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I imagine he'll be moving to a top English club, in the summer, but I don't think these £40 million fee quoted in the press is going to be accurate. Somewhere in the high teens is more than likely. Look at the players that have moved south in recent years and their fees. I don't see Celtic holding out for much more money than they've received for them.

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Selling him and picking up Moult for a couple million wouldn’t be bad business, though we would probably miss him a little on European nights where he gives us a bit more of a presence than Leigh.

Overall, so long as the fee is at least around £30 million, as it should be, most fans would accept that we’ve got what we wanted from signing him.

Its about time Scottish clubs start making the money in England work in our favour.

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Moult is out of contract at the end of the season, so it wouldn't even require that much of a fee to pick him up and is a certainty for goals in the Premiership. Working with better players and better coaching, it would be interesting to see how good a player Moult could be. They only quality he lacks is a bit of pace to separate himself.

With the position that Everton have found themselves in, and by all accounts in desperate need of a striker, Celtic could find themselves in the perfect position to take advantage of their situation. And if he does well in their Champions League game against Anderlecht, they could maybe add another couple of million on to the price.

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