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  1. I wondered who you was talking about? Yeah, its the biggest slap in the face to the other Chelsea players as their all season passenger picks up a gong for very little. I guess if France had won the Euro's or Croatia, Kante & Kovacic would have taken the UEFA gong. Maybe your boy would have got it if England had managed to fall over the line. Makes you wonder if Emerson Palmieri had made 10 more Chelsea appearances last season his name would already be engraved on the Ballon d'or. In his favor Jorginho is a better player today because of his time in the Premier League. Think back to his refusing to run back when losing the ball & pussy footed attitude to tackling when he first turned up. Both have improved and by all accounts he is well liked by the other players. For me he above all benefited from Co-vid ban on fans attending. Before the ban he was getting alot of stick both home and away. When we return he is holding the CL and shaking hands receiving a UEFA gong. The knowledge of those who don't attend games.
  2. Must be pretty desparate to nick young Reece medals ~ I understand 4 potless Spurs players have been interviewed by the Police
  3. Please get ALL predictions in by FRIDAY 17th SEPTEMBER - Topic will be LOCKED at 20.00 (BST)!! FRIDAY 17th September, 2021 Newcastle vs Leeds 1-2 Saturday 18th September, 2021 Wolves vs Brentford, 2-1 Burnley vs Arsenal 0-1 Liverpool vs Crystal Palace 3-0 Man City vs Southampton 3-0 Norwich vs Watford 2-2 Aston Villa vs Everton 2-1 Sunday 19th September, 2021 Brighton vs Leicester 1-2 West Ham vs Man Utd 1-2 Tottenham vs Chelsea 0-2 Please get ALL predictions in by FRIDAY 17th SEPTEMBER - Topic will be LOCKED at 20.00 (BST)!!
  4. all kick-offs 15.00 (BST) unless stated Saturday 18th September, 2021 Aberdeen vs St Johnstone 1-0 Millwall vs Coventry 1-2 Alaves vs Osasuna 0-1 St Etienne vs Bordeaux 1-1 Sunday 19th September, 2021 Real Salt Lake vs Seattle Sounders 2-0 PSV vs Feyenoord 1-1 Internacional vs Fortaleza 2-2 Juventus vs AC Milan 1-1 PSG vs Lyon 3-1 Valencia vs Real Madrid 2-1 Please get ALL predictions in by SATURDAY 18th SEPTEMBER - Topic will be LOCKED at 15.00 (BST)!!
  5. @carefreeluke Mount has been our best player is a stretch. Not for me. Since this manager turned up the best performing players have been defenders and during Franks time, when Kante was on the pitch he was the best player. Mount is doing ok. For me if everybody is fit he isnt a shoe-in to start. His problem is & will continue to be is he is a jack of several positions n Master of none.
  6. Yes I have heard others voice your Mount\Lampard point. There is no doubt he has alot of minutes in his legs over the last year and been exposed to a level of importance very few of his age get to enjoy. I feel sure his production will return and agree Tuchel will be watched by as all for how he handles our best talent. He has always striked me as level headed kinda guy and I dont feel Mason will be a problem.
  7. Shame for Lingard after building his confidence at West Ham and getting a Ole vote to stay at United. Result shouldnt hurt too much other than you probably having to play a full team in the last fixture.
  8. @Redcanuck Did West Ham ever play in Yellow while Lingard was on loan there? :)
  9. CL Home Zenit St Petersburg I felt Zenit showed excellent discipline throughout the game & for long periods looked comfortable. We helped them by playing far too narrow with our supposedly wide front players Ziyech & Mount almost touching each other in the middle of the pitch. The latter was particularly poor for almost the entire length he was on the pitch. I fully understand when you play 3 at the back your width should come from wing backs, but we failed to release either of them with penetrating balls from our slow retention of possession, something which is evident when we start Kovacic & Jorginho together. We should be thankful for the positive result because while I was sitting in the East Stand I could see the result going the same way as the first game of last seasons CL against Seville 0-0 Antonio Rudiger set a fire under the team with two or three runs storming forward giving us our few moments of excitement. Only two shots on goal in 90 mins kinda paints a full boring picture of the game. Thank fuck for Romelu. Chilwell got an outing & even Reuben Loftus-Cheek showed his face. Felt Werner might have been given a chance alongside Romelu, or even a run out wide to stretch the game. Nice to hear Frank having one of his tunes sung a number of times through the game. I am kinda surprised he is still to surface via punditry as he proved quite adept on BT before his managerial career kicked off. This mornings chuckle came from reading Anthony Taylor was at it again last night only to be saved by onlookers when he sent the wrong guy off. Something new for his thread :)
  10. Hope your well mate. I had to laugh, when I read he joined the 100 club I thought of you & knew you wouldnt be able to resist bringing up my correct forcast for the 17-18 season. As you know 16-17 Liverpool finished 4th with 76 points 22 June 2017 Liverpool sign Salah 17-18 Liverpool finish 4th with 75 points No improvement exactly as I told you. Other players arrived via the Coutinho money and over the coming seasons Liverpool improved climaxing with a PL title after a 30 year wait. Obviously Salah has contributed to Liverpools success, but on the 17-18 season, the season I stated you would not improve, I was proved correct. Keep making me smile mate!
