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  1. The Liquidator

    Chelsea Discussion

    Plenty of Chelsea outlets nailing their nuts to Kai Havertz being the next signing through the door. Class act, but we are hardly light in his area of the pitch. Plus, how come our new kits get leaked so often? 2nd kit is leaked by the same outlet who managed to get the first kit. footheadlines
  2. The Liquidator

    Chelsea Discussion

    I must start this off by saying I don’t think I have wanted a Chelsea manager to succeed as much as I do with our Frank. The rarest Bird of all, an educated English footballer from a professional football family, he has always struck me as someone who would seamlessly move from pitch to sideline. The time between the last two games I have entered into much debate with fellow Chelsea fans who’s opinion I respect. Some are of the opinion Frank will hold us back from coming to fruition through inexperience & unable to find the correct balance between homegrown’s & signings. Others like myself have been very critical of many of his decisions through the season especially the length of time he allowed Tammy to keep Giroud off the pitch, a decision I believe has left us still with a question mark over our CL qualification. I think its very important to state, while I am not enthusiastic in his performance so far this season, I hold a belief he will get better & make more correct calls as he gets more time in the seat & understanding of his players. While there are some who feel his position may be questioned without CL next season, I believe the Club & owner are of a mind he stays come what may. Last nights performance underlines how poor a result West Ham was. Granted, Watford were not the best, but with a few selection tweaks, the team improved by a huge percentage over Wednesday night. Obviously the inclusion of Giroud from the start helped. I am deeply sorry to say, Tammy when selected from the start has replaced Jorginho as the passenger in the team. The level of performance between Tammy & Giroud is alarming & we must admire our young manager keeping faith with his start of the season CF choice, but while we still have a chance of top four, the Frenchman must start. At last he swapped Dave over to the other side. Alas, while it kinda fixes left flank of a back four, it weakens right side defensively. Agreed with the Rudiger decision, however Christensen is a huge liability who also needs replacing. The way Danny Wellbeck ran around Christensen at the end of the game was everything you need to evaluate the defender. Zouma continues to put in fair performances when starting. It’s just when he is slightly off his game it’s truly painful watching. Kante played well & it was nice to hear Glenn Hoddle backing Franks decision to only play the one infront of the defence. As he said, “when you have the best in the world in his position, play him there”. While his distribution is not on Pirlo’s level, the extra comfortable player on the ball infront of him should allow him easy passes to complete, as the case last night. Much kudos to both Barkley and Mount. The latter gets through plenty of work n makes me smile whenever we get a shooting range free kick. He is always in the group over the ball. Never gets the nod, but yesterday, after a number of chances came our way in the first half which were wasted by the usual suspects, Mount got his chance, who promptly followed the others into hitting his effort into the wall! Lol. I like him & continue to hold a big hope for him, although he is far too friendly with the media (pet hate of mine for all players) & needs to become invisible when off the pitch. Being so friendly probably helps his MOTM awards. Barkley (the real man of the march) again was very good. I love his work rate without the ball & took note of him busting a gut getting back to help defend in the final minutes of the game. I continue to believe the more he plays n gains confidence the better he will become for the club. The assist for Giroud was sublime & wonderful to rid the haters of their how many league games without a goal stat. Mins on the pitch is the real stat. Thrilled to hear Frank say the club have opened up dialog with Willian over new contract. Even those Chelsea fans who find him the yuck side of Marmite are finding it difficult to fault the guy of late. Giroud gave us so much more. If only we could put his football brain into Tammy. I have spoken up for Pulisic since we signed him. He is the most exciting player at the club since Hazard. Love his directness. Hope they get him to muscle up a bit as he looks a tumble away from 3 weeks out. Would suggest he gets out of the habit of glancing at the officials when he is about to hit the deck. Excellent performance & result. Plenty of difficult games ahead, but huge optimism we have a wonderful chance of cracking times ahead. Word is young Billy was stunned being carted off at half time at Leicester, so Franks decision to over look Jorginho & insert Billy for Kante late on could well be a sign we are looking for, the manager improving in his role. However, Billy needs to be on the same muscle plan as Pulisic. The effortless way Will Hughes knocked Billy off the ball late on was more than a eyebrow raiser.
  3. The Liquidator

