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  1. The Taj Mahal built by Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan as a tomb for his beloved wife is perfectly symmetrical and its white marble changes colours during different times of the day from pinkish to golden. There is a joke here that women expect men to be like Shah Jahan in their display of love for their wives but they don't mention the fact that he built Taj Mahal for his THIRD wife and also had many concubines.
  2. Note: The rankings are based on travelling alone 1. Walk 2. Car with someone else driving 3. Train 4. Tanga aka Horse carriages 5. Motorbike 6. Joining a caravan as a stranger 7. Ferry . . . . . 13. Planes
  3. An 18 yeard old with 130 followers here has been sentenced to two years in prison for making a tweet against the state... a tweet ! They put in the effort to find such an anonymous account just to instill fear.
  4. Germany is in decline ever since beating hosts Brazil 7-1 in 2014. Brazil is a sacrament of football and it was sacrilegious to beat them like this, angering the football gods to put this curse. In 2024 as hosts they will have to lose in semis in a similar way to England and bear all that It's Coming Home as an act of penance.
  5. Can't remove the pay wall, but there was a similar story where a chatbot replied that it wants to hack into stuff, spread misinformation and mess about.
  6. Like common among regular men ? I came to know this through a news on Mike Pence and thought it was something only career politicians did to avoid any defamation.
  7. Billy Graham rule is a practice among American Evangelical men to avoid spending time alone with any woman other than their spouses to avoid any harassment allegations and controversy. Named after preacher Billy Graham, spiritual advisor of many U.S Presidents, he would have his hotel rooms on trips throughly checked before entering from closests to under the bed if any potential woman was hiding.
  8. I gave it a few prompts to write creative articles in specific tones. Human writing is easily distinguishable
  9. Crimea has been under so many empires it's no surprise it's a whirlpool of different people with different inclinations. That's why I propose the Monaco solution to Crimea.
  10. Most of those sports medicine are clandestine doping imo.
  11. Russia has joined the Asian Chess Federation. Them joining AFC would be the big deal as football is THE sport and FIFA is very strict about these things, requires a lot of processing and vetting and once the move is made it is likely permanent. But I see it happening Looking forward to Russia vs Australia in the Asian Cup final lol
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