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The Cheddar Man

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As a recreational student of history I find the title extremely in accurate. This is what I said somewhere else and I'd like to know everyone's opinions.

'Isn't it disingenuous to label this man a 'Briton'? The Briton cultural and language group didn't appear till the Iron Age. Wouldn't it be impossible for him to be a 'Breton' if they didn't exist for another nine thousand years? There is no denying that he is one of the ancestors of the Briton people. Just as the Breton people are the ancestors of people indigenous to the British Isles, this man was ancestor to the former. People don't remain the same and it's naive and reductionist to lump the British people as they are now, to the Britons, to the Cheddar Man.'

I'd also like to add that cultural identities change in a remarkably quick fashion. It took no more than 150 years for Australia to develop it's own identity and people separate from the United Kingdom. That is an astronomically smaller time frame than 9,000 years. So why do we draw the distinction between an 'Australian' and an 'Englishman' but not between the 'Cheddar Man' and a 'Briton'?  The article even states  “For me, it’s not just the skin colour that’s interesting, it’s that combination of features that make him look not like anyone that you’d see today. - Not just dark skin and blue eyes, because you can get that combination, but also the face shape. So all of this combines together and make him just not the same as people you see around today.” but somehow I see people spinning this in a political statement; which ultimately is just abhorrent. 

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On 2/7/2018 at 23:12, Dr. Gonzo said:

You think with a name like Cheddar Man he'd look more like he was made out of cheese. This rendered image looks nothing like cheddar cheese. Disappointing.

"But Gonzo, he was found in Cheddar Gorge."

Oh. I still prefer this though:


NOW there is controversy over his skin colour. Apparently the news jumped the shark and is back to 'we don't know'. Fingers crossed my friend, you're wish may come true

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