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    Chelsea Discussion

    I write the following at the end of each season for my club on a different board. Here is around 75% of what I posted of it's first draft. Not fussed what you think of it, but if you are confident enough to make your own opinion of all (that's all, not cherry pick) our players public I will read it at sometime. By choice I havent been able too see some of the postings in this thread & board over the season, so apologies if I have sometimes posted something someone else has already made plain or not responded to bait or worse against a posting of mine. Now you know why. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Kepa: It's taken a while for me to get used too someone who is so much shorter than our previous two Goalies. I am not convinced by play above his head. Punches far too often for my liking and he tends to be hit or miss catching too. His strong point is shot stopping and handling of low hard shots. Gets down very well. His behaviour at Wembley was pathetic, but his EL semi final heroism has allowed forgiveness at some levels. His 7 year contract has forced Bulca out of the club which in turn has won me some money. We must hope he continues to grow as a person between his ears & learns quickly to command his area in the air as well as down by his feet. Willy: When we saw him he was more than adequate in his performances. Hope he sticks around, but have the feeling he could be a number one at many clubs. Dave: Seems to be crazy to say this about one of our best players over the last few seasons, but Dave was a weakness in many of our games this season. It's very difficult to put a finger on what’s gone wrong? The fans have been on his back for most of the season, highlighting the number of free kicks he gave away n the run around many forwards gave him. Captain for almost all of the season I lost count of the number of times he would attempt to cross the ball from wide right only to hit the first defender in front of him. This is the same guy who gave Morata 7-9 assists from roughly the same position on the pitch. I would say the Chelsea jury is out on Dave and he should be looking over his shoulder for either an bought competition player or if next seasons manager is brave enough to use Reese James who was player of the year during his year loan at Wigan and voted best right back in the championship. James must have improved as I did not have him as a possible first team player when watching during his youth career. That's not too say I wouldnt give him a go. Obviously a return to 3 at the back would give Dave and others another chance. Zappacosta: Another wing back brought too the club when we were playing a 3 at the back. There are those who would tell you he should have been inserted into the team before Christmas. These would be those who turned against Dave earliest. By the end of the season there number had risen too more than a few. Alas the games I saw him play he was no better than Dave and also suffered from hitting the first defender infront of him when attempting to cross the ball. If Dave was too be replaced I would be looking towards someone other than Zappacosta. Rudiger: Strong reliable more of a on field leader than Dave, he had a very good solid season. Over aggressive and needs to be more patient when up against a forward holding up the ball as he tends to give away far too many cheap free kicks all over our half of the field. Strong in the air and can be a handful in the opposing box, he has probably been one of our very best signings over the past few poor windows. Has a great sense of humour. When asked how he had improved this season, he stated his passing over 5-10 yards had become far more evident. Obviously a tug at the managers style of football. Turned down an improved contract and ended the season injured after being given the all clear by our medical department. Christensen: Lost his place at the start of the season when we returned to a 4 at the back. Still a lightweight when it comes to defending in our more robust league over the weaker league he made his name in. His father hasnt done him any favours with constant interviews to the press, who only shut up once our manager when asked about his, said he wanted to hear from the player, not his family. I feel sure one of the managers who puts ball control over being able to defend 1st would be prepared to part with a lot of money for him. I wouldn’t want too sell...... yet, as I am hopeful he will grow a stronger backbone, tell his Dad to shut the fuck up and try to read the game slightly quicker so he doesn’t have to go to ground so often when trying too tackle forwards who are ahead of him. He really could be a wonderful player, but I still wouldn’t trust him as a starter in big games in the PL. Luiz: I think David has done very well for us this season. The manager told the club the one player we must have to play his style of football was Jorginho. After having almost everything going through the managers son, we were suddenly sussed from the