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  1. The Liquidator

    Chelsea Discussion

    Alas it's very true. He needs to be careful, he is quickly becoming a Darren Wood or Joe Mclaughlin target of today's Chelsea fans. Don't help him that Kante is loved so much by everyone, but he needs to something, anything positive soon.
  2. The Liquidator

    Chelsea Discussion

    I was at the game and have kinda enjoyed two re-runs of the BT coverage. Have to say the recordings have been illuminating. After a performance at Wolverhampton where we something between Sarri-ball and Avb-ball, I along with most other Chelsea fans feared the worst. Turns out, It’s a wonderful result against a much better side than ourselves, a team who had both their best 2 players missing and possibly their 3rd in Mendy. Our manager decided to go with our best player through the middle. Sacrificing our best player? Id say yes and the player himself did not look over enthusiastic with his non committal to leading questions after the game on the managers decision to play him as a non 9. My first impression looking down from my seat was it was going to be the battle of the Didi men. Never has a pitch looked to need an injection of power in midfield or upfront, for both teams. After a few weeks of his system not working, Sarri either had to do something different or find his life far more difficult after his honeymoon. What he decided on was playing in a false 9 from the start with a full pitch press without the ball. Within 20 minutes the manager told the players to stop the press (McManaman confirmed this in the 13th min on BT) as City were running around us at will. Willian and Pedro, commended for the way they attempted to support both our full backs when called off by the manager from pressing, suddenly had me realizing he has now taken us back to Conte away at City last season. This question was asked of the Chelsea TV pundits who fumbled through their answers not wanting to upset him. What we can safely say, from calling off the press till, our, against play opening goal, we were sure not playing Sarriball. That might sound alarmist. Far from it. It’s actually the first we have seen of a plan B from this manager. Stumbled on, rather than a cunning plan. Now obviously we have to thank City for this forced adaption as I don’t think the manager would have done this if his opening gambit hadn’t been sussed n dominated. Luiz hoof up the field (far more of a threat than any of Jorginho’s thousands of passes of late) and Willian catching out the sleeping defender were the two major factors in the goal. Hazards ball across the box looked to be very lucky as he didn’t look and Kante passing the ball into the net still almost managed to hit the bar. As the commentator said, it was completely against the run of play. It came at the best time for us, bang on half time. Our celebration in our section resulted in a guy taking a right hander worthy of the Fury fight, who’s Nose then ran of Blood way into the 2nd half. Turns out the right hand belonged to his own Son Haha. He was fine by the end of the game and obviously in good heart. It has to be said we started the 2nd half looking far more confident, moving the ball quicker than any other time in the game. City regained more possession of the ball, only for Luiz to add a 2nd goal. We ran the clock out fairly well and even survived our young keeper kicking the ball directly to City late in the game. I have to say it was fantastic to have both Barkley and Reuben Loftus-Cheek on the pitch at the end of the game. The latter was little help when City had the ball, but as ever, he looked dangerous when we had it. A future of those two with Kante in the middle? I wont hold my breath. So what do we make of the game? Counter-attacking football, allowing the opposition to dominate possession of the ball and a long ball approach to wide area’s which helped unlock the weak point of City’s team. Was it won by the manager, or was our name on the result from the word go? Id say, his system was over run, forced to lay off the better side we fell into a system which was more suitable for the opposition we faced and managed to get lucky infront of goal, while the opposition missed far too many opportunities. Some of us have been craving this as a plan B. Long may it continue. ---------------------------------------------------- On an unrelated point, our current manager seems to use every presser to bad mouth a player or group of players. Be it Weak mentally of individual players to the players not showing the right attitude, since the loss of form he is taking a page out of a former manager of ours by roasting our guys in the media. For some reason Sarri does not face the same back lash from the media when he does this? Interesting
  3. The Liquidator

