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  1. Amazing window from United so far. They really have improved the first XI, interesting to see if OGS is the man to take them to that next level. No excuses for him now as mentioned.
  2. Can't wait for the day Arteta and Edu get booted out. Think it'll be a real struggle for White in his first season, not sure he is anywhere near ready for what is going to be asked of him. I do hope I'm wrong but I have massive concerns about this deal.
  3. I don't rate Southgate very much, but to be fair he has got most thing spot on this tournament, but I do think he bottled it going to a 3 at the back formation today. Especially using Mount as one of our 3 attackers, he just doesn't offer enough creatively for me and when you consider what he had on the bench it's a headscratcher. Italy's fullbacks were so average both completely exposed for the goal, but we didn't attack them nearly enough. The way we dug in defensively for so long was tough to watch and you could see the equaliser coming. It's a shame as this was as good a chance of winning a tournament as we ever will have probably. Home advantage plus we had easily one of the 3 or 4 best squads in the tournament. The next World Cup being so close should be a good thing, I just don't know if Southgate will ever be that man.
  4. I recommended clicking the link and reading this entire thread. It's absolutely incredible, Barcelona are an absolute shambles financially. Truly scary stuff, how did get this bad?!
  5. Never been a big Southgate fan but he has done very well so far, especially in the knockout rounds. I did think pre-tournament our back 5/7 was going to be very solid and it has been more than that! Especially since Maguire has returned. I think everyone knows United overpaid by £20-30m, but I do think he is right up there with the best in the league right now. He impresses me every time I see him play recently, also credit has to go to Pickford. Not a fan of him either but he seems to have calmed down a lot, always thought he was far too emotional and shouty to be a top keeper. Not sure if he'll ever be elite but he should have a very solid Premier league and international career if he keeps up his current form. It'll be interesting to see if Southgate matches Denmark's 3 back like he did against Germany or continues with the team that dominated Ukraine. I'd like to see him go with the team that beat Ukraine, although I'd probably have Grealish or Saka in over Sancho.
  6. I do hope this involves some sort of contract extension otherwise he may never play a game for us. Our handling of his career so far has been a car crash. No idea why we don't integrate him? He is still very young but he is easily good enough to be third choice, especially when you consider we still have Mari and Holding on the books. Not to mention it looks like our answer to this problem is Ben White who has less top flight experience then Saliba and is only a few years older...
  7. Phenomenal strike, amazing turnaround By France. This team is too good to have played the way they did in the first half, Deschamps can't get his team selection that wrong again.
  8. Amazing turnaround, penalty such a momentum swinger. Class from Benzema.
  9. Are France seriously playing a 3 back with Rabiot and Pavard as wing backs. What the hell was Deschamps thinking?
  10. Haven't seen much of him, he looks so physically underwhelming for a CB and looks easy to get at.
  11. Absolutely terrible defending by Lenglet for that goal, what was he doing? Great header from Seferovic nonetheless.
  12. It's honestly shite like this that has turned me off football for a while now. How can a sport really bother you that much? The tribalism in the UK when it comes to football is seriously unhealthy and pathetic. These are grown men most probably, and they're doing shit like this in their free time because their club is choosing a certain coach they don't agree with... This is not a dig at Everton or their fans in general. You get knob heads like this across every team, just find behavior like this so baffling.
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