Everton home game onwards. From that time on, we were forced to have David bring the ball out and often bypassing the managers son and chosen effect less midfield partners, with balls aimed at the front three. The amount of times I watched opposing players told to stand on Jorginho as David had the ball at his feet without options. For me he did very well being our most creative player between our goal line and our forwards. While not the most natural defender he got by with his own brand of defending, without so much of the crazies he used to produce during his first spell with us. When you think about the amount of times he covered behind our left wing backs playing as proper full backs, you get a flavour of the amount of good work he got through in games. The decision of his gaining of a 2 year contract and his expressing his love for both club and the managers style of playing points towards the manager being with us next season. Cahill: His last season with the club turned into a proper nightmare as the manager made plain early on Gary was down the CH pecking order. Making public Gary wasnt confident enough on the ball to play his style of football, this was another example of the manager giving too much info to the media. While I believe there is truth in his evaluation of Gary, it was tough on the club captain to be looked over for almost the entire season. I am sure Gary will be for more welcome back among us than the manager will ever be. Alonso: So many Chelsea fans are against him that’s its pretty difficult to find anyone to offer a defense of his season. For me, there is no blame on him at all. He was signed as a wing back to play in our title winning 3 at the back defense. While not excelling as a defender he did going forward and actually chipped in with a couple of important goals this season. He isnt a full back, so for me he has played out of position under this manager. Remember, this is the manager who said Alonso could become the best left back in the world under him! It was obvious to a blind man this was another example of the manager talking out of his ass and he only succeeded in turning the fan base against Alonso, 2nd only to the fans dislike of the manager himself. Left back has been a season long problem for us and the manager never once tried swapping Dave over flanks. Emerson: Again, another wing back who is a shocking defender. As the season wore on and those who found hatred in their hearts towards Alonso where then suddenly calling for Emerson to become the starter at left back. It didnt seem to register with these people we were replacing a poor defender with a shocking defender. Emerson marks nobody, gives the ball away as soon as it touches his right foot and never in the right place when crosses come in from the other flank. His late inclusion has benefitted all Chelsea fans as its flushed out the fucking idiots who follow our club as the know nothings they are. Kante: We came into the season with a player who was universally agreed upon being the best holding midfielder in world football. Come the end of the season he did not start one PL game as a holding midfielder. He found himself on the right of our midfield devoid of his strict defensive role, but asked to feed the forwards and attack from his new midfield position. The reason for the decision was the signing of the manager's number one target in the summer window. Now I have always said that without the ball Kante is the best I have seen, while when he gets the ball, he truly is hit or miss with distribution. This latter point I believe the manager also believes and I believe he decided to carry Kante in his team, rather than have him sitting next too Cahill Fabregas ect knowing the backlash would be unbearable. I think it weakened his team selection and if he was going to handicap us with his son playing in the middle, he should have had the balls to have played someone who could string a few passes together instead of Kante. Afterall, isnt that was Sarriball was supposed to be? Obviously I would have played the best in the world in his position, but we saddled ourselves with someone who thought different. Fabregas: Now I know his legs had gone and his defending left a lot to be desired, but for me, Hazard apart, he was our most gifted player going into the season. Yeah I am biased as I fell in love with his football back when he pulled an Arsenal shirt on, but those kind of players are rare and rarer still is those kind of players who can belly our football league. We knew the writing was on the wall early on as snippets were being leaked he wasnt happy with others being put before him. At the time the team was getting results so his moaning was kinda overlooked, but once the Everton game came n went and teams started to jump all over Jorginho, there were calls that Cesc should be allowed to wear his magic hat once more. Alas the manager saw fit only too trust him the Thursday cup and League cup. When he left for Monaco he did so with a few parting shots which have increased over the rest of the season. What he has said had