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  1. We will see, Fernandinho covers a lot of ground each game and has been a key player this season and Gundogan is a direct replacement ..we will see
  2. Aguero will start tomorrow and id say Bernardo will start for someone too, there will be some freshening up of the team esp with an 11pt lead and Spurs at the weekend Id say changes from the united game will be Aguero, Gundogan, Mangala, Bernardo, Danilo starting ...the hardest part will be working out who gets rested out of Silva, De Bryune, Sane, Sterling, Fernandinho, Delph, Walker and Jesus
  3. Gray and Vokes have let me down again but Willian has come up with a whopping 16 and got me off to a great start with the most points of the day again ..picked him up on a free a few weeks back and now he's paying me back
  4. You better make a 3rd rate too just to be sure
  5. It's ok, don't trouble yourself, i'm popular on youporn so it's all good
  6. Hate this sort of thing, us unpopular kids are left crying in a corner over Christmas about how nobody likes us, it's a form of bullying and i hope you are all proud of yourselves!
  7. In other news the Warrior's tea lady had to be restrained after that emphatic win, jugs everywhere #nipplegate ... @Lucas came into the away dressing room to complain about the noise and ended up with a face full of creamy milk!! .. @Batard has launched a full inquiry into the incident!
  8. Mourinho has to go on that list, spends 200million and his team can only manage 20% possession at home
  9. Won the weekend with the most points!! ..hopefully my team of rejects have got over the wobble and getting back inform
  10. He always wins it in his 2nd season ...he's got PSG on speed dial
  11. Sounds more interesting than the game
  12. You was so out played today that the stretford end clapped City off the field