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  1. Keaton Jones Saga

    I thought about posting yesterday about that redneck kid who got bullied Keaton Jones, but I couldn’t be arsed and I’m too opinionated for my own good sometimes so I left it. I was going to say he doesn’t need celebrities virtue signalling off the back of his viral moment. What he really needed was a father that would teach him how to throw a fucking punch or at least wield a baseball bat effectively. 48 hours later his mom is trying to “get paid” and several fake go fund me accounts seemingly made by random people have made thousands and shut down. Turns out she’s what the Yanks term “white trash”. How fucking stupid are people? Giving money to shit that they see on the internet. It’s utter madness
  2. Walking Dead

    Thoughts? l’m disappointed the more it diverts the worse it gets
  3. Unpopular Film & TV Opinion

    Celeb juice is utter gash
  4. What Was The Last Album You Listened To?

    Dark horse you nudge Very Dark 😉
  5. The Crown (Netflix)

    The Mrs made me watch it initially and I got into it straightaway. I’m looking forward to later seasons with the various political events of the day. Blair & the Iraq War will be good as will the assassination of Mountbatten. Also ive irrationally grown to like Phillip based off this portrayal alone, in my time he’s been a doddering old man prone to the odd gaff, as a young man he seems a bit like Harry & William are today
  6. The Crown (Netflix)

    Just started season 2 and again it’s top draw. Irrespective of the monarchy the thing that’s rapidly becoming most fascinating about this show is the dramatisation of British politics & politicians during the aftermath of WW2 and the dismantling of empire. Series 2 starts with the Suez Canal crisis and again it’s fascinating. Also Matt Smith & Clair Foy are brilliant in their roles Also if you’re not going to talk about the show do fuck off here, start a thread in the politics section about the legitimacy of a monarchy.
  7. Disgusting again from Bruce his selections are pants and his approach and tactics again gash.
  8. President Trump

    Lol I’m not asking you to do anything here and I don’t require anything from you. I’m just saying I can see logic and the reason I see the logic is for this/these particular reason(s). You’re entitled to disagree and have a different opinion. I’m comfortable with the ambiguity of discussion on topics. We are on an forum for discussion, every topic is ambiguous by nature is it not? I’m not the pipper of Hamlin, I don’t require validation of my opinions, I’d have just fucked off to a forum with like minded people should that have been my need. It’s obviously nice and on certain topics I’ll keep going if I feel I’m correct and being attacked such as the terrorism topics. But ordinarily with people like yourself who are generally considered on topics such as these where’s the need? Although you did attack me initially. You won’t see any evidence of the successfulness for this solution that Trump has started, just as I won’t see any for your preference because they’re both hypothetical at this point. I’m not sure why you keep suggesting that it has to be impartial, I think even with a completely peaceful solution it will never be completely impartial. Obviously in a perfect world, but my disregard for the possibility of an impartial solution points to an inherent skeptism on my part. As I’ve said I feel this particular conflict is just too far gone. That’s where we differ obviously but that’s ok all conversations are give & take. In terms of morality I think unless you’re a real cold hearted bastard, you will be conflicted by any conflict resolution. If I was a Palestinian I’d be distraught but I also take the view that at this point this will rumble on & on so forcing a resolution now will cost lives initially but possibly save lives in the long terms as the conflict doesn’t go on & on so to will the cost. If you think differently that’s fine I’m not asking you to abandon your moral compass over it.
  9. President Trump

    Politicians do pander to their electorates Harv. Im not disputing what you’re saying re ethnically cleansing etc. I’m just pointing out that you will get the same result if either side wins but it’s more likely that if the Palestinians won the Jews will have it harder than the Palestinians already have it. They’ve established themselves to varying degrees already in Lebanon etc. Also I wasn’t criticising Balon I was just saying it wasn’t “thick” it’s actually a move in what has been a long violent stalemate. It’s unpalatable for some but it’s leadership to some degree whether you agree or disagree. With that in mind and subtracting the horrors suffered in war surely you can see that there’s actually some sense in picking the lesser of two evils and forcing a result. Do you really think in your heart of hearts a peaceful solution could have been found between these two? Palestinians elected a terror group as their leaders, what choice does the world have? That’s a big factor to, all legitimate claims of persecution and the fabled “genocide” of Palestine gets nerfed by the fact the Palestinians have a stabbing rampage or a firework display given half a chance. Literally you need your head looking at if you think the shoe was on the other foot we wouldn’t see even worse atrocities committed. It’s also a case of the Muslims demonising the Jew is it not? Literally if Israel showed any kind of weakness they would be attacked, it’s a testament to them as a nation that they’ve made such a success of the situation they’re in. A peaceful democractic opposition would see far more support from the world at large. Take the current incident in Catalonia, if the party of Junts per Catalunya suddenly renamamed themselves Madriddance and started attacking pro Madrid settlements with rockets would Puigdemont get half the sympathy they get now? No we know this. It’s arguably why we still have a divided Ireland while the rest of the Empire has become autonomous (granted in simplifying here). I do think a bit of western guilt plays apart in the western view of the Israeli-Palestinian saga, Hamas behaviour is generally appalling on a consistent basis and granted Israel often overstep international laws. But to me It’s almost a perverse routing for the underdog although in this instance the underdog would a murdering organisation who’s ultimate goal is the irradiation of the Jews.
  10. President Trump