been borne true with others since expressing the same thoughts. I would like to know if its true that it was Cesc who went too the manager saying Kante was being wasted. Wonderful football talent, decent bloke. Shame his Chelsea career ended in such fashion. Jorginho: There is no doubt at the start of the season when he was able to run around the central parts of the pitch without a opposition player taking notice of him, he was made too look the complete midfield general sweeping the ball around the pitch with short 5 meter passes too the same coloured shirt with ease. The media were quick to note his record breaking number of touches in games and it looked as thou we had found someone to run our team for a number of years. Then came the home game against Everton. They loaded one player on Jorginho for the whole 90 mins and we were fucked. The easy ball out of defense too him was stopped. When he did get the ball the player on him hurried him and his silky easy passing was stopped dead. I remember the manager shouting at him during the game shrugging his shoulders in that Italian way of asking whats fucking going on? It was then we realized this bloke wasn’t Pirlo. He couldnt handle the ball under pressure and the manager either couldn’t help or refused to help him. So from that game on, any team who had it about them to pressure our midfield general, normally got something from the game. Too be fair too the player, as the season wore on and his influence on our play dropped he felt the frustrations of the fans in most games. Rather than shrivel up his work rate started to rise with better defensive play, often running hard towards his own goal, something that wasnt evident early in the season. 2 Goals, 1 a penalty and not one assist from our central midfielder throughout the PL season is the most illuminating fact on the managers chosen player. When you think the amount of games we started with Kante (4G 4A) Jorginho and Kovcic (2A), it explains how handicapped the manager made us over the season. Both Ruben and Ross had more Goals n Assists in much less playing time than the managers two midfield darlings. What Fabregas made public was damning and now we know he wasn’t alone in speaking out in the dressing room. Kovacic: A wonderful on the ball player who offers very little in the attacking sence of the game. We have him on loan from the club who are softening us up before they take our best player. Like any good club loaning out a player, they ensured they gave us someone they wouldn’t miss and hope we make the mistake of signing for good soon after. 2 assists and no goals from a player the manager preferred over the English talent we have at the club, Kovacic worked hard throughout the season, just lacked what we most needed this season, someone to set our forwards on fire. I hope we do not sign him as it would rub salt into the wound of Hazard leaving. Barkley: In a season where he has regained his England place and worked hard to gain the trust of his Club manager, his season ended being over taken by Ruben in the pecking order. I feel the manager has changed his game from the one that gained his reputation as a free running midfielder. It was as thou the ball was a hot potato the quickness he got rid of the ball, something we heard the manager praise as what he wanted from the midfielders, moving it quickly too the open player. I felt that took a little from his game that I liked at Everton. Running hard from midfield at defenses and felt the loss of this detracted from his input. It was kinda surprising when Ruben came in, he did run at defenses, almost against the managers orders by the amount of time he would keep the ball. More on that when I speak about him. Ross for me offers alot for us in the future and I am sure he will benefit from a change of manager, along with many other players. R LC: It's been a bit of a break out end of season for Ruben. There is no doubting his forward play both assisting and scoring vital goals has been something we have been crying out for as a club all season. I like his direct play when receiving the ball. Gets the ball looks for Hazard, if he cant find him he move forward with the ball trying to make something happen. Oh how we have needed that when the three Amigo’s have started. Before his inclusion the manager would say Ruben had to improve other phases of his play. We knew this as his defending n general play without the ball. I would argue this part of his game has not improved that much with his exciting football on the ball overshadowing that weakness. It must also be made plain to everyone he cant play a full 90 minutes without one of his major problems flaring up n causing his replacement. The 2nd leg semi final just a week ago offered one of the few time I have felt for the manager this season. It was fucking obvious too me Ruben had been struggling in the game for about 20 mins and when the manager put him out of his misery, he got the Bird from those who have less understanding of the game. I am happy Ruben hit the media waves backing his manager. Starting to grow