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  1. Bochum 1-2 Hoffenheim Bayern 3-1 Frankfurt Leipzig 2-2 Dortmund Freiburg 1-1 Wolfsburg Augsburg 1-0 Bremen Leverkusen 2-2 Stuttgart Gladbach 2-0 Union Mainz 1-1 Köln Darmstadt 0-1 Heidenheim
  2. At the opposite end of the table, Sheffield United are 9 goals off from conceding 101 goals in the Premier League. It'd be a new record.
  3. Benny Blanco with the second. Been wasting chances since the first goal. Finally 2-0. Chelsea have been very poor since the restart. Constantly giving the ball away cheaply.
  4. Really should've gotten another goal in that half and Jackson is extremely lucky to still be on. Don't know how the ref missed that one.
  5. Students AND teachers being arrested. Police called in by the universities. People were afraid of fascism under Trump. Turns out criticising and exposing Israel will do it whoever's in charge. Also, we skipping over the mass graves to say the protests are too much just like the US news media? A shame.
  6. To be fair, Gary Neville comes across as a massive cunt when making his dramatic statements. Just a shit analyst now.
  7. Mass graves filled with executed men, women, and children who also had their hands tied behind their backs. Instead of a big deal being made about this, the main news being focused on seems to be some dickhead provoking protestors and then playing the victim here in the UK, and then there's the US having a meltdown because students are protesting against Israel so obviously they're getting smeared as antisemitic (which should mean nothing coming from zionists). Israel are getting away with genocide but there are a lot more people aware of Israel's negative hold on governments. Hope is that long term this sees thier influence fade away. Biden praying this all blows over and people forget about everything before the election. He certainly will.
  8. Something seriously wrong with Man Utd's defensive structure. Especially in games where they're expected to dictate the play. The fact that they won't be expected to do that against Man City is a good thing for them.
  9. I don't know where the confusion came in but if it wasn't already clear enough, I was specifically talking about replays getting in the way... Unfortunately the past couple of seasons we haven't stayed in it for too long. Maybe they should do replays of games even when the winner has been decided just to make sure it's the right team going through?
  10. Back on top for the moment. Hard fought but the win was needed after two disappointing results. Difficult game against an improved Chelsea side on Tuesday.
  11. Withdraw from the competition to keep replays a thing? Sold their competition because replays are gone? What? People are being unreasonably dramatic about this and that's not surprising but it's still ridiculous in my opinion. People were even upset about away goals being removed in Europe. Can only imagine the fury when wins started meaning 3 points instead of 2. "You're demeaning what it means to get a draw!!". Things won't change that much. No one will miss replays in a year.
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