    Yeah Eastern Europe don’t have to pander to sympathetic Muslim electorates I just said as much in the last post. This is a Jew vs Muslim conflict is it not? What do you mean skant disregard, I’ve just said in the previous post that they will suffer, War is horrific and I’m not unsympathetic. I wouldn’t wish it on anyone it’s a horrible situation. I’m trying to discuss it broadly without getting hung up on the horror of it. Also fuck off with the “regular promotion” of “total war”. You’re not thick Harv you don’t need to act like it, I’ve just posted a lengthy post yesterday in responce to Smiley similar accusations. Basically saying it’s ia cultural war we must fight within the West. I never talk about interventions in Islamic lands or agresssive violence that’s needed even within the UK I promote none violent social solutions. I may say I predict that will be the long term violent consequences of inactivity towards tackling the problem at home, but that’s a country mile away from promotion. I expect that kind of shit from smiley, I thought better of you to be honest. You’re right I’m not certain it will be a lasting solution. My view is based on if Israel wins palistine ceases to exist as it 90% doesn’t already and the Palestinians melt into the neighbouring states as they have been doing for the last 30-40 years. Where can the Jews go? They can’t really it’s do or die for them it really is, so yes I probably do favour the Jews in this instance because failure means extinction and I have no desire to see that happen. I also don’t think Islamic states offer the world much to further global development, that’s not prejudice based on an irrational fear. It’s a prejudice based on the fact that they tend to lag behind other states in terms of what I view as global beneficial output (science, technological development etc) the less we have of these states the better. Say for example if Iran said “we’re fucking Sharia off we’re going to invest in green technology & education” I’d view that as a great bit of news for the world, the more countries do that no matter where they are the better as far as I’m concerned. Case in point Israel offer far more than Palestine currently. If it wasn’t the case and it was the opposite I’d recalibrate my opinion provided no added element of possible genocide.
  11. President Trump

    I’m not saying everyone who doesn’t agree is bias against Israel? I said politically western leaders are pandering to Palestine for fear of alienating sections of the voter base. Western Europe shaking its head while Eastern Europe who don’t have such concerns pretty much following the states all but confirms this. To me that’s cowardice from our politicians. And to clarify yeah I said they’re will be peace but you’re correct it’s peace in victory for Israel. It’s the only feasible long term solution to my mind, there’s not going to be an unbiased peaceful solution it’s to far gone, to sectarian. I don’t see where I didn’t make that clear with the initial post really, I’ve not painted Trump as a peacemaker here, if it appears that way it’s not my intention. What Trumps done is basically started the end game which will be violent (but it was violent anyway) and because of that we’ll see a resolution to it. But you’re correct it’s a resolution from victory for Israel which if we’re really honest is the better of two evils. To my mind we’re just going to carry on as is otherwise, better to get it over with as it’s better in the long term. Obviously I’m speaking broadly about it, I do understand it will be horrific for those involved it’s war and war is hell. I’m not being unsympathetic to their plight just trying to view it pragmatically and discuss it thus. There’s an end in sight now it may well take 100 years and suck if you’re Palestinian but it’s an end. No doubt someone will react furiously and miss my point but hey ho it’s the internet
  12. It’s also worth noting that although I have a lot of time for Nigel he’s a little bit nutty brilliant violinist however not technically brilliant but he gives it some. Reminds me of a low rent Brummie John Lydon
  13. Obviously we need to get back to the PL to re-establish ourselves as a “big club” (needs more than just getting in the PL granted) but I must admit I find the championship refreshing. The PL had gone very stale from Villa’s perspective, I enjoy the competitive nature of this league even if sometimes it lacks quality. Hes also wrong Villa have some Workers now but not all, I’m still waiting for a Villa player to press the opposition at Villa Park, it’s been 15 years now. We just have lesser cunts than we had 3 years ago.
  14. President Trump

    It’s already a high tension region with violence near the surface. Hamas have survived off the bully tactic “if you do that and we’ll commit terrorism”. Now by calling there bluff sure they’ll be initial rage but once the dust settles the global superpower (which they are still) has shit canned a two state solution because it’s a deal breaker for Palestinians, they will slowly disperse into the countries around them and palistine will become a pipe dream in several generations from now. It’s far better than doing nothing for fear of offending both parties and the cycle of violence continuing. Israel have no choice they will literally be eradicated if the are defeated. The Czech’s and Phillipines snook it through on a good day to bury bad news yesterday. I personally find it farcical that there’s such an outcry when half these countries upset by this don’t even recognise Israel. Lets be fair the “West’s” position on this is a disgrace, we can argue about the legitimacy of the state of Israel all day, without it we’ll have a genocide again. Unencumbered with their own state what the Palestinians going to offer the world seriously? Dates and another sharia admistered mess? We’ve started pandering to increasing sympathy amongst voter based domestically is all. Palestine is governed by actual terrorist using violence to get their goal, how is this even classed as acceptable? Everyone is quick to condemn the tactics used by the IRA. Don’t get me wrong Israel violates international law with its settlements but if the shoe was on the other foot I doubt we’d see even 20% the restraint shown. At this point in time It’s a case of both sides are cunts but one side is twice the cunt the other is. We can point out to how we got here, but that just delays the inevitable solution and preserves the ongoing struggle. Palistine lost years ago everyone just seems petrified of admitting it because basically they’ve become terrorists.
  15. President Trump

    It’s hardly thick it’s actually bizarrely potentially a shrewd move politically long term considering how many states still don’t recognise Israel. This effectively forces their hand a bit in the region as the global superpower has backed their horse (openly diplomatically). Obviously they’re going to burn some flags and let a few rockets off but that’s an ordinary week anyway, when the dust settles Jerusalem is recognised as the capital of Israel (let’s face it as it is in reality) by the worlds largest player. Long road ahead but this is drawing a line on the Palestine issue so rather than just chucking shit over one another’s fence we may see some kind of new dialogue. Which eventually will lead to peace, admittedly this is breaking a few eggs to make an omelet, a more diplomatic deal would have been better. I see the anti-Semitic Corbyn has already condemned it 😂 No argument on the Bush comparison, I’ll save the health care argument for another day. Talking of Obama