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  1. Dont rate most of the players you already have. One of the few players it would trouble me if he signed for you.
  2. The Liquidator

    Chelsea Discussion

    Very interesting starting eleven from Frank last night. Only one of our youth products started, Tammy, as Frank retreated into his shell taking a more conservative stance in a must win game. Baring in mind Lille played a much weakened starting eleven we could have hoped for a much more dominant display and result. What we got was more of the same chance making & failing to kill off an opposition we have been fed in 80% of our games this season. Flipping Dave back to the right bringing in Emerson and at last Rudiger getting a run out, Frank has a habit of changing the starting defence from game to game. It’s not difficult to understand why, but for this game we again have to question his starting selection. These changes at the back and the starting of Jorginho alongside Kante & Kovacic for me are defensive selections. While we won, it would be difficult to find someone with a good football intelligence to say Frank made it an easier night with the selection decisions he made. We must be thankful we are in the hat for the knockout stage with our fingers crossed we draw a German team that’s not Munich. ----------------- I am not enjoying Frank’s fending off questions from the media on what we have planned for the January window. He is too helpful with his answers and I hope the club make it plan during the window he has very little to do with any decisions we make. How he allowed the making good replacing the loss of Hazard, when it wasn’t even on the agenda is very weak. I have always thought he was a very intelligent man and have enjoyed the effortless way he has kid gloved the media, but of late, then the media have had a run of questionable results and reasons to fire more penetrating club questions at him, he looks and sounds uneasy. Fix the fucking defence Frank!
  3. What do you think of Grealish?
  4. The Liquidator

    Chelsea Discussion

    I didn’t go to the game. Watched it via BT coverage on the telly and like most Chelsea fans saw where the result was going from their first goal. For me summing Chelsea up at the moment is very easy. The defence hasn’t improved since the first game of the season. 16 league games half a dozen cup games and Frank has failed to improve a lack luster group of defenders who find both defending and keeping possession of the ball difficult. When I take my Chelsea hat off and try and be as honest as one can, we are very lucky to be in the top four and still in the CL. Rather than go through the defenders one on one I will state the obvious. Christensen, chosen by the manager to replace the dropped\rested Tomori has been terrible in the last two games. I believe a decision needs to be made on him. He has not improved over the time he has been at the club and is still a liability when the ball is in the air. Many have been calling out the goalie these last couple of months. I have always had a question mark over him since I learnt the length of his contract. Yesterday he again fucked up, this time costing us a goal through his inability to pass the ball. We have other weaknesses at the back which Frank has failed to address. I guess this next window will be the first time he has had the chance to fix. We shall see. I felt the rest of the team played well other than failing again to score from the many chances we created. There is a lot of pressure on these boys now because we know we are going to concede at least 2 goals. I lost count of the chances Tammy either had or was in position to receive a shot opportunity. He has plenty of goals so far, but I do believe he needs some competition up front. When MHEnd777 says there is no reason to keep Giroud or Mitchy till the end of the season, I tend to agree, as long as suitable replacements can be found. And I mean two players. 3 league defeats in the last 4 games. Lemoncfc points out Franks time at Derby also gave some runs like this, normally defeats with more conceded than we currently are. This looks like to be a theme of Franks. Good points. After such a disappointing result you would think there would be few good points, but there is no doubt we have a proper midfield pair in Kante and the much improved Kovacic. You can add my name to Bazilfoolty StamfordSid WalterDavis TheRealFatFrank JentheBaller 7OaksCFC & others who see no reason to keep Jorginho around and he should be used as a make weight in a deal that more benefits this young squad. I have to say Kovacic has won me over and I think the major reason for his up turn in form is the loss of Hazard. I lost count the amount of time he passed to Hazard when he had the ball. This season, with that outlet removed he is taking more responsibility on himself either by running with the ball forward or looking for a more telling pass infield. Kante is Kante, while he isn’t as good on the ball as Jorginho (Who is also known to pass the ball to the opposition with no pressure on him) without the ball he is 500% better and when you have a defence which is as leaky as ours, it’s a no brainer selection. None of the conceded goals were down to those two. The front four played well together. They are making chances but for whatever reason, they are not taking enough of them. I would have liked Barkley introduced early in the 2nd half, but that has more to do with my feeling old boys tend to come back n haunt. Talking of substitutions, was Willian injured? Mitchy for James? I kinda get the latter one as we needed a goal, but I find it very difficult to warrant any substitution involving CHO, who for me shouldn’t be at the club. He is far from ready and it fucks me off every time I see him on the pitch, GLOVES n all. So onto ChelseaTottys brilliant post on the ban lifting and our first chance to see the magnificent Chelsea threesome (What a description ChelseaTotty!) of Frank Big Pete and Marina in action. I think you make some great suggestions and raise some thought provoking questions, none more than Pete’s opinion on the goalie. With a war chest full to the brink and a number of players who could be offloaded to sweeten any deals to help get the players we want, it could be a very exciting window. On the other hand, do we sit tight and make do with what we have and spend the next 6 months getting ready to make one hell of a splash come the summer? For me this window? Frank, just sort the fucking defence out or we wont be in the CL next season. Hope to see many of you Tuesday night
  5. Is he still your manager for the future?
  6. The Liquidator

