacing Trippier.
  6. How exciting is Martinelli, seems a fantastic talent and what a find he appears to be. Both of his goals were outstanding. I'd rather he played than that big useless oaf Sokratis. He is actually a very talented player, those major brainfarts is what let's him down time and time again.
  7. Chaaay AFC

    Group E - Matchday 2 - Wednesday 2nd October, 2019

    Red Bull get lots of hate, but they do run their European clubs unbelievably well. They have scouted and produced a lot of talent over the years.
  8. Considering Chelsea got him for £15m he was worth the punt, obviously he just isn't that good and not at the level required for Chelsea. They should get a reasonable amount of money if they were to sell.
  9. Chaaay AFC

    Best 3 Players Of Your Generation For Your Team

    Thierry Henry Dennis Bergkamp Patrick Vieira Easily the three best with what they accomplished, shouts for Pires, Ramsey, Fabregas and Cole to.
  10. Yeah he seems to have fallen out of favour, doesn't get selected for England anymore as well. I just thought someone would have taken a punt because he is English, obviously no club thinks he is worth it.
  11. Nothing more glorious than seeing Stoke crumble. We even played our game with Forest a day early so they could be more prepared and I'm glad to see its worked. Completely forgot Butland was still playing for them, surprised a Prem team hasn't taken a punt although they probably want silly money.
  12. Worst refereeing display ever, still makes my blood boil. United should've had at least two reds that game, Riley the biggest weapon going.
  13. Chaaay AFC

    Arsenal Discussion

    Well not really a fan of this 5 captains nonsense, good to see Bellerin involved in the leadership. No point in Lacazette and Ozil for me, they're not even guarenteed starters.
  14. Chaaay AFC

    Arsenal Discussion

    To be fair there is a distinct lack of captain material at Arsenal. It would've been Ramsey's for sure but he went to Juventus. There was talk of Aubameyang, I wouldn't of minded him as he plays every game and is our best player. Still think Bellerin would have been the right choice, one of the longest serving players, he gets the club and he will play every game.
  15. Chaaay AFC

    Arsenal Discussion

    The captains armband has been a joke for years at Arsenal. You could argue our last great captain was Vieira. Fabregas and Gilberto were good but didn't last long, Arteta and Mertesacker as well but they never played. I think Xhaka has been the worst choice out of them all though.