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  1. Mourinho's 2010 Inter or Allegri's 2017 Juventus? 

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    2. football forum

      The Palace Fan

      Allegri's Juve. This could be a great team for a long time. That Inter team was so old you knew it wouldn't last.

    3. football forum


      Allegri's Juve by far!  I prefer Inter as a club without a shadow of a doubt, but Juve has much more competition now than Inter did at that moment.  But Juve have to win it first and until then Inter have the upper hand.

    4. football forum


      I'm not sure how people can think Juve by far. Inter did the treble (Juve have yet to do so), and Inter on the road to the CL went through Barcelona in the Group Stage, Chelsea, Barcelona and Bayern Munich. Those were elite teams.

      Juve in the CL have gone through - Sevilla & Lyon, Porto, Barcelona, and currently Monaco.

      Inter had a much more difficult path, and won it. Juve haven't won shit yet.

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