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  1. TF365. Born and dies on my birthday. That sucks. So then. Who wants to prank call or get food sent to @CaaC (John) ?
  2. I didn't even know the forum was closing. Also, I need to actually learn how to use Discord as I've never used it.
  3. Bastards better sodding win, especially with Huddersfield and Wigan playing the game in hand on the 7th. 1-0 Cardiff
  4. Apparently been reviewed quite well that has.
  5. Blackburn vs. Burnley. Winner has a trip to Wembley.
  6. Got an assignment to get done, but thinking I'll start God of War once I've done a bit of it. I liked the original three and heard many good things about this and the sequel, plus it's been on the back burner for a while.
  7. Good luck. That's all I'll say. Also, which one of the Geordie lot did this in advance? https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-tyne-64796964 Mainly looking at @OrangeKhrush for this.
  8. Saturday 4th March, 2023 Cardiff 1-1 Bristol City, 12.30 Monza 0-1 Empoli, 14.00 Millwall 0-1 Norwich Ross County 1-1 Motherwell Sunday 5th March, 2023 Inter Miami 1-1 Philadelphia Union, 00.30 Macarthur FC 1-1 Brisbane Roar, 04.00 Greuther Furth 0-2 Hannover, 12.30 Real Valladolid 0-1 Espanyol, 13.00 Toulouse 2-1 Clermont, 14.00 Rapid Vienna 0-1 Salzburg, 16.00
  9. Not the best of fights, but think it was the right decision. Jake Paul just kept looking for the big hits more than anything. Hopefully Jake Paul can kindly fuck off now.
  10. Completed the first one some time ago. I'm tempted to start the second one if I can remember which box I put it in (moved house not long ago).
  11. The horror channel is cracking for that in fairness. Ended up watching a film where a bunch of blokes are on a stag do, get pissed and finish off by resurrecting a knight that starts killing them all.
  12. Me. I just prefer to see game mainly on a TV rather than holding it as a handheld. I do play it handheld when not in the house (obviously) and if I want to play something while having something on the TV in the background.
  13. Well this has gone worse than expected. 2-0 Norwich. This game is over.
  14. That's nothing new. I'm a pessimistic asshole when it comes to most of our games.
  15. Yeah, we're not getting anything here. After hearing Robinson is out for at least 5 games, it'll be difficult to get much out of this game. Unless one of Kaba's overhead kicks somehow end up in the back of the net. 1-0 Norwich
  16. Good to be reading these @Dan. I don't know why, but the part I found funniest was when you asked for loan fees big enough to make sure the Christmas meal and all piss ups are sorted for the year.
  17. all kick-offs 15.00 (GMT) unless stated Saturday 25th February, 2023 St Johnstone 1-1 St Mirren Groningen 1-0 Excelsior, 15.30 Real Madrid 2-1 Atletico Madrid, 17.30 Darmstadt 1-3 Hamburg, 19.30 Sunday 26th February, 2023 LA Galaxy 1-1 Los Angeles FC, 02.30 Brisbane Roar 1-1 Perth Glory, 06.00 Chelsea Women 2-1 Arsenal Women, 14.00 Rangers 0-2 Celtic, 15.00 Man Utd 3-1 Newcastle, 16.30 Marseille 0-2 PSG, 19.45
  18. Not really sure what to play next now. With GOTY 2023 Advance Wars Reboot Camp not due until mid to end of April, I'm not too sure what to play next (if I can be arsed to unpack the boxes since moving to my house). I have a few I haven't touched yet and they are as follows. God of War (2018) Last of Us Part 2 Horizon Zero Dawn Lost Judgment Final Fantasy 7 PS5 version Turtles Cowabunga Collection Ultimate Mortal Kombat 11 Leaning more towards God of War and Last of Us Part 2 as they're generally shorter games (FF7, Horizon and Lost Judgment will likely eat into my time). Could be tempted to buy Like a Dragon: Ishin as well (gotta love the Yakuza series).
  19. First time in a while I can say that we fully deserve that. Was doing everything right except putting the ball in the net, and it looked like it was gonna be goalless until Sawyers injury time winner. Reading offered absolutely nothing, the only chance for them being handed to them by Allsop. McGuiness was arguably lucky to be on the pitch, but was about it really for Reading. They can have no complaints.
  20. Should be more interesting now following our win against Birmingham. Are we able to push on or was that game basically a one off? Feeling a little more positive for a change, though most likely expecting a reality check to happen.
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