    Chelsea Discussion

    Some very interesting responses to last nights game and much thanks to @SirBalon for his football intelligent posts. It’s best I again state I did not want Sarri as our manager. I have seen the holes in his team since before the start of the season and have been surprised by our much better than average start. I find it quite shocking it took these so called professional managers to work out how to set up against Sarri’s team, but we can feel certain everyone knows what to do from now on. What concerns me the most is, now everyone knows the secret, our manager is, up to now, unable to change his way of play. Now I am not saying the move of Kante to the position he is best at will answer all our problems, but for me, a game last night where it seems most of the top sides started a 2nd eleven, it would have been prudent to have a bit of insurance in the middle of the pitch, especially when the team is licking its wounds from the Spurs embarrassment. Evidence is, Not for our manager, who yet again proved the one trick pony tag he has around his neck. Now I fully understand when introducing a new style of play to a club takes time and plenty of patience. If we are to have those attributes as fans, then a manager should baby step the team into being able to carry out his ideology. I have stated here and elsewhere since before the season started, if the manager does not have the right players for his way of play, then work up to that point by being more solid till we have signed the players he desires. The manager has been told his remit is to qualify for Champions league. He is on record in saying that. While my over night question may have been bourn by the terrible performance and frustration of us not being able to kill off a well below average Wolves side, I believe the question is a fair one, especially if you are like me watch every Chelsea game over a season. I openly ask all, if you have been sussed as a team, do you continue to play how your opposition know how to play against you, or do you tweak it some? Our @Bluewolf states in one of his posts this is just a rough patch we are going through and sure Sarri is already thinking about players he wants in to build. Hey I can understand that, but rather than continue to play poorly with the players he has now, cant he tweak it some till those blokes turn up over the next 2 windows? @Bluewolf is more disappointed in the players over the manager. Until this manager shows he can change the team for the better he will be nothing more than a lemming in my mind, continuing with what has been sussed and allowing teams to exploit our weaknesses. While I respect @Bluewolf opinion and hope he is right, this manager has to earn my faith in his ability to manage more than the one way, and this would include a final decision on Morata as @Bluewolf highlighted. I hope my old mate @Redcanuck is right on just the one team to beat. I happen to think at this moment in the season we are the weakest of those clubs fighting for 2nd – 4th. With the chance of being stuffed out of sight by the best team this coming weekend. It could be worse mate, we could be managed by a bloke who never ever wanted to end up our manager! Still we may well take a leaf out of the Hotel bound manager n qualify through the back Europa door. In response to cheeky @JOSHBRFC (Hope you are well mate) no its not meltdown. For me its frustration of what I have been saying since before the season coming to fruition. @True Blue is 100% correct, we praise the good performances of the start of the season. We, unlike many other clubs fans, point out when things are not so good with the same degree of expression. I agree with @True Blue I don’t want to see the manager moved on, he is not my choice, but he has to have a chance to prove himself. It’s just for now in my eyes, he isn’t proving he has the situation under the control we would like or the ability to solve the answers other managers have for him. Lets just say his Honeymoon period is well and truly over.
  4. The Liquidator

    Chelsea Discussion

    Well after that performance, anybody think we will finish top 4?
  5. The Liquidator

    Chelsea Discussion

    I was at Stamford Bridge for the Fulham game and watched a recording of the game this morning. Best said early, I wish I hadn’t bothered attending as it was a poor game. There really isn’t much to say about our teams performance against Fulham other than we were poor for most of the game. Our keeper should be credited with the win over the draw Fulham could quite easily gained from their high press performance. If nothing else it was good practise for the City game coming next weekend as Ranieri had his players all over our midfield forcing Luiz to be the outman from the back where he more often or not pushed the ball through to our forward players who only kept possession around 40-50% of the time. While our defenders managed to keep hold of the ball while being forced to play keepball from pretty much our goal line, you could sense the crowd were none too confident we would get through the 90mins without a mishap. The question of Jorginho’s importance to us now the managers tactics have been sussed is something anyone with an ounce of football intelligence is very interested to see what happens. I was a bit far from our bench during the game to hear Sarri, but those closer have said he was in Jorginho’s ear all of the first half telling him to move about to release himself from his marker. Kovacic was his normal nonentity and should have been removed from the pitch much earlier. To be frank, it was insulting to the other players that he started. Remember, he isn’t our player. Congrats to Reuben Loftus-Cheek. It was a perfect game for him to be introduced. Inferior opposition who were committed to find a equalizer. A couple of good moments of him moving forward with the ball always catches the eye of those who believe him to be the full shilling. We can feel sure the only reason he got the outing is because Barkley is carrying a knock. @carefreeluke pointed out on this board to watch Alonso’s first half performance to see what is wrong with his play and I have to say it’s a fair example of him at his weakest. Interesting he got pulled by the manager. It seems like it’s the kiss of death for anyone who signs a new contract with this manager. “Jorginho is undroppable for Sarri”, never a truer word could be said by @True Blue. I agree its about time Fabregas gets a go in that position, something I feel sure @carefreelukewould agree with. Fingers crossed for a good Sopcast stream for the Wolves game and hot breaking news we have Forest at home in the FA Cup!
  6. The Liquidator

