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  1. Burning Gold

    Liverpool Discussion

    I think the club still employ him as an ambassador which is absolutely disgraceful To his credit though, he's always a good sport about showing up to these things despite knowing he'll get booed. That or he suffers from a total lack of self-awareness
  2. Burning Gold

    Best Foreign 11 to play in the Premier League?

    Based on that season, Suarez is streets ahead of van Persie in that team, but based on their entire time in the league, I think you have to take the dutchman. That said, I'm having neither De Gea Ivanovic Vidic Kompany Evra Toure Alonso Vieira Henry Aguero Ronaldo Have I missed something!?
  3. Burning Gold

    FA Cup Quarter-Final Match Chat - 16-17th March, 2019

    Baffles me that people get wound up by this and the FFP cheating. First of all, every team benefits and suffers from poor refereeing, but more importantly, City's owners are the literal scum of the Earth and the club is only where it is because they're trying to present a friendly face to Western culture. How do you have any room for further disgust after that?
  4. That's got to be the worst 3-1 I've ever seen
  5. Burning Gold

    NFL 2018/19

    A first round pick, a third rounder and a good player is a colossal overpay by the Browns for me. I'd think twice before giving two of those three, let alone the full package. Beckham's great (the best statistically since Jerry Rice, I've heard and can't be arsed to verify), but receivers are so overvalued in the NFL it's ridiculous.
  6. "Klopp's own admission" as if he's got something to gain by publicly slating him? Of course he's going to say that; he's not Mourinho
  7. The commentators are raving about Charlie Taylor's recovery and tackle just before we scored our third, and it's not entirely undeserved, but you learn as a child to go goalside of the attacker at goal kicks in case the keeper miskicks it (ie exactly what happened). So pretty poor from him to get into that situation in the first place. Nah. He had a good few months in Klopp's first full season (I think - might've been the season after), but he's been pretty average for almost his entire Liverpool career before and after that. He's not had the best time of it with injuries, but I find it a bit weird that people pretend that that few months are his true level instead of the other 4 years
  8. He's had a really good game. My biggest issue with him is that he's not an impact player; he should never, ever come off the bench for us, but he's fine for starting games like this when you want to break down the opposition over the 90 minutes. Gives superior players a breather for midweek as well.
  9. Lallana's had a big hand in both goals. Still shit though
  10. Didn't see the incident that led up to the corner, but if it's an excuse to slag off Joel Matip sign me right up because he's fucking shit.
  11. It's windy as fuck today. Don't think we've got much of a chance in this one
  12. The double jeopardy rule is a good one. The red card for a professional foul is because it stops a clear goalscoring opportunity; it's moronic to dish out a red card and at the same time award a clear goalscoring opportunity in the form of a penalty. In that case, though, Pickford clearly made no attempt to play the ball so should've seen red.
  13. Burning Gold

    Pep Guardiola to Juventus

    Answered your own question there, mate