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  1. I think that was our hardest game of the season, partially because of how good Wolves were, but partially because of how poor we were. We were barely in it the second half until Fabinho came on, and we didn't have an answer for Adama Traore at all. Trent probably had one of his worst games for us in a few years as well. Obviously they have to take responsibility for that, but I do think you lose something from them when Oxlade-Chamberlain plays. Whichever side he's on, he doesn't do enough defensively, or even in possession, and they get pinned back. Add Traore into the mix and you get... that But we won so fuck it. Hope Mane's okay
  2. Genuinely don't remember the last time I saw that enforced. I'm not saying it's right, I'd prefer both be enforced, but there we are
  3. Players not getting booked for kicking the ball away is perfectly consistent.
  4. We need another. Absolutely no way this finishes 1-0
  5. This isn't really attack, it's just defending with the ball and it's equally cowardly, if not moreso. There have been some teams who were absolutely terrible for keeping the ball with little to no attacking intent, and I'd genuinely rather watch a side park the bus. Swansea under Rodgers, us under Rodgers post-Suarez, United under van Gaal (think it was him), even Barcelona under Guardiola all played some horrible turgid shite at times. By the way, that's shocking from De Gea for the second goal. What's he doing all the way over there? I don't even think it's that good a goal. Pickford would've saved that
  6. I don't think Pickford's entirely to blame for that last goal, but I do think there's something in what @LFCMike says about him diving into his goal. You've got to have your wits about you more than that. The worst (best) bit, though, was when two Everton defenders jumped in the same place to head clear and the ball dropped over their heads. What the fuck are they doing? I honestly don't think he is, for the simple reason that he doesn't save much. He'll make flashy ones, but it feels like every time I watch him he makes the routine look difficult and gets absolutely nowhere near shots that better goalkeepers would keep out. I tend to agree with you that he's not The Problem, but he is a bit crap
  7. I don't agree with it, but I knew it was going to be disallowed. That's pretty much the established precedent these days even though De Gea's at fault for not being strong enough.
  8. Please go to Everton. Emre Can is exactly the sort of player I want to see @RandoEFC get more and more irate with as the weeks go by
  9. You can see why Villa are bringing Pepe Reina in
  10. Burning Gold

    Your Club's Worst XI of the Decade

    Just looked it up and you're right. I thought it was more than that, but I put him in because there was that (apparently very brief) period where he was actually picked over Mignolet, so I'd class him as more than a fringe player
  11. Burning Gold

    Your Club's Worst XI of the Decade

    I'm surprised by the Chelsea fans picking Courtois over Kepa, to be honest. I thought he was easily better until he decided he'd had enough of Chelsea A bit like @RandoEFC I think it's cheating a bit to have people in there who were only ever on the very fringes. With that in mind: Bogdan Manquillo Coates Kyrgiakos Konchesky Adam Poulsen Spearing Markovic Aspas Lambert I wanted to have Johnson and Mignolet in there because they played so many games while being totally fucking dreadful, and Carroll for the fee, but the players in there were just so bad.
  12. Burning Gold

    Sadio Mane - Leaving Liverpool?

    Pretty much what @Batard and others have said. Now just feels like the right time. Plus, I wonder if he feels the need to step out of Salah's shadow. Many consider Mane to be our best player, but the mainstream narrative is very much that Salah's the leading light for Liverpool. I may be reaching a bit here, but Mane's comments, "Hopefully I can stay forever" make it sound to me like he's implying it's out of his hands. Trying to get ahead of the narrative?
  13. Burning Gold

    Sadio Mane - Leaving Liverpool?

    This particular report could easily be BS, but I do think Mane will leave this summer.
  14. Burning Gold

    All Matches - 1-2nd January, 2020

    Fully agree that McManaman's shite. I find it so embarrassing to watch sometimes. Not a fan of Michael Owen trying to jump back on the bandwagon either Keita's brilliant, and has been for us since about this time last year. He's so underrated because he wins the ball back and moves it forwards way more than many think, and now he's started to add the goals and assists to his game in the Premier League. If he can stay fit, he could easily be one of the best midfielders in the league. But he can't stay fit, and even when he is he doesn't finish 90 minutes. He's well worth persisting with for now, but he won't be forever. That second goal is sublime. Two passes that had to be absolutely perfect and they were. Shame in a way that Mane needed two bites of the cherry, but it very much deserved to be finished.
  15. Burning Gold

    All Matches - 1-2nd January, 2020

    Everton have brought absolutley nothing to the table here, but City haven't created many good chances just yet either bar the offside goal.