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  1. Seems there is plenty of substance to the Raphinia deal. Not sure how smart it is to get this one over the line before Sterling is complete. I remember Jose pulling the plug on Demba signing for Arsenal because they managed to get Ozil over the line. Maybe City will think along the same lines? Where there is no question Sterling is better than we have, I don't think its the same answer for the Leeds player. I very much enjoyed watching Leeds play under the previous manager. Lets face it very few didn't. What I remember of the player is he was exciting on the break away showing good pace n passing to ball to another Leeds shirt. I can hear some saying just by passing the ball to the same coloured shirt puts him ahead of one or two of ours! We shall see what happens.
  2. And now it's Raphinha ~ Ever get the feeling the media have lost their "Roman" sources and have decided on a scatter gun approach?
  3. I thought he did rather well, just didnt give the answers they were hoping for. Seems to be a tactic for United fans seeking out the homes of staff. At least they dont burgle them
  4. Turns out NIzaar Kinsella was right a few days ago.... Petr Cech has left his roll at the club
  5. Interesting read. The last few days so many people I often spend match days with are voicing an opinion that this window the Manager will be responsible for all decisions both in and out. The most alarming line I have been told, TT told the club before Lukaku made his Italian bombshell half way through the season, that he wasn't good enough to be the mainstay forward in his team. I guess that would explain why he spent so much time on the bench at that time. Others say Lukaku's attitude changed when the manager told him he needs to improve to play his system and reminded him before he signed TT told him what was expected of him. Obviously its silly season, but something must have happened at that level and for the club to get rid of him for a season so quickly pours fuel on those stories. Personally I would have rather had sorted the players in before allowing a major asset to leave, but I guess it adds to the suspense, especially as almost every player we have been strongly linked with gets linked to someone else within days, which underlines nobody fucking knows what's going on.
  6. @Redcanuck Richard Arnold, over trusting or pressured into a mistake? Not that he said anything wrong
  7. Expected ~ I have the worst feeling we are about to suffer the first public interview from a Chelsea owner for 20 years
  8. That seems to be the more popular opinion. I am still to be convinced there is any truth to the story and Sky Italy are hardly a stand out for getting things before anyone else. Who would be on your three player wishlist for next season?
  9. Haha... Must be coming around to the anniversary of that correct statement of mine. I bet a few of your deluded friends on this little board are still jerking off to that post, if they are still here that is. Thx for the Mane info. You think Salah will cash in too, interesting. They have both been smashing signings for you, Shame the league position didn't improve till the Goalie & CH had their first full seasons
  10. The day of the local journalist getting an exclusive one on one, which Brian Clough once said was the most important media work he would do each week from Hartlepools through to Forest is long gone, as the main source of the material now comes from agents who use the written and televised media for their own gain. People like Fabrizio Romano and others who have sprung up spouting "exclusives" which are never that & normally turn out to be untrue are the worst. They lead the weakminded around by their cocks with their football version of this weeks episode of Coronation Street in the North and Eastenders in the south. Bloody Sky have hours of crap every day. Oh the days of Ian Wooldridge Hugh McIlvanney ect who would paint a picture of what they were attending and offer an insight to a world so many longed to be a part of. You could do far worse than clicking on ebay and picking up a book or two of the two guys I have mentioned covering not only football but brilliant recounts of Boxing Cricket and even Dog Sledge racing! Try sticking to your own clubs media outlet. Weirdly they normally have the best access to your clubs manager and players and will show you full interviews, instead of the bits that be cut to inflame or be used in the wrong context.
  11. 35M I believe is wishful thinking, media being lead by the fee for Mane to Munich. Anything up to 50m may well turn out closer to the truth. That is. if the whole story is true!
  12. Hello Mate, Hope you and family are well. Yeah, I have heard that elsewhere, however I think he is a grade up on the others we have playing out wide other than Mount, who still has plenty more to grow into & I feel sure his career will involve him moving inside before long. The other name Sterling, who grew up close to the same area i lived in London earned when the buzz was all about him was the headless Chicken. There was more than a few times while at Liverpool he lived up to that tag, but over the last few years there is more substance to his finishing product, both Goals and Assists. Yes, you have become far more laid back Liverpool fan mate over the years I have been here. Alas the deluded army still outnumber all other club fans in writing total Bull shit on anything football. So much so, I am told the Mute Ignore Dumb buttons on Tv's and Computers are to be named changed to the "LiverpoolFC Button" Why has Mane left? Is there any truth he was jealous of the guy on the other wing?
  13. It may well turn out to be a Prick tease story, but Sterling at any price (35+) would be very welcome.
  14. Lots of strange but very interesting names being linked with the club. We maybe about to experience the first summer transfer window where our manager has first dibs on the players we sign.
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