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  1. Teso dos Bichos

    FC Barcelona Discussion

    About time the board got rid of their puppet. As long as Barto and company are in charge, a yes sir type of coach will always be favored ahead of the right type of coach as football is second to self interests.
  2. Teso dos Bichos

    Best Console Of All Time

    Super Nintendo
  3. Teso dos Bichos


    Hell yeah. We left the house 2 hours earlier one day so we could stop by a cow field and get some free shrooms to make tea, that shit ain't no joke. You ever licked a toad, Cristofer?
  4. Teso dos Bichos

    Real Madrid CF Discussion

    The GOAT DON PEREZ!!! Barcelona has the "best player of all time" and the highest bill wage, they still cant compare to Los Putos Blancos de Jong this Arthur that... more like Federico MF Valverde. @Carnivore Chris
  5. Teso dos Bichos

    Zidane Re-Hired As Real Madrid Manager

    Despite becoming Real Madrid's manager during a turbulent period, Zidane turned the club around and turned them into the title winning titans they were born to be. Nothing demonstrates the impact of Zidane as a manager more than the record he set by winning 8 titles quicker than any other manager in a top 5 league. It took Zizou only 23 months to achieve this, where during this period he won 2 Champions Leagues, 2 World Club Cups, 1 La Liga, 1 Spanish Super Cup, and 2 Uefa Super Cups. This is an unprecedented feat that even Pep Guardiola couldn't achieve with his famous Barcelona team or any other manager for that matter. NINE FINALS NINE Ws!!! the hate for RM is so real that the rest of the neutral fans will continue claiming zidane is not good enough... already ahead of pep, CONSISTENCY AND winning TWO CLs in a span of 23 months along with a record setting 7 other titles/trophies WHILE RM continues to be smarter in the transfer market as well. SE QUEDA Barto!!!!
  6. Teso dos Bichos

    Liga MX - México

    No wonder club america is easily in the top 3 if clubs in the western hemisphere.(wins, style of play, and one of the best scouts/transfer policy. Roger Martinez is getting sold for almost double what club america payed and now this guy will replace him at very little cost. Viñas permanent signing will be official once he gets back from playing with the uruguayan youth team. Lainez, alvarez, marchesin, Uribe, Guido, Jimenez all have left for a hefty profit but the consistency remains the same. Cordoba is being linked to Benfica now.
  7. I'm not saying they dont deserve it but its beyond pathetic that a team in such great form cant put the fuckery and cheating to the side. Some of it VARs fault but its obvious they were told to make sure Liverpool wins it this year at all cost. Robertson and Fabinho versus newcastle is worst than anything I've ever seen Real Madrid being accused of. Dont doubt it one bit that they are just following orders from the insecure Kloppy. Lucky for him, he has the media and var working on his favour.
  8. Teso dos Bichos


    NEVER EVER doing acid again 😵😵
  9. Teso dos Bichos

    I am back

    @Rab can you enlighten us and clarify whether this doesnt qualify as ban evading?? Marc and I were punished for "picking"on the staff yet someone can sit back and try to puppeteer the staff since mommy and daddy cant solve the problem this time?? I'm sorry but if I guy is stupid enough to plead guilty even though it's not true, they should live with the consequences? That and making up lies to try and get me banned is beyond anything I have ever seen, will gladly provide the link off me questioning the AFFs regulars about a conclusion being reached on me Being the snitch Bobby. Not a single person knew what i was talking about.
  10. Won 2-1 versus Newcastle u23. Mejbri gets the start. The future is bright ----- #THEPROCESS.
  11. Teso dos Bichos

    Liga MX - México

    Inter Miami willing to pay $15 million USD for Roger Martinez Beckham’s new team is in talks to sign Club América's player Roger Martinez and make him a designated player for the next season in Major League Soccer. As.com
  12. Teso dos Bichos

    Liga MX - México

    Guido Rodriguez leaves America to sign with Real Betis After days of negotiations, Real Betis and Americahave agreed on a $10 million deal for Guido Rodriguez and the Mexican club will retain 20% of the midfielder's economic rights. Real Betis manager, Rubi, confirmed that negotiations are in their final stage. It is expected that Guido will fly as soon as possible to Spain to finalize the deal so he can start training with the team next week. AS.COM
  13. Teso dos Bichos

    Liga MX - México

    Debut (goal) Second leg of the final (goal) Worked his way up to the starting spot thanks to scoring almost every chance he was subbed in. I'm not exaggerating when I say he has won the heart of the fans already and the club's priority is reaching a deal with Juventud for his transfer. The uruguayan NT has a bright future with all the young forwards they have.
  14. Teso dos Bichos

    England National Team Discussion

    Let's see if your opinion doesnt change once he joins the team he has supported since being a kid.
  15. Teso dos Bichos

    Off Topic

    One of the best motivational speeches I've heard. The USA needs a leader like him as president.