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  1. ...Dan

    Guess the Movie

  2. ...Dan

    Copa América 2019

    Do you think Sylvinho will do well at Lyon?
  3. ...Dan

    Guess the Movie

  4. ...Dan

    Guess the Movie

    Oh yeah, it's Pineapple Express.
  5. ...Dan

    Guess the Movie

    The film where Boyle from B99 is a teacher. Is it I Love You, Man?
  6. ...Dan

    Access to your wages prior to payday

    If it's too easy to do I don't think it would work well...people would do it all the time and always end up needing to do it to survive. If there's some kind of procedure where you need to go and speak to your boss about it and explain that it's urgent it would be useful.
  7. ...Dan

    Things you use to think as a youngster?

    I thought that when the F1 commentators said Michael Schumacher was the reigning world champion it meant that he was good at driving in the rain. I learned that I was wrong when I said to my dad that Schumacher will probably win because it was raining and he laughed at me.
  8. I thought this was a joke when I first saw it...
  9. ...Dan

    Black Mirror

    I'd agree with that. The third one had a decent idea behind it, but they should have done better with it. Disapppointing season overall. SS Callister autoplayed after I watched the third...now that is a proper, good old, fucked up episode of Black Mirror
  10. ...Dan

    Football Index

  11. ...Dan

    Where are Nudge and Tommy?

  12. Can someone edit the title please? My eyes are bleeding.
  13. ...Dan

    Cristiano Ronaldo Rape Allegations

    Didn't he admit that she said no and stop but he continued?
  14. Looks like Rubi's gonna take over. Seems a weird decision from him after getting Espanyol into Europe.