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  1. Starting tomorrow Number of Goals in Game: Boca v Quilmes 0 (2) / 1 (3) / 2+ (1) Hull City to score v Luton YES (2) / NO (3) Saturday & Sunday - GK Clean Sheet joe hart celtic A red card to be shown in the Manchester Derby YES (2) / NO (2) Griezmann's first minute on the field for Atletico (v Sevilla) STARTING XI (6) / FIRST HALF SUB (5) / 46-59 (4) / 60-65 (3) / 65-80 (2) / 81-90+ (1) Result - Nashville v Houston Dynamo NASHVILLE (2) / DRAW (3) / HOUSTON (1)
  2. Saturday 24th September, 2022 Arsenal Women vs Tottenham Women 2-1 Slovenia vs Norway 0-2 Cyprus vs Greece, 0-2 Czech Republic vs Portugal 1-2 Scotland vs Republic of Ireland 1-1 Sunday 25th September, 2022 San Jose Earthquakes vs LA Galaxy 0-1 New Zealand vs Australia 0-1 Liverpool Women vs Everton Women 0-1 Denmark vs France, 1-1 Netherlands vs Belgium, 1-2 Please get ALL predictions in by SATURDAY 24th SEPTEMBER - Topic will be LOCKED at 13.30 (BST)!!
  3. Result - Hebburn Town v Stockton HEBBURN (2) / DRAW (3) / STOCKTON (2) Goals into Points - League Two - Saturday Northampton Town Team to Score First - Plymouth v Ipswich PLYMOUTH (4) / IPSWICH (3) / NO GOAL (5) UEFA Nations League - Team to Win - Monday Only Georgia Grimsby to win by 2+ goals v Carlisle YES (2) / NO (1)
  4. Friday 16th September, 2022 Aston Villa vs Southampton, 1-0 Nottm Forest vs Fulham, 1-1 Saturday 17th September, 2022 Wolves vs Man City 0-2 Newcastle vs Bournemouth 2-0 Tottenham vs Leicester, 2-1 Sunday 18th September ,2022 Brentford vs Arsenal 1-2 Everton vs West Ham 1-1 Man Utd P-P Leeds, 14.00 Chelsea P-P Liverpool, 16.30 Please get ALL predictions in by FRIDAY 16th SEPTEMBER - Topic will be LOCKED at 20.00 (BST)!!
  5. I feel Todd's words yesterday, poo-pood by Klopp, will sound like sweet music to all owners of EPL Clubs. How old is the Premier league, 30? I don't think we have had so many ideas in how to raise revenue put out there since the clubs back slapped each other holding out for Sky to cough up for that very first TV contract. What do they need to pass something new, 14 clubs? I would have thought 12-15 would be in favor straight away as, say for a all star game, if going by Baseball, those low clubs will be expected to only offer one player each. Money for old rope. I remember relegation play-off's in the past, grounds full, home n away. Don't see why it can't be brought back. If the little clubs don't want the big clubs to start a Euro league, they need to anti up more revenue and relegation play-offs is an easy sell to an audience. I am sure Todd will get some stick, but for me its about time someone ruffled a few feathers n woke up a stagnant EPL.
  6. Well who would have thought it? The Yanks have a touch of the Russian Roulette about them. While I knew he needed to be moved on, I never for one minute felt the new lot would have it in them to one, Sack him so early after the cash spending and two, see what I could see with him being a charlatan who upset more players than Jose and for being a so called tactical genius, who brought some of the very worst football a Chelsea team has produced in decades. Those Chelsea fans who have found shock & disappointment with the last few days tend to have their hearts n minds clouded by what TT did in the media room during the tough times we endured when our government removed our owner as a nothing weapon against Russia. While he became a media darling and painted himself as a wonderful human. Sitting in the stands watching his teams cough n splutter has left me no doubt this is the correct decision. You all sat there with me, if you think anything else of his football you are blinded by how he made you feel with his words. Some would have you believe of the Seven forwards at the club at the end of the season, Five asked to leave, spouting the manager as the reason why. Its obvious he told Lukaku one thing and did the opposite. So much more I could write, but after 7,000+ posts in this thread since the sacking there is no need to do a autopsy. Maybe we have an answer now why we bought 32? There does seem to be plenty of evidence the new man has been penciled in for a while. Many of you have picked up on this before me in the thread and we all know some of you have proven contacts. SpaldingSam post on Billy Gilmore is excellent and a real eye opener. PatrickStephansX point on the Arsenal USA fiasco after the game has to be one of the posts of the thread. I remember Matt Law talking on a Podcast hinting of Patricks very point and I understand he touched on it again these past few days on that American Podcast. Maybe that truth will come out over the coming days. Potter is the new man and I will offer my thoughts on him in his thread. I can't help feeling Potter is an appointment by owners who accept they are not experts but are happy to take the recommendations of people they believe are experts. That for me then brings into question who they believe are experts? Like many Chelsea fans since Potters appointment I have been researching as much as I can trying to get a feel for the bloke. Of course most are talking him up for the job he done at Brighton, but for me what stands out from his time at Brighton is he had exactly the same problem as TT with lack of goals for a long time. Other raised eyebrow findings, he is a coach of many formations and tends to play players in different positions from week to week. That maybe lack of personnel, but we have had enough of that ourselves. I flagged up TT doing that far too often. Its a brave appointment, one a top club would only make with novice football owners. Potter has to convince his veteran squad members early or he will struggle. As far as us fans, we need to be told clearly what his remit is. I can handle a re-build, but I want to be told that's his remit.
