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  1. Joe Allen, one of the most experienced players and fresh off the bench, has no excuse for that lazy clearance, no composure at all.
  2. We really have to win this. Not because the 3 points are important, but because we need to prove to ourselves that we can beat the top teams. Liverpool at the moment are there for the taking. If we lose against this Liverpool, at home, that's gonna stay with us the next time we play a top club.
  3. I'll stick with whoever Bochum are playing, this week that's Frankfurt
  4. When I was young and I heard that Dolly Parton song that mentions a fine-tooth comb I thought it was about a comb for your teeth.
  5. Why did they disallow the 3rd Palace goal? Nothing wrong with that is there? It's the same as the Karius CL final one.
  6. Not the best of performances apart from the first 20 or so minutes, but Palace are a good side so I'm very happy to start the season getting 3 points. I was delighted when we signed Saliba from Saint-Étienne and then disappointed when we didn't give him a chance. He was brilliant in France and he will be brilliant for us. I just hope we can keep him for years to come, because he's going to be a world class player.
  7. And Gerard Lopez has fucked yet another club. They have appealed the decision, and if they can raise enough money they'll save themselves from going to the third tier, but even if they succeed they're in a really bad place. Lopez needs to fuck off.
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