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  1. The Liquidator

    Chelsea Discussion

    Away Newcastle Well that was an outstanding result. The only reason I say this is because St James Park has been a Bogey ground for us for a number of years where we have dominated games and left with our tails between our legs. I hope more opposing managers set up like this against us, something we should bare in mind with who is visiting this coming weekend. Probably difficult to asses exactly how good we was as we pushed aside another bottom half team. Some nice performances with Kante for me standing out as the best. Taken him a year, but I think Frank has finally let the penny sink on where we need Kante. I wont hold my breath till we see through the season. Tammy getting much plaudits for his performance, but I thought he was bang average. The free header he got in the first half he could not have dissected the middle of the goal any better. Of course that would be exactly where their goalie would be, who saved, if you can call it a save. As luck would have it he had a few more chances & at last took one. Werner, hmmm. A few weeks back a member here spoke with a warning on Werners finishing. This weekend is the first I would say shows fair evidence of that warning. He still contributed with an assist & proved to be very lively, however before the wonderful run to set up Tammy, he did something similar and should have taken a poke, but weakly passed. I saw a couple of pundits state Werner will play through the middle when Pulisic returns. Hmmm We are playing better, however we wont know what we have until we get through the upcoming better fixtures. Only then can we make a fair guess where we will be come the end of the season. ------------------------------------- How poor was the officiating at Old Trafford? The idiot in the middle at Villa park wernt much better. Sheff Utd doomed? Fulham probably are. What price Frank reverts to 3 at the back next weekend?
  2. Saturday 21st November, 2020 Aston Villa vs Brighton 1-2 Man Utd vs West Brom 3-0 Newcastle vs Chelsea 1-1 Tottenham vs Man City 2-1 Sunday 22nd November, 2020 Fulham vs Everton 1-2 Leeds vs Arsenal 1-3 Liverpool vs Leicester 1-2 Sheff Utd vs West Ham 1-2 Monday 23rd November, 2020 Burnley vs Crystal Palace 1-0 Wolves vs Southampton 1-2
  3. The Liquidator

    Ben Chilwell - Chelsea

    I like him very much. 5 League games he has already won me £60 twice for goal at any time. 12/1 most games and you heard him his goal Saturday was no fluke. He was supposed to be there!
  4. The Liquidator

