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  1. Saturday 28th January, 2023 Walsall vs Leicester, 0-2 Preston vs Tottenham, 0-3 Hannover vs Kaiserslautern, 1-0 Marseille vs Monaco, 2-1 Sunday 29th January, 2023 Melbourne City vs Adelaide Utd, 2-1 Chelsea Women vs Liverpool Women 4-0 Real Valladolid vs Valencia, 0-1 Livingston vs Hearts, 0-1 Wrexham vs Sheff Utd 0-2 Napoli vs Roma, 2-1 Please get ALL predictions in by SATURDAY 28th JANUARY - Topic will be LOCKED at 12.30pm (GMT)!!
  2. ll kick-offs 15.00 (GMT) unless stated Saturday 21st January, 2023 Coventry vs Norwich, 1-2 St Johnstone vs Rangers, 1-3 Grasshoppers vs Young Boys, 1-2 Fiorentina vs Torino, 1-0 Sevilla vs Cadiz, 1-0 Sunday 22nd January, 2023 Wellington Phoenix vs Central Coast, 1-2 Sunderland vs Middlesbrough, 1-2 Feyenoord vs Ajax, 1-3 Hibernian vs Hearts, 1-2 Juventus vs Atalanta, 1-0 Please get ALL predictions in by SATURDAY 21st JANUARY - Topic will be LOCKED at 12.30pm (GMT)!!
  3. Just to take a leaf out of our buddy's @Lucas book of playing to the rules in another competition thread, I feel I should bring @Stan attention to his own rules. Extra Points: Participation Bonus - If you are on time and predict ALL results in the game-week, you get the full 5-point bonus. If you miss any amount of games in a game-week, you will only get 2 additional points. Obviously if I am wrong in bringing this to your attention, then I guess you must have moved to France where Al Murray states there are no rules , and then, I am sorry for the interuption. If I am correct, then there are one or two weeks scors to be amended. . Footnote: Outstanding weeks score @Dan. One is truly thankful you did not start last week closer to the top. Lotta ball game left, good luck to you sir!
  4. all kick-offs 15.00 (GMT) unless stated Wednesday 18th January, 2023 Crystal Palace vs Man Utd, 1-2 Thursday 19th January, 2023 Man City vs Tottenham 2-1 Saturday 21st January, 2023 Liverpool vs Chelsea 1-1 Bournemouth vs Nottm Forest 0-1 Leicester vs Brighton 1-2 Southampton vs Aston Villa 2-1 West Ham vs Everton 1-0 Crystal Palace vs Newcastle 0-1 Sunday 22nd January, 2023 Leeds vs Brentford, 1-2 Man City vs Wolves 2-0 Arsenal vs Man Utd 1-1 Monday 23rd January, 2023 Fulham vs Tottenham 0-1 Please get ALL predictions in by WEDNESDAY 18th JANUARY - Topic will be LOCKED at 20.00 (GMT)!!
  5. Saturday 14th January, 2023 Hibernian vs Dundee Utd 1-0 Middlesbrough vs Millwall 1-0 Marseille vs Lorient, 2-1 Ajax vs Twente, 2-1 Real Sociedad vs Athletic Bilbao, 1-1 Sunday 15th January, 2023 Western Sydney Wanderers vs Melbourne City, 0-1 Sassuolo vs Lazio, 0-1 Arsenal Women vs Chelsea Women, 2-2 Club Brugge vs Anderlecht, 1-1 Benfica vs Sporting Lisbon, 1-0 Please get ALL predictions in by SATURDAY 14th JANUARY - Topic will be LOCKED at 15.00 (GMT)!!
  6. Thursday 12th January, 2023 Fulham vs Chelsea 1-2 Friday 13th January, 2023 Aston Villa vs Leeds 2-1 Saturday 14th January, 2023 Man Utd vs Man City 2-2 Brighton vs Liverpool 1-2 Everton vs Southampton 1-1 Nottm Forest vs Leicester 0-1 Wolves vs West Ham 1-1 Brentford vs Bournemouth 2-0 Sunday 15th January, 2023 Chelsea vs Crystal Palace 3-1 Newcastle vs Fulham 2-1 Tottenham vs Arsenal 2-2
  7. Saturday 7th January, 2023 Gillingham vs Leicester, 0-4 Lyon vs Metz, 3-0 St Mirren vs Hearts 1-1 Villarreal vs Real Madrid, 1-2 Juventus vs Udinese, 1-0 Sunday 8th January, 2023 Macarthur FC vs Newcastle Jets, 1-0 Hartlepool vs Stoke 0-2 Fenerbahce vs Galatasaray, 2-2 AC Milan vs Roma, 2-1 Atletico Madrid vs Barcelona, 2-1
  8. Monday 2nd January, 2023 Brentford vs Liverpool, 1-2 Tuesday 3rd January, 2023 Arsenal vs Newcastle 1-0 Everton vs Brighton 1-1 Leicester vs Fulham 2-1 Man City vs Bournemouth 4-0 Wednesday 4th January, 2023 Southampton vs Nottm Forest 1-0 Leeds vs West Ham 1-2 Aston Villa vs Wolves 1-1 Crystal Palace vs Tottenham 1-2 Thursday 5th January, 2023 Chelsea vs Man City 0-1
  9. sorry have to pull out as I do not frequent this board often enough to catch the updates. Good luck all.
