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  1. He's very good friends with Tchouaméni. They came through the Bordeaux youth system together, and they both have the same agent, so I wouldn't be surprised to see them reunited at Chelsea. Would be two great signings.
  2. He's decent. Tidy on the ball, but nothing special. He can go missing in Ligue 1 matches, so I don't see him making much of an impression in PL matches.
  3. @Machado is he any good? It's not a good sign for us that Benfica fans seem to be delighted to see him leaving The general consensus seems to be that he has a bad attitude and is bad defensively? He'll only be backup for Tierney, but it still doesn't sound great. Hopefully he'll improve here, he's still young.
  4. The fixtures have been announced. Here's the first round of matches to be played on the weekend of 6th/7th/8th August: Bordeaux - Clermont OL - Brest Metz - Lille Monaco - Nantes Montpellier - OM Nice - Reims Rennes - Lens Saint-Etienne - Lorient Strasbourg - Angers Troyes - PSG
  5. We haven't had a shot since the 26th minute. There have been no shots at all from either side so far in the 2nd half.
  6. I'm on a platform where you buy trading cards of players and enter them into tournaments to win prizes based on their real life performances, and Tanaka was one of the most expensive J League players on the platform, so it's massive news in the community.
  7. Fortuna signing Ao Tanaka on loan from Kawasaki Frontale apparently. I've never seen him play but he's supposed to be one of the best players in Japan, and only 22 years old.
  8. Not only have I just sat through an awful England performance, but I've also been knocked out of Last Man Standing
  9. At least one Englishman managed to score tonight.
  10. Well that was awful. Without trying to be patronising and congratulating them for a draw...bravo Scotland. Had better chances than us and if anyone deserved the 3 points, it was them.
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