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  1. Yeah Newcastle are a good shout. You could see our centre backs and two creative players having a positive impact there. Not that i can see us selling more than two in one window. I'm not sure what there FFP situation is like though. I do think, that had we signed two creative players last summer, we could have competed for a top half finish this season. We've dropped so many points in the last 20 minutes by trying to be regimented and then having no creative outlets to give the ball to.
  2. Not that anybody could have anticipated what has happened, but I think the one thing Matthew Benham probably is critical of himself for is not building a bigger stadium. I imagine the ideal next step will be something half way to the current stadium and Twickenham with it being a multi purpose stadium for additional revenue.
  3. When they sold Mahrez last summer I was a little concerned as he seemed ready to be moulded by Pep in to a suitable replacement at just 30m. Thankfully nothing materialised.
  4. On a happier note I hope you all enjoyed MOTD 2 yesterday. Its a shame that we haven't seen Olise and Eze play together more often this season as them two behind Mateta seems to be the Premier League's answer to The Harlem Globetrotters. They're both Champions League quality players now. If you stand off them both they'll destroy you and if you get close to them they're so good in tight spaces you need three players round them. I don't think we will see two complete players with this much talent in the same Palace team for a very long time. Its just about enjoying the last five matches seeing them together now. I think we're resigned to losing Michael Olise. Hopefully it will be an early 'United Panic Buy' as opposed to a late signing when other teams have missed out on first targets. As with our track record of signing replacements we'd be in for another long season.
  5. Kieran Maguire is under the impression they'd be OK for at least a season if Marankis remains committed but if they don't go up they'd be in for a world of pain if they can't get profit on the players they've paid a fee for.
  6. Ah fuck. Finally get to the top and shoot myself in the foot. I did all my research for this on Tuesday too.
  7. It feels weird we are seemingly out of this given the season we've had and the results against Luton, Forest and Everton. Sadly I think the bottom three are set now. Next season will be more interesting looking at the top four in The Championship, Palace likely to lose Olise and another, Brentford likely to lose Toney, Forest likely to lose Gibbs-White and Everton may find it difficult to strengthen. I think Palace and Brentford will adapt but I'm not sure about the other two. Wolves always seem close on the PSR limit too.
  8. A bit annoying West Ham and Newcastle still have something to play for after our Liverpool win.
  9. I think the palyoffs are pretty much set with Norwich's remaining fixtures. I'd quite like to see Sara at Palace so selfishly I don't want them to go up. I still think it's Leicester's to lose but the matchday going fans really need to get behind them for the remaining fixtures, there seems to be a darker cloud over them than the other three competing teams when things aren't going there way even though Southampton's odds for automatic promotion were huge a couple of weeks back.
  10. This weekend feels like a must win for Sheffield Wednesday. I'd feel a bit bad for Danny Rohl, as given it took them 13 odd games to get there first win, he's done a very good job with them. I reckon it will be the current three that go down.
  11. Hats off to Crawley. I, and many round here, thought this was going to certainly be the year they drop out the football league. To be in the playoffs is some achievement and all those involved in the recruitment have done a brilliant job.
  12. Jackson and Madueke trying to take the penalty when Cole Palmer was on for the golden boot was absolutely hilarious.
  13. After this season Palmer's 100% nailed to miss a big penalty in a shootout for England at the Euros.
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