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  1. The Liquidator

    QPR & Loftus Road

    This means the football club were unable to attract a sponsor for the ground which would be worthwhile. Grenfell would be a nice touch, but it would not solve the many problems that football club has inflicted on itself over the past 5 years. League one beckons more than a return to PL, which is probably how major sponsors look upon Lotus Road.
  2. The Liquidator

    Chelsea Discussion

    Speaking at a Monaco press conference, Fabregas said: “I was at Chelsea and I could have renewed my contract to stay there. A new coach came and he came with a player that, for him, was like his son. “For me it was difficult to play every single game – this is what I want to do. I love football. When I played for Chelsea, I’m happy. “[But] it was impossible to play every match – for whatever reason it was.” Cesc: FourFourTwo Mag Fabregas insists that he wanted to play every game and help the club succeed but he knew that he'd have to leave if he were to play first-team football on a regular basis. He said: 'I like to have new objective. All the time for me it's important to have a new objective in my head. 'I was at Chelsea and I could have renewed my contract and stayed there but a new coach came with a player that for him was like his son. 'For me it was difficult to play every single game and that's what I want to do. I love football. I don't want to just be happy to play for Chelsea. 'For whatever reason it was impossible for me even if I was better, or someone else is better, to play every match. 'I decided to come to a project that was different for me and I think it will give me so much satisfaction.' Cesc via Daily Mail 13th April 2019 ---------------------------- The underlined line maybe in reference the word senior players went too manager too question his selection?
  3. The Liquidator

    Danny Drinkwater

    Drinkwater was purchased as an option for us to team him with Kante, his partner at Leicester during their PL winning season. Having already taken Kante for a fraction of his real value from Leicester and his outstanding contribution to our own PL winning season that year, it would seem a fair idea to bring Drinkwater to the club. Drinkwater managed game time under Conte who would sometimes set up his teams with two holding midfielders, but as we have found out this past week, Sarri told him at the start of the season he is not in his plans. This bares out through this season as Sarri has the one holding player who gets over run in most games. Making this "not in his plans" public is another proof of poor management by Sarri, who has been far too open with the media. The buzz around the ground in the early part of the season was Drinkwater did not want to give up his contract as his wages were far better than at Leicester and asked to stay to fight for his place. Loans were turned down and a possible move back to Leicester was muted. This looks to be a wasted season for Drinkwater, who I guess will stick around till he finds out if we are to have a new manager next season.
  4. We have not improved all season. The players, whatever they are being coached, just dont get it. Alonso.....Previous two seasons we complained his defending was poor, BUT, his attacking play as a left wing back was making his selection worthwhile. Now he is being asked to play in a back four, something he wasnt bought to play and is making a good job of showing everyone he cant play in a back four. Tonights goal reminds us of his previous seasons. If we continue to play a back four, the left back position has to be changed (not the other bloke in the squad, he is EVEN worse as a defender).... WHICH WE HAVE BEEN FUCKING SAYING ALL SEASON. All down to the manager, but dont worry, Hazard says this coach is how he wants to play. Wonderful, like the fucking owner who does not sit n suffer at the ground, he is going to piss off at the end of the season and leave us to suffer this fucking wanker.
  5. I dont like to comment too much with 45 mins to go.... BUT, that was probably the most painful 45mins I have suffered this season, A season which has been painful from pre-season too date.
  6. Sure miss him. Never a dull moment when he wears your shirt. I wonder if anyone has thought of playing him alongside Morelos of Rangers
  7. The Liquidator

    Chelsea Discussion

    @True Blue I watched the Slavia Sevilla 2nd leg which was a very exciting game. This is because Slavia threw players forward in the 2nd half and over run Sevilla in an excellent atmosphere. For me they are by far the weakest team left in the draw and we should be thankful we got them. Nothing but a away win for us will be par for the fixture. We shall see
  8. The Liquidator

    Is Gerrard a cunt?

    Interesting topic. I have taken a keen interest on both Gerrard's and Lampards debut seasons in the hot seat. The thread question made me smile as I fully understand where the Author is coming from. Gerrard oozes confidence and seems to want to give off this "I'm in charge" frankness in his almost daily press conferences where he fields questions from the Scottish media. Obviously he has been let down by his CF who is talented for that level, but has proved beyond doubt to be a liability the club can not afford. While you must admire Gerrard's backing of the player, its shown to be poor judgement as most could see the player wasnt going to change his temperament on the pitch. Gerrards admittance he can no longer defend the player shows he has it in him to put his hand up for a mistake. This in his Armour will help him in his future. The biting question to ask if Gerrard is a "James Hunt" is a bit strong. I think he is a winner who has been starved of success through his choice of club during his playing career and is desperately trying to surround himself with winners as he embarks on his managerial career. His confidence n will to win when being interviewed could be misinterpreted as the thread title, but for me he is just trying to inject that confidence to make all around him become winners and start his managerial on the right foot.
  9. The Liquidator

    Chelsea Discussion

    Thank God for Eden eh? There wasnt much to thrill Chelsea hearts throughout the game. Lack-luster constant break down of moves and shaking of heads when one of ours (Normally Kante last night) inability to retain the balls movement. It was a hard watch and we really are not built to defend 1-0 leads, although it was pointed out to me last night we have let in the least amount of goals at home this season in the PL (If true.) Special call out to Pedro. Class.
  10. The Liquidator