  11. Home Aston Villa Very interesting game in which Villa came with a plan and in a few seasons gone by, would probably left with at least a point. For me, Tucel is a lucky manager. 2 or 3 times since he has come to the club he has made line up decisions which turned out to be badly wrong, without paying the ultimate price in losing. Saul really wasn't ready for the Premier League and had one of the worst debuts I have seen. Slow, none understanding how even the poor teams in the EPL press and hassle in the middle of the pitch, he got away with numerous passes direct to grateful Villa players who should have made more of their oppotunity's. He reminded me of the wayward passes Jorginho became famous for when he first pulled on a Chelsea shirt. Feller sitting next to me during the game said at half time, "Can see why Athletico wanted obligation to buy after the loan rather than an option" Marina saw through that one and with time maybe he will find his feet in the best league. Sure can't play worse. Happy to read the manager pointed to himself as his mistake in selecting Saul. Hudson Odi: The manager keeps giving huge votes of confidence for the player, but without much in return. If he is so good, why are we having to manufacture a position, Wing Back, for someone who obviously isn't good enough to nail down either of the forward wide positions since he broke through? The loan to Germany, a weaker standard of football may well have been the making of him, or as I suspect out him as a very lucky boy to get that contract. I agree with CFC7Oaks that up to now we haven't seen him progress from the performances against his own age group where he would burn defenders for fun. It sounds like he has a huge fan in the manager, so we are saddled with him for now and must take notice of which games he starts. Many picked out Mendy for praise after he kept us in the game with many saves. Saves that do not stick. Almost all his stops stay in play and often straight back into the middle of the box. My son says I am being harsh. I think there will come a time during this season the other feller is given a chance to re-earn his spot. Alonso made captain, Rudiger playing like he knows his best ever contract is his prize come the end of the season and a 36 year old Brazilian are all performing at a very high defensive level. I have always been a fan of Alonso as a wing back and it pleases me he again is showing his worth when played in his correct position\formation. Rudiger, while still pissing me off with his 40 yards shots at goal, is playing at his highest level since being at the club. I am sure you are all aware of what has been said about his future since the opening day home game against Palace. Silva is a man who is a master of his trade. His positioning behind Mendy when young Watkins should have slotted home only to hit Silva directly in the chest was wonderful defending. We must not forget the Home Runs Frank hit while in charge and Silva's Signing is an out the ground Home Run. While many Chelsea fans felt the Lukaku signing could be suspect when other desirable names were linked, I stated on the day he signed that I liked the signing. This isn't the headstrong young man who left us and he sure isn't the guy United paid an agent a small fortune to get his signature when his first choice to return to us. Whatever Conte has done with him has paid off for us in spades. His first goal proved he now has it between the ears and the confidence to go to his lesser foot (Can you imagine Morata doing that?) and while his 2nd cost me plenty of £££ as I had 2-0, it was very well taken and also proved his touch has improved past the days of Cobham where it had to roll to his left foot for the Hammer time to take place. Talking of gambling, congratulations to StamfordHillCowboy on your big win. A great result which flattered us as Villa played very well. I must finish on a serious note. Returning home after the game I was delayed at Liverpool Street Station, so on hearing the delay I walked off to get myself a Coffee. On returning to the gate of the Platform my Train was departing from the was alot of noise & I saw four blokes in Arsenal shirts playing football with a Cat. I was just about to call the Police and RSPCA when the Cat went 1-0 up
  12. Saturday 11th September, 2021 Crystal Palace vs Tottenham 0-1 Arsenal vs Norwich 2-0 Brentford vs Brighton 1-2 Leicester vs Man City 1-2 Man Utd vs Newcastle 3-1 Southampton vs West Ham 0-2 Watford vs Wolves 1-1 Chelsea vs Aston Villa 2-0 Sunday 12th September, 2021 Leeds vs Liverpool 2-2 Monday 13th September, 2021 Everton vs Burnley 2-1 Off to London
  13. Saturday 11th September, 2021 Sheff Utd vs Peterborough 2-0 Napoli vs Juventus 1-1 AZ Alkmaar vs PSV 0-2 Monaco vs Marseille 1-2 Sporting Lisbon vs Porto 1-1 Sunday 12th September, 2021 Aue vs Dusseldorf 1-1 Hearts vs Hibernian 2-2 Espanyol vs Atletico Madrid 0-1 Fenerbahce vs Sivasspor 2-0 AC Milan vs Lazio 1-1
  14. Saturday 4th September, 2021 Ireland vs Azerbaijan 2-0 Qatar vs Portugal 0-3 Netherlands vs Montenegro 3-1 Scotland vs Moldova 2-1 Ukraine vs France 0-2 Sao Paulo vs America MG 2-1 Sunday 5th September, 2021 FC Cincinnati vs Inter Miami 3-1 England vs Andorra 6-0 San Marino vs Poland 0-4 Gabon vs Egypt 0-2 Good job I checked the league table, would have missed these fixtures haha. Good luck everyone
  15. Yep, if nobody else has a time lapse in posting then the problem may well lay with my PC. I will try another browser or just post less often. My thanks for the reply
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