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  1. Same shit, different game. Season finally over thank god.
  2. Baby Reindeer - 8.5/10 Probably the first time I’ve teared up since Coco. Very tough watch.
  3. Cheeky sell on clause for Musiala so rinse City please Bayern.
  4. No excuses here not to match City's intensity at the very least. We were able to carve City open in the transition rather easily on both occasions this season and with them fielding players with 120 minutes of football in their legs from a couple days ago we really should be taking the game to them. Then again, this all depends on Mr. Reactive Poch. Gallagher could be crucial here. Petrovic Gusto Disasi Silva Cucurella Caicedo Enzo Palmer Gallagher Mudryk Jackson
  5. Guilty pleasure was always Taco Bell burritos after a night out.
  6. Can't see us sustaining any form of consistency in the league so best chance for Europe is winning the FA Cup.
  7. Probably the first match this season where we controlled the game the entire 90 minutes. No individual errors. No complacency. No poor in-game management Best result/performance going into a semi final.
  8. Both showed they have much growing up to do. Jackson is a proper weirdo.
  9. Only thing stopping this Chelsea team now is Poch’s half time talk.
  10. Issue with RPG's nowadays is that their hype is never delivered. Hogwarts Legacy or Dragon's Dogma 2 had very poor/weak decision making outcomes and although the open world was beautiful, it still felt limited to where you can go and what you can do. The main story was too short and the side quests were very unfulfilling. There were a lack of relationship and character building, so you never really felt taken into the world itself. None of which are remotely replayable. Currently playing the Witcher 3 and I can see why its been praised as it has. I'd love something as expansive as this in a game of thrones/lord of the rings type RPG with unique character customization.
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