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  1. Barca must have paid Isco to not score there! I think it is the other way round. Many wanted Real Madrid to bottle it and the support for Barca is overwhelming. We didn't play very nice football and many times we played like a mid table team. I guess it is really down to who wants it more, in this case us. Credits got to be given to Zidane though, Ronaldo looks clueless and lost before Zidane started benching him. Kroos is absolutely the most consistent player for us and he should get way more credits than the likes of Ramos, Marcelo or Ronaldo.
  2. Lol at some reaction, still taking digs at Real Madrid and their fans. Malaga make it difficult for us, not as easy as some would have suggested with the EUR 1 million bonus At long last a league title. As long as Perez let Zidane continue to do what he does best and not interfere, I have high hopes on him. But you never know with the election coming Kroos has to be the most consistent and our best player for this season. Hope he stays for a long time to come.
  3. As much as I want to admit that Casemiro was lucky to still be on the pitch, and Ronaldo's goals were offsides, your bias is so obvious. No mention of Vidal should have been sent off much earlier? What would have happened if we play with one extra man advantage against Bayern for 40 minutes? It's not like Bayern had dominated us all over the field before Vidal was sent off. They had more possessions but we both had equal chances to score. Referee has been poor over the two legs but to suggest that we bought the ref is laughable. Bayern is no small club and certainly will not allow that to happen.
  4. I find that people from the North always have bread and South have rice.
  5. I think Ronaldo has a pretty good record considering that he is not an all out attacker until his 2nd or 3rd season with us, and he has only been with us for 8 seasons? Mate, I think you are missing your specs In his first season there was Raul, then Higuain and Benzema always play as the number 9. He only move further up later in his career.
  6. I think Ronaldo has a pretty good record considering that he is not an all out attacker until his 2nd or 3rd season with us, and he has only been with us for 8 seasons? I won't say he is garbage, but he has not been on his usual standard this season, not even close. So is Bale and Benzema. The stand out players have been Modric, Kroos, Ramos, Carvajal and Marcelo. I think most people agree that Messi is the superior footballer, but Ronaldo is the complete goal scoring machine. I wouldn't even bother arguing that point. Like Cicero mentioned earlier, Ronaldo should just play as a striker. He lose the ball 6/7 out of 10 times whenever he try to take on players.
  7. I don't know what you are on about. I never said Ronaldo is the better footballer. Just pointing out stats that he scored the same amount of penalties as Messi did. They are both not even the same type of player, why compare them? I am not a Ronaldo fan boy, but the stick he gets is ridiculous. He wasn't even a proper striker earlier in his Madrid's career, but how many real strikers has even half his stats? He is impressive in his own way whether you like it or not.
  8. Lucky with the first goal, was offside and that Alaves just couldn't find the net. Bayern would have easily smash 3 or 4 past us with the amount of chances we gave to the opposition today. Glad with a win, but we will be in serious trouble playing like this against Bayern. Isco is just Ronaldo with another assist.
  9. noelcwt


    I have tried to look for proper Hindi class in town but to no avail. There was one but they have very strict rules - ie. you cannot miss more than 3 classes in a semester.. must be there in formal wear.. be at the class 15 minutes earlier.. cannot leave in the middle of the class etc. Do any of those and you will be kick out of the institution. Cost no more than Rs 1,000 for a 6 months course though. I once went to a class conducted by an NRI but it was useless and on top of that, she charged Rs 6,000 for a month lesson! She mostly cater to expats though. So now I am left with broken Hindi that I pick up from my colleagues and bollywood movies (latest being Badrinath Ki Dulhania) I spent around 12 years learning the Chinese language and even then, I wouldn't say that I am an expert in it. There are still words that I can't read and pronounce correctly. Japanese is also difficult because of the sentence structuring.
  10. noelcwt


    Kanji is ridiculously easy! On a serious note though, I understand the pain of learning Kanji because there is a certain way to write it, the sequence. It is hard to understand why it had to be written in a specific way but Mandarin, especially the traditional characters are very beautiful with meanings behind it. Do you listen to Japanese music?
  11. Which part of Thailand? Bangkok or up north Chiang Rai/Mai? I love Bangkok but it is too noisy for me to considering to settle down there.
  12. I am against foreign country owning our key infrastructure such as power, gas and telecommunication etc. Our government desperately needs to sell to pay its 1Malaysian debt so it is a win-win situation for China and our government. I haven't seen that personally but spitting is pretty common for them, they even pee inside a metro so I am not surprised. I could say the same for Indians. In a way, the uneducated ones (Indians and Chinese) are very similar. They don't queue, no respect for personal space, very loud etc. I love Chinese food But yeah, I don't have any affinity toward China or the PRC's culture. I still enjoy the food, celebrations etc. but I just don't connect myself with PRC. At best, we speak the same language. I have friends who have worked and lived in Japan. It is a country that is beautiful from the outside, but kinda fucked up from the inside. I love sushi and Japanese girls though
  13. Generally Chinese not from Mainland China are not very fond of China, ask any Hong Kong'ers, Singaporean, Thai Chinese etc. We may trace our root back to China but we don't see ourselves as part of "China Chinese" and have anything to do with them. The tourists from Mainland China also cause a lot of problems for the locals everywhere, so nobody really like them except those educated ones. I don't hate China, but I am not fond of them either. Not sure if you heard of it before, the Malays (Muslim) extremist in Malaysia love to call us to go back to China. Ironically, China are investing heavily in Malaysia, buying our power plants and investing in the new rail line projects. They are also investing heavily in India, seems like they intend to take over the world!
  14. Yup, I am a Malaysian Chinese, not Mainland Chinese Been working in India for the last 2 years.
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