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Vanarama National Teams Could Be Denied Promotion Due to 3G Pitches

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Sutton United and a couple of others, who’s names escape me, face being relegated from the Vanarama National League should they win promotion to the Football League because they play on a 3G pitch and the Football League teams will vote in June whether 3G pitches should be allowed in the Football League in 2018-19 and should they vote no, Sutton could be demoted due to league rules. 

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33 minutes ago, Cannabis said:

Kinda' understandable regarding 3G pitches even if it does fuck over the clubs that get promoted. I think the fairest way of doing things would be to let Sutton come up but give them 12/24 months to change the turf.

FA Cup games are allowed and Arsenal, Leeds, Coventry and AFC Wimbledon have played on Sutton’s 3G pitch in the last year or so. 

Rochdale’s ‘pitch’ is notoriously bad and the game with Millwall looked as if it was played on a cross between a beach and a potato field. Whilst rules stand as they are, Rochdale aren’t doing anything wrong per se, but they’re a prime example of how a 3G pitch could be useful for a Football League club.

Its not understandable and further proof, if needed, that both The FA and the Football League are incompetent and not fit for purpose.

The FA have 3G pitches at St Georges Park yet players in their top four leagues aren’t allowed to play on them during a league campaign. Also, The FA have heavily invested time and money into the development of players and rather than playing on pitches like Spotland, young players could be playing on 3G pitches in the Football League Trophy. 

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Could Sutton (and the other teams threatened with this) share a ground with another team nearby that doesn't have 3G?

Bit unfair that they play their hearts out and work hard to get promotion only to not be able to ever get anywhere just because they play on pitches that are protected from the shite weather we have here?

It's like Football League (or whoever are making the rules) are cutting their nose off to spite their own face. Rather than come to a resolution to help the clubs, they'd rather just punish them. Doesn't make sense to me. 

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