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  1. What's funny is that Timo Werner looked his best under Lampard.
  2. Turning into Hockey. Next thing we'll see is the ref allowing 2 minutes for players to fight it out.
  3. Swear River are the pinnacle of player production. That Agustín Fabian Ruberto looks like a gem.
  4. Spring - The smell of nature blooming. The wet grass from the melting snow. The spring birds you hear in the early morning. The anticipation and excitement that warmer weather is just around the corner. Summer - Days are longer. Outdoor activities. Grilling outside and enjoying the sheer beauty of it all. Autumn - Sweater weather. Fall scents (candles). The trees changing to the most beautiful of colors. Pumpkin spice. Apple picking. Spooky season. Winter - Hate everything about it bar the holiday season. I need a white Christmas.
  5. Looking forward to James' inevitable half hearted apology social media post. Child. Petulant child.
  6. Newcastle away going to prove more difficult for us than City at home. Gallagher key here.
  7. Scream star Melissa Barrera sacked from the Scream franchise for her social media posts shedding light on what was currently happening in Gaza. Production company called it anti-sematic because she was making false references to genocide.... Jenna Ortega set to leave the franchise as well because of Melissa's sacking.
  8. It's actually 5 major breaches looking back. The 2 you are allegedly fucked on are - Failure to comply with the Premier League over their investigation - Alleged FFP and profit and sustainability breaches. Apparently there were some botched revenue streams City simply cannot provide legitimate explanation for.
  9. Either die a hero or live long enough to see yourself become the villain. Going to be difficult to replace him.
  10. The 115 breaches have been grouped together that fall under 8 or 9 major breaches. There was this ITK City correspondent that believes City are fucked in at least 2 of them.
  11. Be a disappointment if Scaloni does call it quits. The players, staff, and fans have fully committed to him. Should at the very least stay until after the next world cup.
  12. I'm not even sure why Chelsea voted against it considering BlueCo owns a stake at Strasbourg, and correct me if i'm wrong, the rule only states it will prevent Premier League clubs from taking loan players on from associated clubs. The whole purpose of getting a stake at Strasbourg was using it as a destination to develop the players under the same principals and vision as the parent club. Doubt Chelsea will ever be in a position where they need to loan players in from Strasbourg.
  13. Yeah seating allocation looked on purpose.
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