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Teso dos Bichos

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  1. Teso dos Bichos

    Neymar - FC Barcelona, Real Madrid CF or Juventus

    He is perfect fit for Los Putos Blancos, not barcelona. Big difference.
  2. Teso dos Bichos

    Neymar - FC Barcelona, Real Madrid CF or Juventus

    Don Perez again showing his greatness. Eres grande Don Perez, eres el PUTO JEFE!
  3. Teso dos Bichos

    2019 MLS Golden Boot Watch

    Carlos Vela delivered a moment that "stays with you", Los Angeles FC coach Bob Bradley said after the Mexican forward scored one of the greatest goals in MLS history. I'll provide a video later but the video doesnt do enough justice. That goal with a little flick over the defender by Raul R. doesnt even come close to matching the beauty and skills of Vela's goal. Take out Zlatan and I dont think any player can come close to being in the same category and the best thing about it, this is not even his best goal ever
  4. Teso dos Bichos

    Other Matches - 24-25th August, 2019

    JUST WIN UNITED, JUST FUCKING WIN Man utd 3-1 palace
  5. not proud, but given the circumstances, he did a fine job.
  6. Teso dos Bichos

    Liga MX - México

    Red card + 95th OG club america, playing with my emotions big time.
  7. Teso dos Bichos

    Liga MX - México

    Ibarguen 2-1 Tigres even with gignac..... NOS LA PELA!
  8. Teso dos Bichos

    Liga MX - México

    Ibarguen via PK 1-1 tigres (aguilar og 🙄) almost half time
  9. Teso dos Bichos

    Liga MX - México

  10. Teso dos Bichos

    Liga MX - México

  11. Tranmere lost to Bristol 2-0....
  12. 😂 great city but the future of this team doesnt look too bright imo. Nevertheless, I'm definitely going to check out what the fans have to say.
  13. Totally agree with the bolded part. Any team that gets 7 points out of 9 possible versus those teams over the last 10 years deserves a lot of credit.