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  1. Really hoping we get some momentum going now under the new manager, although in reality our season is over. No chance of the playoffs.
  2. Lovely start to the afternoons football, fancied Carvalho to score. Im going for a Blackburn to win Burnley to lose double this aft and a yankee of draws .
  3. Really surprised at those % in the OP. I can’t remember a single time I’ve sat down to wee unless I’ve needed a number two and a wee at the same time.
  4. We were so so poor @Bluebird Hewitt I’ll forget that game quickly.
  5. JoshBRFC


    The post clearly says it’s been edited and it’s the in game face? As funny as it is… So what do people think is going to happen at WM? Is the rock going to betray Reigns?
  6. Dont do it to me @Bluebird Hewitt Only team needed with half hour to go
  7. JoshBRFC


    So, they’re going to repeat Daniel Bryan aren’t they? Cody v Rock for the winner to face Reigns.
  8. JoshBRFC


    Will do yeah. I'm not pretending to be a super fan or anything, i only occasionally watch games throughout the year.
  9. JoshBRFC


    The whole is a work… it has to be.
  10. JoshBRFC


    Nonsense. I’m sure Froch is financially secure for life. John Fury is an absolute embarrassment, the cringeworthy hypocritical cunt. Just like his son, Luke.
  11. JoshBRFC


    Rocky sucks chants last night They’ve really messed this up, why have Cody win the rumble?
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