    Chelsea Discussion

    So, some good news on the transfer ban. Villa game. I liked the starting selection other than Tomari again being benched for Christensen. Their goal Christensen was weak in his battle with his man which allowed the ball to fall to the next player. It's a part of his game which needs improvement or he can leave. Loved the midfield two. Happy Tammy was back. Team made plenty of chances again, but failed to kill the game off leaving another nervy ending. One of the best young players I have seen live this season was Hakim Ziyech of Ajax. I have now seen another. Jack Grealish is good enough to have a big club buy and build a team around. Outstanding talent. Hate to say it, but he is the first United building block. Not they are bright enough to know! Typical Everton remove their manager just before we play them! I am thinking of having a fair sized wager on Zouma, if he starts to score at anytime?
  7. The Liquidator

    Chelsea Discussion

    Saturdays performance and result is firmly put down to the managers starting selection. There was only the one forced changed, being Tammy. The other decisions were manager inflicted highlighting his inability to change the outcome of the game once it started. The Good. James: While their goal came down his flank, he continues to perform as thou he is a 150 game pro. It will be surprising if he isnt England's starting Right back come the summers competition. Goalie made some good saves. The Bad. Giroud Mount Pedro & Emerson. No description needed The Ugly Our Frank. Quite simply a pathetic days work where his immaturity as a manager shone through leaving us all without any doubt he is years away from being the finished article. In a game were we was 1-0 down, we played the 24 mins without a center forward due too his tinkering from the bench. If nothing else, he must have learnt how old pro's react to being frozen out when labeled to be moved on. Jorginho. In the week when Chelsea fans voted him out of the starting line up on Football London, he again found himself getting the hook off the pitch after another nonentity display. I have seen some poor performances by my club over the years, but I am hard pushed to think of such a performance caused by the sideline at home. Probably AVB insistence we played a high line against Arsenal at home that lead to a heavy defeat. Frank should be happy the squad does not contain as powerful people as AVB's squad did back then Tammy is possible for the Villa game. Frank needs to take his head out of his ass and stop selecting players who are already looking too their new clubs in January or soon after.
  8. The Liquidator

