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  1. Chaaay AFC

    Pablo Marí - Arsenal?

    Rumours are it'll be a loan with an option to buy, we was also looking at Matvienko from Shakhtar as well but seems with opted with Mari. Hopefully he is half decent.
  2. No you're correct but the rule is it has to be either accidental or you make a genuine attempt to win the ball. I think the Luiz one could've gone either way for me.
  3. Chaaay AFC

    Mbappe - PSG to liverpool?

    Saying you wouldn't want Mbappe because he's is a player everyone else wants is the biggest load of nonsense ever. Honestly the bloke is a phenom and a potential multi Balon d'Or level player. Any club in the world would bite your hand off for him no matter the circumstance.
  4. Yeah all four have been pretty rudderless in recent seasons, no real thought or process has gone into the building of their squads. A lot of money wasted, really hope we can look towards better signings with Arteta and Edu now being at the club.
  5. Never been a massive fan of Pickford, just a gobby shite who can do the occasional good kick. Not a dominant keeper and I don't think he is a top notch shot stopper either. I think Southgate should really be looking at Henderson in the run in to the Euros, surely deserves a go.
  6. Chaaay AFC

    Mbappe - PSG to liverpool?

    I just don't see anyway anyone could get him, he must be worth near on £300m now? Plus PSG just don't sell players, he'd be unreal at Liverpool though.
  7. Credit to the team, very good result considering the circumstances. Still we create so many of our own issues, so many players stealing a living as well. I've been a bit sceptical with Arteta but I do think he has something about him, the main issue for me has always been the playing squad it just isn't good enough. Hopefully we can start clearing out the mess and actually make some decent signings in the upcoming windows.
  8. Whatever happened to double jeopardy? Surely only a yellow for Luiz, why was it also a red card I thought the rule changed? Mustafi is a fucking useless idiot anyway, can't believe he played him again.
  9. I'm actually a big advocate for VAR, but it's been horrendously dealt with by our officials this season. It's honestly just been a massive waste of time.
  10. Even with that aside not good enough again, so many draws this season has absolutely killed us. Think Arteta has done well early doors but results have still been very poor. Just think we need a major reboot, so many dead players who need to go.
  11. Yeah can see why you may have thought it but the defender definitely trips him.
  12. No the one where he blatantly fouls him. N
  13. I swear we've had nothing from VAR this season, stonewall penalty on Pepe not given and of course we concede...
  14. That's 100% a red for Robertson who cares if he won the ball he was high with his studs up and reckless. He goes in with far more force than Aubameyang as well. Only reason Auba's looks worse is he goes right on top of Meyer's ankle. Both reds for sure.
  15. Haha thought I read it was Pawson again, but yes that bloke is fucking shit. Horrendous performance today.