    Chelsea Discussion

    The word was so strong Weds night the club felt they had to respond! Bruce Buck spoke on Sky re-assuring everyone Roman is still committed to the club, often ringing a few times a day..... Asking about things! Haha It looked like a rushed interview and very poorly done by Sky who probably couldnt believe they had been let inside the ground on a none fixture night. It's alleged the Moscow Times wrote Roman has set a 2.5B price on the club (I can't find the piece, it is difficult to find Russian print). Taken as a ballpark figure its been pointed out that he would never reach that asking price because the ground still needs to be updated with some stating he is at least 1 billion heavy. Maybe that proves the point, he really does not want to sell? We shall see.
  11. The Liquidator

    Chelsea Discussion

    Brighton were poor opposition last night and their fans should be very worried where their season ends when our also poor side can toy with them. For me the most important thing to re-surface last night was the rumour that was banding about the ground that the club will have new owner by next season. It's been obvious too all regular home fans that Roman does not attend games this season. We know the Gov removed his permission, but he seemed to have found a way with a different passport. It's now April and still no show. Who the interested parties are, are currently a mystery, but we can be sure it will be someone with Challenger Deep pockets. Up too 4 different people\groups are said to have made contact with his people? We shall see. The above might help explain why the manager is still in position. ----------------------------------------- Nice that CHO got his full debut at home. He played ok. Does all you would expect of a young player. For everything good, he gives the ball away twice! Still, there is obviously a wonderful player to come to fruition over the coming years. I'll be taking his Chelsea career with a pinch of salt after the Munich affair which has become evident his family were behind. I am still to forgive Ruben for pretty much the same.
  12. The Liquidator

    Chelsea Discussion

    Heading too a new low, it took Willian to dance infront of the eyes of a linesman and injury time winner to save face. A face I am sure was universally embarrassed, even after the game on all Chelsea fans world over. There is no doubt of the feelings of our traveling fans. I notice elsewhere at this board on another thread Chelsea fans laying blame at the players feet for yesterdays performance. Simply Amazing!
  13. The Liquidator

    Chelsea Discussion

    As much as Dave has deteriorated before our eyes this season its has to be said the whole team are as low in performance levels as I can remember over the past Twenty years. We are playing a back four and two left wing backs on the staff covering the left back position. It's pretty universally agreed Alonso is a poor defender and when playing in a back four he loses the majority of his best play, going forward. Emerson is a fucking useless defender, who could never break even on his good against bad on performance. The manager hasnt once tried Dave at left back this season. He used to do a good turn there a couple of seasons ago and a change of position again might help regain some better performances. Personally, if the manager was going to be as Pig Headed as he has proven so far this season, I would have preferred he used Jay Dasilva. I have seen a lot of the boy over the years and he by far a better defensive player than either of the two wing backs we have covering the position and of course, Dasilva is one of ours. Anyways, the almost violent anti Sarri feeling among traveling Chelsea fans shown Sunday, again, & coupled with the pretty much universal backlash on Chelsea boards since, one can only feel he is hanging by the Europa thread. Then Sky Sources tease us with possible moves to be made after high level talks at Stamford Bridge Monday. I aint holding my breath!
  14. The Liquidator

    Chelsea Discussion

    Today we watched the best Chelsea 45 mins of the season........ ~ Yep our manager just said that after the game! This following quote is taken from a long time Chelsea jurno who was at today's game working. "Some years ago, only yards away from where I now sit, I saw a man trudge away to be sacked. He had delivered amazing, free-scoring football, winning the double. His crime: finishing second. The degree to which Chelsea's standards and expectations has dropped is incredible." ---------------------------------------------------- After getting something resembling a "Barcelona European helping hand" in the whole Europa draw on Friday, we find ourselves clinging onto that secondary hope for relevant top level midweek football next season. Top level? That description is a fucking joke tagged with our club at the moment. Sarri ~ Simply the WORST. ~ Thank God for the International break, and that's something I havent said for 20 years.
  15. The Liquidator

    Chelsea Discussion

    This year the highest rated side we have beaten is Tottenham Hotspur, who are losing to many teams of late. The rest of the teams we have beaten are pretty much run of the mill teams, most not Premier League level and we have failed to beat at home both Southampton and Wolverhampton. We are being sent into battle in most games with two of the most uninfluential midfield players in the attacking phase I have seen at the club, plus a midfielder being used in a new way since his world leading holding play. Other players are not being given the chance from the start to show they would benefit the team far more in an attacking phase and are often brought on when we are behind chasing the game. I am no fan of Reuben Loftus-Cheek, but it was obvious he should have started on Sunday and the bollocks spoken (yet again) by the manager about fitness was blown out the water with Ruben confirming to two regular Chelsea Jurno's he was fit to start for 90 mins. Granted Ruben is often injured, but his word is different to the manager. Now we are told its the other players fault Jorginho isnt playing well. Since Glenn Hoddle, only AVB is worse as a Chelsea manager and our current twat will replace him as the worst if we dont win anything or make CL.