    Chelsea Discussion

    Sheff Utd Home Pretty obvious that there were parts of the game which were a marked improvement on what we have seen previously & I am sure this is what Frank is striving for more consistently. Again I must stress the opposition was rank. No more than a Championship side lucky to be in the top league who look like they may struggle for sometime. However, they are a team who stuffed Franks season one offering last season & managed to get a draw at our place too, so it feels right to put them in their place. Look I know I have been like a broken record beating the drum since Jorginho joined the club that we have been playing with 10 men as he is a passenger, but surly even the most football blind person must now see the difference with or without him. Saturday the ball moved quickly and more importantly with much more purpose through the midfield onto the forward players. With Billy back in full training I have fingers crossed we will see less n less of Jorginho before its time for me to drive him to the airport. With the passenger removed we have to turn our attention to whoever else fits that description and I am afraid to say Tammy is next in line for that name tag. Leading the line isnt easy. That's a given so I fully accept his age and experience is against him. However, now he is surrounded by all these gifted individuals Frank has brought to the club his inability to be a consistent focal point will prove frustrating for both those players & us watching. He can get away with it in fixtures like Saturday's but there will come times this season when we will need top notch CF play to get us results against better teams. I am not confident Tammy is consistent enough to lead our line to the level thats going to be needed. I would love to be proven wrong & nobody would be more pleased for him than I. Hakim Ziyech is so laid back in his after match interviews with cheeky knowing smile as he fends off pressing questions on his match winning performances. The Dutch said he was as popular off the pitch as he was on with both fellow players & fans and it's not taken long to see why. I agree with ABCBlackfoot & OriginalBlue, some of his play reminds me of Alan Hudson who would float across the grass & produce all the ammunition Ozzie & Huttchie needed to down Leeds Arsenal ect. I doubt many of you saw Huddie play so another who offered much the same was Micky Hazard who we got out of Spurs back in the day and soon became a club fav. Micky, when picked by Bobby Campbell who I never took too, would supply another of our great forward partnerships Dixon & Speedie. For obvious personnel reasons I hope Ziyech continues to excel, but he needs to quickly learn to look after himself as he is so lightweight he might end up another Pulisic. Yet another crappy International break kills football for 2 weeks or so. One hopes all our players return safely with enough rest time as we are the 12.30 kick off up at Newcastle. ----------------- Talking of which, I agree with everything most of the top managers have said about fixtures times ect. It's coming up to 15 years since Jose started this off and very little has been done. TV companies dont give a fuck (sky the most guilty since losing CL & EL to BT). They paid their money n want their pound of flesh. I have always said its about time PL got their own channel to pump out their stuff and if they did have it now, they wouldn't have been so embarrassed over the current PPV. -------------------------------------- I try n limit the number of games I watch live these days, however I did watch City Liverpool from kick off to final whistle. For the said best two teams in our league I thought it was a sorry affair. Because of that disappointment I skipped the first half of Arsenals outstanding performance against Villa, a Villa who have a new player pulling up trees in their midfield. I agree with everything written on our board about Barkley since his loan. I got tired of writing I felt there was a real player in him. Well those standing on the side for Villa are getting it out of him weekly. Everton lost again & I felt for Carlo being faced with a stat of first time he has lost 3 league games back to back. He handled it ok, but you could see he did not appreciate the news. I looked up the youtube channel so recommended by many of you produced by Watford goalie Foster ~ Yep you are right "Outstanding" OMG Lookman
  5. He looked and sounded confident today. Really dont help some of the boys he played with putting the boot in after every poor result. You have to wonder whoever they have been talking too don't fancy Sancho. Not sure about Poch. He made his name at the perfect club for not winning anything. United are a different animal who are desperate for success to return. Taking note of all the big name free agents the Glazers have attraced to their gridiron team has to make you wonder why there is a lack of going for it at their real football club?
  6. Friday 6th November, 2020 Brighton vs Burnley 1-1 Southampton vs Newcastle 1-1 Saturday 7th November, 2020 Chelsea vs Sheff Utd 3-0 Crystal Palace vs Leeds 2-1 Everton vs Man Utd 1-2 West Ham vs Fulham 3-1 Sunday 8th November, 2020 Arsenal vs Aston Villa 3-1 Leicester vs Wolves 1-1 Man City vs Liverpool 3-1 West Brom vs Tottenham 1-3
  7. @Redcanuck Will Ole still be in his job come the next window?
  8. The Liquidator

    Group E - Matchday 3 - Wednesday 4th November, 2020

    Those who think they know football take two years to understand what is obvious to those who do. After all, when have you ever known for me to be wrong
  9. The Liquidator

    Chelsea Discussion

    Home Rennes Rennes president Nicolas Holveck summed it up in a nutshell. The man of the match was German referee Felix Zwayer. It's not often I am uncomfortable when we benefit from things that should not be, but last night the game was made to be a mockery with awarding of a second penalty & sending off of a player who for me did nothing wrong. I guess if we are honest enough to accept we truly benefited from one there, it must also be accepted without those two penalties, we looked very unlikely to score. Many changes again to starting line up, for me, left us disjointed. No flow to our possession, a bit like a trial game with 11 hopefuls hoping to secure a contract with a new team. Rennes did not look like a CL side which again highlights what a wonderful job Drogba & Malouda did with the warm balls. I have to say I really enjoyed big Pete blowing his own trumpet before the game. I have never felt he has got the plaudits he deserves for his time at the club. I felt and said at the time Jose made the wrong call when big nose was also at the club. You only had to listen to one interview with the Belgium stopper to know he wasnt a person to be trusted. I am happy Pete is back at the club as I am Frank. Just wish the latter would learn a bit quicker.
  10. The Liquidator

