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Football Manager Section - Guidelines & Tips:

Due to popular demand we have now created a sub-forum dedicated entirely to the most frustrating game on the planet. I’ve opened this thread just to get down on paper how we will be moderating this part of the forum and as a general ‘HUB’ for newcomers who want some guidance with creating their own diaries.

1.0   – Inactive threads:

The biggest opposition to this section going ahead was that we didn’t want to replicate what has happened on other forums that have this feature. I’ve gone on Football Manager forums before and what’s stopped me signing up is that you’ll have a full list of diaries that either only have a handful of replies, have been started and then abandoned once the person got bored or just didn’t get going in the first place.

I urge everyone to take care when opening up a new thread and only do so if you are committed to the save you will be talking about. My advice would be to play a few months ‘offline’ to see if you like the save before then reporting back to us in your diary knowing full well that you will be back to maintain it.

If you know you are the type of person to chop and change your diary after a few weeks of running it then my suggestion would be to open a thread dedicated to yourself and compile all of your different journey’s in that one topic.

If a thread has become in-active and hasn’t had a decent amount of replies then it will be deleted. For now, I’ll say that your thread must have a minimum of 25 replies to stay on the board forever, I want to keep the classic threads that can be looked back on in a few years but want to ensure that the dead threads become a thing of the past.

2.0   – Hints & Tips:

Take your time when writing your diary and write it up in Microsoft Word before transferring it to the forum. TalkFootball has quite a good function which remembers posts that have been lost due to an internet crash but just in case you lose it all write things up ‘offline’ to avoid your computers screen from being kicked in. (@Dan I’m looking at you).

Also, if you wish to include screenshots in your posts Gyazo is a wonderful tool to help you do just that. Installing this app will allow you to capture a screenshot or GIF and post it here within seconds – it’s also totally free.

We will revise these guidelines as and when they need to be looked at. This is a brand new feature so we’re very much in the ‘BETA’ phase so to speak.

For now keep the updates coming and prove that this sub-forum can stand on it’s own two feet. I’ll see you all in the dugout! :)

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