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  1. Batard

    Work/Jobs Thread

    I'm an Agile leader in a manner of speaking so I could bore the shit out of you regarding working with agility
  2. Nah, I sent him an email. I noticed on TFF he's been absent for some time. Have many of the German contributors made the migration from TFF yet?
  3. Sorry mate, Joe is Bluewolf. Who'd be a welcome addition here. Even if I did have to suck him off. Reckon Storts would wrestle me for that though
  4. I haven't heard from Joe. I hope he isn't expecting a follow up email from me offering a blowjob.
  5. If it is. I dread to think what I'm waking up to!
  6. Batard

    Work/Jobs Thread

    You're a man of the people Stan and I sense the altruist in you. How long you been working there fella?
  7. Still unsure on the owners; the Payet transfer didn't sit right, he wanted to come back, West Ham set the price but the owners were quibbling over the cost. Initially trying to be sort out a loan. I don't think they had the money to buy him and I don't believe they've paid the full amount yet either for him. Dodgy or duplicitous owners isn't something new though for us but having a manager with pedigree who's able to motivate the players is. I rate Garcia, think it's a great appointment. I just hope he gets the players he needs in the summer without being subjected to the annual summer raping of the aquad, where anyone on a wage deemed a bit too high for their age is let go. I wouldn't be shocked to see Diarra leave in the summer to be honest.
  8. Honestly mate, it's like a script writer from Eastenders was penning my life
  9. Batard

    Tips & Bets 365

    My Treble came in, very nice. Just put a very small stake on a ludicrous match special with BetFair, Liverpool vs Arsenal no goals or corners in the 1st half at 80/1
  10. Fucking hell. This game has it all. United should cane them now
  11. You look at the exalted company Pelle is playing against in China and think ... you're the odd man out here
  12. Batard

    Tips & Bets 365

    Gone with this bad boy. Pretty good return too. Playing it safe to be honest.
  13. Rojo first goal. Bet the odds were good on that. He says. Cursing his luck
  14. Good to see you on board buddy
  15. Not true darling, I remember well. I don't think it would hurt the forum to invite members who could contribute. Of course if its an unmitigated disaster I'll look a right fucking mug but I'm happy to put my neck on the block. A few of us have invested considerably in this site so we don't want it to fail, we want it to succeed. Now come and give me a hug you sexy fuck.
  16. I don't think it will hurt the forum to extend an invitation to someone like Kel, she was incredibly active and had something to say on pretty much everything. Did she push the envelope? Of course. But I have too. Personally, the past is in the past. This is of course supposing herself and Scout even frequent forums anymore.
  17. Creating threads for every game is a bit of an overhead, here's a central space for talking about games as an experiment.
  18. Batard

    Alcohol Thread

    Whats your poison? I spent £20 on a bottle of Penfolds Cabernet Shiraz today, fucking awesome wine. Anyone who says Bacardi Breezers or WKDs gets a slap
  19. It's because you're unavailable. It's mad as fuck but true to form, when you ain't looking, everyone wants you!
  20. I could fill this thread up with my life from the last 4 years alone
  21. Who went out and got battered tonight?
  22. I literally have far too much to say in the first post in this thread that I'd just be fielding questions about my job title alone. I work in IT, middle management level as a Scrum Master. You're either thinking "What the fuck?" or "What bullshit role is that" either way, google is your friend ... I'll save you the effort however https://www.mountaingoatsoftware.com/agile/scrum/roles/scrummaster Who actually has a job they love? I like my job. I don't love it. Well. I love the money.
  23. Who's going on fucking holiday this year, not just me right? Spill the fucking beans. I paid out nearly £1700.00 for 7 nights at a 5 star hotel in Zakynthos in June for the missus and I (thank you Credit Card for covering that bastard). https://www.tripadvisor.co.uk/Hotel_Review-g775851-d1453176-Reviews-The_Lesante_Luxury_Hotel_Spa-Tsilivi_Zakynthos_Ionian_Islands.html I can't tell you how much I need this holiday as well, work is raping my sanity.
  24. Politics itself isn't a divisive conversation if you have a set of ground rules for the topic to constrain cuntish attitudes.
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