up. I have said and will say again we should cash in on him while we can. If a player can not play because of injury he is no use to a club. Brian Clough once wrote about a player he had a Derby when he took over who couldn’t start the season because he had a contract to play Cricket for one of the county’s. This player was a fans fav and the very first player Cloughy got rid of. He is no good too me if he cant play and that goes for any player who finds himself in the treatment room far more often than he does playing for me. It's an excellent point and there is nothing in Rubens history that tells us he is going to be cured of his bad back groin ankle ect ect. 6 goals and 2 assists is excellent return for the amount of airtime he got this season and as I said, break out season. It's too be seen if the plane ride to the states has him complaining about his back. Drinkwater: As much as I find fault with the manager, he was true to Dannys face and the boy should have taken it as gospel. Maybe he thought there was no chance this guy will still be manager by the end of the season, This is Chelsea for fuck sake? Haha, well many have fallen into that and I guess this wasted season of his will have more interest in what happens after the Thursday cup final. Willian: Mr.Marmite. Chelsea fans tend to one or the other on our fav Brazilian. I am very much in the love him camp, but I wouldn’t disagree there are times I want too throttle him. First up, he wants to play in the middle of midfield, an old fashioned number 10, If a blank on that, he wants to play wide left so he can cut inside. This manager picked him wide right 90% of the games he started. Obviously Hazard has dibs on wide left and we do not play with a free 10, so he plays where he feels he has less use. With that said, on his day he can be very influential on games, but of course he can also be the most frustrating player at the club. I feel he has been one of our better players in a poor football season. A point I would like to make is his taking Callum under his wing. I am told they spend, at least before Callum became injured, plenty of time together both on and off the pitch at the training ground. I like to hear this about more experienced players. It was noticeable his hitting out at the managers hand when he tapped him on the head leaving the pitch against EF at stamford Bridge last week. Very few made note of it because of the win, but those who saw it could see Willian was pissed. Pedro: For all those who single out Willian for criticism for being inconsistent, Pedro must also fall into that bracket. There is a bloke who sits a few seats behind me at the Bridge who is convinced Pedro should never start another game as he offers far more in the sub roll. I dont know? On the whole he has had another acceptable season, early on the 3rd wide player after Hazard and Willian. When he came on he played ok, often putting in a 30 minute shift in running backwards n forwards with plenty of energy. 8 league goals in a part time season is an excellent return, but for a wide player only 2 assists points too his lack of offering great distribution when the ball finds away from a goal scoring opportunity. I think he has been a worthwhile signing, but with the American due too turn up and hopefully return of Callum, 3rd choice could become 4th next season. Morata: I didnt think much of him at Juventus and when he signed for us, after we failed to get Lukaku, I kinda tried to have an open mind. Turns out he arrived with one foot and a head which was far above average. Alas we were unable to get him to head everything and he had to use his standing foot whenever he couldnt run around it. It was painful too watch. He looked like he was in pain every time he entered the pitch for us this season and once the fans started to give him the bird along with his crap play, it was no surprise he asked too leave after the manager said he had mental problems. You could almost hear Morata sighing in relief that the manager had given him a get out. As I understand it he has scored a few in Spain, but his club will have to pay us 14M for next seasons loan, so there is every chance he will be back. Baring in mind, for me, the CF position is the most important of this transfer window (I believe we will be in it cause of the appeal to the sports wotnot will suspend the ban till they make judgment in a years time) our next signing will have to be much better than Morata. Giroud: So we go from one CF with no left foot, too one who has no right foot. There were times early in the season when Giroud wasnt playing I added my voice too the others asking for him to be given a chance. Kinda a players stock going up without playing. By the end of the season I have had enough of his none movement weak control and right foot weakness. I think his play last week in the semi final just about summed him up. Scored alot of goals in that competition, where we played lots of clubs who would struggle in out championship. As we stand now with the PL over its laughable he found the front to say "no play no stay" I