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  1. Now onto "Le ventre de Paris" by Émile Zola. So far so good!
  2. Jay


    I do Tough Mudder (which is close to a half-marathon) but I don't think I could do the full marathon. The thing about Tough Mudder is that it's broken up by an obstacle after every 1/1.5 miles. I'd be useless if there wasn't that breather in between it all! Don't think I could do the running non-stop.
  3. Aberdeen vs Celtic in the final. I honestly thought Hibernian would be able to beat Aberdeen in a tight match. A tight match it was (eventually) but obviously Aberdeen came out on top. Celtic going for a treble and it'll be up to Aberdeen to stop them now.
  4. Macron vs Le Pen in round 2. Most of the other candidates and parties have now come out in support of Macron, no matter what side of the political spectrum they are on. Both Macron and Le Pen have given speeches ahead of campaigning for the second round. Mélenchon had seen his popularity soar recently after the televised debates but not enough to reach round two. Fillon looked a bit upset as he spoke on the platform after the initial results came out. He's thrown himself behind Macron for round two.
  5. Seven points from safety now following that loss and only three points separating them and bottom of the table.
  6. Not sure he'll be the right decision at all. His first training session looked a good laugh as he tried to communicate with the players through mime and gesture. He also hasn't set the right tone by not having at least an attempt at talking Spanish during his introductory press conference. Even the odd sentence or two can make it clear to the fans that you're up for the job and passionate about moving forward. This would especially be the case for Granada fans being three points off the bottom of the Liga Santander. Anyway, he's now 3-0 down to Celta Vigo. Celta have scored two goals in the space of three minutes...
  7. That plus the uncertain political times, especially for a country like France where the far-right are having their usual pre-election resurgence in popularity but a far-left candidate is also seeing his popularity rising in the polls. The centrist parties are fighting it out among themselves but are clearly worrying about what's to come. There are several issues in France which need dealt with and with the future looking ever-more unstable and the politics uncertain, the football fans are trying to find their own way of expressing themselves by clinging onto an extreme version of what they see as simply supporting their club. This'll continue for a while.
  8. I finished Mr Robot late last week and loved it. A complete mess-with-your-mind sort of drama. Brilliant. I also binge watched Stranger Things as I'd never seen it before. Everyone I know was talking about it so I had to check it out. A great series and a real throwback to the 80s. A nod to Stephen King too so that earned extra points from me!
  9. Jay


    He's having a match tonight at ICW's Barramania III in Glasgow. It's a barbed wire rope match and I'm gutted I'm not there! To be fair, there are others who could be having their last ICW match tonight (Trent Seven & Wolfgang, for example) as they're also heading to do some NXT work it seems following the success of the United Kingdom Championship. According to reports, WWE are trying to get him to sign a gagging order to prevent him from talking about it once his contract is up. His energy was great and his voice was something different. A fan was even completely ejected from a show for holding up a "JBL BULLIED ME" sign. Usually they take the sign off the fan or ask them to put it down but this guy was ejected from the event for it! Serious business, especially as they promote their own anti-bullying campaigns in schools around the USA.
  10. Several countries with this problem on different levels. In some countries it seems to be growing whilst in others it's showing signs of regressing. Weird how the culture of football merges with the culture of different countries. The intellect in me would go on a rant about how it's a reflection on the rising political tensions in these countries (France in particular at the moment), but that's maybe for another thread on another day.
  11. Definitely. At the end of the day, it's entertainment and the players are doing their job. Heckle them from afar, of course, but to run onto the pitch in an attempt to attack them is far too extreme. It'll be interesting to see what the LFP does about this incident! Replay the match behind closed doors? Empty stadium?
  12. The fans in Corsica are crazy as well. I'm not surprised the Lyon players are refusing to go back out. The gang mentality created by the existence of these "ultras" groups creates real problems and is still, unfortunately, an issue in French football. The PSG board years ago (just prior to their cash injection) took steps towards dealing with their own problems but it still manages to resurface all over the country.
  13. It'll be good for the Scottish Premiership to have them back. They're an entertaining side and a high-profile team so it can only be good. On top of that, Neil Lennon will provide some much-needed entertainment and soundbites so it'll be great having him back too!
  14. He was raging after the match yesterday with the officials, the linesman in particular, getting the brunt of it. He was not a happy man on the phone-ins, it has to be said!
  15. Haven't seen any of it, though the Lyon players have refused to go back onto the pitch for their own safety. The match has now been abandoned. I have read that Memphis Depay was arguing with one of their "ultras" which caused a pitch invasion. Apparently the fans had thrown something at Lyon's reserve goalkeeper Mathieu Gorgelin and the trouble started when Memphis Depay threw it back at them.
  16. Jay


    Exactly. It's dog eat dog these days in WWE, especially with so much time given over to NXT productions. If you're not cutting it, there's always someone behind ready to clip your heels and take your spot. Sin Cara soon became boring after splitting up from Kalisto. The Shining Stars was an attempt to rejuvenate los Matadores, which hasn't worked as they're not over. Jinder Mahal looks ripped these days but I can't see him amounting to anything other than putting others over. Tamina, however, is an interesting one. She should be dominant given her size and skill but I don't think she has been given that much of a chance to show what she can do. Time is running out as the womens' division becomes more and more competitive on both shows. Glad to see Drew McIntyre (Galloway) back on WWE programming on NXT. He is brilliant and has been excellent since his release in doing work for different promotions around the world.
  17. Jay


    What's everyone's Spotify usernames? Has anyone created their own playlists they'd be willing to share?
  18. Hola, Luke. Espero que todo esté bien contigo. ¿Todo bien en Sevilla?
  19. Jay


    What annoyed me about this "Superstar Shakeup" was that some of the moves were made just for the shock factor. I understand if they were to do it, that it was probably needed to balance things out with regards to the quality on both shows but the timing of it doesn't make sense in all honesty. Firstly, moving Bray Wyatt across to RAW is a good move but not when he's in the middle of a championship storyline and there's already a "main" champion on that other show. It's now predictable that something is going to happen to cause Wyatt to lose as they wont have two main champions on the one show. Secondly, what really is the point in having GMs select their draft picks only for them to move to another show a couple of months later? Ambrose, Wyatt, Charlotte, The New Day, Sami Zayn, Owens...were all specifically selected by the GM on one show. Obviously in the world of sports where drafts actually do happen there is the potential for trades but not three months down the line and not when it's a major star you've actually picked yourself. I'm interested to see how things work out but it's almost like they're coming to terms with the fact that they might have messed up with a couple of selections during the draft. It's always a good idea to shake things up and keep things exciting for the fans but the timing behind it was a little off. On a side not, loved Strowman destroying Reigns. Reminded me of the "It's the Juggernaut..." YouTube sketch from years ago with him just turning up at random to dish out a beating. Brilliant and very entertaining.
  20. Pues no. ¿Supongo que estas personas son importantes en la historia de Argentina?
  21. ¿Quieres volver a España un día?
  22. Sí, yo soy de Glasgow. Es verdad que Edimburgo es una ciudad más cultural y que Glasgow tiene un elemento más agresivo pero me gusta mi ciudad.
  23. ¿Porque no te gusta Glasgow? Los bares, las tiendas y los restaurantes son mejores. Por otro lado, Edimburgo tiene más historia y un castillo, por supuesto.
  24. ¿No quieres aprender otro idioma?, amigo.
  25. Ahora mismo en las afueras de Glasgow.
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