    Chelsea Discussion

    Well its been plain for anyone with an ounce of football knowledge, our defence has more holes in it than an evening toasted Crumpet. Last night we reached a new level of incompetence and I woke this morning to the news Christensen is hoping to sign a new 5 year contract with us before next season. Where have the days Pep touching him up escorting him off the pitch gone? At the time I said sell him!! Man we cant catch a break! I have said it before and I’ll say it again, those giving Alonso stick do not understand football. He is a wing back and anything he does wrong in a 4 is down to the bloke selecting him. The same goes for the other useless Left wing back we have on the books. Talking of that bloke who picks the team. As far back as the very start of the season I was calling for Frank to employ someone to sort the defending out. I watched the after game press conference where he was asked about our defending and sure enough he answers as thou he is still in denial. Pulisic outstanding Tammy passenger Willian another above average performance Christensen and Ruduger no better than Sunday morning level. What was Dave doing? Who signed that goalie? Midfield controlled a game West Ham set up to hit on the break. Lastly, Reuben Loftus-Cheek, why on earth is he getting airtime in such important fixtures? He looks two yards behind the pace of the games. More poor management. Well done West Ham. My phone rang within minutes of the final whistle where my West Ham buddy was full of beans, as he should have been. However, he also informed me the last time West Ham did the double over us, they got relegated! They arnt very good, but they sure were good enough to do us over.
  4. The Liquidator

    Chelsea Discussion

    Strange game at Leicester. I didnt like the look of the opening selection and while I never imagined we would open so poorly, we can be thankful that Maddison was missing as I am sure he wouldnt have wasted all the opportunities of easy possession that were gifted by our mob. While the manager is getting slaps on the back from his "bravery" 3 man subs, I tend to think the bloke who sent out that starting shower of shit should be stuck up against a wall n reminded plenty of others could be given his job. If its true what he is alleged to have said to the players at half time, I got to say it brought a smile to my face. It the kind of stuff the whole club has needed to hear for a number of years. Unluckiest player of the day was Tammy who had a wonderful finish ruled out for offside. I think we all agree, he really does need a goal. Barkley continues to offer more n more to the team, although he is becoming as hit or miss as Willian on breakaways with the ball at his feet. Passing while busting a gut forward sure isnt his strong point, but overall I still think he is an absolute steal and prove to be a key player in the future. ------------------ Declan Rice returning Andre Onana replacing Kepa who is off to Valencia for a couple of years Kai Havertz keen to join Timo at Stamford Bridge, if his first choice in Spain prove to be potless and the Leicester left back said to be refusing to rule out a move to London. All these stories making the rounds, but for me none of those deals are as important as finding a natural left sided center half who is solid in the battle and comfortable on the ball. Yes, a very rare Bird, but one we need to find before we are complete.
  5. The Liquidator

    Chelsea Discussion

    Yes, to be fair too you since I wrote this on Pulisic elsewhere a couple of others have commented on his ball retention, or lack of it at times. However, the point I am making, of this seasons squad, when all are fit & available, from strict performances on the pitch, the boy is the only shoe-in of the players who play in his end of the pitch. Granted he has plenty of room to develop as you say. Baring in mind the high numbers of people who questioned his signing before he arrived at the club, we should be very happy with what we have seen from him during this/his stop start *asterisk* season.
  6. The Liquidator

