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  1. He was alright, I don't think it's a bad signing considering the price and with his potential as he is only 22. Not entirely sure he is what we need though, not sure he is enough of a goal threat especially as ESR and Saka will play a lot of football. Would've rather splashed the extra for Maddison personally.
  2. I recommended clicking the link and reading this entire thread. It's absolutely incredible, Barcelona are an absolute shambles financially. Truly scary stuff, how did get this bad?!
  3. I do hope this involves some sort of contract extension otherwise he may never play a game for us. Our handling of his career so far has been a car crash. No idea why we don't integrate him? He is still very young but he is easily good enough to be third choice, especially when you consider we still have Mari and Holding on the books. Not to mention it looks like our answer to this problem is Ben White who has less top flight experience then Saliba and is only a few years older...
  4. I do think Edu is incredibly shit at his job. I can't believe he is getting this summer along with Arteta. The deal is a £500k loan fee with a £3.5m obligation to buy and £1.5m in add-ons. It only becomes an option to buy if Stuttgart get relegated according to Ornstein. Seems incredibly cheap considering he has had a couple of great spells in Germany. We're so bad a selling players.
  5. Rumours today is Mavropanos is off to Stuttgart on a permanent deal, £7m apparently which is another astute piece of business... Saliba's future also looks worrying especially with the Ben White news. Honestly think Edu and Arteta will compound us to a 8th place team this summer. I really do think they completely botch this summer.
  6. Who knows with this club. A lot of it will depend on if Arteta survives the season and considering he didn't get sacked after losing 8 in 10 he probably will be manager at the beginning of the next one. Not expecting 15 to leave I'm sure some will stick on or just go out temporarily on loan. I think the only dead certs to stay are Leno, Tierney, Gabriel, Thomas, Saka, Martinelli, Smith-Rowe and Aubameyang. Then you have guys like Xhaka, Holding and Bellerin who are 100% staying if Arteta is here. I just hope for some vision and a clear plan, something we have lacked in the market for well over a decade.
  7. Mustafi, Özil and Sokratis was £100m worth of player and probably another £100m in wages and we get absolutely nothing for them. Just goes to show how shoddily this club has been run. At least they're out the door now, still a lot to get rid of this summer.
  8. I hope this is made up... Offering him a new deal makes no sense. He is in the last year of his deal but we've tried to sell him every summer since he got here. Just let him walk and move on he is not good enough.
  9. Amazing news, I think he has at least 2 more top seasons in him and re-signing Aubameyang was probably our most important business of the season.
  10. I actually prefer Martinez to Leno but if the club has had to make that decision I can see why they have chosen Leno. £20m is a pretty decent fee all in, apparently we are after Alex Runarsson from Dijon although Raya didn't feature for Brentford yesterday. Hopefully we don't waste too much on a new back-up and it goes towards a midfielder. We do desparately need to get rid of players, if we buy a non-homegrown GK we will have 20 in the squad and the most you can have is 17. So at least 4 or 5 have to go to get new players in.
  11. Yeah just reading apparently it has a lot to do with the Pepe deal apparently be earned out of it. It probably is best he was moved on. Yeah to be honest I do think it was best for him to go. Not to mention we're finally getting rid of all of Gazidis' hires.
  12. Wow very surprised by this, not entirely sure Raul was the right man for us but I do believe he tried to at least make us act like a big club. I have no qualms with him, think he just suits a top end, big money club.
  13. I see he can't help himself. No matter what you think of the situation I just will never understand his stance on wanting to stay? People will point to money and his wages, but I'm 100% certain Arsenal would be willing to make up his wages for the last year at another club. I can only assume he plans on retiring after this season and he doesn't want to move. Obviously its down to him and we gave him the deal so you can't really blame him, but surely he'd want to go somewhere else where he'd actually play? I used to love Ozil as a player and was always a big defender of his, but I honestly can't wait for him to go now. It will be such a progressive day for the club.
  14. Not necessarily true, it has come out our scouting department was massively overstaffed and needed a lot of trimming even before the pandemic. Of course people will point to Kia, but our scouting has been failing for years. The recruitment in general has been abysmal, apart from a select few. Also with how data driven football is now, there just isn't a need for so many scouts.
  15. Well losing those 55 is paying dividends it seems.
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