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  1. And it's 1-0 already!
  2. All hail United. About to kick off against NYRB
  3. Eco

    Do you like Discord?

    Would love to play him, I've started teaching chess locally. Been nice way to combine my biggest hobby and get some extra spending cash.
  4. Eco

    Do you like Discord?

    I have it, but I don't enjoy it. Chances are I'll just stop using forums. This server issue was something I thought we had fixed, there are other forums out there that don't have the activity we do, and with us donating money towards the server, it just feels cheap at this point. Sad way to end what was once a great community.
  5. For Atlanta United, it was this from Josef in the MLS Cup Final. The last season of him and Miggy, and what a special squad that was. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dRWVXavaYPQ
  6. Luis Saurez for me. Were down 1-0 to Osasuna and on the verge of losing our grip on the top of the table. We ended up tying it up, and the Luis did this. The following week we were to play Valladolid, who were in a relegation battle, and once again we went down 1 goal early, and won 2-1. But this goal, this right here, is when I saw a light at the end of the tunnel in this strange and crazy year.
  7. Osasuna defeated Athletic Bilbao 1-0. Real Madrid vs Barcelona is tomorrow.
  8. Jornada 23 Resultados Clasificación Jornada 24 Calendario
  9. Atleti advance in UEFA Youth League earlier today by defeating Genk 4-1. Next round will commence on the 13th, when the U13 side face off against AC Milan. Congrats to the legend that is Torres..
  10. Yeah - Billy Graham (in case you didn't know), was a massive Christian figurehead, so this idea has really been ingrained in a lot of Christian churches throughout the country, but since here in the Southeast appears to be the only place in the world with a growing population of Christians, it's just becoming more and more ingrained in how married couples should act with people from the opposite sex.
  11. I know of this, but didn't know it was named after Billy Graham. It's actually become quite a popular thing here in the Southern US, where men are asked not to hang out, alone, with females and vise versa (assuming at least one of them are married). Granted this is different if you are talking about two people who are related, but yeah, this is fairly common but NOT something I agree with. I'm not my wife's mother and nor is she mine, so I'm going going to dictate who she can, and cannot hang out with.
  12. Dortmund 1-2 Leipzig Union 3-1 Köln Mainz 0-0 Hoffenheim Gladbach 2-2 Freiburg Bochum 1-2 Schalke Augsburg 1-1 Bremen Stuttgart 0-2 Bayern Leverkusen 2-0 Hertha BSC Wolfsburg 1-0 Frankfurt
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