  10. Friday 30th December, 2022 West Ham vs Brentford 2-1 Liverpool vs Leicester, 2-0 Saturday 31st December, 2022 Wolves vs Man Utd, 1-2 Bournemouth vs Crystal Palace 0-1 Fulham vs Southampton 2-1 Man City vs Everton 3-0 Newcastle vs Leeds 2-1 Brighton vs Arsenal 1-2 Sunday 1st January, 2023 Tottenham vs Aston Villa 2-1 Nottm Forest vs Chelsea 1-2 Please get ALL predictions in by FRIDAY 30th DECEMBER - Topic will be LOCKED at 19.45 (GMT)!!
  11. Monday 26th December, 2022 Brentford vs Tottenham 1-2 Everton vs Wolves 1-1 Leicester vs Newcastle 2-2 Southampton vs Brighton 1-2 Aston Villa vs Liverpool 1-2 Arsenal vs West Ham 2-1 Tuesday 27th December, 2022 Chelsea vs Bournemouth 2-1 Man Utd vs Nottm Forest 2-0 Wednesday 28th December, 2022 Leeds vs Man City 0-2 Please get ALL predictions in by MONDAY 26th DECEMBER - Topic will be LOCKED at 12.30pm (GMT)!!
  12. Result: Genk v Anderlecht GENK (1) / DRAW (2) / ANDERLECHT (3) Haaland to score v Liverpool in EFL Cup YES (1) / NO (3) Number of Goals in Match - Rio Ave v Maritimo 0-1 (3) / 2-3 (2) / 4+ (4) A player from a World Cup squad to score in the Premier League on Boxing Day YES (2) / NO (5)
  13. Saturday 12th November, 2022 St Johnstone vs Motherwell 1-0 West Brom vs Stoke 1-1 Istanbul Basaksehir vs Galatasaray, 1-2 Rennes vs Toulouse, 2-0 Boavista vs Porto, 0-1 Sunday 13th November, 2022 Central Coast vs Macarthur FC, 2-1 Atalanta vs Inter Milan, 1-2 Burnley vs Blackburn, 2-1 Club Brugge vs Royal Antwerp, 2-1 Internacional vs Palmeiras, 0-1 Please get ALL predictions in by SATURDAY 12th NOVEMBER - Topic will be LOCKED at 15.00 (GMT)!!
  14. Saturday 12th November, 2022 Man City vs Brentford, 3-1 Bournemouth vs Everton 1-1 Liverpool vs Southampton 2-0 Nottm Forest vs Crystal Palace 1-2 Tottenham vs Leeds 2-1 West Ham vs Leicester 1-1 Newcastle vs Chelsea 1-0 Wolves vs Arsenal 1-2 Sunday 13th November, 2022 Brighton vs Aston Villa, 2-1 Fulham vs Man Utd 1-1 Please get ALL predictions in by SATURDAY 12th NOVEMBER - Topic will be LOCKED at 12.30pm (GMT)!!
  15. Saturday 5th November, 2022 Sheff Utd vs Burnley, 1-1 Celtic vs Dundee Utd 3-0 Galatasaray vs Besiktas, 1-1 Fluminense vs Sao Paulo, 1-0 LAFC vs Philadelphia Union, 0-1 Sunday 6th November, 2022 Torquay vs Derby 0-2 Ajax vs PSV, 2-2 Roma vs Lazio, 1-1 Marseille vs Lyon, 0-1 Real Betis vs Sevilla, 1-0 Please get ALL predictions in by SATURDAY 5th NOVEMBER - Topic will be LOCKED at 12.30pm (GMT)!!
  16. Saturday 5th November, 2022 Leeds vs Bournemouth 2-1 Man City vs Fulham 3-0 Nottm Forest vs Brentford 1-1 Wolves vs Brighton 1-1 Everton vs Leicester 1-1 Sunday 6th November, 2022 Chelsea vs Arsenal, 1-0 Aston Villa vs Man Utd, 1-2 Southampton vs Newcastle 1-2 West Ham vs Crystal Palace 2-2 Tottenham vs Liverpool 1-2 Please get ALL predictions in by SATURDAY 5th NOVEMBER - Topic will be LOCKED at 15.00 (GMT)!!
