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  1. tarzanontoast

    Peru Segunda Division

    Now into the Liguilla promotion playoffs. Winners of Union Huaral (4th) vs Juan Aurich (6th) will go on to play league winners Cesar Vellejo. Elsewhere, 2nd play 8th, 3rd play 7th, with the winners then playing each other in the other semi final. Seems like Hualgayoc have had their Liguilla place stripped, due to financial problems. Sucks for them… But Grau have benefitted, taking their place! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2018_Peruvian_Segunda_División
  2. tarzanontoast

    Peru Segunda Division

    Last gameweek of the season… and all to play for, with the playoffs and the final relegation spot!!! https://uk.soccerway.com/national/peru/segunda-division/2018/regular-season/r46614/
  3. tarzanontoast

    Peru Segunda Division

    Crikey. Cienciano with 5 wins on the bounce and an aggregate score of 15 - 1 across those five games. Even 40 year-old striker Ramon Rodriguez has scored three goals this season! Have Cienciano changed their manager? Cienciano 1 - 0 Juan Aurich View events More info Sun 20/05/18 SED Deportivo Hual… 1 - 4 Cienciano View events More info Sun 27/05/18 SED Cienciano 1 - 0 Alfredo Salinas View events More info Sun 03/06/18 SED Alianza Atlético 0 - 4 Cienciano View events More info Sun 10/06/18 SED Cienciano 5 - 0 Sport Loreto They’re up to 6th in the table after 9 games, after that win over Loreto. Cienciano could go 2nd if they win their next game vs Willy Serrato and other results go their way! There’s starting to become quite them ‘them and us’ split in the table, with the bottom five teams already five points adrift from Alfredo Salinas in 10th. And of those bottom five teams, only one of them has recorded a win in their last five games (Sport Loreto beating Willy Serrato). https://uk.soccerway.com/national/peru/segunda-division/2018/regular-season/r46614/
  4. tarzanontoast

    Peru Segunda Division

    Sat 21/04/18 Alianza Atlético 2 - 1 Sport Loreto View events More info Sun 22/04/18 Juan Aurich 2 - 0 Deportivo Coopsol View events More info Alfredo Salinas 2 - 1 Willy Serrato View events More info César Vallejo 2 - 0 Santa Rosa PNP View events More info Union Huaral 2 - 1 Los Caimanes View events More info Sport Victoria 2 - 1 Cienciano View events More info Deportivo Hual… 2 - 0 Carlos Manucci View events More info Away loss for Cienciano… I seem to recall that last season they were stronger at home. They in at half time 1-0 up (Junior Ross, I seem to recall this name from a Football Manager game!), but a quick reply from Sport Victoria after the restart must have prompted two subs in the 51st minute… And then Victoria got the second goal in the 52nd minute. So 1 point from 2 games… But a game in hand on the rest of the league. Next game for Cienciano is at home vs César Vallejo… I reckon it will be a tough game – not convinced they’ll win that, either!
  5. tarzanontoast

    Remember SportDaq?

    Not sure how global this was back in the day, but BBC3 created a fantastic stock market simulation about 15 years ago called CelebDaq. You got a virtual £10,000 to invest in celebrities, whose share values would rise and fall, with dividends being paid out due to the number of column inches they received that week. Due to its popularity, BBC3 released a similar game, SportDaq, that focused purely on sport stars and the back pages of the British newspapers. Sadly due to budget cuts, BBC3 closed down Celebdaq and SportDaq in 2010. It’s been a while since I dabbled in the ’Daq, but I got a weird hankering to play another football-related stock market game. Any of you wise folk know of such a game in existence? And not one that costs, like, actual money? I just want to play for fun.
  6. tarzanontoast

    Peru Segunda Division

    Cienciano are at home to Atletico Grau on Thursday 12th April. So I will be keeping an eye on the result in their match vs Santa Rosa… But Cienciano are solid at home, so I’d like to think they should be able to get off to a winning start, especially because… …Grau were runners-up in the Copa Peru, so I’m interested to see if they can step up a division okay. After observing this league last season, I’ll also try and keep track of the two relegated teams from the Segunda (Defensor La Bocana and Ancash) and see how they fare in the Copa Peru. I only just learned that La Bocana won the Copa Peru back in the day to gain a double promotion to the top flight, so I guess it’s no surprise to see them then get a double-relegation in the subsequent seasons…
  7. tarzanontoast

