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  1. Teso dos Bichos

    2019 Post of the Year

  2. Teso dos Bichos

    2019 Staff Member of the Year

    @guest cannabis
  3. Teso dos Bichos

    Wilfried Zaha - Winger Hands In Transfer Request

    If sancho leaves, it will to join Man Utd. That's the realest shit teso has said this year and you can quote me on it.
  4. Teso dos Bichos

    FC Barcelona Discussion

    LAFC but more importantly, Carlos Vela have an offer on the table from Barcelona. (Its been confirmed, they wanted him since last transfer window) its up to Vela if he wants to go or not
  5. If you know football, you know damn well this guy is top three in his position. If he can keep that level or higher for most of his career, he will retire up there with Cafu and Alves.
  6. The game was played like man utd set up for it, not the heavy metal attack that klopp only knows. once again this potent offense got shut down and the only positive for kloppy's squad was TAA not getting bully by Rashford again. The midfield composed by Scotty, Fred, and AP shut liverpool down.... let that sink in for a minute
  7. Teso dos Bichos

    2019 Member of the Year - Nominations

    Chris knows. Being a proud alumni of the Storts academy is the highest achievement, I'm not bothered by small time awards like this.. @Cicero is the one that lives for this type.
  8. Average coming from an evertonian they are still rattled from that public raping Liverscum gave them.... the same team that man utd DOMINATED. Dont let that win versus chelsea get to your head, that's another team that has been dominated twice by the team you call average... just win United, just fucking win. 3-1
  9. It was expected but regardless of how good he is, it's a bit sad that such a big club has to reach out to a Minority owner Lebron and lame ass Drake to promote the club brand. Great coach and players but other than VVD, they really dont have what you call a super star that can be the face of the team... maybe they should call the long list of ex players that have won the Ballon d'Or as a liverpool player and get their help instead of two of the biggest cunts ...
  10. Teso dos Bichos

    General La Liga Discussion

    3 players from arandina cf have received a sentence of 38 years for sexual abuse of 15 year old.
  11. Teso dos Bichos

    US Afghanistan War - Confidential Documents Released

    The greed is unbelievable but this nothing new. From a British general (?) Speaking in front of Congress and exposing the real motives behind the war to Chevron having to take out Condoleezza Rice of the oil tanker (she was part of the big dogs there before she was appointed by Bush.
  12. Teso dos Bichos

    (EL) - Group L - Matchday 6 - Thursday 12th December, 2019

    As of right now, if man utd finishes 1st Bayer Leverkusen, CFR Cluj, Club Brugge, Eintracht Frankfurt, Krasnodar, LASK, Ludogorets, Malmo, Olympiacos, Porto, Roma, Shakhtar Donetsk and Wolfsburg. If they finish 2nd Ajax, APOEL, Basel, Benfica, Borussia Monchengladbach, Braga, Celtic, Copenhagen, Espanyol, Gent, Internazionale, Rangers, Red Bull Salzburg, Sevilla and Sporting. AZ at OT will end on a draw imo.. they have dominated teams like Liverpool, city, spurs, and chelsea (I'm still waiting on chelsea to finally give man utd a challenge this season but as long as tammy and rashford start for their respective clubs, they will continue to be our hijos.) -----------------------Romero ---------Laird---Tuanzebe---Bernard---Shaw ----------------------Matic-----Garner ---------------Chong----Mata----Gomes -----------------------Greenwood AWB, Shaw, Laird, Brandon W, and Dalot who is about to be 100%!! Holy shit, talk about serious FB depth and potential, but tbh this team has depth in every position. Kovar, the 17 year old and highly rated GK will take over the second spot next year! I tried giving yall a heads up...fuck ajax's youth , the man utd youngsters are about to make a statement and will make man utd great again
  13. Teso dos Bichos

    Group C - Matchday 6 - Wednesday 11th December, 2019

    Bring Olmo to man utd
  14. Teso dos Bichos


    I didnt think it was possible but AJs unimpressive performance versus a way less effective Ruiz (compared to the first fight) I'm even more confident now that THEBRONZEBOMBER would knock down AJ 10 times out of ten just like he did Fury and the majority of boxers he has faced. Fury had the balls to get up but Hearns bitch WONT.. he nows betters than to give Wilder a second chance at ending his career dont get carried away by the W against a weaker version of mr I cant handle the spotlight Ruiz. There is levels to this shit my n...a and Wilder is our Ali or Tyson whether you like it or not. ----- But former cruiserweight champion-turned-boxing pundit McCrory was not too impressed with Joshua’s performance, saying he ‘made a little fat fella look like Rocky Marciano’. Joshua learned from his mistakes in their first bout and put in an intelligent display in the rematch as he outboxed Ruiz Jr, who – having weighed in at over 20st – revealed that he had not trained properly for the fight. But McCrory has accused the 30-year-old champion of ‘running away’ from his opponent, saying he looked vulnerable every time Ruiz Jr put him under pressure. “I see it in two ways,” he told talkSPORT hosts Jim White and Natalie Sawyer when asked about Saturday’s fight in the Middle East. “One, he did what he had to do to win and pick up the £60m; he boxed excellently, used great movement and his jab was good. But on the other hand, he made Andy Ruiz Jr look like Rocky Marciano! He made an ordinary fighter look dangerous. At the end of the day, he was in the ring with a little fat bloke. I’m not taking too much away from Ruiz Jr, but he was badly out of shape and Joshua made him look like some sort of monster. “This wasn’t Mike Tyson, this wasn’t George Foreman. You’ve got to put it in context of who he beat. “There looked to be so much frailty around Joshua; any time he got in close quarters he grabbed, because it looked like he would get hurt at any time. “I thought he’d pepper him with a jab, step in and take him out, but his confidence didn’t look there. Any time they came close he tied them up. He wasn’t in with a super danger man! “If you weren’t a boxing fan and you looked at the TV screen, you would say ‘is this a joke?’ You’ve got one super athlete at 6ft 6in and one fella who is badly out of shape, and yet the big fella is all over the ring and running away, running away, running away.” Joshua’s win has set him up to chase what would be huge fights with Deontay Wilder and Tyson Fury next year, although he’ll likely need to face mandatory challenger for the IBF belt Kubrat Pulev first. But McCrory says the Brit will have absolutely no chance against heavyweight rivals Fury or Wilder if he keeps fighting as he did against Ruiz Jr. He added: “I want to give him credit, it was a beautiful boxing display… but are you going to do that with Deontay Wilder? For me, Tyson Fury looks way better, and do not even go near Deontay Wilder because he’ll get knocked out. “Fight fans will want it, and Joshua doesn’t shirk a challenge so hopefully he’ll take a fight like that, but it’s then we’ll find out if he’s back and whether he can claim greatness. “It’s when he goes in with somebody like Wilder when we’ll find out his true measure and where he will stand in heavyweight history.” the truth will set you free!!! Hearn and his pussy bitch barely scrapped by Ruiz and those two performances alone is all the boxing world needed to see to know how its gonna end for AJ if he agrees to fight the current TOP heavyweight boxer in the world. The ala-muda-fucking-bama legend will bring yall back to reality if the fight ever happens,
  15. Teso dos Bichos

    FIFA Club World Cup 2019

    Perfect mf timing for Monterrey. Not that they have a chance to win but because it gives club America more than enough time to prepare for the games versus Monterrey for the league title. La 14 en navidad y UNA puta en CUATRO pa new year's to go along with man utd's current form (although I would prefer man utd to be up there with lcfc , I wouldn't not want it to be thanks to var like them, prefer hard work and trust on the process )!