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  1. Good game, that. Denayer was brilliant. Lyon have every chance of advancing...I'm sure they'll score in Barcelona.
  2. ...Dan

    Football Index

    Rudiaz is playing in a non PB league...there's no point holding him unless there's a chance of him going to a PB league. At 28, I doubt that's gonna happen. For anyone looking for recommendations, if someone tells you to buy someone under 40p, be very suspicious...they're probably just pumping him so they can sell at a profit.
  3. Maja starting for Bordeaux.
  4. ...Dan

    The Holiday Thread

    I'm fine guys, don't worry.
  5. ...Dan

    The Holiday Thread

    The most unforgettable part was when I poured myself my cup of milk that I always have before bed...took a sip and it tasted of salt. Wtf Turkey?! Turns out it was something called Ayran: Doogh, ayran or tan (Albanian: Dhallë; Persian: دوغ‎, dugh; Azerbaijani: ayran ; Arabic: شنينةšinīna or عيران ayran; Turkish: ayran; Armenian: թան t'an; Pashto: شلومبې‎; Kurdish: ماستاو) is a cold savory yogurt-based beverage that is mixed with salt.[1][2] It is popular in Iran,[3]Turkey,[4] Kurdistan region, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan,[2] Russia, the Balkans,[5]Afghanistan,[6] Cyprus, Lebanon and Syria.[7]Yogurt drinks are popular beyond the Middle East region.[8]
  6. ...Dan

    The Holiday Thread

    It hasn't stopped pissing down mate The umbrella I bought this afternoon broke in record time as well.
  7. ...Dan

    The Holiday Thread

    Haha yep, alive for now, and the apartment hasn't been broken into yet. Istanbul hasn't given me the best of first impressions. As soon as I left the airport I was asked by about 50 men if I want a taxi. I took the shuttle, and got off at my stop and stepped into another mob of taxi drivers I literally had to push through them to collect my suitcase. Then today I spent a good 4 hours looking for an istanbulkart that you need to use public transport. Tried several machines in several corners of my closest metro station...they all said not available. Found a desk area with istanbulkart written above it...queued for 5 minutes assuming I could buy one there, but nope. Walked 20 minutes to the next metro station, same story. I eventually found a shop that sells them, at about the 10th attempt. It's been a while since I've been somewhere where I can't at least speak the basics of the language...I'm not enjoying this. I'm sticking to France from now on
  8. Saw this on twitter with La Liga, thought it would be interesting. Wil do mine later.
  9. ...Dan

    The Holiday Thread

    First night in Istanbul and I've already been on the end of an atrempted scam. Was looking for my apartment near Taksim Square, and it's all unsigned alleyways so it wad pretty confusing. I stopped outside a hotel to look at my phone and two guys start talking to me (target the guy with a suitcase). They ask where I'm from, tell me they're from Israel and here on holiday too. I say I'm looking for my apartment and the guy says we can help because we're locals (didn't actually realise at the time but lol). He asks to look at the maps on my phone, insists he'll give it back...I stupidly hand it over because I'm too polite to insinuate that someone's trying to steal from me ...he does give it back. He says after you find your apartment come for a drink with us...I say I'm meeting my girlfriend. Now, I looked it up and apparently a well known scam is they invite you to a bar with them and you end up with a massive bill (thousands of pounds)...I avoided that obviously, but I'm quite worried because he looked at the address of my apartment, and called someone while looking at it. It's now 5am in Turkey and I haven't managed to sleep because I've been worried about it Apparently these scammers scam you in a very friendly way though, if you say no to the drinks they move on...so I'm hoping if he did tell his friends about my apartment it's just to target tourists in the future rather than to break in when I'm out. Needless to say I'm taking everything of value out with me tomorrow
  10. ...Dan

    Guess the Movie

  11. ...Dan

    Guess the Movie

  12. ...Dan

    Guess the Movie

    Oh, I know this. It's a scene where he/his parents die in a car crash I think. Can't really remember the film very well, but I'm pretty sure it's The Time Traveler's Wife?
  13. Autopsy says he died of injuries to his head and torso. Better than drowning, I suppose.
  14. None. I support Arsenal. I just enjoy french football.
  15. Ligue 1 table since Stéphan took over at Rennes. Not bad.