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  1. By the way, for supposedly the best pundit we have, Gary Neville spending 20 minutes whining about two objectively correct decisions (the decisions, not the rules themselves) is absolutely pathetic
  2. If they check it with VAR, they usually apply the rule consistently. The issue is when it's outside the box they usually instinctively apply the old rule. Whatever you think about the new rule, it needs to be done consistently or it's chaos
  3. That was one of the VAR changes for this season after they consciously chose not to check them last year For me, it's something that's so easy to check that you may as well if you're doing VAR anyway
  4. They gave a big 3 year contract to a 32 year-old with countless injury issues. It was always going to end in tears Didn't expect it to be this fast, but it was always a stupid idea
  5. Burning Gold

    What TV Series Are You Watching?

    Yeah, really looking forward to this. Is it a weekly thing or has it all been released at once? Basically want to time the 30 day trial so I can listen to all of it
  6. Hunger is the question for me. There were times last season when it felt like we were winning through sheer force of will, and with the title under their belt now and no fans in the stadium, I'd be concerned those moments won't be there this season. Then again, we won the league by so far last year, and Klopp has a reputation as being one of the best motivators around, so maybe those things won't make enough of a difference. Personally, I would like another centre half and I'd like another forward if Minamino is who I think he is (i.e. not an impact maker). The fact we wanted Werner but didn't get him suggests Klopp does too but either the money isn't there or the right player isn't. Midfield is actually the area I'd focus on the least as we've got good depth there, but I'm not going to say no to a player of Thiago's quality. I thought we'd get him at the beginning of the Summer because there was just too much noise with none of our regular journalists denying it, but now I'm quite skeptical because it's been so long.
  7. Liverpool are consistently mid-table in terms of distance covered and haven't played particularly high-intensity football for years now. So yeah, there probably isn't any real point in debating this particular theory
  8. Burning Gold

    Single-Game Format To Be Considered by UEFA

    Much easier to move individual quarter finals without generating too much uproar than the final. Thin end of the wedge type stuff
  9. Burning Gold

    Single-Game Format To Be Considered by UEFA

    It should be very obvious that one-off Champions League matches would be a big target to be moved overseas to tap foreign markets.
  10. Burning Gold

    Single-Game Format To Be Considered by UEFA

    Can't believe so many have such short memories about how good the two legged ties were just last year. If you're in favour of this, I don't want to hear a single word of complaint when the tournament inevitably gets moved to Qatar or China either
  11. I think he'll always be a squad player here, to be honest. He just doesn't fit how we want to play anymore. I think he needs to look at moving on
  12. Burning Gold

    Footballers Who Have Stolen A Living

    Adam Lallana came in injured and was pretty much the definition of mediocre when he did play. He's continued this cycle of crap-injured-crap-injured throughout his career apart from a purple patch of about three months in 16/17, which he somehow parlayed into a second bumper contract at Liverpool. There are players you can legitimately say have been unlucky with injuries, but this guy's stock wouldn't be anywhere near where it is if people had actually seen him play football more often. Is it too early to add Kepa to the list? He's awful
  13. Burning Gold

    Which Club Is The Most Despicable?

    As it happens, there's another language called English that Germans tend to use when communicating with an international audience. I can't think of a good example though, so you'll have to take my word for it
  14. Burning Gold

    Which Club Is The Most Despicable?

    No, I'm well aware of the existence of a German language. Do you have a point?
  15. Burning Gold

    Which Club Is The Most Despicable?

    Haven't seen anything on here tbf, not that I've looked, but it's all over social media and reddit