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  1. The Liquidator

    Chelsea Discussion

    Outstanding reply & awesome conformation of your lifetime development. Stay healthy & offering your worthy opinion. You’re a rare Bird around here!
  2. The Liquidator

    Chelsea Discussion

    Yeah Id say it’s a fair shout Frank does not know his best 11 or formation. He is showing all the signs of his inexperience with the weekends selection. Truly pathetic. Granted we have many players to return who should strengthen the starting line-up, but as someone pointed out yesterday, more bodies to choose from might just make it more difficult for him. The most disappointing thing for me, things that were proven to be wrong in selection last season and were seemed to have been sussed by Frank, which he was praised for, have been returned too in this weekends game. That’s a worry & a sign of weakness on Franks part. It’s a shame fans were not in the stadium as I am sure he would have got more of the same from last season selection mistakes. Who knows, this performance might help wake him up.
  3. The Liquidator

    Chelsea Discussion

    I am not sure who you are, but I am guessing you are German from your members name. If so you are not the first German who has piped up about Timo since we purchased him. Some German Chelsea fans at my board have also voiced concern, however since we had been linked with him I took in his former clubs games and I have not seen what seems to worry you so. So far he has won two penalties and looked good. Best wait till the end of the season before you crow too much about your warnings. Maybe it’s the club he played for in Germany why some Germans have a down on him. Either way, thanks for your concern, he will be fine.
  4. The Liquidator

    Chelsea Discussion

    Liverpool Home. For somebody who is as well educated as our young manager, he sure is fucking slow at understanding the fucking basics or remembering what hasn’t worked before. Kante is wasted anywhere on the pitch other than holding. Jorginho is a passenger & huge liability against any team half decent. Giroud knits our forward play together and saved our managers ass at the back end of last season. At the very end of that season we all thought the decision on Kepa had been made with Willy taking over. Yet somehow, for a reason that escapes me, he has risen back to number one and continued to be at fault for a couple of goals. I wrongly thought we were passed all this, the Penny had finally dropped. Frank isn’t grasping pure basic management decisions & while we looked safe with 11 players on the pitch, the team looked disjointed going forward & safe isn’t going to cause this Liverpool any problems. As much as I want Frank to succeed he is making it very difficult for me not to think what a more experienced manager might do with this group of players. For example, he isn’t doing Havertz any favours. The boy hasn’t been in the country 5 mins, started two games in different positions & pretty much looks like a fish out of water. Maybe a more experienced manager would have sat him on the sidelines early on getting a feel of PL football? Ok, its early. Lotta ball game left. Need to take it on the chin & wonder where the two Forlough clubs have got the money for their new players? The Lepers of the football world ~ they know who they are.
  5. Saturday 19th September, 2020 Arsenal vs West Ham 2-0 Everton vs West Brom, 2-1 Leeds vs Fulham 1-1 Man Utd vs Crystal Palace 2-1 Sunday 20th September, 2020 Chelsea vs Liverpool 1-1 Leicester City vs Burnley 2-0 Newcastle vs Brighton 2-1 Southampton vs Tottenham 1-2 Monday 21st September, 2020 Aston Villa vs Sheff Utd 2-1 Wolves vs Man City 1-2
  6. The Liquidator

    Chelsea Discussion

    Brighton Away. Wasn’t a very high standard of play by our lot for most of the game. Occasionally there was small signs of what might become, but on the whole there was little change to how we finished last season. I guess it was to be expected and to be fair I wasn’t putting much on them to perform to the levels we all hope they reach. We should be thankful Brighton were no better than we have seen before and the extra two points from this fixture we managed to winkle out. When I saw our line-up my first thought was Frank using the game to put players in the shop window, although I am fairly certain Ruben has played himself into stay with us as nobody can be daft enough to want to sign him, be it sold or loan. Since his return from injury he has been very poor & we sure missed a trick no moving him on when his stock was high. James was outstanding for the most part, but I wouldn’t trust his defending over 38 games. Truth be told the same can be said about all four starting defenders. In Baseball they have a term “He has a hole in his swing” describing a batter who always misses the ball when pitched too in a certain area. I think we have been left with no doubt now, Kepa has holes all over his body. Timo is a player Pulisic is made of Chocolate Frank still a novice Drab performance, 3 points. That will do nicely.
  7. Happy for Mitchy and after purchasing him for £2 in a fantasy league I hope he scores often. One was worried when Conor looked to be Palace bound, so very happy when this news broke and my plan came to fruition.
  8. The Liquidator

    Chelsea Discussion

    As long as there is obvious evidence come the end of the season that we are gelling into the winning team he is building for our long term future, then all is well.
  9. Saturday 12th September 2020 Crystal Palace vs Southampton 2-1 Fulham vs Arsenal 0-2 Liverpool vs Leeds 3-2 West Ham vs Newcastle 2-2 Sunday 13th September, 2020 Tottenham vs Everton, 2-1 West Brom vs Leicester, 1-2 Monday 14th September, 2020 Brighton vs Chelsea, 0-1 Sheff Utd vs Wolves, 0-1
  10. The Liquidator

