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  1. Burning Gold

    Racism in football

    Italy's not particularly diverse, is it? To be fair, I think those countries are better, just not good enough
  2. Burning Gold

    Racism in football

    I'm something of an outsider, so correct me if I'm wrong, but American sports don't seem to inspire the kind of visceral hatred football does. As @Dan's said, people will do anything for attention or a reaction, and in the heat of the moment they go to the worst thing they can think of. The one that'll hurt. I have no doubt there are genuine racists among them, but I also believe a lot of what you see is idiots digging into the depths of depravity because they fucking loathe the opposition. Something of a hangover from the hooliganism of the 70s and 80s perhaps. Also, it seems to me that overt racism in America is a lot more heavily condemned (because of the history of the country), so people are far less likely to 'just go there'.
  3. I'd have fucked him off the second he refused to do that. How do you expect Pogba and the rest of them to respect the authority of a man who doesn't even respect it himself? Smithers behaviour
  4. I think it's a dive, but there was a small amount of contact as he went over, so I guess they can't call it "clear and obvious" On the offside thing, it's where do you draw the line? You have to draw it somewhere because they can do the lines on the pitch and get the right decision even if there's only about a milimeter in it. So at some point you're going to have to decide "it's so close, let's not bother". Base it on some defined distance and you're ultimately just moving the line further forward (and actually adding complexity when the VAR people do their lines superimposed on the pitch). You'll still get incredibly tight decisions. Base it on some guy's judgement and we're back to the old problem with biases and human error.
  5. If it's to a player in an offside position, yes Clearly there was something in it if they had to stop the game to finish the check
  6. I can't remember it being used in the league games, to be honest. In the Super Cup it was broadly fine apart from that aberration of a penalty Chelsea got. It was a contact foul again, which is where the rules are probably the most vague, so no real surprise it's getting them wrong.
  7. Pretty sure you're wumming with the bold bit, but this "the attacker was only slightly offside so it should've stood" stuff is the stupidest criticism of VAR I've ever heard. Saw it a lot in the Women's World Cup and seen a bit more of it now the new season's started, and I'm constantly stunned that people are able to put it forward with a straight face. The handball thing is the rule being applied correctly. It's not handball by either player because it's not deliberate, unnatural position, etc., but it becomes handball by the City player as soon as Jesus scores. Again, stupid rule, but VAR's not the enemy on this one. The penalty... yeah, it looked a pen to me. I don't think I've seen a non-award of a penalty for a foul (not handball) being overturned by VAR, so I'm curious to see what it would take. How bad would it have to be?
  8. I actually think it's remarkably good luck that we didn't lose Alisson until after we sold Mignolet I'm not too worried about Adrian's mistake. Like Alisson against Leicester last year, it's hopefully one that had to happen so he learns from it and it doesn't happen again. Provided he does that, it's no harm no foul I'm not sure about this, to be honest. Had we shut up shop and killed the game, I'd be with you 100%, but Southampton definitely had the chances to get something from it after their goal. Yesterday felt like an escape to me, but you get those at this point in the season
  9. VAR isn't the problem here for me, it's this new rule about handball in the lead up to a goal. It's silly, but that's the rule and it was correctly applied. The scenes with it hit the net, though. Another blow for the "goals won't be celebrated anymore" crowd
  10. Burning Gold

    Things football can learn from other sports

    Your criticism is that they don't stop the clock? That seems like something that would be fairly easy to correct, either by stopping the clock or adding the time on Correct. That's why I said it was my experience. I understand the argument, but I haven't actually seen a lot of evidence of fans or players being reluctant to celebrate.
  11. Burning Gold

    Things football can learn from other sports

    Bear in mind all of the decisions being made by VAR are big, match changing decisions, and should in theory be close ones, then yes I'd say it absolutely is worth it What does that have to do with anything? Most football fans? Not having that for a second. In my experience, the "kills the spectacle" criticism is mostly fans who are afraid it will kill it at some point in the future, rather than believing it does
  12. Burning Gold

    Things football can learn from other sports

    Ironic that you should raise this tired, inaccurate objection in this thread given that video technology doesn't kill the spectacle in any other sport
  13. Burning Gold

    Dejan Lovren - Liverpool > Roma

    I read earlier that that's essentially why we're letting him go, which seems mad to me. Fabinho can cover centre half, but then we lose our only natural holding midfielder. Henderson or Wijnaldum can cover there, but then we lose one of our most important centre mids. Bear in mind our fullback cover is already a starting CB (Gomez) and the midfielder who played the most minutes for us last season (Milner, apparently; cba to look it up). It's serious patchwork stuff and I think we're setting ourselves up for disaster at some point It makes financial sense, though. You wouldn't forecast Lovren playing many minutes and this is pretty much our last chance to get a good fee for him
  14. Two excellent assists from Pogba, by the way
  15. Not sure why Lampard was trying to use him as a target man with Giroud on the bench, but Abraham was shit today