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  1. We actually won a game at home. Miracles do happen. For anyone interested as well, those were our first goals at home since Boxing Day.
  2. A huge Leicester win that sees Leeds so demoralised that they tumble out of the playoffs?
  3. Can't surely be any worse than against Blackburn yesterday. Only plus from that was we got a point, but it was dull as shit watching it.
  4. We haven't conceded and actually been half decent. Christ Blackburn are utter shite.
  5. Yeah, from the videos I've seen, unless I'm missing something, it just looks like one of those 'viral' types where it gets a sudden amount of interest before losing all interest shortly after.
  6. If Blackburn don't win against our shite, they might as well fold the club immediately.
  7. Saturday 24th February, 2024 Ross County 0-1 Livingston Salernitana 1-0 Monza, 17.00 Deportivo Alaves 2-1 Mallorca, 17.30 Magdeburg 0-2 Schalke, 19.30 Los Angeles FC 1-1 Seattle Sounders, 21.30 Sunday 25th February, 2024 Club Brugge 1-3 Anderlecht, 12.30 Nice 2-1 Clermont, 14.00 Chelsea 1-3 Liverpool, 15.00 AZ Alkmaar 0-2 Ajax, 15.45 AC Milan 2-1 Atalanta, 19.45
  8. Complete and utter shite. We're sleepwalking into a relegation fight and could go down if we aren't careful. It says a lot at how shit Blackburn are mind when we lose 6 in 7 in all competitions and are still ahead of them.
  9. Guess it's one of those where it's harsh but if it's in the rules, there's not much choice.
  10. Have you got your entire house decorated with Fallout memorabilia?
  11. We're getting slapped, especially as I'm going to the game.
  12. Saturday 17th February, 2024 Melbourne City 1-1 Melbourne Victory, 08.45 Arsenal Women 3-1 Man Utd Women, 12.30 Aberdeen 1-0 Hibernian Bristol City 1-2 QPR Valencia 1-1 Sevilla, 20.00 Porto 3-0 Estrela, 20.30 Sunday 18th February, 2024 Cercle Brugge 1-2 Club Brugge, 12.30 Elversberg 1-1 Osnabruck, 12.30 Empoli 0-2 Fiorentina, 14.00 Montpellier 2-2 Metz, 14.00
  13. Need to win here to get some momentum going, especially as we won't win against West Brom mid week as I'm going to the game.
  14. Assuming it did make its way to the prem, would VAR have some involvement with this? Just thinking as red cards get checked now and this would basically be sending a player off for 10 minutes, which could change a game.
  15. Yeah, happens quite a bit in fairness, especially when playing remakes. I mentioned on Discord to @nudgeat the time as she was going through older 'kart' type racing games about Micro Machines Turbo Tournament and 96, as they were games I played back in the day and were very good fun. Similar for games like Streets of Rage 2, Advance Wars, Viewtiful Joe, WWF No Mercy, Conker's Bad Fur Day, Metal Gear Solid, the list goes on and on.
  16. Pochettino is looking close to leaving. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/68214962
  17. In fairness, he probably saw how shit Ike Ugbo was at Troyes and decided he would rather rot away than play alongside him.
  18. You could probably buy and complete it before I even get a chance to in fairness. I'd advise that if you do decide to go for it, you should play Like a Dragon first, as Infinite Wealth follows on from that.
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