    Chelsea Discussion

    I would like to know who made the decision to sign him.
  9. The Liquidator

    Chelsea Discussion

    My second visit to Valencia for a Champions League game proved to be just as exciting as the first, alas no late Essien goal to send us all home with a win. Have to admit, we should have lost and any decent team who were offered as many great chances to score as Valencia were would have scored a hat full. Very disappointed Frank saw fit to change the 2 CH’s after they got some questioning remarks from ex pro’s this past weekend. Christensen did not improve anything and when the manager decided to go 5 across the back we actually looked weaker as a unit. Ok the good. Pulisic again looks a proper prospect who some are saying he looks very much like Hazard when he first arrived from France. If he turns out half as good as our fav Belgium it would be money well spent. Kovacic. That boy gets through some work during a game. Loved his goal, celebration even more which I hope his hand gesture was pointed at people like me who have been flagging up his lack of goals n assists. An assist and a goal in back to back games is wonderful for him. Now we know you can do it…. PLEASE CONTINUE! The Bad. Our Frank. I didn’t like the starting selection he made his substitutions and change of formation. We are a 3rd of the season in now and as a defensive unit we have not improved. This is down to him. If he cant get that right he needs to employ a coach who works with the defenders. I understand Rudiger is about to be available, but for me there were times last season he wasn’t the shut down defender some would have you believe. Kante’s ball control and distribution. Ever so poor last night. Mitchy. Waste of a shirt. The Ugly Kepa. I know he saved a penalty, but before the end of the game yet another goal went in over his head. Some here have said he should have done better with the first goal too. I couldn’t tell from where I was in the ground but I will watch the game back this afternoon as long as BT havent changed the channel. I hope he gets better as he is a real worry. The Ugly two Referee. It seemed very one sided, weak n caved in to a home crown, who to be fair were very impressive. I haven’t watched the game back yet so I would be interested if anyone else felt the same? We have to win our last CL game to advance. While Lille are bottom of the group, I remember them giving us plenty of problems and its unlikely we will keep a clean sheet, as per the norm. It’s a cracking night to look forward too with hope we perform well enough to sneak through. West Ham Saturday…. Once upon a time my fav fixture of the year. C U there :)
  10. The Liquidator

    Chelsea Discussion

    Congratulations!! What a wonderful guy you are picking up on a typo on a football forum. I feel sure you celebrated with one off the wrist, remembering not to grip too tightly or even LOOSELY for that matter. Be sure to clean up before mom comes home wont you.
  11. The Liquidator

    Chelsea Discussion

    Mind your own business, it's nothing to do with you. If you dont like it, don't fucking read it, which of course will mean you will loose 95% of your football education each week.
  12. The Liquidator