    Chelsea Discussion

    What to me looked very much like a training game in the first half as Chelsea allowed City to dominate possession, turned into a little better game in the second half. I have read a lot of you here are making quite a bit about this performance and result. Not for me. I don’t think we can label this as two sides paying at 100%. The way City knocked the ball about with ease without bothering to look for killer forward passes made it plain they were not going for it. Their managers selection forward wise underlines this and to be fair with the man, I very much agree with his words on using all players at this time. His starting selection sure helped Christensen. I see you lovers of his continental defending are out in force praising his performance. Nobody pointing out he wasn’t up against a forward for most of the game and when City players did close to him they resembled no more than a above average sized woman. Granted Sterling and company are wonderful players, but size wise they are not a handful. Still, credit where credit due, he had probably he best game of the season thanks to their selection. Our goalie continues to be the biggest waste of money we have had on our books for a long time and yes, we have signed a few Turkeys in our time, but nobody for that amount of money n length of contract. I thought Alonso played his heart out in what was a very brave selection by his manager. No need to go over his history n a back four and yes he got skinned a couple of times, but overall the question of Chilwell being any better defensively must continue to be asked. Midfield got through a lot of work chasing the ball around without fully pressing as City dominated the ball. Can’t fault their effort running around trying to put out fires before they lead to anything more, but they too benefited from the lack of urgency City showed. With the high line City seem to always play, how annoying was it when Giroud got into a couple of first half foot races with Fernandinho when a more light across the ground player would have had a good chance in winning. By the way Fernandinho , Cesc says hello Willian had a very good game and was very dominant in his running any from the City players which lead to the penalty. I understand he has the reputation at the training ground as the “Pied Piper” with the young players following him around like lambs for extra training of all sorts of football skills. I really hope the club and himself can come to fruition on a new deal. 2 years and a option on a 3rd would seem to click all the boxes for both sides, but hey ho, wait n see. Lastly Pulisic. Looking more n more a bargain of a signing. I don’t know any fellow Chelsea fan who does not have him as a shoe-in starter when fit and we must look forward to some exciting games next season when the new guys are available too. Eyes firmly set on up the table. More of the same results will make the end of this *asterisk* season remembered for the emergence of a possible great English manager.
  7. The Liquidator

    Chelsea Discussion

    Villa are poor but not as poor as our central defensive pair yesterday. While exciting signings at the business end of the pitch points towards maybe a better percentage of chances finished, our defending is atrocious. Each time Rudiger plays the left side of the defence, its as thou he sulks and his performance suffers. Christensen has been much the same all season and I would have thought a decision will need to be made on his Chelsea future before long. However, as bad those two were, someone else was far worse during his 5 mins on the pitch. Young James managed to lose the ball 3 times in the few mins he was on the pitch. PATHETIC! The boys looked very fit and most did plenty of running so that was pleasing. A couple of questionable starting selections. Reuben Loftus-Cheek starting wide left? Not sure about that. Anyway, we managed to get away with it, more by the lack of decent opposition than anything we produced. As someone that goes to most of the games live, when I am forced to watch my club on TV I have got into the habit over a number of years of switching the commentators off during the game. Lets face it they talk bollocks and we dont need them when sitting in the stands around the country. Anyone else miss the names of the Villa players on the back of their shirts? I can name two maybe three Villa players at a push and I found it very frustrating not being able to put a name to a players contribution. Yesterdays result was one of the few times this season we have taken advantage of the teams around us dropping points. An advantage that may last only four days or so, but a welcome change all the same. ------------------------------------------------------------------ So that's two exciting signings so far with us continuing to be linked with a number of others. I am not a fan of the Leicester left back defensively & others linked to us in that position tend to be more eye catching going forward than what should be their Bread n Butter, defending. I think its very important while we are one of the few with cash on the hip, we make signings which instantly improve the team, which I feel sure both Hakim Ziyech & Timo Werner will do.
  8. The Liquidator

    Marcus Rashford

    So much more than a T shirt worn before a game or back of a match day shirt. There is more in this than the output of his fellow professional colleges over past 5 years. Well done to his Mother on raising such an outstanding young man.
  9. The Liquidator

    Chelsea Discussion

    Hope all my fellow Chelsea fans n families who frequent this thread are happy n healthy. Stay vigilant. Boris n his gang don't know their heads from their asses.
  10. The Liquidator

    Idea for Change in PKs

    I can just imagine the look on Lee (1 pen) face reading this suggestion. For those unfamiliar on who that is... That be Francis Lee, former Manchester City and England forward who made his living from Diving, gaining penalties, before bouncing off the ground to gather the ball and stick it away for another cheated goal. One of the very best spot kick performers I can remember. I wonder if he and Norman (bites your legs) Hunter have made up yet?
  11. The Liquidator