wont go so far as too say I will drive him too the airport, but when we have younger players in his position out on loan elsewhere, for me there is little reason too offer him another deal. Higuain: I was a big fan of his a few seasons ago. There has always been comment about his weight from back in his Madrid days and I have seen more than a few pictures of him at Juventus were he sure has had more than his fair share of Cheesecakes. I am thankful someone at the club stood firm against signing him when the manager was said too be almost begging us too. Lucky for us his previous choice of Jorginho had given us plenty too judge Sarri's opinion on players. The loan move was the correct decision and like the player from Madrid, we hope the club see sence and avoid both. His performances have been far too stagnant for me. He has the one run, which is in behind a central defender as we saw when Pedro picked him out and he finished off wonderfully well against Watford. He has been trying this run all the time he has been here with Jorginho trying too pick him out. Daft sods commenting this is their understanding from when they played together. Was he any better than Morata? How about the same question but using Mitchy as the benchmark? I think he has been a wonderful player, but he is too old for us, we must look too more mobile forwards for our future. Callum: What a wonderful shot in the arm he turned out too be for us long suffering Chelsea faithful turning up at the Bridge every other week this season. Super Great Magic, but made public and asked for a transfer during the last window. That’s never to be forgiven and like Ruben will find it difficult too ever feel the unconditional love homegrowns get at our club. Yes I fully understand the signing of the American, a player in his position points towards the clubs thinking elsewhere, but if you dont have the intelligence to work out Hazard moving on or the belief in yourself to beat out that guy for your position, then he did the right thing by taking the weaker option by playing in a inferior league. I have no problem with that decision and I will be very happy too see him leave at the earliest opportunity. Best thing would be get him to sign long contract and then sell. He did well in the games against weak opposition and he is another I feel the manager came under pressure to play. His starting at Anfield was laughable and we saw the better the opposition the more he did nothing other than give the ball away. Obviously there is a talent there to come to fruition, but we have had plenty of other players through our youth of late who haven’t come anywhere near the level needed. We have two boys playing at Derby who were rated better than Callum, which is why Frank got them. Anyway, congratulations too him for the time he got in the first team. Hazard: Yet another superb season from the leagues best player who has conducted himself in a far better manner than his asshole compatriot last year. There is little more than can be said about his football skill so I think in making this short n sweet it will be more fitting. Of course like all Chelsea fans I would want him too stay. The question I always put out there when these kind of players get head hunted by the two of Spain is, what football reason is there for him to stay with us. The answer too that is simple. There is no football reason too stay at the club. As much as he has stated the football Sarri is attempting too play is how Eden wishes too play, the truth is our football is crap. It's the most painful experience I have endured during Romans time and it's obvious whatever the manager is putting across too the players, they dont fucking get it. I wish Eden well wherever he turns up next season. I cant stress how much I appreciate the way he had conducted himself while with us and his football alone has been worth the season tickets I have enjoyed over his years. Thanks mate! Sarri: Worst since AVB, hated more by game going fans than the Fat Spanish Waiter. His turning my club into Arsenal, will be confirmed if we loose the Thursday cup final. We never used too lose too Arsenal! Yep, he got us into CL. Take note ~ Chelsea ended the season in 3rd position, the 13th time in the last 16 seasons they've finished in the top-three of the Premier League. Hardly ground breaking. It's important to show how we stumbled over the line into 3rd. Last five league games Man Utd L L D D L 2pts Arsenal L L L D W 4pts Tott L W L L D 4pts Chelsea L D D W D 6pts When you look at the two above us who got 15 out of 15, kinda shows how lucky we have been the other 3 clubs came down too Sarri's level allowing us to slip through. I’ll have next years seasons ticket before long, but if this manager stays I will be selling individual games to those who cant outlay the price of a years games. I know I am not the first to say that here, so I figure I’ll have to move quickly to sell before others as there might be a deluge of tickets looking for new owners! :Laughter:
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    Chelsea Discussion

