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  1. I've been told you can start at 3 given it could be a stand alone story. As Gonzo said it provides a lot of back story and there is even a section that gives a very long summary of every NPC you meet that describes the relationship of Geralt. It's pretty good so far. Getting my ass kicked everywhere.
  2. Agreed terms according to SKY. 3 year deal.
  3. Never played the Witcher 3, but saw the complete edition, which includes all DLC’s and expansions, was on sale for PS5 for only $15. What a steal.
  4. Get to see him this autumn. So excited.
  5. "Concerns that top players might leave if their pay is restricted". This is 100% built just to protect the top clubs. They deducted points from Everton and Forest, realising there will now be a magnifying glass on how they handle City and potentially our situation, and to remove themselves from such contradictory, they are now going to implement this rule. Especially when they probably figure at some point all clubs will have some book cooking when investigated deep enough.
  6. Mudryk at best has been a moments player. All the talent in the world but not the brain. Has 2 speeds, 100mph and standing still. As shit as Poch has been his work with Mudryk has been good. Slowly nurturing him into a more mature player.
  7. It's a brilliant game. I played it on release on PS4 and even with the bugs I loved it. I got a PS5 and got a free game upgrade with it due to ProjektRed's promise, and I replayed the game + phantom liberty and loved it even more. Just felt the story was far too quick and wished I focused my attention on side quests more. Going to have to wait until 2030's until the sequel and fuck knows if i'll still be into video games by then.
  8. It'll be Newcastle. We'll finish 9th or 10th.
  9. Flick - Barca De Zerbi - Bayern Amorim - Liverpool Xavi - Ajax
  10. Focus as much as you can on side quests. Feel like the main story + phantom liberty are too quick.
  11. Rumours are some of the players want him sacked. After the shit he pulled in the League Cup final, I'd want him gone too. Would've went straight to Eghbali. 0/3 now in managers under this ownership.
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