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  1. That ball from Henderson for Oxlade-Chamberlain's goal is top drawer, by the way
  2. They've got the best network infrastructure in the world. They'll be fine Everton are shite and we're incredible. But somehow I have a bad feeling about this one. Nothing logical about it, just feels like one of those days
  3. Burning Gold

    Group E - Matchday 5 - Wednesday 27th November, 2019

    Trent's barely had a rest all season. He's 21 and (can't be arsed to look it up) basically plays the full 90 for us every game as well as playing for England in international weeks. This has been our least important game for months (in that we can lose and all that happens is we swap places with Napoli, both still on course to go through) so I'm absolutely fine with him being rested
  4. Burning Gold

    Group E - Matchday 5 - Wednesday 27th November, 2019

    Getting pretty fucking sick of Napoli lads let me tell you
  5. Burning Gold

    UK General Election 2019 & Brexit Discussion

    Eh. Maybe I'm being too charitable, but it's not like she's deleted the original picture from existence, and it's quite clearly a gag not intended to mislead. I doubt the sincerity of her concern over antisemitism, to be honest, but in this particular instance... Also, I edited out the rest of your post because of its length (not trying to prove a point ), but... nicely put
  6. Burning Gold

    UK General Election 2019 & Brexit Discussion

    Rachel Riley wore a t-shirt with some words. I'm really, really at a loss as to what she's supposed to have done wrong
  7. Burning Gold

    Emre Can - Dortmund interested

    It's more pronounced now, but even at Juve Pogba was very much a moments player. I'm not going to bicker about percentages, but people underestimate how fucking negligent Emre Can was. He'd leave us exposed time after time, and I don't think it's a coincidence we used to concede so often from second balls when he was around
  8. To be fair, Brendan's been winding @Dr. Gonzo up all year by well and truly putting this "carried by Suarez" stuff to bed
  9. Burning Gold

    Emre Can - Dortmund interested

    "On his day" is generous. I have him down as another Pogba (but shitter) in that he's capable of moments of brilliance, but 8 or 9 times out of 10 he'll ultimately let you down over 90 minutes. He's a player who'll limit what you're capable of. I'd stay away if I were... almost anyone
  10. Burning Gold

    Adam Lallana - Liverpool > MLS/China/PSG

    While you have to sympathise with him, and I'm sure he'd rather have been playing, Adam Lallana has done very well out of his injuries. He's had half a good season (3 years ago) since coming to Anfield in 2014, which he's turned into a £110k/wk contract at Liverpool and now a lucrative move to China, America, or Paris. Had he stayed fit and been available for selection, he'd have been found out years ago
  11. I think the argument is that it's not about Mendy taking offence, it's about Bernardo Silva promoting harmful stereotypes. The FA should be doing more to publicise that reasoning, because right now it looks a bit silly and fuels the "It's PC gone mad! Can't say nothing anymore" stuff It's a shame Bernardo Silva doesn't share a dressing room with someone strongly opposed to racism. I'm sure if he did, that person would've had a word about why posts like that are bad, and certainly wouldn't have publicly defended it
  12. Yeah, I do mean them. I think they've been pretty desperate to back him at every opportunity to come out on the right side of the Sterling vs Daily Mail thing. He deserves praise, of course he does, but it's also led to some quite silly takes. Also because the Manchester and London-based media hate Liverpool "Now Sterling is forced to defend himself from keyboard warriors" for acting like a child and doing something clearly unacceptable. Poor old Raheem I don't think Southgate dictated that it be leaked to the media, to be fair.
  13. There's a scuffle on the pitch when you've just been cleaned out, and there's physically and verbally assaulting someone, unprovoked, in the canteen because you're still salty about a loss. No man behaves like that Bit weird how all the coverage of this has been "poor old Raheem". Wonder why that could be
  14. Can't argue with that. Can you stop being so reasonable please
  15. This is like the flat-earthers who demand the BBC air their side of the story. The media talk about the 11 wins from 12, 8 points clear in November, Champions of Europe as if they're really good! Not only that, but they're constantly praising the indiviuals in the team, most of whom are Balon D'or nominees! Come on. You're better than that Bold as well to claim the media don't talk about Salah diving. He was accused of theatrics on live TV the other week for not going down! I don't think there's a media bias against Liverpool, but I also don't think there's one in favour of us. Just because someone used to play for Liverpool doesn't mean they automatically favour us. Jamie Carragher (yes, really) said a few weeks ago that Man City are the best team in Europe, then doubled down on Twitter. Is that preposterous? No, but it wouldn't even take a biased man to argue that it's actually the table-topping champions of Europe. I think @The Artful Dodger has it about right to be honest, in that people are always going to talk about us because we're fucking massive, but it goes both ways. It comes with hate as well. It's mostly positive at the moment because we're really, really good, but you still get the odd weirdo slip through the cracks pretending Man City should've had a penalty and that sort of thing