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  1. To be honest I watched that game and I couldn't see that Arsenal had really addressed any of the big issues they had last season. At times their defence was pretty shocking last year and whilst Tierney will be a good addition I can't see that Luiz will add any defensive solidity to the side. He's already been directly culpable for half the goals Arsenal have conceded this year. Ceballos is a good addition in midfield but he looks to essentially be a Ramsey replacement whilst Pepe just adds to the problem of fitting all their attacking talents into a coherent formation. Given how easily teams have gotten in behind us this season it was almost too obvious that Emery would set up to try and get in behind, and that's exactly what he did by packing the midfield and sticking Pepe up front with Aubameyang. On another day it might have worked and in fact, if Pepe wasn't so painfully one footed, Arsenal might have got a result out of the game. I just don't understand the logic though of shelling out a club record fee on another attacking talent when you already have Lacazette and Aubameyang. Especially when the team is crying out for top class defensive additions.
  2. Dr Boris Gobshite

    Workplace Humour

    I'm the office WUM, love a practical joke. I think I nearly drove a co-worker to a mental break down by constantly switching the ink inside his pens around (red ink to blue pen, blue ink to green pen, etc). On the flip side I fell asleep at work once and have never lived it down.
  3. If you haven't listened to the episode of the Magic Sponge Podcast when they have Paul Merson on you should definitely give it a listen. Some of the stories he has are hilarious, especially when him and Gazza are living together at Boro.
  4. Every Liverpool fan will know who I voted for from that comment.
  5. I think without question Kenny Dalglish is the best player, let alone striker, that has ever worn the Liverpool shirt. That doesn't even begin to touch on what he achieved off the pitch as a manager. However, like the vast majority of the players on that list, his achievements came at a time when Liverpool were the dominant footballing force in England and Europe. For me it's the players that came along after we were knocked off our perch that should be in the running for greatest striker. This is a point in time where we weren't blessed with World Class talents and our top players would drag the club along kicking and screaming. Obviously Steven Gerrard is the stand out candidate overall, but in terms of strikers it has to be between Suarez and Owen. Owen on his day must have been absolutely terrifying to defend against with electric pace paired with unnatural finishing ability. At times he almost single handedly dragged Houllier's Liverpool side to an impressive haul of trophies with the FA Cup final against Arsenal being a particular highlight. Whilst Suarez didn't win any trophies his tenacity, work rate, footballing talent and supreme pain-in-the-assedness very nearly inspired Liverpool to a League title. However, they are both cunts so they can get fucked. Instead I voted for God.
  6. Dr Boris Gobshite

    Potential Fiorentina Takeover

    From my experience in dealing with Americans, a lack of self-awareness is not an uncommon trait for them. I think it's probably good that they've kept hold of Montella, even if he hasn't won a game yet. Hopefully he can re-find his form from the 1st spell with La Viola and get them back up towards the top 4.
  7. Dr Boris Gobshite

    Bumbling Boris Johnson New Prime Minister

    It's unfair to call him an imbecile, he knows exactly what he's doing. He is though an untrustworthy liar that will say/do whatever needs to be said /done to get into power. I'm fairly sure that he knows that Brexit will be bad for the country but supporting it is good for Boris Johnson's political career.
  8. Dr Boris Gobshite

    Off Topic

    Thanks, it's entirely ASF's fault.
  9. Dr Boris Gobshite

    Potential Fiorentina Takeover

    In the short term it very much depends on them avoiding relegation. Assuming they do, which is likely, then i'd expect some rebuilding over the Summer and a push towards the top half next season. They'll almost certainly lose their best players at the end of the season though with the likes of Chiesa, Simeone and Benassi probably moving up the League. Commisso is a savvy businessman and hopefully in the long term he will move forward with the new stadium and look to emulate the approach taken by the likes of Atalanta. Success in the World of business doesn't always translate to football though and I hope he can leave his ego at the door and put football people in the right places. Probably doesn't help that he is a very vocal Juve fan...
  10. Dr Boris Gobshite

    UK Politics & Brexit Discussion

    The thing is it's crystal clear what's on offer, it's the deal Theresa May negotiated with the EU. That stands regardless of what form of Brexit we choose between now and October. The EU have repeatedly stated that the deal is the deal and it's not going to change aside from a bit of window dressing here and there. For some reason everyone associated with Brexit and leaving seems to live in this fantasy land where their version of Brexit is a possibility. This even applies to a no-deal Brexit. Whilst we'll initially revert to WTO terms when we eventually get round to trying to negotiate a proper trade deal with the EU, our largest and closest trading partner, the terms of any trade deal are the deal that was agreed with Theresa May. That £39bn will be paid whether we leave through the back door or jump off the cliff because it's a small fraction of the £200bn+ a year the UK makes from EU exports.
  11. Dr Boris Gobshite

    Liverpool Discussion

    It gives you more options though, Milner's work rate is out of this World and with Lallana you can shut down any opponent in the midfield. At the moment though, we don't even have that option because we have nothing else at LB. There was some talk of Chamberlain coming from Arsenal and I think he would be a decent midfield signing. If we're talking back up for Henderson though then I think the discussion has to start with whether or not we keep Can.
  12. Dr Boris Gobshite


    Well, it all started when I was born.....
  13. Dr Boris Gobshite


    Hi, my name is Boris and i'm an alcoholic.
  14. Dr Boris Gobshite

    PES (and a bit of FIFA...)

    You gonna get POTM Kane to go with Son and Alli? I tried playing with my Italy reserve side this weekend and i'm doing shockingly bad, 8 wins from 22 games so far
  15. Dr Boris Gobshite

    Liverpool Discussion

    I don't think GK is a massive priority. LB should the top priority, sort that out and we move Milner back into the midfield. In fact the left flank in general could do with some work. We've usually got Milner and Coutinho there which is a pairing that really lacks pace, especially compared to Clyne and Mane on the other side.