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  1. ...Dan

    Kobe Bryant Dies in Helicopter Crash

    What the fuck? First of all, why would you take those photos? Second, who would use those photos to try to impress a girl at a bar?
  2. The midfielder turned 23 in July, so was no longer eligible for the Under-22 list that he had been on last season. However, Diawara was not registered on the senior player list, even after the Lega Serie A informed Roma of the error.
  3. ...Dan

    Ligue 1 2020/21

    Well that was dull. I don't know how OM managed to get a point from that match, they were awful going forward. Thauvin and Payet were invisible.
  4. Guess who took Son out of his FPL team for the 2nd week?
  5. We may have won, but that was awful. Arteta shouldn't be going into that dressing room celebrating, he should be telling them that their performance was nowhere near good enough, and they'll be punished by better clubs if they continue to play like that.
  6. Why have we forgotten how to pass? This has been terrible so far.
  7. Because I'm saying where do you draw the line? An unintentional handball blocking a shot on the line is a penalty but an unintentional handball blocking a shot 2 metres out isn't?