    Chelsea Discussion

    So much could be said about yesterdays performance, however, the over riding fact of the game is our manager allowed the opposition to get back into the game with an ease that was borderline managerial disorder crazy. First words out of his mouth after the game Frank expressed this need to be brave in the game. He loved being told no other team in Peps time had enjoyed a higher amount of time with the ball and Pep had praised him for playing that style of football. He sat there lapping it up like he just got the cream from the top of a gold top milk bottle. Of course he was praised, it’s exactly how we wanted teams to play against us at home when we were the best, and Pep will continue to tweak Franks nipples if he continues to allow teams to have the amount of chances his teams currently offer. We went 1-0 up, I opened my bookmakers betting account and pilled on City too win. It was that fucking obvious and while the winnings are a nice compensation it truly fucks me off that we made it so easy for the opposition. Great opening goal from a Kovacic assist (a very rare bird) taken slightly lucky by Kante who had a very good game. One thing on Frank I want to praise was his inclusion of Kovacic over Mount. Mount as we all know is his fav player and I was delighted to see Frank has grown enough this season to leave him out over Kovacic who has been delightful for most of the season. The previous manager, with all his years of experience would have failed that. Fucking useless c***. Their first goal was caused by Jorginho losing the ball with no pressure on him. The Italian has improved some, but for me he still leaves a lot to be desired. Emerson showed off his pathetic defending skills for their 2nd getting very little help from ball losing Kovacic who allowed Mahrez to slalom between the pair of them without a challenge. Too all the fucking Chelsea fans who think Emerson is a fine left back, Pep just illuminated your complete pigeon brained football knowledge. Alonso has plenty of faults, but at least he knows when to cross a ball or shoot at goal. Even that seems to be too much for Emerson to work out these days. In a week Luca07071 brought up Arrizabalaga worth, he again gave another questionable performance by almost gifting the opposition a goal and proving to have the most expensive none stick hands in football. The more we see of him the more I agree with Luca, yes we paid far too much. Kante played his heart out as per usual, the two young centre halfs put in good shifts and Dave for the most part kept Sterling quiet. His future must be full time left back before long. I see plenty of stick for Tammy in this thread, but for me he held the ball up as much as he could and I was very disappointed when Frank took him off AGAIN. While I disagreed with that substitution I think Frank got the Jorginho one right. He had not long got booked and as per usual in most games they were starting to run past him like he was carrying a Fridge on his back. It was an attacking substitution which should have been made at least 15 mins earlier. I am happy to read this opinion is agreed with by most of the faces. Willian and Pulisic worked hard throughout the game, looking dangerous when freed to attack with the ball. A little too open, a little too much what they hoped for. Still Frank got what he wanted. Better than 6-0 You have to be blind not too see how much potential this group of players offers us for the future. It’s gonna be one hell of a ride over the next two seasons. For me yesterdays game was a step back through poor management. It’s to be seen how long our beating of lesser opposition is allowed to overshadow what we get from clubs of our standing. Being allowed to fix those weak positions in the next window may make the season end with a smile. Walking into these kind of fixtures without being fixed will allow opposing managers to hit us at our weak points. WalterDavis & Lemoncfc, I agree with you on the Morris question. His naughty boy rep will help him stay alongside Frank, however, if Joey Barton can get a hot seat, we can expect at some time Jody will be offered the chance too. It does look like Moses will be returning to the club in the new year and I have been waiting on you, ChelseaTotty, to ask the question. It’s pretty unlikely, but who knows? Injuries could come into play, but I think he would be ideal for a club hovering above the relegation places. We will see. Bazilfoolty StamfordSid 7OaksCFC TheRealFatFrank & others. The only thing I have heard is he could be allowed back into the country at the turn of the year if the Tory’s win. I have nothing gospel, just what others have said here n elsewhere. NewYorkBlue23 suggestion we should check the political party donations lists made public this past week is brilliant!! Had me roaring!
  13. The Liquidator

    Manager Loyalty in Football

    @carefreeluke Yes you are correct, The spurs fixture has the most hate attached too it. Funny enough most other London clubs detest Spurs too. For me it became a deeper feeling when Alan Sugar let the Spurs secret out of the bag when he took over the club. At that time I could never work out why my own club couldnt attract the same level of players that seemed to turn up at Spurs every other year. Turns out they were fucking cheating. Our local professional clubs all have a inbred hate for us which is understandable as the small are jealous of the Big. I went for years without knowing a QPR fan and then like London Buses 3 turned up at once, all equally as demented as the other n surly related to Liverpool fans. One not mentioned here is the huge rivalry between us and Leeds United. This goes back to the late 60's and 70's which was both violent and exciting. If you ever get the chance to watch the 1970 cup final replay at old trafford it will give you a flavor what went on for a good 20 years after, both on and off the pitch.
  14. The Liquidator

    Chelsea Discussion

    Important day tomorrow with the decision of CAS on our punishment from FIFA for our alleged rule breaking. We win? While we wont get the last window back, we maybe able to play in the next window and get our £400,000 fine back. If we lose? CAS will not extend the length of the ban, but in the case of Barcelona back in 2014 after the Spaniard side broke similar rules to Chelsea, they threw the case out. I know the club have been confident all along but were flabbergasted when the FIFA appeals upheld the original verdict. It was very interesting when CAS gave conformation of the date of their decision, within 24 hours FIFA made public everything they had on us. Show of Weakness? We will find out tomorrow