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  1. I don't understand why they hired him back to take over a worse side than the first time around when they sacked him for not being good enough.
  2. I would be shocked if Southgate would play Trent in the inverted fullback role. I think if Southgate's starting Trent, he's probably not starting him at fullback and he's probably putting him in midfield. But regardless, I imagine that Phillips and Henderson are still in his plans - regardless of whether they deserve to be or not (they don't).
  3. Joe Gomez is quietly having an excellent season as an incredibly important player. This season he’s played at CB, RB, LB and CM - and put in great performances in each position. With all the injuries we’ve had this season, him being versatile has been absolutely immense for us. He had a bad time of things last year, but the difference having functional midfielders in front of him has made has him brilliant again.
  4. Israel to provide Ukraine with an early warning system for missiles and drones. Not quite iron dome, but I’m sure for Ukraine every little bit helps.
  5. When Milner left us I came to the realisation it was probably the last time a Liverpool player would ever be older than me. Now we’ve got Neil Danns’s son, Lee Clark’s son & Jason Koumas’s son playing for us. It’s made me painfully aware that I’m old as fuck.
  6. Satisfying to get a last minute winner when their fans spent 90 minutes mocking the Hillsborough dead and poverty. Hope they get a points deduction for their cheating and go down.
  7. I've heard Jayden Danns isn't even in the game & he's 18. I don't play FIFA anymore so I can't confirm - I suppose it's probably difficult for EA to keep track of what young players will get promoted up into first team squads though.
  8. Darwin and Szobo could be in the squad tomorrow. Mo likely to be out still though.
  9. Israel and Russia used to have very close ties - a lot of Israel was built by Russian-Jewish engineers who moved there. There are many Russian-Israeli dual nationals. I think those ties have worsened because Russia's very clearly using its ally in Iran to have activated its proxies to kick all of this shit off as a way of distracting the world's attention from Ukraine. So I think it makes perfect sense that Israel is now willing to actively work against Russia, who actively work to support Iran, who in turn are providing material support to Hamas, Houthis, and Hezbollah. I wouldn't say Israel has a general reluctance to supply weapons to allies. Israeli drones and weaponry were a big part of the way how Azerbaijan's military has been bolstered since losing their war against Armenia in the 90s to now looking like if Azerbaijan ever did invade Armenia - Armenia would be absolutely fucked. When justifying the Holocaust, he's quoted as having said "After all, who remembers the annihiliation of the Armenians?" (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hitler's_Armenian_reference) - a reference to the Armenian genocide (the genocide that led to the creation of the word "genocide") - Armenians and Israelis should probably be very close allies due to their common history and the commonality of being a young democratic nation surrounded by very hostile enemies that can justify wiping out their ethnicities. But Israel's support of ethnic cleansing of Nagorno-Karabagh, as well as Israel's continual refusal to recognise the Armenian genocide (granted, this is mostly political - due to not wanting to piss of Turkey, a vital NATO member because of their location) are why Israel generally does not enjoy support from Armenians at large. And that's despite Jerusalem's Armenian quarter and Armenians having been living in the region for an absurdly long time (although the recent treatment of Armenians in Israel also probably has Armenia quite pissed off at Israel). Israel's had a general reluctance to support Ukraine against Russia primarily because of not wanting to damage ties with Russia, and partially because Ukraine consistently does not side with Israel in the UN. It seems months of war and threats of the war expanding from proxies of Russia's ally have finally given Israel a reason to not care if their ties with Russia suffer further strains. *edit* - I've just gone and done some searching and I have found NOTHING that indicates Israel is giving Ukraine the Iron Dome STOP MAKING SHIT UP Maybe one of the worst in Europe, but I think it depends on how you qualify "one of the worst" - I think in the world, you'd be hard pressed to say they make the bottom 10 countries for respecting human rights. The bottom countries for human rights according to statistia are: Yemen, Iran, China, Egypt, Syria, Central African Republic, DR Congo, North Korea, Burma, Sudan, Eritrea, Russia, Burundi, Somalia, and Libya. Places where you've got a mix of: authoritarian rule, corruption being "the way things work," and failed states. (https://www.statista.com/statistics/1256220/highest-human-rights-and-rule-of-law-index-by-country/) But again, I think we only have to worry about NATO conscription and UK (and other NATO nations) being sent to the frontlines if Ukraine falls and Russia decides to push further westward.
  10. I think at the end of the day, the populations of Arab countries need to come to terms with the fact that Israel isn't going anywhere - and at this point, nearly 80 years after the creation of Israel, they would be just as guilty as Israelis were of the Nakba if they were ever trying to get their goal. And that's Arab governments' jobs to get them on board with dropping the idea of Palestinians and Israelis fighting for eternity until one side is completely wiped out and getting used to the idea of having Israel as a neighbor. But I agree with you that the US definitely needs to do more to restrain Israel. They should have been doing so for years. The practice of Israel announcing new illegal settlements every time a US president would land in Israel is something that America should have been pissed off about every time it happened - an ally doing something against international law that deliberately weakened US interests in the Middle East is something that I've always been surprised no American president has ever really cared about.
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