    Chelsea Discussion

    Well it would be wrong not to say a hat full of goals was due in a home game for us, so it was no surprise we at last had some end product to the over whelming control we tend to have in home fixtures. It must be stressed, Everton were shocking and got exactly what they deserved. Our manager again changed formation opting for a 4 at the back, Zouma shocking as the left sided CH. Not sure what Dave was doing for most of the game and Rudiger was running around trying to put out fires whenever Everton crossed the half way line. Alonso, unable to get as far forward as when in a 5, had a adequate enough time. Two games we have seen young Billy Gilmore and he has proved beyond doubt all I have said about Jorginho being a complete and utter fucking waste of a Chelsea shirt. There is no debate and we must now look forward to fucking him off our Island back to whoever is mug enough to sign him. Billy on the other hand has a huge future in the game and I am sure we will suffer plenty of lines from the garbage press on other clubs wanting to sign him come the summer. Our manager after the game, loving the press conference where he stopped our press officer from ending the conference too early as he was enjoying so much taking questions on how his management at last had something to stick his chest out too in the hope it would get rubbed. Me on the other hand was hoping one of the garbage press would ask him why it took till February for Giroud to start a premier league game and how many points has that decision cost our club? Gilmore was named man of the match by Sky. Its not unusual for them to get it wrong, which they did again Sunday. Barkley was FANTASTIC. Really run the game going forward and had enough energy to do plenty of work without the ball too. I honestly think there is a very good player in him which just needs to be brought to fruition far more often than either Everton or ourselves have seen. I hope he gets a run in the team, but one thing we have learnt with Frank, its unlikely as he tends to change far too many times. The front three all played very well with Willian making the Everton back line look like they were all carrying a Fridge each as they ran back towards their goal. Even Pedro managed to get free of them for his goal, which was opened up by a defence splitting ball from Barkley. Villa next and a chance to see the other player I would most like to see wearing a Chelsea shirt next season. Grealish. Come on John, work your magic!
  12. The Liquidator

    Chelsea Discussion

    I guess I should have swinging my Dick above my head after knocking out a club having a PL career season, but the game left me more worried about decisions my club need to make this coming summer. Last three games, Frank has chosen a different left sided CH for each game. Its March and he still has no clue who his best defence is or for that matter, how to fix it. Watching Liverpool run around using the ball given up so easily by our starting defenders had me cringing at the low level of play of our team. On another night I am sure Liverpool would have profited from the easy ball they got and been in the hat for the next round by 20 mins in. Kepa, returned to the team also had a pass it to them moment early on, but then managed to get in the way of Liverpools weak finishing. Yes we won, but our young manager still has more questions than answers and in turn the club will have a huge question to answer at the end of the season. 10 years ago I saw a young man make his full debut for the club and run a game with a performance that up to then the best debut I had seen in 40 years. Josh McEachran played in the same position as Billy Gilmore that night. Spookerly they share the same build and fast feet on the ball. Alas, those skills never were enough to even grab a squad position in the PL for Josh. Josh forever out muscled on the ball, Billy reminds me of that previous talent. It was a pleasure to see someone passing to another blue shirt and we can only hope he fills out a bit more in the near future. Leicester next.... another chance for Rodgers to break his Chelsea duck.
  13. The Liquidator

