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Arthur - Barcelona's Next Xavi?

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He's brilliant and has slotted into life at Barcelona perfectly.  What's more encouraging though is the fact that when you see him play it feels like he was manufactured at La Masia and is possibly the most Barcelona type player every to have come from outside the academy let alone another continent.

He has also blended into life in the city and gets on really well with his colleagues which is a massive plus.

But it's his football which has made the headlines with some incredible performances playing in a very sensitive position that's very difficult to make your own and succeed at Barcelona. It's not up front (for all the great names they've had in those positions over the decades) and it's not at the back (an area of the field Barça tend to be very anarchical with)... The midfield is where success and failure has historically translated itself with results at Barcelona.  Barça aren't like the giant that is Real Madrid who are more flexible towards their playing staff and adapt the style according to the star of the moment... At Barça like it or not, it has to be done in a particular manner (allowing for interpretation from the coach of the day) which puts weight and emphasis in the centre of the park.

Arthur has had the odd low key game and has committed some errors so far this season which is understandable and not much has been made of it because of the consideration to what I just wrote in the previous paragraph. In general he's been a revelation although his arrival (and possible arrival) was publicised for quite a considerable amount of time before he signed and much was already seen of him at his previous club in Brazil, Grêmio.  You could see that if he adapted to life in a new league and a different continent (Europe), then the hallmarks of a great signing were there... He hasn't disappointed at all up until now and much is expected of him, so much so that the future is being built around him.

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