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  1. About time the board got rid of their puppet. As long as Barto and company are in charge, a yes sir type of coach will always be favored ahead of the right type of coach as football is second to self interests.
  2. The GOAT DON PEREZ!!! Barcelona has the "best player of all time" and the highest bill wage, they still cant compare to Los Putos Blancos de Jong this Arthur that... more like Federico MF Valverde. @Carnivore Chris
  3. Won 2-1 versus Newcastle u23. Mejbri gets the start. The future is bright ----- #THEPROCESS.
  4. Let's see if your opinion doesnt change once he joins the team he has supported since being a kid.
  5. Teso dos Bichos

    Off Topic

    One of the best motivational speeches I've heard. The USA needs a leader like him as president.
  6. The problem goes deeper than their average coach. As long as Barto is around they will continue having the highest monthly wage, six years without the only trophy that Messi cares about, and talented players like Arthur not giving a fuck about the team rules and instead of taking the the time to heal he is riding hover boards, snowboarding, and attending every party Neymar throws.
  7. Grealish and Maddison should start for the NT during the euros. Mount's minutes should be limited imo, still a bit raw.
  8. Been working on it. I dont do pay pal. Just cash app or google pay
  9. I knew man utd was getting a great youth prospect when he made that Instagram post (going from ajax to a man utd Jersey) but his performance with the youth teams with both the club and his country keep making him look more and more promising... can play either side of the flank or through the middle, great dribbler, and is lethal with either his left or right foot... who the fuck needs that Haaland cunt.
  10. Mason Greenwood Will Be A Leading Force At Manchester United FORBES.COM https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.forbes.com/sites/liamcanning/2019/12/27/mason-greenwood-will-be-a-leading-force-at-manchester-united/amp/ Man Utd continues to establish its legacy as an ELITE club brand, even during a tough period, once again they have the best youngster in Europe AND although the table doesnt show, LET IT BE KNOWN that whether its Liverpool or Citeh, Man Utd doesnt back down and with a midfield of Scottie, AP, and fred they have been the better team.(versus them)
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