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Dani Olmo - Barca Favourites to Sign Midfielder

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On 19/09/2019 at 08:54, Teso dos Bichos said:

Money talks. Hefty wage raise that should buy the team a year or two. Idk why but RM will be his next team., imo 

It's looking like it could be Barcelona. 

Buying players isn't what is needed though, but rather a new manager who is more in touch with what the current squad require. It's a strong squad and under the right manager would be capable of winning everything if you ask me. Continuously signing players isn't the answer right now.

Obviously the lad looks like he'll have a great future and the fact he spent 7 years in La Masía and is Catalan means there should be no problems with him fitting in in this regard. 


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A new manager and a new board. Arthur stays injured and he makes his situation worse by doing stupid shit like going to Neymar's parties and posting pictures/videos of him snowboarding or riding a hover board... he is becoming a liability instead of an asset and the board/manager have lost control of the squad. The players are currently running FCB not the manager or the board and that's why you had that embarrassing pursuit of a player who said fuck you I'm out just a few years ago... 

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