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  1. Our finishing has been absolutely appalling tonight
  2. Unlucky mate. Spanish commentary is invariably awful
  3. Actually, there are. A murder charge can be reduced to manslaughter if there was sufficient provocation. Before someone pretends to misinterpret that, I'm not saying that Mr Wing was the victim of sufficient provocation, but the idea that someone isn't judged completely based on their actions in the heat of the moment is an established principle. I know it's reprehensible. That's why I said it is and then reiterated that. It's just not reprehensible enough for the man to lose his income over in my opinion. If you really think I'm giving him leverage to be a bigot by saying that, you've completely missed the point. I don't know why he's apologising, maybe he's embarrassed by his actions. No matter which word he said before cunt, he clearly should be. Maybe he is, maybe he isn't, but this is a guy who lost his mind when confronted with an opposition footballer. Why are you now expecting a considered and logical response from him?
  4. Why, which murderous, oppressive theocracy does Mr Wing work for the PR arm of? To be honest, even if he did say black cunt, I have a bit of sympathy for this guy. What he said was absolutely reprehensible, but everyone's done something stupid in the heat of the moment. You literally become a different person at those times. Who knows if he's actually that racist or if the red mist descended and he just went for the worst thing he could think of to get under Sterling's skin? Again, it's absolutely disgusting and shouldn't be repeated by anyone, but is it proportional for this guy to lose his income over some words he said It doesn't suggest good things about the man that the red mist was brought on by a footballer who plays for a team other than the one he supports, but that's another matter.
  5. Feel like you could say this a lot. He wins the ball an astonishing amount, but I'd love to know how often he's either given it away just before that or he's about to give it straight back.
  6. You have to protect your body when you go up for a header in a crowd. Most player use their arms, but obviously goalkeepers almost always can't do that Keita's a weird one. He's looked like a talented footballer every time he's played, but translating that into actual effectiveness and productivity has been an issue so far.
  7. Must've missed the part where he broke someone's leg? As for the goal, the ball was deliberately played by a defending player after Firmino kicked it, making Salah onside.
  8. The fume over that goal being allowed to stand is really weird. It was clearly an accidental handball, and that's not an offence. It's unlucky for Villa, but you're kidding yourself if you think it should've been disallowed.
  9. Burning Gold

    Joe Gomez Fractures Leg

    What, tackles that result in a broken leg? What a tragedy that would be
  10. Protection against what? It doesn't stop Barcelona buying (for example) Firmino for 150m if we agree to it; it stops them buying (for example) Moreno for 10m, 20m, 50m, or any other sum under 100m. I'm not saying they'd want Moreno or anyone like that, but that's the only thing this agreement prevents. It's such a blatant PR stunt and not a particularly good one.
  11. I don't see a benefit at all. Any of our players they'd be interested in would be in the €100m+ category anyway, so this isn't going to stop them if they are looking to spend. Read it again when you're sober mate x
  12. This is all a bit silly isn't it? All it means is the bidding starts at €100m. If they're willing to pay €200m for one of our players and we're willing to accept that, they'll just pay a €100m 'fee' and then the premium. It's not some cloak and dagger shit where we'll get the €200m fee plus an extra €100m off them against their will.
  13. People talk about Fellaini getting away with a lot, but Fernandinho's ability to avoid a booking is absolutely unreal
  14. Yeah, just off. It's annoying if it goes against you when it's that close because the linesman's obviously guessing, but it was the correct decision.
  15. God good we've got lucky there