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  1. 95th minute winner 😎
  2. ...Dan

    Ligue 1 2020/21

    Yeah, this PSG team really shouldn't be winning the league, they've been really poor, but it wouldn't surprise me if they win it anyway. Someone really needs to step up and take advantage because they won't be this bad next season.
  3. ...Dan

    Ligue 1 2020/21

    Yeah I'm not at all confident about them winning it. I think Monaco are the best team in the top 4 right now, Kovac has done a brilliant job. I stuck £20 on them to win it a few weeks ago at 14/1.
  4. ...Dan

    Ligue 1 2020/21

    Lille have just beat PSG at the Parc des Princes. A massive result in the title race. Lille on 66, PSG 63, Monaco 62 and Lyon 60 with a game in hand.
  5. ...Dan

    Lewandowski or Kane? (Gerrard Insecurity Thread)

    British pundits who clearly don't watch any foreign football should really stop being asked questions and given a platform to speak about foreign leagues. If someone asks me what's better, British food or Venezuelan food, I'd say I don't know.
  6. And they've brought Iachini back 🤦🏻‍♂️😂
  7. Congratulations @Rucksackfranzose
  8. ...Dan

    Football Index Placed in to Administration

    Good thread explaining why FI should've been successful and asking where all the money has gone.
  9. ...Dan

    Ligue 1 2020/21

    Lol. PSG's next two league games are Lyon and Lille too. They also have a Coupe de France match against Lille midweek and the next round of the CL coming up. I don't think they're gonna win the league this season.