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AFC Wimbledon Charges Dropped

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The EFL has dropped charges against AFC Wimbledon after they failed to refer to MK Dons by their correct name.

Instead, the EFL has agreed to mediate discussions between the rival clubs to try and avoid a similar situation arising again.

MK Dons travelled to AFC Wimbledon for a League One match on September 22, during which the hosts' Twitter account referred to them as "Milton Keynes" throughout.

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2 hours ago, Smiley Culture said:

Apart from them muscling in to Kingstonian’s home ground before shafting then and leaving them homeless, you mean? 

This. They have been hypocritical on so many levels. A lot of teams in this area have suffered because of AFC Wimbledons initial rise. Especially Kingstonian but the knock on effect has filtered out. 

Kingstonian are having to play at Leatherhead this season, which on a Saturday is a fucking bitch to travel to. They're moving to Chessington in due course, and that's still a 45 minute+ bus.

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