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  1. Forgotten what a league game is like now. Shame we're getting slapped 3-0 but there we go.
  2. Fair enough. Arceus is actually quite decent. A bit rough around the edges but I like that it tried something new and that parts of it could be taken into the main series if they can be arsed.
  3. I know it's only one game, but I thought all Championship games were on hold until the World Cup is finished.
  4. Considering the general wankfest you tend to hear with England, that's debatable.
  5. Considering this was our first World Cup for some time and following the impressive second half against the US, I had some cause for optimism. Unfortunately, this has been very disappointing and hoped for more really. Bale and Ramsey, despite their qualities, are done now. Think their injuries and lack of playing time as a whole has caught up with them. Allen and James need to retire as well internationally as well. Allen is getting on and James...............less said about him the better. Page as well needs to go. I can't fault him for getting us to the World Cup, but that's more to do with those quality moments rather than his tactics and gameplan. Can't see me seeing us at another World Cup in my lifetime unfortunately. We have some decent players, but none that really stand out when compared to Bale or Ramsey.
  6. See, that's why I feel that despite Southgate doing well, it's why England will struggle to win a Euro or World Cup under him. Going too defensive when it's not really needed. A bit hypocritical considering we're 2-0 down, but you get what I mean. And once again, as I say that, Rashford makes it 3-0.
  7. Only just caught this. Meh really from what I gather, especially as Rashford's now scored. Ah well. Keep it respectable at least. And as I say that, we just let Foden have a goal for some people to wank him off.
  8. I completely forgot about this. Also, hi @Lucas.
  9. We're getting twatted a good 4-0 here, regardless of whether we're up for it or not.
  10. That was quick. One minute gone and Davies has given them the lead. 1-0 Canada.
  11. Gonna stick my neck out here. I think Canada will win this if they have some composure. They looked threatening against Belgium but simply couldn't finish the chances. Croatia didn't look that great and think they may struggle with Canada's pace.
  12. Ramsey and Bale have been done for a while. Think injuries and lack of game time in recent years has done them both in. They'll retire after we lose against England.
  13. England will win the group. No question about that
  14. Piss poor from us after 64 years. Other than that Moore chance in the first half, we offered absolutely nothing at all. We barely pressured, barely did anything and we deserve to go out. Iran deserved the win and hope they go through to the knock outs.
  15. No complaints. Iran deserve that. Congrats @Dr. Gonzo. Very disappointed with us. I'm off to drink my sorrows away.
  16. I'd say it's more for the high leg than a clear goalscoring opportunity as there was cover. Regardless, that's fucked us now. We're out.
  17. This is like watching Cardiff City. Trying to play it pretty at times but with no end product. Other than the Moore chance, we've done nothing so far. The Iran goal was correctly disallowed, but they've had the better chances so far. Need another kick up the arse.
  18. Fuck sake, we're going defensive again. Other than Moore for James, it's the same lineup. Page is going to be the reason we go out of the World Cup. For you as well @Dr. Gonzo.
  19. I think the only 2022 games I actually played was Turtles: Shredder's Revenge and Pokémon Arceus. I suppose Football Manager Mobile 23 as well, but we'll ignore that
  20. Just saw it on YouTube. What the actual fuck was he doing there? £8.5m we paid for him nearly 10 years ago.
  21. Think that was the chance with the pen really. Can't be missing those when given them. I can see Belgium growing into the match after that.
  22. That should have been Hoilett's pen to take. Glad the cunt missed.
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