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  1. Colorado Rapids v LAFC (2.20) Charlotte v Cincinnati (3.30) £10 returns £72.60
  2. Slaven Belupo v HNK Rijeka (1.53) Köln v RB Leipzig (1.45) £10 returns £22.23.
  3. PEC Zwolle (2.10) v Almere City Pau (2.40) v QRM £10 returns £50.40
  4. Oh no I forgot about this. Any chance I can still pick Juventus in the last match since it's still 0-0 at half time?
  5. Caen (1.90) v Dunkerque Troyes v Angers (1.75) £10 returns £33.40.
  6. What are the commentators complaining about? If it takes 2 minutes for VAR to come to the correct decision, what's the problem? It's better than rushing it and getting it wrong as they've done before.
  7. I'll go with a single for now... St Truiden (1.72) v Leuven £10 reterns £17.20
  8. Two wins in a row Ferrol went behind twice, conceded 3 goals against 10 men (Albacete red card in the 20th minute) but ended up just about getting over the line for me with a 5-4 win
  9. Racing Ferrol (2.55) v Albacete Girona (1.70) v Valencia £10 returns £43.35
  10. Racing Santander (1.72) v Villarreal B Heerenveen (2.05) v Fortuna Sittard £10 returns £35.41
  11. They're not even trying to hide their intentions. "Everyone move to the south or die while we make the north uninhabitable. Ok we're done here, now everyone leave the south or die while we do the same there".
  12. The IDF embarrass themselves more and more with every video of "evidence" they post. Why not agree to having an independant organization join you in your investigations? I guess they're not trying to convince anyone capable of critical thought, only idiots and racists who want to see as much death as possible.
  13. 95th minute equaliser for Pau lol
  14. Paris FC (1.95) v Bastia Pau v Angers (2.10) £10 returns £40.95
  15. HSV to win and both teams to score v Magdeburg (2.50) PEC Zwolle to beat Fortuna Sittard (2.20) £10 returns £55.
  16. Israel isn't interested in getting the hostages back.
  17. £10 on Man City to win returns £16.66.
  18. RKC win, Troyes go down to ten men after 15 minutes, miss a penalty, and draw 0-0
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