    Chelsea Discussion

    Thanks to Blue&Wine for the ride down to the south coast Saturday morning. There is no doubt Bournemouth away is one of the better fixtures for enjoying ourselves outside of the football. Yet again our young manager hamstrung us with his starting selection and as ever, was full of excuses after the game where his interview consists of the same tripe we have heard for most of the season. As we enter March he still hasnt fixed the defence and this week he decides to drop Rudiger and bring back the youngster who hadnt started a game in weeks. Simply pathetic manager decision. Tomori was picked upon by Bournemouth, Wilson pressuring him each time he received the ball often leading to the youngster rushing possession and losing the ball. Again, he isnt a natural left footer, so opening his body when he has the ball towards the left touchline isnt in his favor. I can not stress how much of a disadvantage Franks decision to return him left us. Tomori was making at least one mistake a match early in the season. At Bournemouth I counted 6 before the manager put right his selection mistake. Couple that with his ongoing love affair with Jorginho, who he loves until we have allowed the opposition to be leading, then he wips him off like the manager has at last seen the light. Fucking pathetic and thank the lord the slowest central midfielder in the EPL now has 10 fucking TEN bookings and is out for two games. So thats both the CL and PL that useless fucking twat is now suspended for. We should ask for an extension. I hope its true what you wrote MKBlueheart, in sending a letter to Jorginho's agent offering to drive them both to the airport in support of his agent, forever pulling our cocks that his player wants to return to Italy. You could have added my name as I would go so far to pay his fucking airfare! Meanwhile after his season being spent in the stands, a decision solely Franks, Giroud now seems to be first name on the teamsheet, at least infront of Mitchy in the pecking order. 5 at the back, width from the wing backs saw plenty of crosses from outwide. The inclusion of Pedro was another head scratcher, but as others have pointed out in the thread he did produce late in the game. Lastly, Alonso! I am so pleased for him. The system suits him which I have been banging on for since he has been at the club and yet again he finds the scoresheet. Yes, he isnt a great defender, but in a five he offers so much more. WalterDavis & Lemoncfc question is one that is starting to get some coverage through many media outlets and Tony Cascarino has been one of the first to highlight Franks inconsistent team selections. I have alot of time for the Ice Cream man as he tends to get right to the point rather than pussy foot around like 99% of ex footballers do when evaluating former team mates clubs ect. I believe the club do face a very important decision off the pitch at the end of this season. Universally agreed the whole squad needs major surgery, we need to decide if we believe Frank has it in him to oversee what is needed? As we sit here in March I am torn. The question has to be who else can we get, and only when we know this, can I make a decision on Frank. As much as I want it to work with him, only his bravery playing the young players is in his favor. There is nothing in what we have seen in his managerial efforts which count in his favor and his playing players out of position and team selections which saddle us with passengers from the kick off has me looking elsewhere. -------------------------------------------------------- Haha, wonderful timing those in this thread calling for Tomori
  14. The Liquidator

    Chelsea Discussion

    Sat with my fellow Chelsea regulars and witnessed what has been coming all season. Sometimes you have to hold your hands up and admit the opposition were just too good for our team. Without any doubt, Munich are on a different level to us, maybe as many as 2 or 3 levels. The movement of their front 6 was outstanding. EVERYTHING our team does not have. Abundance pace and a centre forward who is at the top of his trade. Their defence was not tested and when we did escape their high line our forwards did not have the pace to even get a shot at goal. Mount is a number 10, not a player who is wasted outside. Their midfield players were so much easier over the ground and fully exposed our central positions. The manager main comment on our performance was our lack of knocking the ball about. We have done it well against the better sides in our own league, but last night Munich dominated the middle of the pitch allowing them to boss the game from the 1st min onwards. We got spanked, but I really enjoyed the night. Our young players will learn more from that game than any of the group stage games and the older players exposed by Munich SHOULD leave the manager no doubt they need to be moved on. It was a pleasure to see a team play football at an elite level and not take their foot off the throats of the opposition for the entire 90mins. The only other team I have seen do that to us at Stamford Bridge this season was Leicester City for around 20-30 mins. This allows the club to concentrate on the league, but to be brutally honest we need to improve if we are going to be a worthwhile entrant into the CL next season.
  15. The Liquidator

    Chelsea Discussion

    So Frank plays his 3 at the back trick again and it comes up trumps against a very weakened Spurs side. I have often said Alonso is only worthy when we play this formation and yet again he comes up with the goods. However, the playing of both Mount and Barkley in very narrow midfield positions made up for having the complete waste of a Chelsea shirt, Jorginho. The two youngsters got through a huge amount of work and it was nice to hear the manager give them both plenty of praise. For most of the game we were 4 against 3 in midfield which closed out alot of Spurs trying to hit on the break. Of course we must also thank Jose, who for the 2nd game running against us left out his best player. Giroud got a huge cheer both before the game when his name was read out and when he came off. As much as we have loved having one of our own lead the line this season, there is no doubt in my mind Giroud should have started games as far back as early days of December. Another benefit of playing three at the back is it makes Christensen look safer, pretty much as it did when Luiz played that role in the middle of the three. Now I am not saying he is now a player, but I think he benefits having two players alongside him in the middle. With the manager praising his form this season before the game in his presser, it looks as thou he is here to stay. The two guys who started the season in the middle of our defence must be scratching their heads and wondering if its going to be loans again next season? Great result and a much needed 3 points. I am looking at Leicester rather than the teams behind us mainly because they are all as weak as we can be. Frank needs to be much better between now and the end of the season and I think we will be fine. Same formation till the end of the season? Who knows how his mind thinks! Oh by the way, has the goalie gone for good?