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The FA agrees to partnership with the Qatari’s; Possible Friendly

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Saw this the other day. 

Greg Dyke really is a massive cretin. Jumping into bed with the Qatari’s? Especially on the back of the sham that is the World Cup being hosted in the desert. People thought he had his stupidest idea when he suggested ‘B’ teams in the Football League, but I reckon he could have topped it here. 

Why bother playing a friendly against a side that are rated 103rd on the planet and worse than Lebanon, Luxembourg and Mauritania? 

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7 minutes ago, Stan said:

More so that Dyke heavily criticised Qatar a few years back and now seems to jump in to bed with them. 

I don't get what this does for our game?

It builds bridges between the FA and the Qatari’s which will eventually turn into them being given the green light to take a fixture or set of fixtures from the Premier League to Qatar and other commercially viable hotspots all after England have been there a couple of times. 

It offers England little use as a national side. I’d send a team of under-21’s if it come to it, though they’d probably take little from this game either. 

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