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  1. For Chelsea? I'd add Kepa he has been excellent. Oh yeah and Cucurella said no one ever.
  2. Wanting to start Barbarians season 2, Fear of the Walking dead, Westworld season 4 but still debating with myself what should i watch.
  3. Sweet i was starting to think he was made of glass like Ben.
  4. Even though it would be funny to see you rattled it won't happen, the media backlash would be too great and United don't want that in any case scenario. He will probably released and play in the lower leagues or abroad.
  5. So this isn't how a Saturday night should look like?
  6. Medievil (2022) 4/10 struggled to end it
  7. Of course not but for such a high profile case surely he can't buy his way out?
  8. Why so Phillip isn't he "not guilty" or am i missing something?
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