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Hearts - Transfer Thread

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A similar career path to players that have had their career revitalised moving to Scotland. A decent goalscoring return, although at a lower level, and some decent reviews from Tranmere fans.

Will probably be a backup/sub with Goncalves looking a good signing so far.

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3 hours ago, Bluebird Hewitt said:

Hearing good things about Paterson so looking forward to seeing him play.

He's improved a lot in recent seasons. Is better going forward than his defensive side of the game.

Meanwhile, they are looking to strengthen their full back area.


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Surprised that he is moving to a club like Wigan. He had his head turned in the summer by Rangers but, with the change in management and structure of the recruitment, that chance was all but evaporated. Any chance of staying at Hearts seemed to disappear after that. I bet if he had it all to do over again, he'd have just signed a new contract with Hearts in the summer.

Not quite a winger, not quite a central midfielder. Definitely a good football player though. Hopefully doesn't disappear like David Templeton did after leaving Hearts. Templeton was a hugely talented player, but has only regained his best form again recently at Hamilton.

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