    Marcin Bulka to leave Chelsea this summer and will sign\ has signed a pre-contract agreement with Paris St-Germain. And it starts
  3. The Liquidator

    Chelsea Discussion

    Tottenham Arsenal and Manchester United my humble thanks to you for allowing my club to slip through the back door and into the CL next season. We dont deserve it, but gratefully accept the entrance. We will need much help, from lifting of transfer ban to a weak group to progress, but it's better than the Thursday cup again! Congratulations to Sarri too. I think the brains of Chelsea fans would say we have finished top four dispite the manager who has done his best to change us into Arsenal, but it wont say that on his record. The game: Watford tore us a new one during the first half and if truth was told could have been a couple ahead. The loss of Kante allowed Reuben Loftus-Cheek too enter the game. I am sure Sarri was smiling inside as he can now start a player he feels has better control over the ball. Watford ran past our midfield from the first whistle. They high pressed and we struggled to move the ball out from the back. It was as thou they were making a point. Taking the blue print of how to stop us this season and showing they too could boss us. The loss of Kante replaced by Ruben so early didnt help and Pedro was forced way back during that 1st half. Jorginho and Kovcic were their normal nonentity's, while Alonso got through the half with more luck than judgement. 2nd half a couple of decent crosses from exiting Eden and we are 2 up n wondering what all the 1st half fuss was about? One of the guys sitting in front of me said after the Luiz goal it was as thou Watford flicked the switch at half time remembering they had a cup final in a couple of weeks and stopped trying. Well its not that simple, but there is no doubt they did not run around in a high press as hard as they did in the 1st half. We did play better, Ruben excelling with the freedom he found and Eden being who he is. However, 3-0 truly wasnt a true reflection of the game. That description could also describe our finishing top 4 LOL It should not surprise anyone that Gary Cahill has added his voice to the others who have spoken out against the manager. Keeping his feeling to himself till almost the end of his contract is being praised, but we here at this board have known about the ill feeling towards the manager from many in the squad for sometime. O'Rodger1 wrote here over Christmas, listing both Fabregas and Cahill as senior players who had both voiced against the manager. With Cahill's weekend interview, both players have now come out and made public what O'Rodger1 wrote. I tip my hat to you mate and I hope those who spoke against you at the time are big enough to write a word in your favour. We will be watching. From a personal point of view Brighton gaining a point at the new Highbury saves me traveling to Leicester next weekend and I finish off the season in the Thursday cup. It's a season I hope to forget quickly and a bigger hope the manager is moved on. 84% on a Chelsea only board against a manager is huge, but if he was promised his job if he made the top 4, I expect he will still be around. On that 84% ~ As the players walked around the pitch after the game taking in the applause of us fans, the manager was no where to be seen. It's the first time I can remember a manager no show at the end of a season. Even Rafa took a stroll. Says it all.
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    Chelsea Discussion

    It seems we can take 3rd place with a win against Watford and finish 3rd if we win out the season. The back end of the season is explaining exactly why the top two are so far clear of the rest. Ruben top 3 performer for us this season? Everyone is entitled to an opinion, BUT you really should keep that one to yourself
  5. The Liquidator

    Chelsea Discussion

    While I am tapping this out I am watching the game again. God we are poor. The opposition are far worse than I expected. Everything I had read built them up to be a progressive team who can produce some nice football. Reality is they had nothing to over worry any decent team. Lucky for them they were facing Chelsea who have a manager who obviously does not care anymore lol. Ok, on Hazard none starting. Elsewhere rumour is rife Sarri's job is safe ONLY if we qualify for CL through league position. Hmm.. I dont know. Seems slightly strange, but would explain some of the line ups he has put out this season in the Thursday cup. If you get a chance, take a look at Hazard sitting on the bench last night. Word is he was very much taken aback by the decision and his body language as well as effort shown once inserted onto the pitch paints a clear indication of his state of mind. The manager says it was a normal decision and no player can play 70 games in a season. Hazard hasnt played any where near the amount of minutes to reach what would equate to 70 full games. It has to be said it was a very strange decision, but, the opposition were not that great, so maybe the manager knew better? Emerson: Total waste of time. Yes left footed players are normally painfully one footed. Frankfort obviously sussed this by showing him inside from the start of the game and won the ball from him each time he cut inside onto his right foot in our half. Truly pathetic. He is far worse than Alonso and from what I see offer much less going forward. Yes TotalRookie, I understand he too is a wing back and not a natural Left Full back, but he needs to be moved on when I am sure we will not get anywhere near the amount of money we paid for him. Rubbish defender, rubbish player. Christensen: Got away with it after a shocking tackle where he missed the ball and took out the player with enough force too maybe get a Red. I think position on the pitch saved him. He got through the rest of the game and now has a full season history of Europa games. I still wouldnt trust him as a full time PL starter, but I havent given up hope he comes too fruition in a Chelsea shirt. Reuben Loftus-Cheek: I admit he offers far more with the ball going forward than he does when needed to defend. I believe his attacking play overshadows the very much weaknesses in his game. I think what impressed me the most last night was how many minutes he managed to play without limping. Pedro: Haha, ChelseaTotty counting the amount of times he gave the ball away sounds like a very boring job, but I take your total as gospel and agree its a high total for such a experienced player. Giroud: Waste of space last night. Needs to be allowed to move on along with Higuain. Willian: Disappointing considering he had his favoured side to start on. To be honest he got very little help from either Emerson or Ruben during the first half Jorginho: Why? I have to say I have pretty much given up on this season sometime ago, but last night infuriated me so much that I was tempted to switch channels and watch Arsenal, until my wife pointed out to me that, according too me, sometime ago, I had been watching my own club turn into Arsenal. As usual, she isn’t wrong!
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    Chelsea Discussion

