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  1. ...Dan

    Black Mirror

    No White Bear? That's number 1 for me.
  2. Oh wow two away goals already. It's a shame I'm at work for this.
  3. ...Dan


  4. Why anyone would choose to watch an easy Barcelona win over this game I don't know. This is thrilling and Ajax are a joy to watch.
  5. ...Dan

    Football Index

    Yeah my original reaction was great another change that's gonna make money move from the bottom end (where most of my money is) to the top...but with the bonus as well it looks like everyone's rising because my portfolio's risen quite a bit. I've been slowly selling off some of my players leaving only players with transfer links in the summer. This isn't the time to hold under the radar young players if they're not likely to move.
  6. ...Dan

    Football Index

    He's now 79p post split, that's more than a 300% rise I love this game.
  7. ...Dan

    Notre Dame on Fire

    Artwork and crown of thorns saved as well apparently.
  8. ...Dan

    Notre Dame on Fire

    I never found the time to go up to the roof of Notre Dame and see the gargoyles...looks like I never will now.
  9. ...Dan

    Notre Dame on Fire

    It's falling apart. 😭
  10. Yep. I'm actually optimistic for once though. Under Wenger we'd have conceded at home, I think Emery will get us through.