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  1. Newcastle have lost an incredible number of points late in games this season.
  2. Guardiola is a horrible cunt. Probably the most underrated man in football when it comes to being a scumbag. I'm pissed off that Sarri's gone and made him look like the good guy
  3. I understand why you'd want Vardy taking a pen, but handing the ball to someone who's literally just come on seems like one of those things you just don't do. Hindsight is 20/20 of course, but it seemed a bit weird beforehand and it wasn't a particularly good pen either. Probably cost Leicester a point ultimately
  4. A good English atmosphere that rises and falls with the action and crescendos to roar on the home side at the right moment is far better than any European atmosphere. The constant noise typical of the continent is just that: noise, and eventually the brain tunes it out to nothing. A bad English atmosphere that's dead silent with fans only rising to get on a player's back, which we're seeing more and more of, is probably the worst thing in the world.
  5. I'm surprised I never heard they were in for Higuain to be honest.
  6. Three. Dodgy since we threw that cup tie against Wolves, actually...
  7. Fucking set pieces. Conceded from at least one in each of our last three games. Lallana's had a good half season in his four and a half at Liverpool. Injured or not, he's the epitome of style over substance.
  8. Not too confident about this one. Without someone to link midfield and attack, Firmino tends to drop too deep (he was in the #6 position at times against Leicester) and we lose a lot of attacking impetus. Keita hasn't been able to do that anywhere near often enough this season, and Lallana is shit.
  9. Segunda stuff on Youtube? Do they air games live?
  10. I know the conditions weren't exactly helpful, but this game is a perfect demonstration of the effect the likes of Gomez, Trent, and Fabinho have on our attack by moving the ball forward with purpose. We looked so much more positive when the latter came on, but still not enough. That was a fantastic save from Alisson, by the way. Both to keep it out and to get it some distance away from the goal.
  11. Lallana coming on to slow the game down even more is exactly what we need. Cheers Jurg
  12. Matip's going to get himself sent off after losing the ball on one of his shit runs.
  13. There's that big club bias again
  14. Boils my piss that Steve McManaman is such a massive homer for us but still gets Gini Wijnaldum's name wrong