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  1. I'd love Brighton to go down. The "woe is me, we play good football but just don't score goals" schtick is really getting old Game in hand as well. The thing for me is always how many teams are between them and the drop. Fulham, Burnley, Brighton, and Newcastle is a lot of shite to suddenly all make up a 4-7 point gap. I think they'll be fine
  2. Fair enough. It'd be a shame to let him go, but I get it. He's a good striker, but ultimately I don't he's think top level or ever will be. If he's not willing to sit behind whoever you sign in the summer you're hamstringing yourself to keep him as the starter imo
  3. Would Chelsea really sell him? Highest scorer this and last season, plus even if you upgrade in the summer, Giroud isn't getting any younger
  4. Well you could follow this thread and watch two boring cunts talk for 11 pages instead
  5. Robertson's shooting is really bad for someone who crosses and passes as well as he does
  6. Ball was about halfway over the line so no way that would've been a goal without VAR. Get in
  7. I think he's trying to find Salah, but yeah, it was a shit pass as well
  8. Watch the replay. By the time he actually kicks the ball to play it across goal, Jagielka has the shot well covered. No way it would've gone in
  9. To be fair, it was on his weaker foot from a relatively tight angle, and Jagielka was flying across to block. Guarantee he wouldn't have scored, and not entirely because he's Bobby Firmino either
  10. That's a really rather poor finish from Firmino
  11. Can't be arsed losing to that prick Wilder
  12. Must be injured or ill surely, because presumably that Ojrzynski is a keeper but who the fuck is Hughes. Williams is shite as well so I find it hard to believe Davies is worse
  13. It's mad that you can have the commentators casually (and completely correctly) say "that would've been a penalty a few months ago". We can bicker about whether we want that to be a penalty, but it's absolutely horrendous that they've repeatedly changed the rules mid-season. Genuinely no point having VAR to get decisions "right" if you're going to do that.
  14. I fucking hate celebration shaming. The mentality that you should only be happy as a football fan when you win a trophy is so bleak because, what, only 2 or 3 clubs are allowed to be happy at the end of the season? We may as well all pack it in if that's the case because we all know that not every club has an equal chance to win a trophy and it won't be long before trophies are completely monopolised by the richest clubs in each country, and then what? This is the best thing to happen to Everton on the pitch since... idk, you'll be able to tell me. Celebrate away In a world where the passion is being drained from football to be replaced by greed and sportswashing, where players are accused of not caring about their club, where clubs and even fans are losing the sense of local identity... I'm actually pleased to see this. ... that said, I maintain the Hassenhutl thing was weird. If he breaks down every time he beats a team as bad as we were with two midfielders at centre back and Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain in midfield, it's a wonder he gets anything done. For Everton, it's the derby; for Southampton, it's a shit team who happen to be wearing the same shirts as a team who were good quite recently