    Rudiger injury is an interesting one because we can only guess someone in the medical department gave him the all clear to resume after hurting the knee a couple of weeks ago. For him too break down again so quickly into his return is a black mark against that diagnoses. I am in agreement on Christensen, although he should be used to German opposition. Cahill, Probably looking to work out contract details with his former club Sheffield United (Maybe Villa) now they have found a place in next seasons PL. What's wrong with Dave of late?
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    Chelsea Discussion

    It's Sarri's DeFault? Luca07071 Bazilfoolty StamfordSid WalterDavis & Lemoncfc, your points on the United game are well made. Thanks for sharing. The run up to Sundays game had me cringing at the managers almost begging to keep his job next season through the media. He states we will be challenging with two more seasons. I also read this past weekend that a number of Chelsea season ticket holders have already told the club they will not re-new their tickets if Sarri is still the manager. For the first time in seasons Chelsea did not take all their allocated tickets at an away PL fixture, Cardiff and there was enough empty seats to be noticeable against Burnley. Season ticket holders not bothering too turn up. While that has happened in the past at the end of bad seasons, not to the number of Monday night. Those of us who go to games are not happy...... but The word about the club last summer was this manager was asked to play his brand of football and get CL football for next season. The football is crap, the players are obviously not getting it and the players the manager has recommended to the club have all failed to offer anything near their best football. As we stand with 2 PL games to play, 2 wins (hahaha 2 wins) will see us in the CL. We made the league cup final where the goalkeeper embarrassed the club to a new low level and we are in the semi final of the Thursday cup where we face a progressive young squad who are the first half decent team we have faced all competition. So there is every chance the manager will fulfill his remit and maybe win secondary silver wear. My question is, if he takes 4th spot in the league for CL football, have we done so by default? Yesterdays game, which I hope all agree was played at a very low level, for me, highlighted that United have more problems than us. With Arsenal loosing 3 on the bounce, suddenly our 2 draws and a loss in the last 3 games catapults us into 4th! Our final two games are against the level of sides who have taken points off us all season and I have very little confidence we will beat both. BunnyWarren OwnGoal101 EpsomDave & ChelseaTotty PM me and I will update your accounts. I am not sure I can agree with TheRealFatFrank. While its true CHO does give away the ball far too often, he does add something we have been missing. Granted he does look like someone who will get sussed very quickly by opposition, but I am hopeful he will progress given age and a full recovery from injury. Although, Like Reuben Loftus-Cheek, I will never forgive his last window stance and would be happy for both of them too be sold. I worry about Rubens health and feel we should cash him in while we can. 555444555 congrats on your big win mate. Mine's a Stella Plz!! ---------------------------- This morning Italian media are putting it out there that Sarri will return to Italy next season. They say he knows his fate at Chelsea! Blue&Wine, please translate! Italian Media ~ Bloody Tease!!
  8. The Liquidator

    Chelsea Discussion

    https://www.thesun.co.uk/sport/football/8459589/chelsea-maurizio-sarri-sack-roman-abramovich/ https://www.dailystar.co.uk/sport/football/761043/Chelsea-Maurizio-Sarri-sacking-pay-off-Roman-Abramovich-rumours-gossip https://talksport.com/football/497389/maurizio-sarri-chelsea-cheapest-pay-off-roman-abramovich/ ect ect
  9. The Liquidator

    Chelsea Discussion

    You are probably right. However us fans refused Rafa & the owner got rid at end of season. Matchday fans are of the same mind on this tosser. He is cheap to get rid of, so even with CL qualification I would say he is as safe as a playing card tower on a windy day. I hope you agree the team is as weak we have had under Roman, & playing the most garbage football. Remove Eden from the squad & suddenly a good window for Wolves, kinda has the club looking over our shoulder more than going forward. Again news in Russia that Roman feels resigned to sell up. Could be the biggest story of the summer. We will see
  10. The Liquidator