    Peru Segunda Division

    I think the 2018 Segunda kicks off today! Opening fixtures: César Vallejo 17 : 00 Deportivo Coopsol Atlético Grau 19 : 00 Santa Rosa PNP More info Juan Aurich 19 : 00 Willy Serrato More info Alfredo Salinas 21 : 00 Alianza Atlético More info Sport Victoria 21 : 30 Los Caimanes More info Deportivo Hual… 21 : 30 Sport Loreto More info Union Huaral 21 : 30 Carlos Manucci More info Thu 12/04/18 Los Caimanes - César Vallejo More info Deportivo Coopsol - Union Huaral More info Carlos Manucci - Juan Aurich Since there are 15 teams in this league, one misses out on a fixture each gameweek. The first team to sit out is… Cienciano! BOOOO
  8. tarzanontoast

    Peru Segunda Division

    PS. Surely Cienciano will finish in the top 8, at least!
  9. tarzanontoast

    Peru Segunda Division

    I did wonder, what with about 5-6 teams all being docked points last season. Hopefully it will mean that a lot more teams have something to fight for, too. One single automatic spot for promotion can kind of kill a league, when there’s a load of mid-table fodder with nothing left to motivate them for the second half of the season.
  10. tarzanontoast

    Peru Segunda Division

    Looks like the league is going to have a different format to it for 2018. Top 7 teams going into Liguilla set-up, a quarter-final knock-out tournament, with the league winners getting a bye into the semi.
  11. tarzanontoast


    It was last week when I watched an episode on my iPhone.
  12. tarzanontoast

    What are you playing?

    Big fan of the AC series. Glad to hear you liked Origins. Having played AC II, Black Flag, (half of) Unity and Syndicate, I’d have to say I think Assassin’s Creed II, set in Florence and Venice, is my favourite (Unity is probably the weakest; bugs aside, I just find the location of Paris a bit boring in comparison to the others). I’d play AC II again, for sure. In fact, I might have to buy the Ezio Collection…
  13. tarzanontoast


    I finished watching Dark the other night. Watched all 10 episodes over the course of a week. Small town, missing kid… I think it’s kind of lazy to label this as ‘the German Stranger Things’. A mate of mine said it had more in common with Stephen King’s It, and I think I agree with him. It’s moodier than Stranger Things. The characters aren’t as goofy or cuddly – they’re all carrying flaws. This isn’t a spot-the-pop-culture reference geek-fest. The soundtrack uses the Doppler Effect to stunning effect – I love the music from the clip below. Foreboding sense of tension that cuts you deep to the bone. By Ben Frost, the same guy that did the music for Fortitude (only seen season one of that). Plot is decent, plenty of holes left to fill for season two. Unfortunately, it’s dubbed into English. This is the weakest point of it, in my opinion. Some of the English voice-overs are a bit shitty.
  14. Flanagan’s LFC career surely over now. Yes, injuries held him back. And the Burnley loan last season didn’t work out as either party hoped it would. However, him being a drunken douchebag and beating up his girlfriend aside (quite simply inexcusable, shameful behaviour), if he was good enough, he would have forced his way into the team by now. One day Clyne might come back from injury (remember him?!) and while TAA isn’t going to be a RB for the rest of his career, he and Gomez (again, not a natural RB), are far ahead of Flanagan in the pecking order. My money says he’ll have to drop down to the Championship.
  15. [rant] The timing of this is shitty (if the Neymar deal had been completed earlier Barca might have swooped in for Coutinho earlier and the merry-go-round would already be in full-swing by now). You know this deal will rumble on until August 29th-31st, leaving Liverpool with a wad of cash but bugger-all time to spend it. Which makes me wonder if there will be a cash+player deal… The likes of Rafinha or Andre Gomes. I’m not saying that’s who I want to replace PC, but I’m just guessing that’s a possible outcome. What I will say is that the media are doing a fantastic job of spreading a shroud of unnecessary drama over the situation. Vultures, the lot of them! Either way, I’ve made peace with the situation, though. I’ve accepted that Coutinho will leave and at least Liverpool will get mega-bucks for him. That’s the hand the club has been dealt. I’m delighted with Salah and I think that Solanke will be a really smart piece of business. The Robertson signing is great since he cost so little, and Klopp has tried Flanagan at both LB and RB in preseason, meaning Milner’s versatility in midfield will aid the club no end with the extra fixtures this year, whatever people might think of his ability. God only knows what’s going on with Sakho. In my opinion, Klaven is not good enough. I’m still not sold on Lovren; Matip is the only centre back I feel remotely calm about seeing in a starting XI. I’d love to see a bit more of Joe Gomez, but the club HAVE to buy a centre back. I cannot fathom why this hasn’t already happened this summer! I’ll be so pissed off if they don’t sign VVD. Not because I’m a VVD fanboy, but because it seems worryingly apparent there is no other player the club is considering as an alternative. [/rant]