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Brazil in uproar after club signs convicted murderer.

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Murder, arrest and imprisonment

On 9 June 2010, the athlete's former mistress, Eliza Samudio, disappeared.[15] While pregnant she had claimed that Bruno was her child's father, which she could prove after her son was born. When he refused to support the child, Samudio had sued Bruno during a time when a lucrative transfer to AC Milan was being negotiated. After Samudio's disappearance, her child turned up with Bruno's wife. In July 2010, a Brazilian judge ordered Bruno's arrest.[16] A 17-year old cousin of Fernandes de Souza told police that he had taken part in Samudio's abduction with his friend, Luiz Henrique Ferreira Romao. He also stated that Samudio was dead but did not say how she died, nor where her body was, and that Fernandes de Souza was the father of her baby despite him being married.[17] Flamengo suspended his contract with the club and their lawyers eventually did not represent him in court anymore. Bruno signed another contract that allowed him to leave jail with an officer to train and play football.[citation needed] According to his accomplice Romao, Bruno tried to commit suicide twice while in prison waiting for his trial to begin, but the Secretariat of Rio de Janeiro denied that Bruno had done so; it did report that he fainted once due to low blood sugar levels.[18]

In late July, he was formally charged with murder, kidnapping, hiding a body, forming a criminal gang (conspiracy) and corrupting minors.[19] According to police, Bruno's teenage cousin stated that Samudio's body was cut up and some parts were fed to dogs, while other parts were buried under concrete.[20] Bruno confessed to organizing the plot.[12]

The case has led to debate in Brazil concerning misbehavior by professional athletes and growing crime against women.[21] On 8 March 2013 he was sentenced to a 22-year jail term[22] for the assault, torture and murder of his former girlfriend and mother of his youngest child.[1]


In February 2017, after six years and seven months imprisoned,[23] His lawyers filed a petition of habeas corpus because of the slow processing of an appeal request. The petition was granted by the minister of the STF Marco Aurélio Mello and Bruno was released from jail pending an appeal.[24][25][26] After his release, Bruno immediately received a number of contract offers and he accepted that from Boa Esporte Clube.[27] Samudio’s mother's suit demanding Bruno's return to prison because he posed a threat to her grandson was unsuccessful.

What the fuck man...

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That's not even the worst part about the case, He ordered for the mother of his child to be tortured for 6 days in front of their child and fed her body to his dogs then dumped the kid in the middle of nowhere. Really fucked up case and he shouldn't have even been released from prison never mind playing football again.

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