    Chelsea Discussion

    On the face of it the past few months for us Chelsea fans has been exciting as we waited patiently as the medias forever lengthening Chelsea shopping list slowly burned down to the truths. I don't have any complaints on the arrivals for the loss of Pedro & Willian. The little lady with the biggest office at Stamford Bridge has again lived up to her reputation for being a cut above all others wheeling n dealing in the transfer market. It will be interesting how much she manages to bring back in once a few of the no longer needed find new homes. I was already a huge fan of Hakim Ziyech, so I have a special interest in hoping he performs well, but truth be known I cant fault any of the signings, other being completely wrong footed on Silva. Didnt see that one coming & sure would love to have been present when Luiz n Willian found out he was coming. The two Germans are both top notch signings who have left us all with no doubt how important conversations between themselves & our young manager was to get them to London. There is alot to be said having former world greats in important positions at your club when recruiting talent who not long ago were watch them on TV. Petr & Frank are proving quite the double act and “Agent” Rudiger is chiseling out a lucrative career after playing by the sound of things. All the extra bodies, obviously chosen by Frank, will fuel the opposing fans numpties claiming he is now under pressure to win this season. I really dont see it as that. As long as there is obvious evidence come the end of the season that we are gelling into the winning team he is building for the long term future, then all is well. Sort the fucking defense out & we are 3/4 there. What is wrong with Leicester? I thought the idea of employing Rodgers was to stop players thinking there is better elsewhere. They are having real problems keeping hold of anybody who shows an ounce of form. You have to wonder if Brendon has struck a deal of earning a commission of any player he manages to sell for more than whatever book value have on their squad! Must be hard being a Leicester fan during the windows. Chilwell started at the same price as they got for slaphead Maguire, yet we get him for around the same price as Man City paid out for each of their 4 full backs. I am sure you are all aware, Ashley on returning to Chelsea was asked to evaluate a number of left full backs. While Chilwell did not come out as top, Ashley said he has the most potential of all he was asked to run his eye over. We shall see if his eye is any good. I see Tottenham Hotspur drew Lokomotiv Plovdiv in the Qualifying second round of the Europa league. For those of you who are not sure who they are, Tottenham are a little club situated in North London.
  11. The Liquidator

    Man City Escape Ban From Champions League

    Well fancy that... New Manchester City emails released by Spiegel. Some are saying these prove City, Simon Pearce, someone CAS said was a reliable witness, actually lied to CAS. https://t.co/yWlsK9dGKg?amp=1 Who knows... With the 5 year rule these emails have matured far too quickly.
  12. The Liquidator

    Chelsea Discussion

    Lots of our fellow Chelsea fans singing the praises of Jody & I have written in the past we may find other clubs interested in him as their manager in the near future. The words you quote of his were brutally honest at the time and probably points towards the pressure those managers were under to deliver. Those of us who have been regulars at the club for 50 years know the youth team was always the life blood of the club. While the success Romans money has helped us to enjoy, seeing young guys come through under Frank & counting to 5 or 6 youth products on the pitch at one time in some games used to be what the club was all about. Long may it continue, but I do get the feeling, one or two maybe moved on to thin out the squad. Shame What would you do with CHO next season?
  13. The Liquidator

    Chelsea Discussion

    Yes, Frank has got an easy time of it (not from me), but surly that is to be expected baring the situation he inherited. He, along with others in his family are darlings of the media which also helps, however, the build them up before knocking them down jumping up n down on their head our media are famous for will still apply to Frank if his team does not progress. To end the season with silverware would be wonderful, but it's not essential. I cant think of many other Chelsea managers afforded that luxury. His appointment has proved a masterstroke as it unified the match day attending fans which are always the most important fanbase at any club.
  14. The Liquidator

    Chelsea Discussion

    I can tell its really going to bug you your club being known in history as the "Furlough Champions" of the Asterisk season.
  15. The Liquidator

    Chelsea Discussion

    There is no doubt Frank has managed to come up smelling of Roses in his first full season as manager. While he accepted the duff hand of no transfers of his making, loss of the leagues best player and being forced to make a decision on the one defensive player who was comfortable playing left centre half position, he has managed to get what is the ultimate minimum for Chelsea Football Club. Looking back over the season he should have learn't a lot about his players and from what we can tell by the signings he has made and others linked too, he saw our problem of killing off sides as the biggest to be fixed. Many will argue it’s the other end of the pitch which is the most concerning and after dropping the goalkeeper for a second time we must imagine Frank has had enough of Kepa. While its exciting to read Havertz Rice ect are on their way, the one name which has been catapulted to the top of needs is that of a goalkeeper. Points of note during the season. From Dec 7th 2019, away to Everton to the break of lockdown, funny enough again against Everton, we only took less than half from a possible 42. Some might say the break came at the right time for Frank, he sure saw Giroud through different eyes after that Everton home fixture. One can only wonder if he had made that decision earlier, how much more comfortable we would have been? Against the clubs who finished in the bottom 8 positions we took just over half from 48. It’s a minor miracle we managed to get enough points against the top half to find ourselves top four. So, a more experienced manager next season, flair players added plus the Cherry on top about to sign and just some basic defensive improvement to protect the new Goalkeeper, we have every reason to think next season we should not have to wait till the final game of the season to cement our top 4 position. Any more than that we will have to wait and see, but we all should feel much more positive on our future. To finish off the season with a lump of silverware would be lovely for Frank and remove the “never won anything as a manager” tag from Frank nice and early. Opposition have run into a slice of form late on, so I doubt it will be an easy game. Overall, wonderful end to the League season, well deserved praise for our Frank with the understanding we will expect MUCH more next season from him and his team, because next season it truly will be HIS team.