    Chelsea Discussion

    Watched the game on BT last night and it has to be said the standard of opposition in our group has been well below average. Its very difficult to take much notice of our players performances if we take into account the opposition. Many people are talking up the players who have excelled in these games where's I prefer to see our starting 11 which tells you the only reason they are starting. The opposition are no more than Championship standard. Happy for Odi. Always nice for one of our own gets a goal, but I agree with the manager (One of the VERY few things I agree with him) the boy needs to improve all throughout his game. There is no doubt there is a player in him, but he would be a passenger at league level. Ruben looks good as ever in bully games. Close your eyes and think of him in the starting team against Spurs and you see the real him. @carefreeluke states its time he gets a run of games. I would rather Barkley or Christensen get that before Ruben and Pedro should get in over Willian for a few games too. Where would Ruben Fit? The other guy who needs to get a run of games is Giroud. He really benefited from Cesc last night and I would like to see him start most of the games in December. Cesc was really good, as he is when given all the time in the world by a side down to 10 within 10mins. As it was said by Glenn Hoddle a while back, its a tragedy Cesc's legs have gone at the age of 31. It must be said I think the media are setting up our manager. They are already pinpointing Kante signing a huge 5 year contract and him not being played in his best position. That's pretty much a no brainer, but when you have the BT girl after the game suggesting to the manager playing his fav player and Kante as a two among other things, and him batting it off as his fav player cant play in a two and thinking about his previous comments of late, you have to start to think he is fully aware whats going on. His damning words on Kante's performance against Tottenham is a huge worry for us and for me again underlines his reputation of being a one trick Pony. Our position is now plain. The manager admitted opposition teams have decided to pressure\sussed Jorginho and we can no longer you him as he does. It's up too the manager to solve this..... It's that simple. I agree with @True Blue on Kovačić performances of late. He has become a nonentity in his deep role. @True Blue is also right to highlight the great performance of Tammy up in Birmingham. 4 goals in a game, no matter the level is always a great achievement.
  7. The Liquidator

    Chelsea Discussion

    Went to the game and suffered a recording of the game. Thanks to those who have mentioned how right I have been reading what was ahead for our team under Sarri. I would rather have been wrong, but what our manager now says “Everyone can now see our weakness” I saw on our pre season tour. The question that should be asked, why the fuck is the manager still continuing to play our weaknesses when he states he has known about them pretty much into the new season. Strange words too in the fact he states the staff have not been happy with the attitude of the players for a number of games? Call me old fashioned, but isn’t it down to him to get them up for games? Although, if they cant get up for Spurs, then we have something seriously wrong. While I thought Saturdays performance was as poor as any poor game under any of the other managers, it must be said not getting that penalty in the first half to make it 1-1, had a huge baring on the game. Now I fully agree with others, even if we got that, the performance wouldn’t have been good enough to get anything from the game, but the opposition was Spurs who are as soft as shit. There is every chance our worst performance may have been good enough if the wind had been taken out of their sails. With that said, their coach out coached ours, who again we might highlight the alarming words of those who know his past…. One trick pony. The third goal was the most painful as we saw Son running back with Jorginho who looked like he was carrying a freezer from Iceland on his back. You have to wonder what Kante was thinking of his team mates efforts? Bazilfoolty WalterDavis & Lemoncfc and others have questioned the managers starting selection for the game and I cant think of anything to defend him. When it was announced Willian was starting yet again, I was walking into the stadium. There was no mistaking the meaning of the Chelsea fans noise to that news. For me Barkley was a shoe-in for the game, yet the bloke who does nothing other than look pretty in the middle left side of the pitch was back in. While I cant be as forth right as ChelseaTotty & 7OaksCFC on Jorginho, but when our manager says in the after game presser, "It was difficult to use Jorginho as usual." THERE IT IS IN A NUTSHELL! So why did you continue trying to do just that? It’s as thou he too can see what is wrong, but for some reason he wont change, or as I am fearing, does not have the ability to change his one style of play to help the team. Id even go as far as to say, change it for the better now, until you have the right players at the club to play your way! I truly think there is so much upside to this team which can flourish given time and good management. My question is, is it in Sarri to bring that out into the open? How many of you remember back in 2005 when we played 433 with Makelele in the Jorginho position? Teams started to mark Makelele, pressure him, much like how both Everton n Spurs have done in the last two games. Jorginho isn’t Pirlo, you cant give him the ball with pressure all around him. He is fine with small easy passes with no pressure. Jose then played Drogba more often and the ball into him came a more evident way of play for us. I feel Giroud might have been a big help Saturday. Shame the manager waited till almost the end of the game to try that? Anyway, a painful afternoon, but he should be noted, they have spanked us before in the league, but their Trophy room is still as empty as ever. Hey, I got through this without mentioning Morata! Duh!
  8. The Liquidator

