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Scot Gemmill new favourite for Scotland job

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Sky Sports are reporting that there is growing support from within the SFA to be considered for the Scotland job.

I personally would be happy if he got the job and would actually back him to be successful plus he has has worked with our youth teams too and is a much better option than the likes of Alex McLeish and Billy Davies.



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sounds like he'd be a good fit if he's worked with the youth teams. Can't stand Billy Davies and McLeish is yesterday's news so if they're the only other options you can't really go wrong with Gemmill.

Oh and welcome back to the forum @Caley Shaun:)

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An Everton fan suggested this the other day and I can't see any harm with the idea given the other options available. Scotland need a fresh impetus and he's got first hand knowledge of which players coming through will make an impact. With how many teams now qualify the Euros, a group of half decent players with a good togetherness will lead to over-achieving as about 6 or 7 nations found out last time. Scot Gemmill could give them that.


Welcome to the forum by the way.

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Walter Smith is one of a number of candidates being considered by the Scottish FA to replace Gordon Strachan with the possibility of U21 boss Scot Gemmill working as his number two and potential successor.

The Scottish FA board are due to meet next week to discuss the way forward for the national team, with the list of options to succeed Strachan said to be "strong and long", according to sources.

Smith was Scotland manager from 2004 to 2007, when he resigned to rejoin Rangers for a second spell as manager at Ibrox and Sky Sports News understands that the SFA see Smith as an experienced head who could mentor a younger coach alongside him.


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