    Chelsea Discussion

    Chelsea under 18's in FA Youth cup final tonight live on BT sport tonight 7pm
  11. The Liquidator

    Chelsea Discussion

    Away Burnley I am amazed by the high fives n back slapping thriving between my fellow Chelsea fans after the past 3 results. We are the only Premier League side not to win at Old Trafford this season. Our opponents in the CL are one of the weakest ever to play in the group stages AND they had a huge injury list. Burnley too have plenty of injuries and are suffering at all levels to find themselves this season, bottom of the table and a club we have scored at least 3 goals at their ground the past few seasons! Tinkerman Frank swapped his starting line ups as thou he is playing FIFA career mode on a play station. Some of you are claiming he has found his preferred starting 11. Has he fuck! He will change as each game comes and for me he still has no idea what his best 11 are. So, why the change of sides for Zouma & Silva? Why are so many Chelsea biting on other fans getting at Mount? Can Frank please explain why our best CF is no 3 in his pecking order. It's all well and good Frank saying Havertz is a nice lad & don't mind playing in different positions. That might be great for his Tinkerman no fucking idea approach to football management, but it's not helping the boy find himself in our football. What has Kovacic done wrong? I am not going to add to the Matt Law CHO bombshell from late last week other than I said the kind of people behind him before he made the first team squad & they have done nothing to prove me wrong. Thank you for the kind words towards me for my evaluation of Hakim Ziyech while at Ajax. While I said he would be perfect for us at the time, I had no idea he would turn up with boots under his arm. While he has started well I must state if I highlight the low level of opposition we are currently winning against, it must also be said thats all he is playing well against. I must say I do have fingers crossed for him, and my son cry's out "Willian" everytime Hakim does something with the ball lol. ------------------------------------------------ Everton lose again ~ Villa weaknesses exposed again ~ Would Arsenal have got their penalty without ours being highlighted last weekend?
  12. Friday 30th October, 2020 Wolves vs Crystal Palace 2-1 Saturday 31st October, 2020 Burnley vs Chelsea 1-3 Liverpool vs West Ham 2-0 Sheff Utd vs Man City 0-2 Sunday 1st November, 2020 Aston Villa vs Southampton 1-2 Man Utd vs Arsenal 2-2 Newcastle vs Everton 1-2 Tottenham vs Brighton 2-0 Monday 2nd November, 2020 Fulham vs West Brom 1-1 Leeds vs Leicester 1-2
  13. The Liquidator

    Chelsea Discussion

    Krasnodar Away I feel there is far too much being made about last nights performance. 0-4 flattered us. Didn't agree with the starting line up, but understand we needed the win. Opposition were weak because of injury's and Joe Cole's glowing summing up of the game was not the game I sat through. By the last 25 mins they were shattered & only then did we boss the game. Not enough was made of the standard of Krasnodar & I am not allowing myself to be hoodwinked on performance set up or "that ones for you boss" in reference to Roman being in attendance. Fans in stadium ~ Wish it was me
  14. The Liquidator

    Chelsea Discussion

    Man utd Away Well Frank is consistent. Yet again he reverts to a 5 for games against Utd. Shame he didnt remember the player who made the difference at Wembley last season, but at least this became more evidence of why Giroud should play. Two goalless games in which we looked like we wouldnt score in a brothel, it's obvious to a blind man we lack that focal point that will bring all the new players together. Yes it takes time, but I stress, Frank isnt doing himself any favors & he is a lucky boy there are no fans at games. Not much to be said about the penalty. They have been getting away with defending at corners n free kicks like that against us at Old Trafford for over a decade. No surprise. Goalie looks ok and Silva is class. Other than that very little to say about a boring 90 mins in which we was set up not to lose rather than win. ------------------------------------------------------- Oops Bamford ~ Fulham look doomed ~ Everton bubble burst? ~ Is Vardy Arsenals new Drogba?