    Chelsea Discussion

    Interesting? How so? For me this isnt about CL qualification. The team is in as worse a state as I can remember. Our best player will be leaving. Our young gun is out for 6 months. The owner cant even get in the fucking country. All 3 of the managers recommendations, Jorginho Kovacic and Higuian are misses, with the later unable to run. We are still involved in the Europa league because the standard of opposition, up too now have been no better than Championship, Huddersfield level. Arsenal and Man Utd are re-building and Spurs had most of their 1st eleven played latter stages of the WC. We are not re-building, ours is a change in playing style because of manager appointment. If anything we should have qualification sorted by now, instead of being the outsider of the 4 aiming for the last 2 places. Burnley, their manager players n fans were laughing at us last night... swarming around like Pigs in Shit at the ease they added themselves to the many others who have got a result against us this season. That's who this manager has turned us into. A manager who had his feeling hurt by a member of the Burnley staff calling him repeatedly "a Shit Italian" Truth Hurts
  11. The Liquidator

    Chelsea Discussion

    Dire Chasing the game our manager saw fit to have both Jorginho and Kovacic on the pitch at the end of the game. Neither trouble assist stats or goals often enough to be worth a place at the club, let alone chasing a game. I have had enough of this season, a season where my club is being ruined and turned into a laughing stock. Burnley are a very weak club, but their name can be added to all the others who have taken points of us this season, most havent had to break sweat or do anything out of the ordinary to out think our manager. He is without any shadow of doubt the worst we have had at the club during the PL years, rivaling Danny Blanchflower as worst in my lifetime.
  12. The Liquidator

    QPR & Loftus Road

    This means the football club were unable to attract a sponsor for the ground which would be worthwhile. Grenfell would be a nice touch, but it would not solve the many problems that football club has inflicted on itself over the past 5 years. League one beckons more than a return to PL, which is probably how major sponsors look upon Lotus Road.
  13. The Liquidator

    Chelsea Discussion

    Speaking at a Monaco press conference, Fabregas said: “I was at Chelsea and I could have renewed my contract to stay there. A new coach came and he came with a player that, for him, was like his son. “For me it was difficult to play every single game – this is what I want to do. I love football. When I played for Chelsea, I’m happy. “[But] it was impossible to play every match – for whatever reason it was.” Cesc: FourFourTwo Mag Fabregas insists that he wanted to play every game and help the club succeed but he knew that he'd have to leave if he were to play first-team football on a regular basis. He said: 'I like to have new objective. All the time for me it's important to have a new objective in my head. 'I was at Chelsea and I could have renewed my contract and stayed there but a new coach came with a player that for him was like his son. 'For me it was difficult to play every single game and that's what I want to do. I love football. I don't want to just be happy to play for Chelsea. 'For whatever reason it was impossible for me even if I was better, or someone else is better, to play every match. 'I decided to come to a project that was different for me and I think it will give me so much satisfaction.' Cesc via Daily Mail 13th April 2019 ---------------------------- The underlined line maybe in reference the word senior players went too manager too question his selection?
  14. The Liquidator

    Danny Drinkwater

    Drinkwater was purchased as an option for us to team him with Kante, his partner at Leicester during their PL winning season. Having already taken Kante for a fraction of his real value from Leicester and his outstanding contribution to our own PL winning season that year, it would seem a fair idea to bring Drinkwater to the club. Drinkwater managed game time under Conte who would sometimes set up his teams with two holding midfielders, but as we have found out this past week, Sarri told him at the start of the season he is not in his plans. This bares out through this season as Sarri has the one holding player who gets over run in most games. Making this "not in his plans" public is another proof of poor management by Sarri, who has been far too open with the media. The buzz around the ground in the early part of the season was Drinkwater did not want to give up his contract as his wages were far better than at Leicester and asked to stay to fight for his place. Loans were turned down and a possible move back to Leicester was muted. This looks to be a wasted season for Drinkwater, who I guess will stick around till he finds out if we are to have a new manager next season.