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Not sure how global this was back in the day, but BBC3 created a fantastic stock market simulation about 15 years ago called CelebDaq. You got a virtual £10,000 to invest in celebrities, whose share values would rise and fall, with dividends being paid out due to the number of column inches they received that week. Due to its popularity, BBC3 released a similar game, SportDaq, that focused purely on sport stars and the back pages of the British newspapers. 

Sadly due to budget cuts, BBC3 closed down Celebdaq and SportDaq in 2010. 

It’s been a while since I dabbled in the ’Daq, but I got a weird hankering to play another football-related stock market game. Any of you wise folk know of such a game in existence? And not one that costs, like, actual money? I just want to play for fun. 

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I just came across this website but funnily enough - celebdaq has come back to life.  Seems a fan has relaunched it under it's own website so search for it on google.  I think the guy who's created it has said he's going to setup sportdaq as well if celebdaq takes off enough or enough people play it.

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