  7. Saturday 10th September, 2022 Kilmarnock vs St Johnstone 0-1 Stoke vs Luton 1-0 Famalicao vs Benfica, 0-2 New York RB vs New England Revolution, 2-1 Sunday 11th September, 2022 Bologna vs Fiorentina, 1-1 Besiktas vs Istanbul Basaksehir, 1-0 Feyenoord vs Rotterdam, 2-0 Man City Women vs Arsenal Women 2-1 Monaco vs Lyon, 0-1 Real Betis vs Villarreal 0-1 Please get ALL predictions in by SATURDAY 10th SEPTEMBER - Topic will be LOCKED at 15.00 (BST)!!
  8. Saw it coming a mile away ~ Fancy paying out for that banner
  9. Gabriel Jesus to score or assist v Zurich YES (2) / NO (5) Result: FC Volendam v GA Eagles VOLENDAM (4) / DRAW (2) / GA EAGLES (3) Goals into Points: Championship (Saturday) Queens Park Rangers Freiburg top of Bundesliga on Monday Morning YES (2) / NO (3) Number of Goals in Game - Leeds v Nottingham Forest 0 (2) / 1-2 (1) / 2+ (3) Pick a Team to DRAW their game (Tuesday) YOUR CHOICE (4) Barrow v Doncaster Rovers
  10. Oi @Stan Haha I thought you was joking resetting my score? I think you might find I should be 98 points total when adding this weeks 11 points. Where is bloody @Lucas when I needed him and his point checking service? Self serving so n so LOL
  11. So much could be said about the weekends game. Yes we got away with one, but for me when the manager fucks up before the game again, you have to wonder would losing been better for the club? He has dug himself onto a hole over the two left backs. He insisted we got Pep's left back and now finds himself needing to bench him for lasts season fit again wing back. A decision will need to be made on the goalie. Been obvious to me for ages, only now people are catching on. 24 signs a long term contract, but yet again his short temper should have seen sent off. He needs education on keeping calm and letting his football be his weapon of choice. Lastly the manager is being set up by the media who love to stick a microphone under his snout while he bumbles on with pathetic excuses. He was almost crestfallen when told the difference 21 made to the game and the bullshit he spoke of 21 not being ready yet should be translated into, but I have to pick the guy I paid 60Million. Playing as poorly as we have this season, its quite amazing how many points we have gained. What happens is we play well is a question I would like to see answered. Most impressed with 33, looks very much at home at our level. 10 did very little again, 23 tried hard and I wonder if he would be better with a free roll between the two lines.
  12. Great little board which I thank you both for the education Are you & @Redcanuck still in contact with any of the others?
  13. Tried to log in Saturday between 8-9am to register my offering for Stans prediction leagues only to be faced with a probable non payment of rent screen. Went to Football asking my son to attempt the same during the morning with no luck. Shame, I would have scored very well on both Void week or average taken of last two weeks score?
  14. Number of Goals - Bayern v Viktoria Koln If you're right, you get that amount of points. 6 Result - Leicester v Manchester United LEICESTER (3) / DRAW (4) / MANCHESTER UNITED (2) Score First - West Brom v Burnley WEST BROM (2) / BURNLEY (1) / NO GOALS (4) Choose a Player - Goals into Points (Saturday Matches Only) Santiago Giménez Dutch Eredivisie Go Ahead Eagles v Feyenoord Number of Goals - Ligue 1 (Sunday - 7 Games) 0-5 (6) / 6-10 (4) / 10+ (5) Ross Stewart to score for Sunderland v Middlesbrough YES (3) / NO (4)
  15. Haha, you need to work on your put downs Stan... Using one that's just been used against you, to better effect, shows your juvenile. No matter, I'm done with you.
  16. I think the rumours are 100% true. As much as the manager states we are a club in transition, I believe he has lost many players minds who, as he states, are looking too much at their phones hoping their Agent can get them away from the club (It's actually him). This morning the word is 10 & 22 gave word to the club at the start of this window they no longer wish to be around as they want regular first team football. Read between the lines on that gives you the truth. I didn't like his line up last night. His substitutions were all wrong (as usual) and why we have decided against a 5 is beyond me. Still, all questions will be answered through the season. Aren't we all looking forward to those.
  17. Well me ol Hector, you are always in here crying the bitch over something Chelsea are alleged to have done. I would have thought your own club has given you enough to rub your cock about of late after 30 years without. Yet, here you are again in our thread with this windows bitch about FFP. Where my Harry Enfield GIF? Loads N Loads of MONEY.
  18. Of course you fail to mention what this is about and caused you to "think" n throw your toys out of your pram. Even your clubs number one cheerleader admitted straight after that game your club got away with one. When your adult enough to admit that, then maybe you will be worthy of reading. Till then, Carry on Thinking
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