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  1. Morata's the only other one I can think of in recent times. That said, those two moves alone, especially Kepa, were absolutely criminal so it's surprising to see Marina Granovskaia enjoy the reputation she does among Chelsea fans in spite of them.
  2. The "worst Premier League signing" discussion has been ruined a bit recently because it's Kepa by an absolute mile, and I don't think you could make a reasoned argument otherwise. Solid first season is a bit of a myth as well as he was below par then, just not season-derailingly bad. But yeah, Pepe just isn't good, and at 25 with a full season under his belt, he's fast running out of excuses. I think it goes under the radar a bit because Arsenal fans have plenty of other targets for their ire. One of them, Lacazette, profiles similarly to Pepe (or did when he was signed) and I'd find it concerning Arsenal seemingly didn't learn their lesson then
  3. I think his hand is coming up to grapple with Maddison, to be fair, but I do sympathise. I'd be pissed off if it was the other way around
  4. Really annoying that. Feels like the first time we've seen Keita in 2 months, he's had a really good game, and now injured again. Has he been rushed back because of other injuries?
  5. I was thinking that. It'd be murder if Salah had done that
  6. Like I said, I'm surprised more wasn't made of it. They've only shown us the replay once. Although they were checking it for quite a while in the VAR booth, so clearly something to it
  7. I'd probably argue his arm was in an "expected position", plus did it ricochet off your player? Surprised more wasn't made of it though
  8. https://understat.com/match/14518 1.96 - 0.71 according to this, the highest being 0.45 (Bamford in the 11th minute which I don't actually remember). That's not a good return from 25 shots, but even then you'd have expected them to do better. They only got 4 on target and some of the misses were shocking Don't know why I quoted myself meant to quote you @El Profesor
  9. Can't see us being open either Fabinho and Matip will get torched if we leave them too exposed
  10. Agree with this. We lose a lot of creativity with Alexander-Arnold being out, so the midfield will have to pick up some slack and Keita's the most creative player in there. I expect we'll lean on him a bit
  11. Really poor from Leeds not to win this. Better side when it was 11v11 and definitely should have capitalised when Arsenal went down to 10 Lots of shots and they finished terribly, but I don't think they created a single high percentage chance
  12. Fulham actually look like they've got a bit about them going forward, but defensively they're just awful
  13. It feels unfair that we're so blasé about hesitation in the runup on penalties yet have VAR check if the keeper came even the slightest bit off his line
  14. Not sure that would've been disallowed y'know. T-shirt line and all that It's a bad miss