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  1. Full Time - 2-2 and considering how we started, I'll take that. Warnock will be pissed with the defending mind.
  2. Well taken Bennett. 2-1 and chance for a point.
  3. Feeney's on. We're fucked.
  4. Can't complain if we lose. We haven't looked like scoring and Reading look more threatening when they hit on the break. Need Tomlin on methinks. EDIT: The ref hasn't helped matters mind. Warnock now sent to the stands after Moore fouled Paterson, but gave the free kick to Reading.
  5. Game over. 2-0 Reading and they're taking the piss. What the fuck has happened to our defence? Getting absolutely raped at present. Warnock will likely rip the fuck into them at half time.
  6. Piss poor defending. Either shout for the ball for a simple catch or head it away from the goal. Cunts.
  7. Matchday Chat - 9-10th December, 2017

    Well, back to the borefest.
  8. Matchday Chat - 9-10th December, 2017

    Expecting a 0-0 borefest with Mourinho being praised as a 'master tactician' at the end.
  9. Off Topic

    Britain's on lockdown now due to the 'Snowpocalypse'. Sorry about that.
  10. Wolves dropping points against Sunderland gives us a chance to close the gap. Will be tough away to Reading though.
  11. Christmas

    Sorry to hear about that, especially this close to Christmas.
  12. Christmas

    Cheers. She's been in for a month and was due to be discharged Monday just gone, but the hospital found an infection and needs more antibiotics.
  13. Christmas

    Hoping my nan is back for Christmas. Currently bored as fuck in hospital atm.
  14. Sheffield United to equalise please. Cheers.