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  1. I like to think it was "for every goal you score, Pep loses another hair off his body"
  2. I really want to know what Klopp said to the players at half time
  3. I suspect Trent's not going to be fit for the final if Bradley's coming off considering his performance tonight.
  4. Maybe get the club to hire a witch doctor or something. Our final ball's been awful today. Probably to be expected with Salah, Jota, and Nunez not playing but fuck me... I like Elliott when he comes off the bench but usually when he starts for us he's not really up to much - but he's been lively today.
  5. Also, just for the record I don't think that - I've even said (before kickoff even) that Luton have shown more fight and spirit than most every club we've faced this season. Me joking about wanting a club relegated because whenever we go to their ground we have at least 1-2 injuries doesn't have a fucking thing to do with me wanting clubs to roll over against us...
  6. I'm not that serious and I don't actually hate them There's only 4 clubs I genuinely hate in the UK. One's you, one's Man Utd, the others are oily.
  7. Salah too I think. And yeah the challenges weren't bad, but playing at your ground is bad bad bad luck for us injury wise... so it's safer from our perspective if you get relegated
  8. It might be overly harsh, because I think he's quite good for a keeper of his age and limited experience... but yeah, it definitely is moments that would cost us - the dropoff between our world class keeper and our promising young keeper is massive. But it might be overly harsh because I think you take any other keeper in the league and put them in place of Alisson and they'll likely let us down as much, if not moreso, than Kelleher.
  9. Injuring 4 of our players and then not even taking a point from City, unforgiveable.
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