  17. Saturday 29th October, 2022 Coventry vs Blackpool 1-1 St Johnstone vs Kilmarnock 1-0 Lecce vs Juventus, 1-1 Flamengo vs Athletic Paranaense 1-0 Sunday 30th October, 2022 Paderborn vs Hamburg, 1-2 Adelaide vs Perth Glory, 0-1 Everton Women vs Man Utd Women, 1-2 Rennes vs Montpellier, 2-1 Young Boys vs Basel, 1-2 Athletic Bilbao vs Villarreal, 1-1 Please get ALL predictions in by SATURDAY 29th OCTOBER - Topic will be LOCKED at 15.00 (BST)!!
  18. Starting from Thursday ~ Lucky I looked Result: Manchester United v Sheriff Tiraspol MANCHESTER UNITED (2) / DRAW (3) / SHERIFF (4) Mitchell Weiser to score v Hertha Berlin YES (2) / NO (1) Liverpool to drop points v Leeds YES (4) / NO (2) More goals in La Liga or Eredivisie (Sunday) LA LIGA (3) / EREDIVISIE (3) Time of first goal - Verona v Roma 0-25 (1) / 26-45 (2) / 46-75 (3) / 75+ (4) Conceded Goals into Points (Tuesday Only) CHOOSE A TEAM Maidenhead United
  19. Saturday 22nd October, 2022 Nottm Forest vs Liverpool, 0-2 Everton vs Crystal Palace 1-0 Man City vs Brighton 3-0 Chelsea vs Man Utd 1-0 Sunday 23rd October, 2022 Aston Villa vs Brentford 1-0 Leeds vs Fulham 1-1 Southampton vs Arsenal 1-2 Wolves vs Leicester 1-1 Tottenham vs Newcastle 2-1 Monday 24th October, 2022 West Ham vs Bournemouth 2-1 Please get ALL predictions in by SATURDAY 22nd OCTOBER - Topic will be LOCKED at 12.30pm (BST)!!
  20. Saturday 22nd October, 2022 Melbourne Victory vs Melbourne City, 1-1 Blackpool vs Preston, 0-1 Motherwell vs Aberdeen 1-2 Fenerbahce vs Istanbul Basaksehir, 2-1 Santos vs Corinthians, 1-1 Sunday 23rd October, 2022 Swansea vs Cardiff, 2-1 Watford vs Luton, 0-1 Real Betis vs Atletico Madrid, 0-1 Nice vs Nantes, 1-0 Roma vs Napoli, 1-1 Please get ALL predictions in by SATURDAY 22nd OCTOBER - Topic will be LOCKED at 09.45AM (BST)!!
  21. Tuesday 18th October, 2022 Brighton vs Nottm Forest 1-0 Crystal Palace vs Wolves 1-1 Wednesday 19th October, 2022 Bournemouth vs Southampton 1-2 Brentford vs Chelsea 1-2 Liverpool vs West Ham 2-1 Newcastle vs Everton 2-1 Man Utd vs Tottenham, 1-0 Thursday 20th October, 2022 Fulham vs Aston Villa 1-1 Leicester vs Leeds 1-0 Please get ALL predictions in by TUESDAY 18th OCTOBER - Topic will be LOCKED at 19.30 (BST)!!
  22. Saturday 15th October, 2022 Celtic vs Hibernian 2-0 Torino vs Juventus, 0-1 Watford vs Norwich, 1-2 LA Galaxy vs Nashville, 1-1 Sunday 16th October, 2022 Western United vs Sydney FC, 0-1 Real Madrid vs Barcelona, 2-1 Austria Vienna vs RB Salzburg, 1-1 Anderlecht vs Club Brugge, 1-1 Besiktas vs Trabzonspor, 1-1 PSG vs Marseille, 2-1 Please get ALL predictions in by SATURDAY 15th OCTOBER - Topic will be LOCKED at 15.00 (BST)!!
  23. Friday 14th October, 2022 Brentford vs Brighton, 0-1 Saturday 15th October, 2022 Leicester vs Crystal Palace, 2-2 Fulham vs Bournemouth 2-1 Wolves vs Nottm Forest 1-0 Tottenham vs Everton 2-1 Sunday 16th October, 2022 Aston Villa vs Chelsea 1-2 Leeds vs Arsenal 0-2 Man Utd vs Newcastle 1-1 Southampton vs West Ham, 1-2 Liverpool vs Man City 2-2 Please get ALL predictions in by FRIDAY 14th OCTOBER - Topic will be LOCKED at 20.00 (BST)!!
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