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  1. Looks at his goals and assists and compares it to other top midfielders.
  2. To each their own, but I watch a lot of the youth squad games and man utd has the most potential. You add martial, rashford, ddg, and hopefully pogba and you got yourself a talented and young squad that could dominate the PL for years again. All those players have the same potential as Rashford, the local boy that with a brace was able to shut that great liverpool squad.
  3. Robertson is not overhyped, TAA defensively is a big liability. AWB is a much better defender overall and just as good if not better going forward. Those two are just a small checkpoint until they end the 3 decade drought.
  4. Did anyone that was serious ever doubted the real process. Tuanzabe, timmy, dalot, awb, chong, Gomes, martial, rashford, James, Pereira, and Greenwood. Its gonna take longer than expected due to Woodward's poor signings but those young boys are capable of reaching the level of Robertson and TAA(although overhyped) If given the proper opportunities, I think reaching those cunts would be an early checkpoint, reaching the level of class of 92 is more of a real challenge.
  5. Pogba, matic, scottie, TFM, Pereira, fred, mata and James Garner... I dont see Tielemans getting no were near that midfield tbh. Not only talented but the chemistry among them will be vital for the upcoming years. The process is real
  6. 3-0 rashford and Jones with the goals
  7. The set up for that goal was superb. Expect much more of that from Pogba and AWB. I'm calling it right now, top three for man utd this season.
  8. Greenwood with his first senior goal the process is real!! The future is bright
  9. Teso dos Bichos

    FC Barcelona Discussion

    Hows the replacement of Jordi Mestre going? Resigned due to the pathetic Barcelona transfer policy. 1,08 billion euros( after the griezmann ) since 14/15, no one has spent more than Barcelona yet la masia is getting defunded slowly. You are right, i only need to talk to real cules that are more worry if a moción de censura is finally going to be applied. You are more worries about cartera than cantera and I cannot debate with those part time type of fans.
  10. Just Win United, Just Fucking Win Like the lineup except for Rojo starting
  11. Teso dos Bichos

    Romelu Lukaku - Heading to Inter Milan

    I'm Erick bro , jose is just a default name a racist pig labeled me here. Dont you know all Mexican guys are named jose and eat tacos 🙄 the racism in Germany is back at full steam thanks to supporters like him. Anyways. Lukaku did enough to leave without being labeled a bust but I won't miss him. The present is young and the future is bright, no room for lukaku. Are you okay with rashford being the first option or do you believe we should go after a striker?
  12. Teso dos Bichos

    FC Barcelona Discussion

    @El Profesor Barcelona is taking away Tailson from Santos and Jorge S. before he even gets his first team debut for practically nothing except another spot from a la masia youngster. PATHETIC club, if I was a local fan I would be raising hell about the club's foundation getting tore down by barto. They are feeding la masia youngsters sub par food and no real Barcelona DNA is being taught.
  13. Teso dos Bichos

    Romelu Lukaku - Heading to Inter Milan

    I wouldnt mind if he stayed as he wasnt such a failure like morata or higuain but he was only slowing down the real process.