    Chelsea Discussion

    Ever so poor last night. It was thou the boys didnt want to be there. I suppose we should be pleased that we have escaped the group with the minimal effort we seemed to have put in, but I hope the lackluster performance does not run into Sundays game where a much higher level or play will be needed. Everton are starting to get it together so I am expecting a good close game. As far as the Europa, for me there is no excuse now for the manager not to start with our young guys in both games. Up to now his none selection, or at least early introduction from the bench, of the youngsters is one of the things that pains me in his leadership. The other thing about the Europa is the clubs who could be dropping into the competition from failing in the CL. It's almost making me switch channels to watch the CL.
  9. The Liquidator

    Chelsea Discussion

    Its a strange thing going on with Dave and for me its a matchday thing. Most Chelsea stand up for him in conversation and opinions, but on a Home matchday there are those who give him a hard time. As I have said before, I have no idea why. I dont think he is playing any worse than he has in the past. I would say he may have lost a little pace against speedsters, but on the whole he has been our Dave, fully dependable. Meanwhile David Luiz gets away with murder with his adventures out to the touchline and venturing further forward than Jorginho
  10. The Liquidator

    Chelsea Discussion

    I must add this is my posting elsewhere, copied and paste here.
  11. The Liquidator

    Chelsea Discussion

    Not sure why so many have turned on Dave, but your thought on Zappacosta is one shared by quite a few. The manager has his fav back four which get aired in all the important games. For how long? I am not so sure. Dont think Gary will scare anyone just now, but Christenson could. Some of those transfer websites are saying we are putting out feelers for a number over defenders. We shall see
  12. The Liquidator

    Chelsea Discussion

    I was at the game and have spent this morning watching a recording of Sky’s coverage, plus MOTD with our Ruud. Have to say right off the bat I didn’t know who the bloke wearing the number 29 was until just before the final whistle, but then everything was revealed. In the few seconds it took him to get from the half way line to shooting it was amazed the number of wagers that were made among my fellow Chelsea fans sitting in my area. Alas, while I was proved right, nobody would cover the large amount I was offering. With all that said, he did play MUCH better and it much be pointed out, he didn’t cry the bitch aver 2 minutes when someone kicked him or lost possession of the ball. In my humble opinion, the latter is as big a step in the right direction as his football performance. Now I always say if I was at the game and which recordings I have watched. Most of the time I don’t take notice of pundits as most have the football intelligence of my last stool test. However, When I spied our Ruud in the studio, one perks, and he did not disappoint with some very interesting analysis of our number 29. He pretty much made the case that Morata was the player we needed and these past weeks have not been all his fault. In his opinion, our style of play, so called Sarriball is contributing to his poor performance. He showed plenty of examples of his thoughts and it helped he had yesterdays two goals to show as examples of whats needed. I try to be open minded on anyone lucky enough to pull our shirt on for a living, but I truly find it difficult to get past his running around his left foot (even thou he swung it for the second goal) and that so un-natural finish at the end of the game. The keeper was so far out of his goal, the correct finish was to run past him and pass it into the goal. With all that said I hope his better form of late continues. Not sure where Luiz was going for the Palace goal? We were in full control of the game, but because of our weakness infront of goal putting away the many chances we create, one mistake or poor defending of our back line, we are becoming under the cosh by being pulled back. I was hoping we wouldn’t have to change from the bench as I felt sure the guys who started would have been good enough. True to form, the manager tinkered whenever our better players are on the bench and Hazard was stripped off and pushed into action. Not sure if the rumour is true Willian was pulled off as Barcalona representatives were waiting for him up in the stand? I am pretty sure it was AussieOssie who started that rumour off! Talking of Willian, he had another good day which pretty much even outs his season for good and bad matches. Had to laugh when one wag sitting close by our section exclaimed Pedro beats more players running towards our own goal than he does the other way. While there is a slice of truth in that, I am a fan of his and glad the Gut rot he was suffering from has left him quickly. Away from the game I saw a interview Sarri gave in which he was asked the importance of Jorginho is to his style of play. I think we can be pretty safe to say the best holding midfielder in world football will never get to hold down the central roll for our club unless injury to Sarri fav player. The honesty in his assessment of Morata after the game and his use of the Italian word “abbastanza” when calling enough on TV interviews are both refreshing. I caught him telling James Richardson, he became a coach to continue his love for the game, not to become a TV star, when calling an end of another TV interview. That appeals more to me than his style of football, but I will suffer the latter if he WINS! On the points raised by both Blue&Wine and Bazilfoolty, I agree the Police presence was more evident yesterday. Not sure if they were expecting trouble? Was for sure the biggest display of bodies they have offered for sometime. Those of you off to Belarus ~ Play it safe!