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  1. I do think he's a good player, but I don't think he fits in this squad apart from as an occasional impact sub. His movement and close control aren't good enough to play in the front three, and we lose too much from our fullback on his side when he's in the midfield. A lot of players get criticised for not being direct enough and only passing sideways, but Chamberlain's almost the opposite. He doesn't look after the ball well enough and he's always looking to get forward which pins Trent or Robertson back. His attacking output doesn't really make up for that I agree, but the games in which that's what we need are much fewer and further between now than they were two years ago
  2. Both decisions were correct. That law's a bit overzealous, but can't blame the officials Didn't feel like a typical 4-0, to be honest. City just got the bounce of the ball a bit more and were much, much better in both boxes. Can't really bring myself to be that arsed. Annoyed it's against that shower, but they're probably the only ones capable of doing that to us. Annoyed it was noted racism apologist Raheem Sterling who ran rings around us. Apart from that... our season's already over. Hope we see the likes of Elliot, Jones, Williams, Minamino get significant minutes from here on out
  3. Burning Gold

    New Football Laws 2020/21

    Yeah it's dumb, but it's what they do 100% of the time anyway, so I can't bring myself to be outraged about it. Is it a double jeopardy thing? It would make more sense if they still issued a yellow card for a deliberate foul in that situation as they do with red cards & penalties.
  4. BBC's crowd noise is miles ahead of BT's and Sky's
  5. I partially agree in that an precedent has been set, and it's unrealistic to expect any large group of people to behave more responsibly than they demonstrably have to. But there's a distinction between a lot of people going to the beach, to Primark, etc. individually or in small groups vs. explicitly going to the pier head or Anfield to gather with all the other Liverpool fans. In terms of the virus spreading it's meaningless, but the moral and legal distinction is real. I definitely understand the temptation to do it, but there we are. Completely agree on the litter thing. It's not ideal, but realistically what else can you do? The fireworks aimed at the liver building are disgraceful and hopefully the law comes down on that guy. No doubt he's "not arsed about the Ev" while aiming fireworks at the city's most iconic landmark because it's got a bit of blue on it. Cretin
  6. Well that was shite, but I'm not throwing my toys out the pram over one game after a three month layoff. Missing players didn't help, players having to go off didn't help. Keita did well, but he never seems to be able to finish a game, so it definitely wasn't happening today. Lovren was a fucking catastrophe. I actually think he's a lot better than he gets credit for; it's just that when he's bad, he's utterly terrible and he compounds every mistake. He was only on the pitch for about 15 minutes today, and made an absolute show of himself. Part of me thought the club wouldn't let him back in the squad given his attitude towards coronavirus. Third 0-0 at Goodison in 3 years. For all @RandoEFC's bitching, we haven't won there since 2016. 2011 before that
  7. Seems like he hasn't played in 3 months. Disgraceful
  8. Burning Gold

    2020/2021 Kits

    Maybe it's because the home shirt's otherwise white with pale detailing, but the Uber Eats logo really stands out on it while the important bits blend in. It's a shame because it's a nice shirt otherwise. The away... I really don't like that style of design for football shirts or any kind of top and I think they've done one quite similar recently. Each to their own
  9. Classic case of an overreliance on technology there. Every official (on-field and VAR) clearly blindsided by the false negative. VAR should've brought it back, but it's clearly not in their remit. Be fuming if you're Sheffield United, but you can't really do anything after the fact
  10. Burning Gold

    Coronavirus (COVID-19) Outbreak

    A part of me thinks that's what they're doing at the moment with the current 'lockdown-lite' that they're not really enforcing anyway. As you say, they can't acknowledge it publicly, so they issue conflicting guidance and lift the most stringent restrictions while leaving in relatively meaningless limitations, and then let nature take its course. The big test will be when they decide to reopen pubs, shops, etc. because you have to keep some level of control I hate it. Both in terms of barely speaking to anyone, and in terms of it being that much harder to get things done. I've seen a lot of people saying that a positive of this situation is that maybe we'll all get to work from home by default in future. They can very much get to fuck
  11. Burning Gold

    Unpopular football opinions

    It's not exactly rare for footballers from underdeveloped nations to show pride in their heritage, is it?
  12. Burning Gold

    Unpopular football opinions

    Ever heard the expression "the lady doth protest too much"'? He's hardly going to come out and say "Yeah, we knew we were safe after the Bolton game ended, so the gaffer asked us to let one in at our end to settle a grudge he had. Obviously we all agreed." Don't forget Onuoha played for City for years as well He may not be the brightest spark, but I can definitely believe that he's the kind of person to whom snidery comes almost instinctively
  13. Burning Gold

    Unpopular football opinions

    It wasn't until after he saw red that he started lashing out at everyone. Pretty sure he grew up an Everton fan as well, and QPR were in danger of going down if they lost. All told, I think this is a bit far fetched. That said, I had a mate at uni who was insistent that Mark Hughes (then QPR manager) instructed his players to lose after he learnt they were assured survival by results elsewhere. Apparently he held a grudge over something that'd happened at United
  14. For seconds at a time. Single-figure seconds, and everyone's been tested. The chance of something being passed on in those situations is minimal, even with the false negative rate of the tests. I don't know what the false negative rate is, or how the Bundesliga are mitigating it, but the important thing to note is that there's a chance someone has the virus. If they're sitting close to others in a group for 90 minutes, there's a pretty good chance they'll pass it on. In theory, short interactions like you get playing football produce an acceptably low risk of transferring it. There's never going to be zero chance, so you have to weigh up what an acceptable risk is and the authorities have decided that playing football meets that requirement, but sitting in a dugout doesn't. We'll see over the next few weeks how that works out for them. Optics are important here as well. Everyone who can do their job while observing the precautions is; only the 23 people on the pitch aren't. That sets an example to everyone watching. I'm happy to see it because one of my biggest concerns about football coming back was that people would take it as a sign that they could go back to normal. This makes it quite obvious that things still aren't normal. The equaliser was pretty shocking from them. The guy beat 4 defenders and scored by simply running in a straight line